3/10/2012: Protest against Monsanto ruling on Monday

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2 pm PROTEST of U.S. Federal Dist. Judge Naomi Buchwald’s decision today to throw out lawsuit of 300,000 organic farmers against Monsanto.   Collect signatures for the resignation of Judge Naomi Buchwald who threw out lawsuit of 300,000 Organic Garmers

 The case was decided at US District Courthouse in Lower Manhattan at 500 Pearl Street.

 Greivance,, as required in our 1st amendment rights:  Resignation of u.s.federal district judge Naomi Buchwald.

 Protest from 2pm on Monday at 500 pearl street


Europe- who not only do not allow the growing of GMO’s, they will not allow a product CONTAINING GMO’s acroos their borders


Among the documents obtained by Wikileaks include Monsanto asking the US government to maintain its strong pressure on the European Union legislation for the introduction of GMO foods.[85] After moves in France to ban a Monsanto GM corn variety, the US embassy recommended that ‘we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU’


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