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RT @wookietv: @LibertySqGA this i believe is the petition that was passed around last night,

RT @sparrowmedia: @LibertySqGA can you make an emergency announcement that #OWS protestors in #Kano #Nigeria are being shot at w/ live a …

RT @sparrowmedia: @HelloFrances @libertysqga thanks, mixed reports coming in, but the count of 42 injured & 7 critical was confirmed abo …

Hey y’all! We’re starting the GA here at Liberty Square – first GA here of 2012! Stay tuned here and at @libertySqGA2 & @LibertySqGA3 #nycga

Brett (@PoweredByCats) and Carrie (@carriem213) co-facilitating tonight, if that’s cool with all of us. (mad love!) #nycga

Stairs is reviewing the consensus process now. A few changes lately, mostly around taking more temp checks to see how we’re all feeling.

Brett: “You don’t have to love the proposal, but if you’re okay with the group moving moving, you can voice personal concerns w/standasides”

“Blocks involve the community as whole, not personal concerns. We address blocks as community-wide concerns, they’re very serious.” #nycga

“When the consensus process has failed, we need to resort to Modified Consensus, or a vote. MC is simply yes or no. We need 9/10 to proceed”

Carrie: “Anyone here for the first time? (some) yay! I’m gonna review hand signals!” [Oh nostalgia…] #ows #nycga

Done reviewing hand signals, now opening stack for Working Group reportbacks. We won’t be using People’s Mic tonight… #ows #nycga

Healthcare for the 99%: We are a working group at #OWS! There’s a dinner to talk about turning hospitals into for-profit enitites… #nycga

…”and we’re hosting an alternative breakfast to give people information and education” #nycga #ows

@justinstoned from Info/ComHub: We’re trying to bring information back to the park! We need help, but we’re working w/ other WGs.. #nycga

Lauren from Minutes: Hey all! Minutes are super important, to remain transparent and preserve our story! If you have fast fingers… #nycga

…”then come join minutes! We need your help!” #nycga #ows

Jason from @OWSFacilitation: Great idea or newcomers to come to
Intro to Direct Democracy, every day at 5:30 @60WallSt! #nycga

@shawncarrie from Direct Action: Hey guys! We had an action on Monday against #NDAA, which basically rips your 6rh Amendment rights.. #nycga

…”out of the Constitution and shits on them-so we stomped around midtown and had a flashmob at Grand Central. We are #winning!” #nycga

Now done w WG reportbacks, now going on to an emergency proposal:Stairs notes that Emergency Proposals arise out of unforeseen circumstances

Jason: “My emergency proposal is to freeze all spending of the general fund. I was part of original #Sept17 planning team, and our idea..

…”was to provide a space for public assembly and dialogue. But we’ve lost that. Talking about $ at GA every day prevents us from”..#nycga

..”having the conversations we need to. So my proposal is to freeze all spending, except for bail fund, until we have a new occupation”

“I couldn’t figure out the process of how to sign up on the website and submit a proposal, so I was 4 hours late, that’s why it’s an EP”#ows

Stairs is taking a temp check if we think that this fits the descriptions for an Emergency Proposal. Very negative. Moving on. #nycga #ows

Is Comfort here to present its proposal? No. Is Nan here to present? No. Next is Stop Stop&Frisk #ows #nycga

“Hi! We’re Stop Stop&Frisk! A little background, the #NYPD has a policy of stopping people and searching them.” #ows #nycga

SS&F:”88% of people stopped and frisked are young black males. People don’t know their rights. So we are asking for $2,00 per week…” #ows

Now opening stack 4 CQs: @justinstoned:”Have you talked to other WGs who might be able to help you with your costs? Sounds like they could”

CQ: Is that $2,000 budget a one-time budget, or weekly?” A:”Weekly budget.” #ows #nycga

PoI: @OWSScreenGuild can help you! Email us at! Any WG can work with us! #nycga #ows

CQ:”Can you clarify your relationship w Harlem Children’s Zone? You said you worked w them.” A:”We just met w them first time today.” #nycga

…”We hope to work with the kids, in the neighborhoods where stop & frisk happens.” #ows #nycga

Now moving on to stack for Concerns & FAs. First:”My FA is that you work w other groups, like A+C, ScreenGuild…” #nycga #ows

“We’re cool w working w Screen Guild for t-shirts, but we won’t be able to do that with the buttons and metrocards.” #ows #nycga

Concern: “We have 130 WGs, $2,000 per week for one WG is way too much” #nycga #ows

Concern:”My concern is that you don’t understand our process and what is available to you in this community. That concerns me.” #ows #nycga

Proposers:”@OWSAccounting told us that we should ask for food as part of our budget, bc we are usually too far away from @OWS_KITCHEN”#nycga

Someone from Accounting:”I’m sorry that someone told you that, we’ve had trouble finding desk staff, but that’s not our group policy.”#nycga

Stairs notes that we’ve run out of time on this proposal. Temp check on extending time? Pretty mixed… The proposers have tabled. #nycga

Next proposal is Policy on Blocks. Sean is proposing: “At every stage in the process, facilitation has the ability to say “that’s not a CQ”

..”but doesn’t ever comment on the validity of blocks. We’ve had a consistent problem with people blocking into the double digits..”#nycga

“…People not blocking for valid reasons that are relevant to the community as a whole. ‘I want a pony’ is not a valid block.” #nycga #ows

Proposers are talking kind of fast, find the proposal here: #nycga

Now on to CQs: “My understanding of Modified Consensus is that it is used to weed out frivolous blocks.Are we going to continue that?”#nycga

A:”Yes, we will still be using this new protocol in conjunction with Modified Consensus” #ows #nycga

Nan:”Sometimes people block bc they’re uncomfortable to speak, and they may have info for the whole movement but not want to say it.”#nycga

“Nan: This proposal seems to want to silence & marginalize people. Are you trying to take power away from the people?” #nycga #ows

small argument breaks out between Nan & the proposers, but ends with proposer saying he will not respond to that concern. “#nycga #ows

CQ: “How can a group of people decide whether a personal’s opinions are valid or not?” #nycga #ows

A:”Blocks are not personal opinions, they are moral, ethical, safety concerns on behalf of the ENITRE MOVEMENT” #ows #nycga

CQ:”@shawncarrie: Can you clarify if I’m right? This proposal is not to silence anybody, it’s to empower the whole group to decide..”#nycga

“…to decide together if a block is valid for the whole community. Is that right?” A: Yes. #ows #nycga

Concern: @Nash12: “I’m concerned that this protocol will not solve these problems, but only further elongate the process.” #ows #nycga

“Modified Consensus should root out these problems.” @NegestiC and @j_z_nelson also echo that concern. #ows #nycga

Concern: “I had a long conversation with the author of this proposal, and we basically agreed to disagree.” #ows #nycga

“…What this proposal basically does is give the group to ability to silence someone’s voice if we don’t like them…” #ows #nycga

“… and that’s not what we’re about.” #ows #nycga

Concern:”I think this might alienate people who block, and turn it into a popularity contest and turn them away from being with us.”#nycga

A:”This would apply to everyone all the same.” #ows #nycga

Concern:”I know people already bring a bunch of friends to GA when they want to block, and people might now start to rally to block blocks.”

Stairs notes we’ve run out of time on this proposal again. Temp check is mixed, Proposer tables: “I don’t wann hammer anything thru” #nycga

Next Proposal: Remove 99% Declaration Group from Nobody here to present. Next is a proposal for new group, “Liaisons & Advocacy”

Jason is presenting: the proposal can be found here: #nycga #ows

“You said you want to bring groups together.. That’s a loot of work. Have you tried joining other groups to do that work?” #ows #nycga

Someone gets up on a rant, can’t tell if he’s part of proposal team or not. conversation is mixed…

“We want to work to bring groups together, work with new people to get involved with the movement…” Ravi PoI’s:… #ows #nycga

Ravi:”Hi! I’m work w Volunteer Services-we’re doing a LOT of the same things as you. We’d love to have you work with us! Want to?” #nycga

Proposers having back&forth, can’t hear… Ravi PoI’s again:”Hate to do this so much bc you guys have great ideas, but…” #nycga #ows

“..But ComHub does some of those same things every day.” Proposers: “We’re not necessarily trying to do exactly what ComHub does” #nycga

Stiars notes we’ve run out of time. Temp check looks mixed… Deciding what to do. #ows #nycga

Proposers do not want to table, but we do not give consent to give more time. Proposers are bummed. #ows #nycga

@shawncarrie PoI’s: “This group not giving consent to keep talking doesn’t mean that you can’t do the work you wanna do. Ppl made offers..

…”to join them and do the work you wanna do,I suggest you take them up on that.” #ows #nycga

Next us is Strong Women Rules:”We had a proposal to disband Spokes Council, but we’re not bringing it today. Instead we wanna talk about..”

Nan: “Spokes Council is not working because of egocentric, powergrabbing people.” #ows #nycga

Nathan: “Tell me if we’re on the same page-#nycsc is for working groups, GA is for the movement. Last night we approved $ Medical” #nycga

“..Last week at GA, we had proposal to give $ to @OccupyOakland – if that had been at GA, I would have agreed that SC is out of bounds”#ows

Nan talks way too fast for me to keep up. Sorry, but that’s why we have minutes! They’re like Livetweeters 2.0! #nycga @carriem213

Someone:”I believe people w skills should be putting themselves out there and connecting, and Spokes Council allows them to do that”#nycga

Stairs notes that we’re out of time. Someone PoP’s that we run out of time because we don’t close stack on time. #nycga #ows

Other proposers who weren’t here still aren’t here, so that’s it for the agenda! Now moving on to announcements #nycga #ows

1st: Tomorrow, we’re having a debrief on #J3 action against #NDAA 2:00 @60WallSt – also at 5pm, conversation on your constitutional rights

We will be having regular affinity meetings about #NDAA @60WallSt Friday at 5pm and Sundays at 3pm.

Next:We’re going to have an action tomorrow at Bloomberg’s mansion starting at 2:00 @ 79th St & 5th Ave. Bring cameras! Film the police!#ows

“We are getting arrested and beaten and there are NOT ENOUGH CAMERAS IN THE STREETS!” #ows #nycga

Think Tank: We need facilitators to go have Think Tanks in Washington DC on #J17! We got a permit to be on the steps of the Capitol! #nycga

Stairs: Hey y’all! @OWSFacilitation meets Tues/Thurs/Sat at 4pm @60WallSt! Also Intro to Direct Democracy at 5:30! Come be a facilitator!

@shawncarrie: Hey y’all! [This is me] DA meets every day except Saturday! Come to our meeting tomorrow for #J3 debrief, and Intro to NVDA!

That’s all for GA tonight, folks! Looks like we’re gonna soapbox now, I’m definitely gonna do ‘anticapitalista’… #ows #nycga

This has been @shawncarrie for Liberty Square GA Livetweets, see you next time! #ows #nycga

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