2 Responses to “Vision & Goals 2/14 GA presentation”

  1. Chithra KarunaKaran

    Internal blocking within the Vision&Goals “WG”
    The Vision & Goals WG (which is a small exclusionary group) has **internally blocked** consideration of any proposal that challenges their language and focus.

    I regret to note that a draft vision statement “Vision Goals and Actions of the Living Declaration of Occupation” has been summarily rejected by this group.

    This is a gross violation of OWS ideals and process of providing equal space for diverse opinions and divergent worldviews that support FAIRNESS in a new global order.

    My repeated suggestion is that ALL draft versions of Vision be distributed at the same time to GA without prejudice.

  2. Chithra KarunaKaran

    Rebel Vision — Not Whitebread Mediocrity!!!
    Vision Goals & Actions of The Living Declaration of Occupation

    Our Living Declaration of Occupation makes manifest our Vision, Goals & Actions.

    Our thoughts, words and deeds are inseparable. We make efforts to live by them. Our Lives are Our message.

    We the People are Awake and Alert to the proven factual Evidence that this Land and this Government is no longer Ours.

    WE the People declare with emphasis, that the U.S. is not US, until we secure success with Our Occupation of Our own Land, unlike the U.S. which has and is continuing, in our name but without our consent, to invade, Occupy and steal the lands and resources of our sisters and brothers across the world.

    We the People recognize that a Greedy and Violent anti-people Collusion of self-proclaimed leaders in banks, financial and political corporations, joined by COTUS, POTUS, SCOTUS, speculators, landlords, arms contractors, weapons makers, weapons sellers and Media has taken wide-ranging control of what was once OURS, as well as taken away the resources of much of the world.

    We the People fully realize that we have become almost completely marginalized in our own land, through this greedy and violent collusion under Crony Capitalism, directed by the international banking cartel wielded by the covert Federal Reserve and its client-states, surrogates, proxies and allies in multinational corporations, govt , the military and the media in the U.S. and across the world.

    In brief, the unelected, unrepresentative, U.S. Federal Reserve **rules everywhere without the consent of the governed of the WORLD**.

    We the People assert that ALL of the world’s problems of INEQUALITY, UNFAIRNESS and INJUSTICE, causing poverty, hunger, displacement, environmental degradation, habitat loss, imprisonment and torture, are virulent symptoms of the cynical anti-people agenda that this greedy and violent group has single-mindedly accomplished, emboldened and exhilarated by their earlier colonial successes in genocidal wars against indigenous peoples, and mass slavery and indenture through the plantation economy.

    We the People take cognizance of the fact that Greed and Violence of this 1% are strategically deployed to control land, natural resources and built environments, through the speculative manipulation of money, which same money in fact, is created by the labor and ingenuity of US, the 99% of the world, therefore denying US everywhere, a living wage, shelter, healthcare and lifelong learning.

    We the People assert that WE and only We the People, through direct action, against Greed and Violence, as practiced by this exclusive and exclusionary 1%, can liberate global humanity and ensure prosperity for ourselves and all people of all generations across our shared world,

    We the People envision a world where We the People join the struggle of ALL Peoples for Fairness and Dignity in our everyday lives.

    WE the People affirm that Public Wealth is a Public Trust. Our public wealth that we have earned and continue to earn with our hands, our brains and our hearts is Ours and Ours alone, to be applied with Fairness towards the Greater Public Good of ALL Peoples. Therefore, Our public Wealth shall not be appropriated and exploited by the forces of Greed and Violence of the 1%

    Towards that end and to preserving that end we shall implement these following 10 actions:.

    1.The defect in the U.S. Constitution that allows the Federal Reserve Bank to exist as a central bank shall be corrected and the Federal Reserve System as well as all affiliate banks completely eliminated. The right to create money will be given back to the people. The fraudulent fractional reserve banking system shall be eliminated and replaced by people’s service banks at the local level.

    2. The defect in the U.S. Constitution that empowers Congress to declare war, in our name, against our wishes, on other peoples in other lands shall be remedied. That violent power to declare and conduct warfare on our own sisters and brothers across the world shall rest with and be decided by, We the People.

    3. The Bill of Rights shall include Animal Rights and shall be fully and unconditionally restored. The Patriot Act, NDAA, Homeland Security, FEMA, Corporate Personhood, the entire prison-for-profit system, factory farms and all other criminal violations of our Constitutional rights shall be abolished, without exception.

    4. Discrimination, both institutional and individual shall be vigorously dismantled and overturned. Hate, bias and prejudice based on race, ethnicity, age, class, religion, atheism, disability, sexual orientation, gender and all other forms of assault upon the dignity of individuals and groups, shall be swiftly redressed and fair reparations made for such injury.

    5. Freedom of the Press shall be fully restored through the elimination of corporate media monopolies. All possible measure will be taken towards structuring a system whereby the widest possible spectrum of society shall have access and be expressed in the media.

    6.The 17th amendment may need to be repealed. The vast majority of governmental powers shall reside within communities and localities in states. All senators and representatives shall be required to serve localities and communities in their states of election, elected representatives shall not negotiate wars of profit and land with client-states against the PEOPLES living in those sovereign states.

    7. Big Pharma shall be regulated towards provision of medicines without regard to profits from so-called patents. Medical practice shall rely on proactive prevention with the focus on environmental safeguards, fitness and nutrition. The toxins put into our water, food and vaccines in farms, factories and laboratories shall be prohibited and removed.

    8. The Campaign Finance Act shall ban the contribution to any candidate by corporations and/ or their agents, proxies or surrogates

    9. Education shall be transformed. Education will be left to students, parents, teachers, mentors, in localities and communities in states.

    10.GATT and NAFTA and shall be repealed and our industrial foundations rebuilt to ensure prosperous employment for everyone.

    11. The United Nations [U.N.] shall act upon the consent of the General Assembly of the United Nations, on the precept of One State, One Vote, rather than on the punitive actions of the U.N. Security Council, which for 65 years has been controlled by the U.S.and its agents, proxies and surrogates in business and government.

    REBEL VISION — not Tunnel Vision! Twinkle it UP!