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POI: Many #OWS Gen Assembly/Spokes mtgs exceed @LibertySqGA’s ratelimits. Hence @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, @LibertySqGA4. Catch ’em al!

Hey fam! We’re here at 60 Wall Street, where the #NYCGA is starting. Follow here, @LibertySqGA2, @LivertySqGA3, @LibertySqGA4 for tweets.

[I was a little late tonight, so I missed a few reportbacks. We’ll tweet them from the livestream archive later on. -Ed.] #NYCGA

Daniel’s reportback, for OccupyFarms! They’ve been networking and have brought 3 new farms into the network. Need 9 to Occupy them. #NYCGA

Evan has been working on “It’s a fwd-facing URL; it apparently draws a lot of attention. We recently put a contest on…”#NYCGA

Cont’d: “…99 designs; it had its problems because it was 99 designs.” Also they’re joining the discussion about power, influence… #NYCGA

Cont’d: …and access to resources. Someone: “ is really going to be media; will bring it voices, talent, ppl w/ skills…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…from video, commentary, satire to performance, arts, writing.” Asks people to come Saturday to get involved. #NYCGA #OWS

Sandy from DA: “We have new meeting times; check it out on” Second, DA wants to “shut down corporations on #f29!” #NYCGA #OWS

Also, they’re having the second episode of the solidarity + tactics + action agreements tomorrow at 1pm at 16 Beaver. #NYCGA #OWS

James from ComHub: “We have a project called the Project Project!” Collects and shares a list of projects. “We want to know…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “..your projects so we can promote them. We want to answer that age-old #Occupy question, “What the fuck is going on?” #NYCGA

They’d like us to go to the website and fill out this form: Or catch them in person down here. #NYCGA #OWS

“The MayDay Planning Group” is a subgroup of DA planning for May 1st. “Our first task was to reach out to immigrant groups…” #NYCGA #OWs

Cont’d: “…labor, students, and other Occupy groups to” make something huge happen on May 1st. #NYCGA #OWs

OK, first proposal is from DA. “Earlier, I sent around a quarter sheet with the content of the proposal.” #NYCGA #OWS

(This is the 1st proposal.) “Earlier, I sent around a quarter sheet with the content of the proposal.” #NYCGA #OWS

This is the 1st proposal. “Earlier, I sent around a quarter sheet with the content of the proposal.” I can’t send this photo on my 3G. Bah.

(This is the 1st proposal.) “Earlier, I sent around a quarter sheet with the content of the proposal.” #NYCGA #OWS

Marisa tells us about the history of MayDay. Began w/ historic General Strike, and recently resurrected by immigrant communities. #NYCGA

Carrie reads off a massive list of cities that are committed to MayDay. They read the proposal text; here it is… #NYCGA #OWS

The call: “May Day 2012 / Occupy Wall Street stands in solidarity with the calls for a day without the 99%, a general strike and more!!..”

Cont’d: “On May Day, wherever you are, we are calling for: No Work, No School, No Housework, No Shopping, No Banking. Take the Streets!”

CQ: “Have the labor unions and outside groups endorsed this call for a general strike, or not?” A: “All the groups that came to the..”

Cont’d: “…May Day meetings consensed on this language,” including labor groups. #NYCGA #OWs

CQ: “Since it says ‘Take to the Streets’, are you planning any marches or rallies?” A: “Hell yes!” #NYCGA #OWS

Someone asks if they’ll have plans in place so that if we stop working wherever we are, ppl will know it’s #OWS. #NYCGA

RE: union support, “It’s unlikely that union bosses would come out publically in support of a strike b/c” of legality, but… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…that doesn’t mean that the rank and file don’t want to strike or feel the need to strike.” #NYCGA #OWS

“These are details that are worked out in our meetings, and this proposal is just for this call.” #NYCGA #OWS

“We absolutely don’t want to force anyone to strike. This is a volunteer strike,” this call. Nathan (Stairs) notes we’re coming to… #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…consensus on the language of the call itself.” The rest of the stuff will be worked out at the meetings. #NYCGA #OWS

“DA will be working on actions, and DA is empowered to do that. If you want to come to DA meetings, please feel free.” #NYCGA #OWS

Lopi’s CQ: “I love this action; I get that we’re talking about the wording. My ? is, if we like everything about it, but not three words…”

Cont’d: “…and you’re not taking friendly amendments, what do we do?” A: “I’d hope 3 words wouldn’t scuttle this proposal for you.” #NYCGA

“The issue is that we’ve already gone through this process, working w/ unions, working w/ immigrant groups, and this is the final…”

Cont’d: “…final language. We’d have to go back and work through it again,” can’t modify it at this point. #NYCGA #OWS

Timekeeper notes we’re at 2.5 mins left. Jo: “Even tho I’m completely in support of this proposal and its language, I want ppl to be aware..

Cont’d: “…if there are groups outside of #OWS who are in support of this language, what the list is.” #NYCGA #OWS

A: “This language has not formally gone in front of unions, but there are members of labor groups” in MayDay meetings who helped…

Cont’d: “…develop this proposal and are formally beyond it.” Someone’s POI notes that groups including Working Families are behind it.

C: “I was going to support it, even tho it’s a bit questionable about this General Strike,” but he’s mad abt anti-union term “union bosses.”

A: “I’m very sorry. We should have said labor leaders.” We’re at time, temp-checking extending for 10 more minutes. “Very positive.”

Sumumba thanks them for coming for us for consensus before the action. “That doesn’t always happen in this movement.” Concerned tho…

Cont’d: …about precedent of not accepting friendly amendments. Hopes they’ll come back for consensus on the action plans tho. #NYCGA #OWS

Sumumba notes that DA doesn’t actually have to come to the GA to get consensus on actions. A: “We’ll take it back to MayDay subgroup and…”

Cont’d: “…talk about that.” Someone’s POI: “I’ve seen folks decline all friendly amendments for various reasons; it’s not unprecedented.”

Stairs clarifies that the only difference here is they’re informing us in advance that they’re not empowered by group to accept changes.

Lopi’s concern: “I’ve never witnessed a proposal come where it’s stated point blank, we’re not accepting any friendly amendments.” #NYCGA

“I think we need to give ppl something more, like, “Show the 1% who’s boss;” something that’s going to inspire” folks to strike. #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…it feels very unprecedented to me, and I’m very concerned about that.” Also she feels “take the streets” is too vague. #NYCGA

A: “We are here as delegates from a group of over 100 folks. We’re not representatives, we’re not empowered to make decisions…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…for this group,” can’t change language on behalf of them. On language, “this means, hold a block party, hold a march…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…do a teach-in. It means a lot of things. We’re telling people to pull together, don’t go to work, do amazing stuff.” #NYCGA #OWs

C: “To call a General Strike, we need 100% buy-in. Doesn’t sound like we have 100% union buy-in. I’m for actions on May Day; I’m into this..

Cont’d: “…but what happens if 99% of the workers go to work? What does that say about us?” #NYCGA #OWS

POI: “This language is to clarify that we’re not calling for a general strike; we’re standing in solidarity w/ those who are.” #NYCGA #OWS

POI: “Aaron, re: union buy-in, I just wanted to let you know that 87% of American workers are non-unionized.” #NYCGA #OWS

POI: “The reason it’s so impt we call for this is it adds general language that doesn’t just call for a General Strike,” gives flexibility.

Aaron suggests it be just a call for a strike, not a general strike. A: “We can’t change this language but tht could be an additional call.”

David Graeber began to make a process suggestion, but Stairs politely let him know that he’s jumping stack. (PoP next time, DG!) #NYCGA

Two people suggest that the language “without the 99% is divisive,” but I didn’t catch from either quite why. #NYCGA #OWS

C: “Punctuation is impt to us looking good! I’d like to hold us one exclamation point.” Friendly amndmnt is to ask grp to cut back to 1.

A: “The 1 exclamation pt isn’t part of the language; that’s a discretionary thing.” They’ll ask the group to change from 5 to 1. Laffs! #OWS

OK, moving to consensus. “Do we have any standasides?” Means you have a personal ethical, moral, safety cncrn, but won’t stop grp going fwd.

First standaside: “I very much support the proposal,” but felt May Day meetings were too compromise-oriented, less consensus-oriented.

Lopi’s standaside. “I love it, I want to work on it w/ you guys, but I want to state for the record it’s not OK to come with a proposal…”

Cont’d: “…and say you’re not accepting any friendly amendments.” OK. “Are there any blocks?” Stairs have to check again, but: “NO BLOCKS!”

#NYCGA consenses on language for the MayDay call to action! “Shut it down!” folks yell, chant. [It’s gonna be a great Spring. -Ed.] #OWS

[That’s essentially also the first time May Day has come before the GA and represents #OWS GA endorsement of “the day w/o the 99%.” -Ed.]

Moving to the next proposal! Vision and Goals. Sumumba: “Hello everyone! We hope there’s a lot of love in the room tonight!” #NYCGA #OWS

“We’ve been working on this document, as many of you know, for more than 4 months.” Have been getting buy-in from WGs and GAs around NYC.

“What we’re trying to do tonight is really help our movement go forward; we’ve been co-opted by Obama, now using 99% language, and other..”

Cont’d: “…politicians are appropriating that.” Notes we still need to get to the Goals part of their job, but this is for #OWS’ vision.

“We want everyone’s voices. Without everyone’s words,” can’t do it properly. “This is the world we wish to create and be a part of.” #NYCGA

“We want everyone to participate. And, we *are* taking friendly amendments.” #HAH #OWS #NYCGA

Here’s the current draft of the Vision & Goals Working Group Vision Stment, which we’ll discuss tonight. #NYCGA #OWS

Here’s the current draft of the Vision & Goals Working Group Vision Stment, which we’ll discuss tonight. #NYCGA #OWS

First CQ is about why we need just one vision statement. “I’d hope that many could flourish side-by-side.” #NYCGA #OWS

A: “This working group started in response to certain people trying to speak for #OWS without respecting diversity found here.” #NYCGA #OWS

No matter what political philosophy you poll here, “you can always find someone to raise a hand.” Wants this to rep all of us. #NYCGA #OWS

“The Vision and Goals WG does not have an exclusive lock on vision statements.” Others can bring their own to adopt alongside… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: …but “today we want consensus on this statement you see today.” #NYCGA #OWS

CQ: “Why does the word cooperation not exist in this document at all?” Melanie says she emailed them for last round of comments… #NYCGA

Melanie: “I feel I’m not alone in saying this movement is very much about changing the paradigm from competition to cooperation…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…were not things one person said to us, they were things we heard many times.” Patrick points to his own priority of privacy….

Cont’d: “…so, that would be a blocking concern for me.” Patrick apologizes if she was offended. “Things that made it into this document..”

Cont’d: …which didn’t make it. “But that was one person’s voice; I was the only one.” So, the Vision stmnt is for things we agree on. #OWS

Next Concern is that we should stop paying attention to vision and should move to goals. “Vision is going to be 1,000 pages.” #NYCGA #OWS

A: “Because it’s been 4 months and it’s taken this long to get through vision, we’ve decided to wait on goals.” It can be very divisive…

Patrick notes tht when ppl start talking about amendments to the constitution, “all the anarchists start to freak out,” don’t want reform.

Sumumba notes he’d like people to come and join them. “But not to take over the process. We’ve had that,” he notes w/ a chuckle. #NYCGA #OWS

OK, we’re out of time; Stairs asks to extend for 10 more minutes. Looks good. Concerns stack starts now. #NYCGA #OWS

Shawn’s concern is “not about the language itself, it’s about us deciding what the vision statement for the movement is…” #NYCGA #OWS

Shawn feels “less good about that than he did before.” “The way you guys have gone about this has been awesome,” notes Patrick reached…

Cont’d: …out to him after he blocked last time & that they’ve bn intent on reaching consensus. He suggests we all have own vision stmnts.

Shawn also points out “the word ‘capitalism’ doesn’t appear in this statement at all. That’s my concern.” #NYCGA #OWS

Stairs notes that often concerns can come w/ a friendly amendment that could resolve them. Asks Shawn if there’s one for his. #NYCGA #OWS

Shawn: “I’d really lk to see some sort of recognition in this doc tht capitalism is a root cause” to be addressed in achieving this vision.

Shawn suggests language. “Global capitalism causes” infringement on human rights… some other stuff. #NYCGA #OWS

Dude suggests Shawn meant “irresponsible capitalism, not all capitalism;” We quickly snap into a discussion of capitalism’s pros/cons. #OWS

Patrick, who is presenting, works with Shawn to try to determine language; Shawn will return during friendly amendments (next stack). #NYCGA

Continuing with concerns. Corey notes “we have a very large stack, so we’re closing concerns stack.” Bana is next. #NYCGA #OWS

Bana’s concern. “I agree w/ what Melanie said about “coopration”, but I’m more partial to word “reciprocity” in fairness ‘graph.” #NYCGA

A: “Where would it be exactly?” Bana: “In Fairness; I’ll get on stack during friendly amendments.” Bana also is concerned that… #NYCGA

Cont’d: …she doesn’t “feel it’s really powerful,” or embody “the passion that’s in this movement.” #NYCGA #OWS

A: “Bana notes the language isn’t punchy enough; it’s not pouncing off the page in our living rooms.” Notes that crowd-sourcing work…

Cont’d: ..makes that type of language difficult to produce. Suggests it’s better, though, that everyone contributed, can be guiding post.

Lopi “admires [their] fortitude, you keep coming back and sticking to it.” But still concerned because she notes sometimes friendly…

Cont’d: …amendments accepted during previous GA presentations sometimes are deleted. A: “We’ve had several meetings since that GA…”

Cont’d: “…including our last meeting.” They talked about it, tried to consense on it, thought it worked better in goals statement. #NYCGA

Sumumba suggests that the vision statement should bleed into the goals statement, but Lopi is still upset that things were removed. #NYCGA

Patrick notes that when specifics are put in, people always get into “what about the prison industrial complex? What about big pharma?…”

Cont’d: “…what about Monsanto?” (“FUCK MONSANTO!” many in the GA respond on cue.) Those specifics should be in goals, he says. #NYCGA #OWS

OK, time’s up on this proposal. Stairs temp-checks 10 minutes…don’t want to do 5, because there are 10 ppl on concerns stack. #NYCGA #OWS

Stairs: “While it’s mixed, we see a lot of so-sos and a lot of downs, which leads me to believe that this group does not want to go…” #OWS

Cont’d: “…forward on this proposal right now.” Essentially, the GA didn’t want to spend more time on it right now, so proposal is tabled.

[One constraint here at 60 Wall is that usually security ushers us out at about 9:30 (even tho it officially closes at 10.) #NYCGA #OWs

OK, moving onto the next proposal, which is the proposal for a Zeitgeist Working Group. #NYCGA #OWS

Hans kicks it off. “I’m w/ the Outreach Working Group, but I’m also part of the Zeitgeist movement.” They’d lk to start an #OWS working grp.

Cont’d: “Part of our work will be outside of #OWS, but part of it will be side-by-side” w/ #OWS. #NYCGA #OWS

They say this will be great for members of the Zeitgeist movement, who can get involved in #OWS. “When you look at #OWS, its real value is..

Cont’d: “…creating the spaces for people to come in. Even if there’s a difference in vision, ppl can get on the ground and work together.”

Cont’d: “If ppl want to specifically know what the Movement’s about, we can give ideas, but this is about getting in the same fold and…”

Cont’d: “..working together on a number of issues.” Notes that in Outreach they’ve worked side-by-side w/ many groups. #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “So, this work continues, and it gives us an opportunity to be more vibrant and this movement an opportunity to get more ideas.”

Notes their movement is international, but also local, “and in terms of local there’s no better place to be than #OWS.” #NYCGA

Opening stack for clarifying questions on the proposal. Marisa’s CQ: “What specifically is the idea behind the Zeitgeist movement?” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “What are you? What do you do?” A: “Like any other group, we’re looking to transform the world. Have raised concerns with…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “..economic systems and so on and so forth.” Notes sometimes you have an idea, but working with others you see the reality. #NYCGA

“The Zeitgeist movement came out of 2 movies” looking at the economic system and many of its flaws. “It looks at several things…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: …”including new technology.” Notes that #OWS is a movement of new technology, “cell phones, iPhones, where everyone on ground…”

Cont’d: “…can be a reporter.” CQ: “I support the creation of new groups, but I’m a little concerned about the movie, because it’s…”

Cont’d: “…I don’t know if everyone here has seen it, but — what’s yr vision?” A: “Which [movie]?” Notes that #OWS has created spaces…

Cont’d: …for various ideas and visions. “This will help members to take what is a view of the possible world” and use process to develop.

Daryl’s POI about Zeitgeist: “They are a horizontal movement,” they believe there is no reason there should be hunger, poverty, etc. #NYCGA

“A lot of their solutions are very much in the future, whereas #OWS is rooted in how things are now,” so he sees it as kind of a bridge.

CQ: “Is the structure of the Zeitgeist movement compatible with the structure of #OWS? Leaderless, horizontal?” #NYCGA #OWS

A: “Speaking as Outreach, if you asked every movement who came to #OWS that question, you wouldn’t talk to many.” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “This movement will allow young people who’ve watched the film to get involved”, and they’re committed to horizontalism. #NYCGA #OWS

OK, Concerns. C: “I think the idea of starting as an outside org and coming in is beautiful and I hope it happens. My concern is that…”

Cont’d: “…the way you’re speaking about your movement” isn’t completely clear and transparent. Asks that WG identify itself as… #NYCGA

Cont’d: …a bridge between #OWS and the Zeitgeist movement, not solely part of #OWS. #NYCGA

FA: “My amendment would be at meetings and on website you mention history of the Zeitgeist movement regularly.” In mission stment. #OWS

OK, the proposers accept the amendment. Next C: “I have serious political disagreements and also oppose any outside…” #OWS #NYCGA

Cont’d: “..groups existing within #OWS as a working group.” A: “That’s a very general concern,” not sure how they can address it. #NYCGA

A: “If he has any specific things he would like to address, we can answer.” That’s it for concerns; opening friendly amendment stack. #NYCGA

No friendly amendments, so we’re moving on. Stairs: “So, we’re now going to take a temp check to see how people feel about moving forward.”

They’ll restate the proposal w/ accepted amendments. “The proposal is to start a WG w/in #OWS run by Zeitgeist movement, congruent…”

Cont’d: “…with the GA and Occupy goals, & it’s based on the use of technology to provide necessities of life to all w/o price tag.” #NYCGA

They’ll make sure that the history of the Zeitgeist movement is part of their mission statement and entered in minutes. #NYCGA #OWS

OK, we’re moving to consensus. Any standasides? 4 standasides. Corey asks if any want to speak to it. #NYCGA #OWS

One will: “As a personal matter, I don’t feel comfortable with you becoming a working group.” A: “Uncomfortability is part of progress…”

Cont’d: “…it’s part of struggle.” The stander-aside says “it’s just that I’ve seen the movie.” Frances’ standaside is she’s not comfy…

Cont’d: …enough w/ what the word Zeitgeist means. A: “It’s a German term that means “the spirit of the times.” They want to break thru….

Cont’d: …where we are in history, this strifeful time, and envision what the new world looks like. Stairs: “Any blocks?” 5 blocks? #NYCGA

Nathan reminds us “a block is a moral, ethical, safety cncrn for group as a whole that is so strong, you’d have to consider leaving mvmnt.”

First: “My concern is outside groups should not be a working group.” Doesn’t want to split movement politically. #NYCGA #OWS

A: “This is not political. It’s an alternative to the status quo; we should welcome all ppl who have potential alternatives to status quo.”

Cont’d: “It would make the movement stronger to have as many ppl as you can offer alternatives to the status quo.” #NYCGA #OWS

Marisa’s block: “The intention of a working group is to be an internal group that does logistical or idea-generating work,” in the movement.

Cont’d: “This isn’t a working group; it doesn’t meet the definition.” Is worried about outside groups using working groups to get influence.

Cont’d: “I also don’t know enough of what you’re about; it opens the floodgates to political parties of all kinds. It’s bad for the mvmnt.”

Cont’d: “Also, nothing is stopping them from being involved as individuals. This is about the working group designation.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next: “This is the 1st time I’ve ever blocked; I take it seriously. You can participate as individuals; I’m just opposed to an outside…”

Cont’d: “…movement existing in such an official way” in Occupy Wall Street. His personal views of Zeitgeist don’t matter, he says. #NYCGA

The proposers accept that. Sumumba withdraws his block based on the way they’ve responded to other blocks. One more on same grounds too tho.

Nathan notes that several blocks remain. We’ll move to modified consensus. “Raise your hand if you’re supporting this proposal.” #NYCGA

Nathan calls for hands against…. it’s only 33% for, whatever it is. We thank the proposers, who say they’ll still support #Occupy. #NYCGA

OK, that’s it for proposals. Announcements! OccupyNewark notes they got some money from #OWS in January. #NYCGA #OWS

She says she put some money down for their trip to OccupyCongress, to be paid back with those funds, but hasn’t been able to get ’em back.

Next: Someone says she’s been following us on @LibertySqGA, “Whoever that is!” She wants to know what we’re doing for #AmericanSpring.

“Come see us, because we’re going to do something.” (Sorry, if there are more details, send em to us! Hi!) #NYCGA #OWS

Next, #MayDay meetings are at 33 West 14th Street, tomorrow, 6:30. (They meet every Weds and Sat, tho Sat times change). #NYCGA #OWS

OK, that’s it fam! Thnks for reading. See you tomorrow night for the Spokescouncil meeting at the Quaker Friends society in Brooklyn! #NYCGA

From earlier in the GA, here’s a photo of the #MayDay call to action language we consensed to support! #NYCGA #OWS

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