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Coming at you guys live at #NYCSC! Follow here and at @LibertySqGA2 @LibertySqGA3 & @LibertySqGA4!

We’re going to jump right into parts 3&4 of the Tech Ops Proposal, which we didn’t get to at last Monday’s #nycsc

The @OWS_Tech Proposal is a doozy, but through the magic of the internet, you can view it here! #OWS #nycsc

Part 3 is is for Server Infrastructure & Operating Costs. Jake (@jdegroot) is charismatically describing the nerdy details in easy terms.

Currently, our servers are being donated by 3rd party hosting co. Starting in March, that service will expire and we’ll have to start paying

We have &, as well as in the pipeline, for which we’ll need lots of infrastructure. #ows #nycsc

We’re now into stack for CQs: Susan from Translation: “Would Datagram (the company that @OWS_Tech is proposing we go with)… #ows #nycsc

CQ:…”have any access to our database?” A: No, they wouldn’t. It’s against terms of service, and bc we have the physical hard drives.”

CQ: Chepe (@sabokitty):”Being that we live in the richest country in the world, would this server space allow us to provide our services..”

“to other occupations, say, in other countries like Egypt, Syria, Nigeria if their governments shut down their servers?” #ows #nycsc

A: “Yes ! Absolutely! If we have the resources, we’d love to share them with our comrades.” #ows #nycsc

Proposers ask:”Do you guys feel like that’s a decision Tech Ops can make, or should we check back w/ GA before donating servers?”#nycsc #ows

CQ:Carrie (@carriem213) is the $250/month for server hosting indefinite, or for a specific period of time?” #ows #nycsc

A:”It’s for as long as we want the websites to be up.” CQ from Think Tank: “What happens when we run out of $?” #ows #nycsc

A:”That’s a good question that we’re all going to have to think about” #ows #nycsc #deeptweet

That’s it for CQs on Part 3 of the @OWS_Tech proposal. Now conferring with our Spokes to see if we have concerns – No spoke for LTers.. :(

Stairs:[Negesti / @negestiC): It seems like there’s no concerns! Now conferring for Friendly Amendments. This is going so well! #ows #nycsc

Note: A proposal from @OWSArchives was added to the agenda earlier. [Ed: Sorry! I missed it before!] #ows #nycsc

Stairs: [Dwayne/ @Dwayne_wins]: Opening stack for Friendly Amendments. No Friendly Amendments? #ows #nycga

Negesti is asking if we feel good about moving to consensus: Any stand asides? Any blocks? … Ready, set, CONSENSUS!!! #ows #nycsc

Jake: “Isn’t this fun? We’ve got one more part to this proposal.” #ows #nycsc

Now moving on to Pt.4 the @OWS_Tech’s proposal:”Livestream HD Supercharge”-Remember, you can view the proposal online @

“Livestream has been an integral part of this movement from the very beginning, and we all love the work they do.” #ows #nycsc

[Ed: Trying reeally hard to be neutral and not shout out some of the awesome Livestream team!!! You know who you are..] #ows #nycsc

We have a relationship with an awesome tech co. who makes Teradek bond units and they’ve agreed to give them to us for FREE #ows #nycsc

This equipment is worth a couple thousand dollars, and they’ve offered donate it to us totally free. #ows #nycsc

So we already have all the hardware we need to streamline our Livestream process into HD – but we would need to pay for monthly data costs.

$312 one-time cost for 4G USB modems (one from each major wireless network: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, At&T) #ows #nycsc

$888 one-time cost for 4-mic wireless microphone system & cameratop microphone system. #ows #nycsc

$413.68/month for data plan subscriptions for the 4 modems #ows #nycsc

Benefits: HD Livestreaming of #OWS events, actions, GAs, Spokes Council. [Ed: Livetweets in HD!] #nycsc #nycga

Now onto CQ stack: Why should we go with big networks like AT&T/Verizon? They ethically suck. | A: Good question. They do suck. #nycsc #ows

“But fact is, those networks are the fastest out there.” Discussion is getting messy around this issue of paying unethical companies. #nycsc

“Can we at least not go with #Verizon? We have to put our money where our mouth is, as activists, and stand for something.” #ows #nycsc

Negesti:”This is turning into a back & forth, maybe you could confer with your spoke and come back during Friendly Amendments?” #ows #nycsc

Ashley: “Could you talked to PR WG about potential media fallout from using Verizon, who the movement is very much against?” #ows #nycga

A:”We’d be glad to speak with PR and Media about this.” Now at the end of CQs – conferring about Concerns. #ows #nycga

First on stack for Concerns: Archives: “On #N17, we put the 99% bat signal on the #Verizon building.” #ows #nycsc

…”Is the system really not gonna work without #Verizon?” A:”Truth is, it will work, but not work as well. Verizon 4G really is fastest.”

Someone PoI’s with an opinion about using Verizon… Stairs brings it back & reminds us that PoI and PoP signals are NOT for jumping stack!

Facilitation notes that their concerns among the group were mixed, but would like to know more about why Verizon is better. #ows #nycsc

A: Basically, the other networks’ upstream is 2Mbp/s, while Verizon’s is 8Mbp/s. That’s 4x faster.[Ed: Just like the ads say..] #ows #nycsc

Concern: “Other companies are just as evil as Verizon. We should just use them if they’re the company that’s best, unfortunately.” #nycsc

Concern from Direct Action: Since 9/11, Verizon has given information to the Federal Gov’t without subpoenas. #ows #nycsc

“Perhaps a Friendly Amendment would be to include a statement that we are conflicted about using their services?” #ows #nycsc

Ashley from WON: … [couldn’t get it all, and it turned into a rant and messy back&forth] #ows #nycsc

Stack has now finished for Concerns. We are conferring about Friendly Amendments. #ows #nycga

You are now watching New York City Spokes Council on W@LibertySqGA! – Now discussing @OWS_Tech’s proposal for HD Livestreaming #ows #nycsc

FA: Before moving fwd, contact the striking Verizon Workers union to see if they’re OK with us using Verizon’s plan?” #ows #nycga

Proposers: “Can we confer with out group on whether to accept that FA?” #ows #nycsc

FA to consult striking Verizon workers [CWA] accepted. FA from DA: Could you work w/Media on handling the messaging of this choice? #nycga

FA from : “This a creative amendment! But I’m a little uncomfortable speaking in front of large groups.. *Lots of PoA’s* #ows #nycsc

FA cont’d:”When the service cuts out, could you put up a message that says something like “this dropped signal brought to you by Verizon”?

Tech:”We love that, but since Tech won’t be running the stream, it’s not our FA to accept.” Media says they’ll do their best. #ows #nycsc

FA: Ashley from WON: Don’t sacrifice principles for technology, don’t go with Verizon. #ows #nycsc

Jake (Proposer) notes that this concern seems to be shared by a lot of people. Could we take a straw poll on whether/not to use Verizon?#ows

Someone PoI’s: Even if you use smaller networks, they still piggyback on the major network’s towers. It’s the same thing. #ows #nycsc

We are taking a straw poll on whether to use Verizon (after much falling off process) Straw poll was mixed. #ows #nycsc

Jake from Tech: “We recognize that we make decisions as a community, but also that members of Tech feel that other co’s are just as bad..”

..”and disavowing Verizon would effectively be endorsing the other companies, whose behavior is just as bad. But it seems ppl don’t…

…”want us to go with Verizon, and it’s more important that we make our Livestream better. So we accept the FA to not use Verizon.” #nycsc

We’re done with FAs. Any blocks? One from Strong Women Rules WG, whose Spoke is Justin. “People should put videos on YouTube instead. #nycsc

Negesti: “Is there any amendment that would resolve your block?” SWR confers… “No.” Moving on to stand-asides. #ows #nycsc

Negesti notes that we will now be moving to Modified Consensus, which is a vote. Tech now restating the Proposal:

Straw Poll found 15 in favor, 1 against, and 2 standing aside. #ows #nycsc

Stairs: “We have reached Modified Consensus!” #OWS #NYCSC

Blocker is contesting: “Point of something???” @shawncarrie PoP’s that this is not in process, it’s simply a blocker dissatisfied w/ outcome

Next up on the Agenda: Safer Spaces has brought us a proposal to have Community Agreeements! #OWS #nycsc

Safer Spaces is now passing out the new copy of the Community Agreements, having revised it after feedback from last #nycsc. #OWS

Safer Spaces:”We’re asking everyone to be very generous – how do we make space for people with completely different experience?” #ows #nycsc

We are now conferring with out Spokes about the revised wording of the document. #ows #nycsc

Dwayne is now asking if our Spokes are finished conferring, and opening stack for CQs: Facilitation:”What defines an ‘issue?'” #ows #nycsc

..”Also, what is Facilitation’s role?” A: We talk about the De-Escalation process a lot. There’s room to develop it more. This is a model”

“Facilitation’s role, we thought, is to de-escalate situations before they get bad. Perhaps if someone feels there’s an issue…”#ows #nycsc

…”they could work through their spoke.” PoI from De-Escalation: This is what we’ve been waiting for, a way to identify situations…#nycsc

..”where we would be needed.” CQ from WON:” I really applaud this proposal.” #ows #nycsc

CQ from @OWSFacilitation:”Could we see a role play of how this might play out?” Stairs asking for temp√ on role-play. Twinkles abound.#nycsc

PoP from Town Planning:”Wait, is it the whole room that decides what’s gonna happen, or just Spokes?” [Ed: Bummer..I wanted roleplay] #nycsc

SWR:”This just seems pretty vague.” SS:”It’s supposed to be vague, not prescriptive.Any course of action would be decision of the community”

CQ from Education & Empowerment:”Do these agreements apply to the entire movement, just Spokes Council/GA, or during action? In the park?”

CQ from Tech:”Were there any other community agreements that you drew from for this?” A: “Yes, other occupations..other WGs..”#ows #nycsc

CQ from WON turned into a soapbox, Stairs asked if she had a CQ, she mumbled something and went silent. #ows #nycsc

Concern from Town Planning: “Having lived in the park, been closely involved w DeEscalation, having escorted people out of the park..”#nycsc

“I understand that these groups are trained to these sorts of things – but why are those groups’ opinions any more valid than anyone else?”

Ashley interrupts:”Because they actually care about people!” Lots of PoPs. #ows #nycsc

By the way, for the folks at home, here’s the proposal! #ows #nycsc

SS says that this is a living document, and we will continue to work on the De-Escalation Process. #ows #nycsc

Chepe from @OWSEnEspanol voices concern: “The biggest form of oppression, that we haven’t even talked about, is State Violence.” #ows #nycsc

“That’s a gaping hole! I have FAs to solve that, but think this proposal is important to pass.” #ows #nycsc

Discussion about extending time took about 5 minutes, but we’ve given Safer Spaces 20 more minutes. #ows #nycsc

Facilitation:”We have mixed feelings. Some edits offered last time were not incorporated.. We’d like you to table and bring this back”#nycsc

Safer Spaces: “We could continue working on this..” back&forth ensues. Negesti offers that since this proposal effect both SS&Facilitation..

..”Maybe the two groups could find a time to meet and talk about Facilitation’s involvement? Just thrown that out there.” #ows #nycsc

WON uses stack to soapbox and gets 5 PoP’s. #ows #nycsc

Next on Stack: Housing: “I’m concerned that trying to cover everything opens the door for a lot of ambiguity.” #ows #nycsc

Housing cont’d:”I just have a hard time seeing what this might look like. But I appreciate the work you’ve done, the language is beautiful.”

We’re finished with stack for concerns, but Stairs notes that we’ve hit the 20 minutes that we gave to extend. #ows #nycsc

Stairs is asking if we feel like we can reach a consensus on Safer Spaces’ Community Agreement tonight. We’re conferring with out Spokes.

Straw poll to extend time again wasn’t very positive. Safer Spaces agrees to table the proposal and bring it back. #ows #nycsc

Now moving on to Working Group Reportbacks! #ows #nycsc

Safer Spaces: We meet every Sunday at 5pm @60WallSt, and we’re meeting this Sunday at 4 to discuss the Community Agreement! #ows #nycsc

#J15: “Jan 15 is #MLK’s birthday! We have funding! Al Sharpton has signed on! St John the Divine Church, 110th St & Amsterdam Av, 6:30pm

?: Barricades coming down was a victory! People are dying in Nigeria..When people started #occupying, finally things changed.

(cont’d) “It is illegitimate from a legal standpoint what Brookfield did.. I have some literature that needs to go to all working groups..”

“and GA to be endorsed”… Now reading from some literature, passing copies around. Meeting 4:00 tomorrow at Charlotte’s Place..

? cont’d: Next week, ooccupiers are gonna meet.. if anyone has space, please let us know. #ows #nycsc

Town Planning: “There’s a new Transportation WG forming.. Our weekly meeting is tomorrow at 11am @60WallSt #ows #nycsc

Housing: We got a donation of $2,000 and we’ve spent most of it, we’re trying to put in kitchens & showers. Metrocards tomorrow 6-9! #nycga

Housing: Homeless? Go to Charlotte’s Place from 4-6 tomorrow and you can get adopted! #ows #nycga #AdoptAnOccupier

@OWSArchives: We’re holding a forum to talk about the future of where our Archives will be stored! Location & Time TBA #ows #nycga

Minutes: Yo, we SERIOUSLY need Minutes takers. Our Weekly meeting is Thursday at 6pm @60WallSt. We need you! Tweet it! #ows #nycga

Chepe: People are being killed in Nigeria. They need to see our #solidarity. Saturday 12 noon at the UN. #ows #nycga

Library: Tonight @OWS_Library is occupying a swanky dance club, from now until 4am- music,dancing, and BOOKS! 34 VanDam St #ows #nycga

Anti-Racism Allies: We’re group for white people who hate racism! Sun 4.30 @60Wall-Also,We have copies of the Declaration of the Occupation!

InfoHub: Remember on Dec 20 we passed a proposal to define what a WG is? 30 day compliance periods is almost over.. #ows #nycga

InfoHub: If you need help, come to us! If you need to be an admin on your group on get consensus in a meeting and bring us Minutes

InfoHub:”We’re gonna read the list of groups w. are currently in full compliance. If you’re not one of these groups, you need to do better!


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If you don’t see your group listed, you need to get in compliance by having public mtgs, posting minutes, etc. See InfoHub for help! #nycsc

That’s all for tonight, folks! This has been @shawncarrie for the #OWS Livetweeting Team, signing off. #OWS #NYCSC – ALL DAY ALL WEEK

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