Ban Robert (Town Planning, etc) from Spokes Council Meetings

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ON MONDAY FEB. 13, 2012 @ RIVERSIDE CHURCH NY NY, during a Spokes Council meeting, Robert while presenting a proposal subjected the Occupy community as a whole to a vicious and violent act of intimidation.

By aggressively approaching a female Spoke from behind, with a metal chair raised in the air (higher than 6 ft.)……abruptly stopping inches away from her person and swiftly slamming the chair down within inches of her body/back.

He proceeded to moved quickly away, yelling to Sean McKeown….”LET”S GET OUT OF HERE”.

THE QUESTION WITHIN OWS: still remains what constitute violence within our movement.

WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE, as an individual or a community, and what measures should we take to confront all types of intimidation, abuse, and violence.

CONCLUSION: His actions were a wake up call to the OWS community that anyone can be menaced when attending OWS functions (male or female) with anything (as a weapon).

More importantly, his actions showed great disrespect for our host, Riverside Church and their Dept. of Mission and Social Justice. Actions which crossed all lines of decency and disparged the solidarity extented to the Movement, by their faith-based community.

We are facing serious challenges: Whether Occupy Wall Street can truly be considered a non-violent, people-powered, social justice movement.


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  1. grimwomyn

    Agreed, there should not be anymore tolerance for behavior like this. If people are incapable of putting all aside to focus on the central issue of economic injustice and how best to fight that in the many ways available, we need to move forward with strength and unabashed fearlessness. While we have the attention and support of society that needs us to succeed at this effort, we must act in their interest. Coddling individuals is disappointing to people such as this: who are depending on us. Furthermore, violent troublemakers should be shown the door immediately. Having to create proposals such as this waste valuable time and efforts.

    • Trish OWS

      Creating a proposal such as this is …..following “THE PROCESS”,

      allowing the movement to address violent, vicious, dangerous, and

      intimidating behavior.

      This could never be considered a …





      ps. (we hardly hear from you, interesting…)

      • Steve

        So… are you willing to be held accountable as well? You’re quick to point a finger but you never take blame.

    • Strong Women Rules Working Group: Organizations, Groups and Members

      We Worship the NDAA, Martial Law, and Fema Camps: Welcome to the New World Order.

  2. anna yamada

    who is this guy and what is his history? anyone wanna post a photo and documnetation onwhat he has been involved in at ows to date? that would be helpful

    • Trish OWS


      You know exactly “who this guy is….”

      You actually want to know if we (OWS community) know who he is….

      And if we do how much of his history (background)

      You want someone to post a photo and documentation on what Robert, (Trish) has been involved in

      at OWS up to 02/13/2012.

      Then you and yours will better be able to handle any possible damage control.

      Did I read this correctly?


      • anna yamada

        nope i really don’t know who he is. can you post a photo or alink withh such? i’m really bad with names and such. a photo would be nice. you sound very paranoid. are you rehydrating regularily? i’d like to be omniscient, but that is a symptom i take my meds for on ocassion.

  3. Sean McKeown

    Since you have used my name and thus implicated me in this fashion, allow me if you will to apply a corrective dose of reality. If someone who was Livestreaming that night could provide video documentation as well of the event in question that would be awesome, because I hate playing the “who do I believe?” game and prefer the “let me judge reality for myself” game.

    Robert did not, in fact, turn to me and say “LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!”. We also most certainly did not scoot or skedaddle. The discussion continued for the next fifteen minutes as the proposal ran the remainder of its course, and while Robert did then after fifteen minutes state something along those lines (in fact it is possible it’s a direct quote) it is not because he had done something wrong and felt he should leave before such could be addressed, but because the train service from the nearby station was going to close down at 10pm and he wished to be on the last train rather than miss it.

    I did not go with him; I stayed around till about 10:30 or so talking with a fellow occupier about what’s going on with OWS right now and took the A train home instead.

    Additionally, Robert *brought you a chair*. Did he do so angrily? Yes, absolutely. Was he justified in so doing? The action itself in concept was justified, as he was addressing your stubborn refusal to be seated and discuss matters in-process instead of standing aside from both the group and the process for discussion, but lest you think I am seeking to “blame the victim” I will note that the manner in which he did so was overexuberant and inappropriate.

    Would I describe this as violent? Maybe. I’m willing to note that the reception of such might have been taken as if it possessed violent character or overtones, but also would note that the individual so receiving that perception has been noted for aggressively overstating ridiculous perspectives, and prone to making outrageous claims – intentionally divisive, as some have accused, such as with the accusation that the Accounting working group and Media working group somehow stole or “mislaid” $350,000; a fact sprung whole-cloth from Trish’s mind with no factual basis or even apparent prompting… which Trish predicates on an argument between Thorin Caristo and Cari Machet about Thorin’s poor practices as a member of the Media working group (which subsequently led to his ejection from said group) but which nonetheless was taken as fact out of context and without proof.

    I believe the video will speak for itself. The chair was raised, so that it could pass other pieces of furniature. It was raised between the waist and shoulder level, not “above the head” as Robert is less than six feet tall, and while it was put down with a noisy clatter it was not done so forcefully, in that it was allowed to drop rather than pushed to the ground with a display of force.

    He then continued with his proposal. Whether this was “intimidation” or not I decline to speak towards, and would instead ask Jack Siler for his perspective on that, as one of the three members of your Working Group that evening and the individual whose voice had previously been allowed to join yours as spoke for that group that evening – if somehow you felt intimidated it would have been well within Jack’s capabilities and I dare say duties to halt the meeting to address the act in question.

    It seems clear to me that other perspectives in this matter are necessary, as the proposer’s perceptions of what occurred that evening do not match up with reality and thus I cannot tell what emotional harm may be genuine and what emotional harm may instead be manufactured to suit the purposes of the proposer, who has a reputation for exaggeration, misrepresentation, and dare I say it but also: threats, physical intimidation, and the threat of force via legal action, against individials and against the Movement as a whole when she has not ‘gotten her way’.

    It is my understanding that in this instance the video recorded by the church was to be used as potential evidence in an order of protection by the proposer against the individual in question. If such standards as are required there were upheld, the proposer would not need this proposal for she would have an order of protection and thus any Spokes Council she attended (and last I checked, she has attended all of them for the past several weeks) would by necessity be ones she could attend and he could not, as we have stated we will honor and uphold any orders of protection as per prior Spokes Council agreements and proposals in basic concept (see: Housing budget proposal subsequent to the allowance of Tonye back at West Park church).

    If this violence were existant in fact, this order of protection would exist. My first-hand attestation to the events that happened are that such would not meet any reasonable burden of proof – an angry man brought a woman a chair and behaved abominably, in fact as a jackass. To put this personal perspective in context, both myself and Matty Guldin are members of de-escalation who were present, and neither of us responded to the situation as the threat or application of physical force did not appear to be in effect according to either of our judgments.

    I am glad to see that the proposer concurs that banning is something that is valid, in-concept, as it upholds that the ban against Naniah Terrier from the same body is likewise valid; additionally, any such proposal against an individual should follow the same form as the proposal against her did, which instead of stating “UNTIL THE COMMUNITY ADDRESS HIS VIOLENT CHARACTER” that the conclusion of such a ban could only come from the proper addressing of grievances and redress of harm done via the OWS Grievance Council, still presently being formed, as that body (more than any other meeting space presently formed) is being designed for these emotions and these discussions, as well as the thorough analysis of facts instead of perceptions or hearsay, to be applied to these events and properly resolved.

    I am also glad to see this proposal does not match the exact form of the paper being distributed one week before, in which Robert’s race and the proposer’s race were dragged into the question and thus designed to prejudice the listening body – thank you for that, at least. :)

  4. Queer Homo

    It’s weird people don’t use Mediation & their Working Group to resolve these little personality tiffs.
    I mean isn’t that what they are in #OWS for? Oh what do I know I prefer spending my time with Pidgeons & homeless activists.

  5. Trish OWS

    To the OWS Community,

    Stay focus, this is the process….and, there are cameras everywhere!

    I don’t know him, I’m positive others …..


    • Sean McKeown

      You picked up a chair last night at General Assembly and raised it above your head.

      Do we need to ban you from the General Assembly?

      • Strong Women Rules Working Group: Organizations, Groups and Members

        Sean suck a dick

        • anna yamada

          hey, he didn’t hit the girl. he should apologize and everyone should move on and not let this be a distraction. if this guy has something positive to offer, he should be allowed to continue. and check his ego at the door and someone needs to volunteer to get this guy laid—>>does he like morbidly obese somewhat paraphiliacical middle aged ladies? if so, um, tell him to bring a junior’s strawberry cheesecake a chez moi with great dispatch! we are anonymous. we are the cure to your disease and the disease to your cure! be here! join us!

      • image

        typically in earth history the bully is co-opted by being hired as security, hence the existence of todays “police”.

        perhaps trish needs employment,
        then again perhaps she is already employed.

  6. Trish OWS

    Stay Focus Community,

    Violence within the OWS community is UNACCEPTABLE.


  7. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    I have an idea. I’m sure this is archived on video from at least 1 livestream, probably more. Can we all just review the video before moving forward with the process?

      • Trish OWS

        Thank you,

        Dallas, Justin, and Darrell for travelling the straight line between two points!

        Yes, rather than this becoming a DEMEANING, REVEALING, OWS Controversy…


        FYI: Community please stay FOCUS, thanks

        • anna yamada

          Hitler loved the idea of every good Nazi owning a motion-picture camera –>> so easy to enforce and document for the glory of the reich it’s stated missions. a thousand eyes can all be blotted by motes of different orientations.

        • anna yamada

          Hitler loved the idea of every good Nazi owning a motion-picture camera –>> so easy to enforce and document for the glory of the reich it’s stated missions. a thousand eyes can all be blotted by motes of different orientations.

          • Frances MA

            Hey troll! Congratulations! You win the internet today!

          • Trish OWS

            The video/livestream would vertify the content of the proposal being

            presented by Robert. and, may well provide more insight into his behavior,since it now

            appears he was on a mission.

            We now know that, his proposal, relating directly, to deep-pocketed monied Wall

            Street affinity groups and their alleged foundation grant procedure

            Viewing the video/livestream is mandatory to moving forward on this Proposal to Ban

            an individual.

            it appears he is closely associated with these affinity groups.

  8. Lopi

    I was not there that night. I can say that the person who is bringing forth this proposal has on many and numerous occasions verbally threatened violence to many of the people in the movement who do not agree with her. when she is not threatening violence, she is verbally abusive. When she is not being verbally abusive, she has been known to film people without their consent and when asked to stop, refuse. She has been disruptive countless times, millions it seems.
    This proposal is a waste of time, which seems to be her main objective within the movement. To waste our time with petty bs

  9. anna yamada

    okay, the next person to mention “process” or “violence” or “ban” must cook me dinner and give me ten orgasms–mine not yerz! by unanimous aclimation! so mote it be. next?

    • Not Not Not Shazz

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      i make a killer quiche. my place or yours 😉

      • anna yamada

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      • anna yamada

        mine. bring the quiche already made. we don’t do dishes! bring condoms of varying sizes and textues (latex please) and mouth dams and um, lubricating lotions and potions not petroleum-based and um one of those smiley-masks with teh mousstaches! we like those. quiche–must have ham in it and three kinds of french cheese–>>gruyere, brie, and swiss at teh very least and maybe some assiago. and some diet creme soda! and zero cherry coke ( 1 litere each!)
        you will be able to make a sonnet at least of the quiche-sex for sure!

  10. Sean McKeown

    As the only person actually hit with a chair at Spokes Council, I find this trivialized and marginalizes my personal history and experiences.

    • anna yamada

      hey, new fundraising activity: occu-extreme-chair-throwing on pay per vue…next?

  11. Trish OWS



    Facilitation WG, can you be of any assistance in making this happen?

    You may or may not have a team in place for this …?



    • Steve

      I was looking for it, still am, can’t find it yet. I wasn’t streaming that night cause I didn’t have my phone.

  12. Trish OWS

    Hello, Hello,

    Now the Question: Where are all the media related OWS WG entities that were supposed to cover Spokes

    and General Assembly meetings?

    How can we as a community access video, live-stream, and other media when needed?

    Do these WG feel that the production is for their sole use?

    The General Assembly provided monies to these WG entities by way of their proposal.

    Why are they silent, when the community is requesting their assistance to address something as important as

    the Banning of an Individual for violent behavior?

    Are they not aware?

    If so, can we as a community Make them aware before, Spokes Council, Monday nite?


  13. Sean McKeown

    Spokes 2-13-12

    Spokes 2-13-12

    The video quality is low, and in fact I for one had a hard time getting either of them to load on my computer – the question for Tech Ops and Livestream folks should be, now that we have found which video we’re talking about, whether anything can be done to download it for ease of access to Spokes Council.

    The video appears to corroborate the fact that Robert brought Trish a chair angrily.

  14. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    @smckeown I find that DownloadHelper for Firefox is great for ripping Flash and mp4 vid for local storage.

    • Sean McKeown

      Any chance you could rip that video file to your computer, then upload it to YouTube instead of Livestream so we can have a better chance of all being able to access it?

      • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

        Sure, if I stop getting “Sorry we’re having trouble loading that page” at some point before Spokes.

        • Trish OWS


          Let’s see how far you get in

          obtaining that product (video/live-


          And, please upload it to http://twitter.nycga_, Livestream,

          YouTube, and

          all other sites, which view, etc

          The conversation is in the wider

          public domain and the OWS collective

          (stake-holders) wants access.

          PS: The entire feed would take this

          violent, menancing behavior in it’s

          proper content.

          The power of the people will never be defeated…


          • Steve

            The feeds are public. The wording you use make it sound like you are trying to open secret files to obtain evidence. I think you should word yourself more properly because the accusation reflect poorly on live streamers who have to go to EVERY spokes.

  15. Trish OWS

    Heads Up Community,

    Observe how the top of this page hides the title, the name,

    and the context of the proposal on the Spokes agenda tonite.

    There were over sixty (60) in attendence on 01/13/2012.

    We do not wonder why…

    • Sean McKeown

      The top of the page says exactly what you sent in, Trish – “Ban Robert (Town Planning, etc) from Spokes Council Meetings.

      What exactly are you accusing now, and whom are you accusing?

    • Trish OWS

      Heads up Community,

      Accountability is good.

      Creditability, is better.


      • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

        Pet peeve of mine:

        Creditability != Credibility

        Can you please clarify which one you mean, Trish?

        BTW, every time I try to load these vids in FF, it locks up my browser until I close the tab…. so you guys are gonna have to figure something else out. Sorry.

        • Trish OWS


          You’re great! and again, thanks a lot.

          You tried that’s more than anyone else with all their skills have done so far.

          We’re going to try to find tech guys who can figure it out.


  16. Frances MA

    For the record it is now 7:45 and we are all sitting at spokes council and Trish has not showed up for this proposal. Thanks for wasting our time yet again Trish.

    • Trish OWS


      Frances…Possibly a low level lieutenant (special interest), whose

      task is to create confusion, convolute issues, re-direct valid

      community discourse, maintain an oppressive, bias enviroment for

      the marginalized and disparge the character of non-conformers.

      A tight cabal, majority in Spokes Council, others in Facilitation, Town Planning, Tech-ops, Accounting, etc

      Nevertheless, there is nothing to fear but fear itself…

      The power of the people will never be defeated


      • Frances MA

        A low level lieutenant! How dare you madame! I have a college degree. I am at the very least a Captain.

        • perspicacious

          A bachelor’s college degree would only warrant the rank of a “shave tail” lieutenant, certainly not a captain.

  17. Urbaned

    In work, “man hours” is the combined hours of how much time is spent on a project. How many millions of ours have been spent on this foolishness?

    • Trish OWS

      Hi Frances!

      At 7:35, Trish and others are outside, in and around 235 West 23rd St. (from 6th Ave. to 8th Ave)

      being told that Spokes is not being held ….HERE!

      This is the exact reason why we have asked again and again that spokes announce it’s meeting

      venue at least 24 hrs. in advance.

      For a fact, it had not announced its locale or how to get to it, by 5pm 03.12.2012

      So, Frances, don’t feel like the…. Lone Ranger


      • Sean McKeown

        The address was listed as 220 E 23rd Street. That you heard 23rd Street and went to the wrong space is not our fault.

    • Trish OWS


      What foolishness? Spokes Council not informing the Community( in real time)

      where they will be meeting?

      Not giving at least a 24 hour heads up to the community that the meeting will be held with directions,


      Maybe it was asking too much…


  18. Trish OWS

    OWS Community,

    It is not too much to request that Spokes Council post in the events section of a complete listing of the name of the locale, address of the locale,

    directions to the locale, at least 12-24 hours before their meetings.

    Other, it is mandatory for all OWS recognized entities to do….

    (Spokes Council is not an Affinity Group)


  19. Trish OWS


    Haven’t gotten feed-back from Steve, regarding video..


    • Sean McKeown

      You’ve been given the link. Do it yourself, instead of ask someone else to do it – maybe you haven’t noticed it, but Steve has been a little busy being run around by the police this weekend and has other priorities than finding a video that confirms a man was impolite when he brought you a chair.