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Many people are at #NYCSC discussing the Safer Spaces Community Agreements proposal! Text here: #NYCGA #OWS

Right now, working groups are discussing the proposal and coming up with questions, concerns, possible friendly amendments. #NYCSC #OWS

Matthew from De-Escalation suggests we talk about the sections separately. Stairs shoots him down. #ows #nycsc

Safer Spaces is now reading aloud the text of the proposed Community Agreement. #ows #nycsc

Clarifying question: What would make a situation “important enough” to stop a meeting? #ows #nycsc

A: Any instance of physical violence, or like when someone held the Aryan Brotherhood sign.

Cont’d: Or it could be when anyone feels unsafe — a caucus or individual. #ows #nycsc

CQ: About making spaces handicapped accessible. #ows #nycsc

A: This Quaker house IS accessible, but POI, these agreements are just for Spokes Council. #ows #nycsc

CQ from FunHub: About a section that mentions ppl committing harm inside or outside #OWS. Will accused be able to speak for themselves?

A: Yes, there is a grievance/ justice process in the works. #ows #nycsc

CQ from Structure: What changes the minute we pass these? #ows #nycsc

A: It allows us to move to the next step for creating structures for addressing abuses. #ows #nycsc

CQ from WOW: Says we’ll provide physical and language access. Does this mean we’ll provide translation? #ows #nycsc

Cont’d: Says we will show compassion for those who’ve experienced trauma. How do we identify those people? #ows #nycsc

Cont’d: What qualifies as evidence of a police informant? And will we really read these at every meeting?

A: We are working with Translation to get services.

A: We don’t want to point out ppl who have experienced trauma, but just be compassionate to them. #ows #nycsc

A: As far as evidence of police informants, there are no steps to answer any of these. #ows #nycsc

A: We will leave it up to facilitation if they will read the agreements or post them. #ows #nycsc

CQ from Legal: Please clarify why in some sections it says “will” remove abusive people and other parts says “may.” #ows #nycsc

A: The part that says “will remove” is specifically about someone who has committed sexual violence. #ows #nycsc

CQ from Structure: What is considered an #OWS space? #nycsc

Cont’d: Does this mean just our meeting spaces or actions, as well? A: “Yes, all.”

Spokes talk over concerns. Safer Spaces reminds us this isn’t legally binding document, and we should think outside that framework. #nycsc

Concern from Housing: That without a grievance process we’ll be removing ppl and throwing them into an abyss. #ows #nycsc

A: That’s kind of what we are doing now, and we are trying to come up with something. #ows #nycsc

Concern from Facilitation: That we are already having a hard time finding spaces, so if what we can’t find accessible space? #nycsc

A: Accepts friendly amendment that we will TRY to find accessible spaces. #ows #nycsc

Friendly amendment: “Can we alphabetize the list of ‘isms’ so it doesn’t look like one has priority over others?” Accepted. #nycsc #ows

FA from WOW: In the part about police informants, can we say that if someone has evidence of one, they tell everyone? #ows #nycsc

A: That falls under the fact that this is a process and we’ll have to figure out how to address that if it comes up. #ows #nycsc

WOW expresses a concern that people are taking photos right now at Spokes. POI: They are all livestreamers. #ows #nycsc

Safer Spaces: The informant concern is valid, but is larger than this document. #ows #nycsc

FA from WOW: Could we add “transparency” to bullet points under “enter each space w/ a commitment to:” #ows #nycsc

Temp check on that FA. Pretty negative. FA not accepted. #ows #nycsc

FA from WOW: That at each Spokes Council we read only the first part because reading the whole thing would take too long.

A: Reading the first part is one way to go about it, but we trust Facilitation to decide what parts to read or not. #ows #nycsc

Library (@hellofrances): “My concern is we’ve been here 5 months and don’t have something that says ‘don’t hit people!'” [Laughter]

Library, cont’d: “My friendly amendment is please please pass this!” [Uptwinkles] #ows #nycsc

Concern from Direct Action: We think it should say “meeting space or housing space” not just #OWS space. Worried how could apply to actions.

Cont’d: DA doesn’t think it would be feasible to hold ppl to these on actions, b/c sometimes there are outside affinity groups involved.

@FredMagovern did earlier:

Safer Spaces: “So basically at actions, it would be a free-for-all?” #ows #nycsc

POI from OccuCopy (@sabokitty): The proposers have already stated this is just about Spokes Council for now, and will take broader later.

Temp check on accepting amendment to have it say that this document is applicable only to Spokes Council. Negative. #ows #nycsc

Safer Spaces say they will address this if it becomes a blocking concern. #ows #nycsc

FA: To change a part that references “comrades” to “neighbors,” b/c of connotations. #ows #nycsc

There are some boos and downtwinkles. Safer Spaces says will change from respect to “our comrades” to “each other.” #ows #nycsc

Concern about semantics of a part that says we won’t make assumptions about people’s race, ethnicity, gender, etc. [Ed: Concern not clear.]

FA from Structure: To make a small change to wording about putting in place a de-escalation process. Accepted. #ows #nycsc

FA from POC: Wants to not compromise on making spaces accessible. #ows #nycsc

FA is not accepted and POC backs down on it. Safer Spaces: This is just the start of a dialogue. #ows #nycsc

FA from Translation: That we put the part that lists “isms” in a footnote. To break another part into bullets. To simplify sentences #nycsc

A: We want to make language accessible, but part of work of anti-oppression is to name the forms of oppression we face …

Cont’d: … And putting these forms of oppression into a footnote would marginalize marginalization. [Many uptwinkles] #ows #nycsc

Safer Spaces: We list some forms of oppression and do say “among others.” Temp check on the FA. Negative. FA declined. #ows #nycsc

Safer Spaces: As far as the third FA from Translation, we don’t know how to condense it. #ows #nycsc

Stairs: I am concerned that we are getting into specifics of language and this has already been workshopped at many meetings. We move on.

New concern: That the document asks ppl to “not use substances that may attract police.” What about medicinal marijuana users? #ows #nycsc

Safer Spaces: We just ask people to not bring police attention. FA declined. #ows #nycsc

FA from Photo to add language about keeping each other informed about safety issues in the community. FA accepted. #ows #nycsc

FA from Outreach: To add “allegedly” before “committed sexual violence.” A: This is not a legal document. FA declined. #ows #nycsc

Comment from DAP: The part about accessibility, we are a DIY movement and we can carry people up stairs. #ows #nycsc

[We only have 12 minutes left in this space and people are very eager to get through the consensus process.] #ows #nycsc

Safer Spaces reads all the accepted friendly amendments. #ows #nycsc

Stairs asks for standasides. There are 3: Outreach, Legal, Translation. #ows #nycsc

Oh, actually, there is one more standaside: From Direct Action. #ows #nycsc

Stairs asks if there are any blocks. There is one: From the Women Occupying Wall Street (WOW) caucus. #ows #nycsc

WOW is worried that the bullet that says “nonviolence toward each other” opens it up for violence against other people and property. #ows

[Ed: The room is getting angrier. Many people want to pass this and are unhappy with WOW for blocking.] #ows #nycsc

Someone from the space just told us we have to leave now. #ows #nycsc

We are moving to modified consensus. #ows #nycsc

28 yes votes. 1 no vote (WOW). We have consensus! We have Community Agreements for Spokes Council! [Cheers and hugs] #ows #nycsc

Okay, fam! That’s it for Spokes! You don’t have to go home but we can’t stay here! #ows #nycsc

Thanks for reading the tweets. This has been @CarrieM213 live tweeting #OWS Spokes Council. Love, peace and solidarity to all!

A quick note on the @LibertySqGA schedule: #NYCGA meets Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday #NYCSC meets Monday and Wednesday. Thanks for reading!

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