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GA is starting! “Hi! I’m Anthony! I’d like to be your co-facilitator tonight! Ronny is our co-facilitator, but he’s running a little lat …

First, reportback from Facilitation-Tomorrow’s Spokes Council in Brooklyn at the Quaker Meeting House! Also, Friday Open Space at Unity Hall

Justin from Info: We’re back in the park mon-fri 1pm-5pm. We could use your help! #ows #nycga

Now announcements: Justin from Disability Cacus- we’re a new caucus, meeting his Sunday at 2:00 to talk about future actions…#ows #nycga

…and what it means to be a caucus at #ows #nycga

My name is Rich, I’m w Occupy Farms, we’re gonna meet Wednesday at 6pm @60WallSt-we’ll be talking about scouting out some urban farm lots!

Next is Evelyn: Would like to bring a wakeup call, to be vigilant about what’s going on at #OWS #nycga

People are mismanaging the website, and trying to take my group off the website. #ows #nycga

Next on stack: im from OccupyLA, where I just finished this book on #OWS! Hello from LA, Portland, Seattle, New Haven, &Oakland! #nycga

If you’re interested, come see me and I’ll take your portrait! Thank you! #ows #nycga

Joseph: over on White St, there are three boxes of clothes. I also have some with me. If any needs, come see me.

Next: Tuesday Jan31 at Foley Sq-rally against Monsanto! Yells of “fuck Monsanto!” #ows #nycga

First on the agenda: Dissolution of Spokes Council, from guess who: Nan! #ows #nycga

Nan: Most of you guys know me, but I have my partner here, Eric Richardson, he’s from #OWS and Newark, NJ. He’s gonna read my proposal.

The proposal is not posted on the website, but here’s a photo. #ows #nycga

And the back: #ows #nycga

@lmnopie Point of Process: According to original Spokes Council Charter, a proposal to dissolve needs to be proposed 1 week in advance…

…and announced in person at every GA and Spokes Council meeting for 7 days. #ows #nycga

Some disagreement over this fact, Marisa, who was part of drafting the original proposal, confirms this. #ows #nycga

10 more minutes given to the proposal

cQ what have you done to solve these issues with spokes?

I strongly believe this proposal is not about nan but about the people…I’m focusing my energy on the GA

CQ: who wrote this proposal? With all due respect this doesn’t seem like your language?

Stair- I’m not it here for my health, can we continue on please?

[lots of yelling in the audience and I can’t hear what’s being said -Ed.]

Nan- I saw some evidence from livetweets and minutes and one of the reasons, #9…

On Monday spokes tried to remove the freeze GA posted on the money. Nick and I said that’s not right.

PoI – tim, i write the livetweets and thats not at all what happened.

PoI – spokes is not a them, it’s us. We are the people at spokes.

Stairs: we have run out of time for this proposal does the ga feel comfortable giving more time?

Temp check mostly negative stairs:give me one second #Ows #nycga

Stairs-I asked for a second temp check bc there were people who didn’t know what was going on

Stairs-your options proposer are table or push for consensus?

Nan:we will ask for consensus

Stairs:it was nautilus clarified that we can not gonon with consensus process the proposal is tabled

Next proposal is visions and goals statement

Visions and goals is handing out copies of the final draft of the statement

Last tuesday the GA asked us to stop editing this document.

There are a few edits submitted after the GA said stop v&g did not feel empowers to put them’s up to you

PoI is it possible for is to start the friendly amendment process right away?

PoI from my understanding you were asked to table and bring it back?

V&G-this is a GA approved final draft

Cq-are you going to read this to us?

Stairs can we do a temp check to hear the proposal?

Stairs it looks mixed, let’s move on

V&g- this is the same document you had last week’z we have handed out hundreds of copies posted it and told everybody we could

Stack is closed for CQ

Stairs-stack is open for confers

C-I have a lot of confers,this reads as a set of principles and it’s confusing with trying to be a visions document mixed with principles

C-I feel the continuity of this document from where it started to where it is now

VG-we have done as much as we could six meetings at first three more recently…we have done the best to deliver despite disruptions

….I’d you think we have not done our job you can send us back to the drawing board…I’d we need more vision tell us what you would li …

Stairs we have gone over time can we take seven more minutes to finish?

Temp check positive. We are closing stack for concerns

C-there is an issue which is the prison industrial system that needs to be addressed

VG-we think this important by it does not belong in the goals we would like to address it in goals

VG-we are not going to accept or reject any FA this is a crowd sourced document. It will be a living document which we will spend time e …

Stairs-it sounds like they want a temp check on adding this FA to our document

FA”Specifically the prison industrial where profits are gained by the labor of incarcerated composed most of poor people and people of c …

FA accepted

Stairs- seven more minutes? Temp check positive. Please limit concerns to a minute at most

Sorry about the weirdness folks! Some new folks stepped up, which is great, plus some technical difficulties.. #nycga #ows

[Sorry fam, losts of editorial swaps tonight, thanks for baring with us. – @poweredbycats] #ows #nycga

Concerns – Marisa – This is a reformist document, I came to OWS for revolution, not reforms. #ows #nycga

V&G – Just to be very super short, it hasnt been easy to create a comprehensive statement from the assembled body here. #ows #nycga

V&G – We’ve done the best we can to synthesize people’s collective beliefs. We’re open to friendly amendments to the language. #ows #nycga

Marisa FA – Change “governance” to “decision making.” #ows #nycga

Stairs taking a temperature check on Marisa’s FA. Its mostly positive. #ows #nycga

Stack – I would ask that people to allow them to finish the Vision provided that the Vision is a living doc that can be changed. #ows #nycga

Stack – My concern is that this is representing the whole of our movement, and doesn’t represent me. It can be used against us. #ows #nycga

Stack (con’t) – I would ask a lawyer look over this before we consense upon it because it could be used against us by the NYPD. #ows #nycga

Stairs taking a temperature check on FA – “Downtwinkles.” So thats a no. #ows #nycga

Stack – On the question of non-violence, it does state that non-violence is a way of life. Its not my way of life. #ows #nycga

Stack cont’d – many of us feel that way. Also, living document is also a way of being used to get us to not make changes now. #ows #nycga

Stack cont’d – How many changes were made to the Declaration? If we’re calling something a living doc we need a way to change it #ows #nycga

V&G – This is a Vision, not a DA tactic, I don’t live by non-violence either but we want to live in a world that is non-violent. #ows #nycga

V&G – This is a Vision, not a DA tactic, I don’t live by non-violence either but we want to live in a world that is non-violent. #ows #nycga

V&G – We have a FA – this should read that we are gathering to build a just society for all generations. #ows #nycga

Temperature check on that Friendly Amendment positive. #ows #nycga Five more minutes also temperature checked positive.

Temp check on adding the word ethnicity also positive. #ows #nycga

V&G – want to add language to the liberty point to suggest rights to include civil, human, etc from all entities. #ows #nycga

[Lots of side conversations, I’m confused where we’re at right now. – Ed.] #ows #nycga

Stairs – We’re now going to move to actual consensus with all the friendly amendments. Are there any blocks? #ows #nycga

There are three blocks. 1st Block – This does not represent me or the whole of OWS & I’m fine not being a part of it, if this is #ows #nycga

V&G – We ask you to consider all the work that went into this & know your feedback has gone into it. #ows #nycga

2nd Block – Shawn – My block, as the 1st, this doesnt represent me, or the values i believe to be of OWS. I feel it doesnt say…#ows #nycga

… anything is a weak statement to have taken 4 months. I’ll remove my block if they table it & bring it later. #ows #nycga

3rd block – I dont feel people really know what this document is saying. #ows #nycga

4th block – I don’t feel that the marginalized voices of the movement can be represented by this watered down statement. #ows #nycga

4th block – …the language must represent the social movement of the people on the streets… #ows #nycga

4th Block feels the language is so watered down, from Malcom X to a non-profit NGO. Wont lift block unless it reflects reality #ows #nycga

5th block – Marisa – The vision is not radical enough, and nothing about diversity of tactics. #ows #nycga

Marisa will drop block if “respect of diversity of views & tactics” and the language is radicalized. #ows #nycga

Taking a temperature check on FA – positive. 4 blocks standing. Modified consensus beginning. #ows #nycga

V&G says we should try to get a statment that is close enough to appealing to everyone and will move to Modified Consensus. #ows #nycga

After some feedback, V&G asks for a temp check on whether we should move to Mod Con or not. Temp check is mixed. #ows #nycga

Retaking the temperature check. Its mostly down. We will not move to Modified Consensus. Vision Statement is tabled. #ows #nycga

V&G thanks us for our time & input and ask if we want them to continue their work & invite those who blocked to join their mtgs. #ows #nycga

Stairs handing things over to a Vibes person to help us get out some energy after a lengthy discussion on the Vision Statement. #ows #nycga

Stairs bringing it back. Next on the agenda, craft fair proposal from Yuri. agenda item moved up bcuz he’s staying in the church #ows #nycga

Yuri – This craft fair event will be a teach in, outreach event, & cmmty building. I want everyone to make something! #ows #nycga

Yuri – Everyone has a chance to be self sufficient. Put something toward your working group fund, or general fund or own pocket. #ows #nycga

Opening stack on Clarifying Questions, with a new stack taker, since old one left. #ows #nycga

Yuri – I am asking for help on this, if you can, let me know. 1 other thing, plz let me know by Feb7 if you want to participate #ows #nycga

CQ – Is this an announcement? What do you need from the GA? #ows #nycga

Yuri – I need help, participation, and endorsement. #ows #nycga

Stack open on Concerns & Friendly Amendments. Seem to be none. Moving toward consensus. Now asking for blocks. #ows #nycga

Ronnie, who is also co-Facilitating [I think? He hasn’t done much tonight – Ed.], raising a concern about WGs pocketing money. #ows #nycga

Yuri – If you’re looking for transparency, I request pre-paid debit cards be bought be each working group with the money earned #ows #nycga

Yuri – “So everyone can see online what was purchased.” That apparently alleviated Ronnie’s block, so he dropped it. #ows #nycga

There are no stand asides. Now taking a temperature check on endorsing the craft fair fundraiser on 2/11. Positive. Consensus. #ows #nycga

Next proposal from Facilitation. FWG – A week ago we passed 2 props for rescheduling mtgs. The first passed #nycsc to reduce… #ows #nycga

… mtgs from 3 to 2. This one is to reduce the number of GAs from 4 to 2, and can add or reduce mtgs as sees fit by consensus. #ows #nycga

Opening stack for Clarifying Questions. 1st CQ – Could you explain why this is the best thing for the mvmt? #ows #nycga

FWG we want to open space for other types of meetings that might benefit the community other than this type of forum. #ows #nycga

FWG proposing that the GA meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7pm. #ows #nycga

CQ – Would you be open to having the Saturday GA be during the day out of respect to members of our community. #ows #nycga

FWG – The GA has the power to change its time, and that proposal doesnt need to come from Facilitation. #ows #nycga

[GA no longer using the human microphone so its really hard to hear whats going on. – Ed.] #ows #nycga

FWG – Out of respect to Jewish members of the community, there are some issues with holding a GA on a Saturday prior to sundown. #ows #nycga

Stacktaker addressing Nan’s Concern – 1 alternative is Open Space, its been great, but has conflicted with #nycga or #nycsc… #ows #nycga

… becuse of that, attendance is low. There are other models, we just need to open the space in our schedules to do them. #ows #nycga

FWG – GA will always be in LibertySq, other events may be in different locations, thats up to the assembly to decide. #ows #nycga

Ashley’s concern – Not sheltering the GA like we shelter Spokes empowers Spokes by forcing GA folks to be outside. #ows #nycga

Opening stack on Concerns & Friendly Amendments.Stack – Can we move Saturday to 4 or 5? #ows #nycga

FWG – As was pointed out before, that would cut into the Sabbath, also we want to keep this proposal simple & only cut the days. #ows #nycga

Chepe Concern – I like the idea of reducing the number of GAs, but only 2 is too few, how about 3? Im here for a lot of hours… #ows #nycga

cont’d… this is an experiment in radical democracy and GA is our greatest example of that. GA is very important to me. #ows #nycga

…also, it looks like OWS is giving up some if we reduce it to too few GA’s a week. So i ask for 3 a week. #ows #nycga

FWG asking for the GA to weigh in on friendly amendments to gather buy in. Asking for temp check/straw poll on 3 a week. #ows #nycga

Now taking a straw poll on 3 vs 2 GAs a week. And then on T/Th/S vs Th/Sat/Sun. #ows #nycga

The proposal is now to cut GA to 3 a week to be held on T/Th/Sat based on friendly amendments & straw polls. #ows #nycga

Anthony announcing that Ronnie is stepping down so he can participate in the consensus process. #ows #nycga

Ashley concern – [once again I can’t hear bcuz Ashley won’t use the mic check. I think she doesnt like use of straw polls? -Ed.]

FWG agreeing with Ashley’s concern for need for cmmty building and thinks this will open up the space for forums to do that. #ows #nycga

FWG – We’re trying to break the hammerlock on the schedule. It feels like there is a law, and we’re trying to break it/be flex. #ows #nycga

No longer combining concerns & friendly amendments on this proposal. [I stinkled that decision. – Ed.] #ows #nycga

Concern – We shouldn’t fill the open spaces filled by this prop w/more mtgs. Cmmnity day would be great But we need time to work #ows #nycga

C – Marisa – We dont need to concretely schedule new mtgs. This changes our schedule, we dont need it to say we have that power #ows #nycga

C – Nan – We’ve already cut out 3 days for #nycsc, now we’re cutting out another 2, thats a lot. #ows #nycga

C – Wants cmmty mtgs to overlap in a day of meetings. Maybe a day for finances, a day for cmmty, a day for non-decisions. #ows #nycga

cont’d – Turn this into a a big cultural event. #ows #nycga FWG – We like that, and this is a step toward it.

Ronnie – As a member of the illuminati thats controling OWS, this would bring harmony & harm our ability to control things. #ows #nycga

FWG – While we appreciate the opinion of the lizards and you should go to DC where the streets are shaped liked your goat god. #ows #nycga

Point of Appreciation being thrown by Stairs for the GA. Opening stack on FAs. #ows #nycga

FA from Ashley – Wants T/Sat meetings not the additional 1 on Sun. But have a family get together on Sunday instead. #ows #nycga

FWG deliberating on that FA. PoI – Cmmty Solidarity Proposal has decided to table til Thursday because its getting late. #ows #nycga

FWG does not accept Ashley’s FA. The GA can cut an additional day in the future, & others can plan events in open days #ows #nycga

FA from Ronnie – Wants a sacrifice to be given on every night that there isn’t a GA. FWG respectfully declines. #ows #nycga

FA Nan – Offering structured schedule for every day of the week. FWG declines so as to not create structure in this proposal. #ows #nycga

FWG feels the GA will be strengthened by having few mtgs a week. We’ve been stuck in a pattern for a long time. #ows #nycga

Aggresive disruption demanding to be heard, “in process or out of process and will break the process.” #ows #nycga

Stairs trying to get control of the rowdy shouting. Looking for FAs of the Facilitation proposal.

Heckling, verbally violent disruptions, & rapping going on. Switching to @LibertySqGA3 w/new live tweeter. [One love fam! – @poweredbycats]

Mic checking by Stairs.

[Out of process yelling of “We will occupy your GA,” etc.]

Stairs: We are going to allow these individuals to be put on stack. #nycga

Discussion of if the newcomer disruptors should be put on stack, which is closed. #nycga

Stairs still trying to take control. More commotion. #nycga

Facilitation announces they are tabling their proposal. #nycga

FWG: “We appreciate all the hard work, dedication … on this proposal tonight.” #nycga

Facilitation: “We will be back.” #nycga [more commotion from disruptive people]

Ted now mic checking about people disrupting GA. #nycga

Someone asking now for people to respect the process. #nycga #ows

[It’s unclear what’s happening. Stairs seems to be talking to the Facilitation WG]

[It seems like GA has dissolved due to disruptors, but Stairs never called it over.]

Hey folks, all indications are that this GA has ended, somewhat abruptly, due to disruptors.

Wait! Just kidding! Anthony says GA is not done! #nycga #ows

Back to the mic checking at the GA. Ted is claiming a certain person has been planning this. #nycga #ows

Some pushing and shoving between Facilitation and the disruptors. #nycga #ows

Ted: “GA is being violently hijacked. …” #nycga #ows

Ted: “She [Nan] brought a proposal to destroy our Spokes and when she did not get it …” #nycga #ows

[Ed note: I am going to excise the rest of this because I’m not sure it’s on process.]

#NYCGA seems to have turned into an informal conversation, so we don’t feel comfortable tweeting it until it’s on process.

For the record, the live tweeters are hanging out in case the meeting gets back on track. #nycga #ows

Ted asking for the GA to address this right now. “People in this movement are suffering greatly…” #nycga #ows

“There’s a lot more going on than one person and it has been brought to our attention that the very first …” #nycga #ows

“…violent disruption of our assembly was planned by Nan.” #nycga #ows

Ted: “I suggest we continue with our assembly and say that …” #nycga #ows

Ted “We will will not tolerate any violent plot to harm the heart of our movement…” #nycga #ows

Ted: “And I believe that it can be said, it is very clear who was destroying this assembly, and that it be recognized …” #nycga #ows

Ted: “… any attempts thereof in the future, will not succeed.” #nycga #ows

New speaker says it’s not productive to remove disruptors from the process. Just let them speak. #nycga #ows

Ted says we as a community cannot tolerate violence. #nycga #ows

Ashley says the Spokes Council voted to remove Nan on Friday for violence. #nycga #ows

[Suddenly much yelling from the disruptors who showed up recently.} #nycga #ows

A woman from Newark saying we can’t let our emotions let us block one individual, Nan in particular. #nycga #ows

Same speaker: “Stop acting like the 1%. Take your feelings and put the under your feet.” #nycga #ows

Same speaker: “Family argues. You will find more love from people you consider family.” #nycga #ows

Same speaker: “In Newark, you can express yourself however you want.” You don’t have to worry about police. #nycga #ows

New speaker: “I left a physically abusive home and family and I didn’t come here to be a part of another abusive family.” #nycga #ows

Okay, fam, we are making the executive decision that this is an important conversation, but it’s all off process.

So we are signing off. This has been @shawncarrie, @poweredbycats @carriem213 and Lauren doing your live tweets. Have a great night!

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