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Proposal to stop allowing financial proposals at the GA via marissa

We’re on clarifying questions. Dylan asks how an affinity group gets access to funds for actions.

Right now, affinity groups can’t get funding, Marissa says. Her point is that the GA should not deal with financial proposals.

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Lady is saying that Spokes doesn’t handle finance right now. If we can’t bring financial proposals to the table, how will we do metro cards?

Marissa also says that she doesnt think individuals should be allowed to bring financial proposals to the GA, because it is, in her opinion,


The facilitator has asked if it’s okay for us to continue livestreaming #nycga

A woman says that we need these proposals in order to have full financial disclosure

The decision for livestreaming was positive, we will continue streaming #owsnyc #ows #nycga

A man is asking what an affinity group is

“You and your five friends want to do an action together. You have a common political affiliation.. or tactics.. something in common”

“affinity groups dont necessarily have funding. this has nothing to do with this proposal”

A few points of process.. some people offered to explain this to him in detail later

Another man says that this is supposed to be the highest decisionmaking body, and he is confused

Marissa says that Spokes has been dysfunctional, but she doesn’t think that GA should be handling finance #nycga

We’re moving on to concerns. #ows #nycga

“This is not a proposal to replace the GA. This is to take the monetary funds out of it.”

Nan- “Spoke council, first of all, you have to be a working group. So, basically, if you not in a working group…

Spoke council keep taking power, Spoke council is trying to destroy GA. Thats my concern.”

Marissa – “Yes, my proposal is trying to take power away from the GA and move monetary proposals to Spokes Council”

A man says “I dont think GA or Spokes are valid institutions to trust our money to right now”

“We need an accounting firm thats cool, but not Spokes or GA to handle our money”

“you will exclude 99 percent of us by doing this. we will become the very enemy we’re trying to defeat. spokes is unreliable.”

the reason we didnt have spokes monday night was because of presidents day – point of information from Nick

Next concern – Patrick. He says GA was one of the things which brought him to #ows in the first place. Constructive participation..

He thinks there should be some sort of screening process, like saying you would have to attend a few GAs before you’re allowed to make

decisions. He said that the first budget ever passed for #ows was done through the GA. He’s uncomfortable with this proposal.

“to say we’re taking power away from GA/giving it to Spokes is concerning.”

He would like to see Spokes demonstrating more transparency and inclusiveness

Dylan – “I dont think there’s a well thought out alternative.” He proposes a friendly amendment that the working group put forth a point

person to ask for the funding for whatever one time action. She declines the amendment.

Marissa is explaining how #ows accepts money. A guy is asking something.. I don’t understand. About how people give money?

Nick- some of the best proposals he’s heard dont come from working groups. But, he is asking if they can bring this one back in 30 days

Declined by Marissa.

Stack is closed. #nycga #ows

A man is saying.. he thinks the GA is the correct place for financial proposals

Marissa says that the GA is open to everyone. Spokes is for working groups, people within the movement

Lady says that Spokes excludes most of us. “This proposal makes Spokes into a Congressional body. It wont be whats best for the movement,

it will become what’s best for the Spokes Council members. It’s not about who can or will, it’s about the haves or the have nots.

I’m afraid that we’re duplicating things that already exist inside the government.”

Marissa says that Spokes IS NOT a Congressional body. We should be following the horizontal Spokes model.

The facilitator is asking for friendly amendments. #nycga #ows

Marissa says she doesnt think that GA is the right body to make financial decisions of any kind.

Nick says.. he thinks Spokes is having a hard time making financial decisions as it is. He asks if they can bring this before Spokes first

He asks if they can bring it to Spokes tomorrow first

She says that tomorrow’s Spokes agenda is full.

The facilitator asks if they can move toward the consensus process. #nycga #ows

Looks mixed. Lots of downtwinkles on the other side of the circle.

Nick stands aside. They move forward anyway

8 blocks.

Dylan believes that the GA is the best way to handle our resources.

A few people uptwinkled it. His amendment is that he would like a person to be able to spoke, asking for finances for one-time actions

She says it would create a big loophole and open the floodgates for a lot of nonsense.

“True democracy horizontal is not exhibited at Spokes council. We need poeple who can handle our decisions for us.” – One guy

She says “I’m an Anarchist. I hate leaders.”

Nan – “GA is 99 percent. GA is movement. Not Spoke council.”

Nan- “No No No No, They still take more power, that Spoke council. They still take power from GA”

“i actually wrote a proposal because i was concerned working groups were putting their best foot forward for the movement”

“wg’s get the work done but it seems to me there is process and group dynamic issues”

The previous proposal was to have a conversation about woking groups not being open/inclusive, based on her opinion that visions and goals

isn’t open/inclusive.

Next proposal, #nycga #ows Visions and Goals is bringing their living document back to the table.

It has been revised again, we are pulling apart for 5 minutes of breakout groups to discuss.

#nycga #ows ..We’re back from breakout groups.

This proposal has been brought to the GA, revised, and re-brought to the GA for a while now. We’ve moved on to concerns.

Jonathan wants it to say “unjust government coercive authority”

People are stretching.

It’s appppparently stretch time.

Slight process breakdown.

Alright! Bringing it back together for friendly amendments.

A man wants them to add a semicolon after “unjust power” .. He isnt sure about throwing a word like “unjust” around. He would feel

more comfortable with a word like “unchecked”

The friendly amendment is accepted.

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