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@OWSTranslation will try (: can be tough, but will try.

#OWS GA is starting here in Liberty Square! Follow here and @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4. #nycga #ows

There is a block right now on Jeff facilitating. There are 2 blocks. #nycga #ows

These ethical and moral concerns include Jeffs sexist behavior and mock rape trial. #nycga #ows

Now moving to modified consensus. There are 7 people opposed to Jeff facilitating. #nycga #ows

There are now multiple PoIs regarding whether Jeff should facilitate #nycga #ows

Block: a woman left a housing meeting last night bc jeff and others marginalized them #nycga #ows

PoI:.Is there anyone else who can take stack? #nycga #ows

Jeff: I would like to address these concerns.. #nycga #ows

Jeff is trying to assert that he gets to respond to concerns. [Convention is that if facilitators are objected to, they step down w/o this.]

Stairs: We are going to move to modified consensus on whether Jeff should facilitate #nycga #ows

Stairs: Hands up if u want Jeff to facilitate (now counting) #nycga #ows

Stairs: I count ten. Now raise ur hands if u are opposed. #nycga #ows

Hermes: “We’re about to temp check if Jeff will be able to facilitate.” There were like 10 in favor, more than 12 against. #nycga #ows

Stairs: I count 12 who are against. Modified consensus has not been reached, therefore Jeff must step down. #nycga #ows

Olivia steps up. “I’ve been thru training, but never facilitated before, so I’d like to ask yr permission to do so tonite.” #nycga #ows

Olivia is roundly approved. OK, Hermes is reading the proposals: first tonight is Vision and Goals. #nycga #ows

V&G: “This is a very important thing we’re doing; we’re still on the visions part of it, and we’re trying to GSD.” Hopes will help… #nycga

Cont’d: …movement set tone. “We want to reach everyone from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn to Billings, Montana.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We ask that you look at this visions statement w/ an open heart and mind, give us feedback.” V&G is a multiracial group…

Cont’d: “We’ve been working at it for 3 months now, and we’d love to have this done by MLK’s birthday,” #J15. #nycga #ows

“There’s been some tension in this group about when this needs to be done… made new proposal, we’ll be back every GA this week.”#nycga #ows

Cont’d: “And we’re going to ask you if you think the document you have in your hands is #OWS’ vision statement.” When we say it’s done…

Cont’d: …they’ll stop, “show the document around for the next week, and come back to GA a week later for consensus process.”#nycga #ows

Cont;d: “We put the responsibility on you, and we know we can trust you.” #nycga #ows

Here’s the proposal, Visions and Goals are reading it aloud right now: #nycga #ows

@mariavail many more, but not everyone voted on that question. have a feeling many probably felt it came out of left field.

Visions and Goals, having read the statement, ask for a breakout group. Stairs is temp-checking it… #nycga #ows

Instead we’re going to open stack for questions (w/o leading to consensus), which is improvisational, but that’s how we do! #nycga #ows

CQ: “I’d like this to include giving lands back to indigenous ppl and reparations for slaves.” #nycga #ows

A: “We struggle a lot trying to separate visions and goals; a vision would be a positive thing for the future, reparation is something..”

Cont’d: “..we’re thinking about, and talking about as a group, but it’s not as much of a vision about how to be together better, it’s..”

Cont’d: “…more of a goal. So that’s the second half of our process, which will be guided by our first.” Sumumba notes there is text about..

Cont’d: …oppression, “which we intend to connect to various areas wherein marginalized groups have been oppressed.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “The vision seems to need to include a vision of the wealth that needs to be available for human needs and equality and health.” #nycga

A: “Underneath equality and people before profit, we address those concerns. But again, this is a vision statement; we still have goals..”

Cont’d: “…coming — you can come help us make that.” A: “We all want that, it’s terribly important, but that’s in the goals. Saying what..”

Cont’d: “..we want to de-concentrate power, will de-concentrate wealth as well.” De-concentration is vision, specific means is goal.#nycga

Nan’s CQ: “Why is there no specific language for trans, lesbian and gay ppl?” A: “There is.” CQ: “It says gender and/or gender identity..”

Those are allegedly all listed. Nan: “So what happens w/ this once it’s done?” A: “It’s GA’s to decide what to do w/. It was never our…”

Cont’d: “..document.” Someone else notes that this is a relatively small GA in order to make decisions for the movement… #nycga #ows

[There’s some confusion b/c we’re going through beginning of consensus process, but the proposers don’t plan to seek consensus tonight. -Ed]

“We’re doing this feedback process w/ you until you say you are done. It’s not our job to say when you’re done. And if you want us to stop..

Cont’d: “..tell us, and we’ll stop doing this.” Sumumba clarifies that they’ve been here several times. #nycga #ows

Nan feels her question wasn’t answered. “What happens after it’s revised and revised and we consense on it?” A: “Framework for goals…”

Cont’d: “…is the next part of what we were asked to do. The 1st pt is to articulate the vision. We’re asking you to tell us how we’ve done.”

Next: “If we learn from history, and words of MLK and JFK, and others, the way to do this is through nonviolence. Thank you.” #nycga #ows

Next: “RE: people before profit, it’s my concern — there’s another gentleman that suggested more or less the same thing: addressing the…”

Cont’d: “…issue of extreme inequality in this country and trying to overcome this.” Feels it’s very popular to try to overcome massive…

Cont’d: …disparity in wealth, “getting worse every day. And this will resonate with working people.” #nycga #ows

OK, that’s it for stack. Sumumba: “We have a long way to go; we’re not even through the vision yet b/c we need consensus.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re not looking to make a decision toninight; we’re not shoving anything down – we want maximum feedback.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re trying to be as democratic as possible; it’s not going to be 6 of us making decisions for #OWS. The world needs to know..”

Cont’d: “..what we stand for.” V&G thanks us for giving feedback, and they ask we mark up the document and give it to them. #nycga #ows

V&G: “We’re hoping that the process will make sense later, and if you have time tonight, please send us your thoughts.” #nycga #ows

Visions and Goals meets Weds/Thurs at 5:30 pm in 60 Wall, and 12-3 on Sundays. they’d love feedback at as well! #nycga #ows

OK, moving onto the next item on the agenda: Boots of Solidarity! #nycga #ows

Skylar and Stephanie from @OccupyTampa are presenting. “We have a project that we’ve started working on as of late Dec..” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “..and we’d actually like some help from #OWS in working on this. The idea is to travel from occupation to occupation across the..”

Cont’d: “…US and help network, put everything online, do interviews w/ people occupying and keep the movement pushing forward..”

Cont’d: “…even more than it already is.” They’re reading the proposal now; again here’s the text: #nycga #ows

The proposal is a budget request for $100/week for gas as they travel around from occupation to occupation. #nycga #ows

First on stack: “I love the idea; I think it’s great; but what happens if one week you spend $98? Do you send the rest back to us?” #nycga

A: Yes (essentially). POI: “Finance pays out w/ receipts, so it’s not like they’re going to get $100 and have to give extra back.” #nycga

CQ: “Are you working w/ Mobile Occupation from #OWS?” A: “No.” CQ: “How long will those go on?” A: “Goal is 1 year. If it..” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…continues longer, we go longer. If it abruptly comes to an end.. we have a new home!” #nycga #ows

CQ: “This is nitpicky, but you mentioned a podcast, but sounds like you want to livestream. which is it?” A: “Podcast was a general term..”

Cont’d: “…I’m a filmmaker, so we’ll be live streaming, but will be multiple mediums — blogging, podcasts, etc.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “I love this. I really do. But, I got a question. Have you guys considered doing fundraising on your own to collect $100/week, or..”

Cont’d: “…getting a sponsor? Because #OWS is running out of money.” A: “We have fundraising in Tampa for us, but we have…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…very little money to get this started.” If they can up their fundraising, there’ll be no need for #OWS to continue funding. #nycga

CQ: “Have you considered: when you see drummers on the train, and they drum, they ask for money. If you ask for ppl to give you 1 penny..”

Cont’d: “…ppl will naturally give you more money. And that will be enough to get you what you need. But we can recruit from schools…”

Cont’d: “…to get more ppl to help you w/ what you’re doing. We can help.” A: “I’m learning to play the Trumpet; she plays the violin.” Hahah

Cont’d: “The problem is, when you have a 2-man team, that makes it difficult to do what we set out to do if we’re constantly fundraising.”

CQ: “RE: video, filming — I understand several museums are interested in history of #OWS. Would your video get into those types of places?”

Cont’d: “…or, I don’t know, maybe even a movie.” A: “We haven’t contacted them; not sure how to address that. It’s something we could…”

Cont’d: “…get into. Possibly at the end, we could make a movie about the travel we did, but that’s aside from what the project is.” #nycga

CQ: “I’ve read this proposal, not sure how this is different from some things already going on. Wondering if you’ve looked to see how..”

Cont’d: “ can network w/ some of these same ppl?” A: “We hadn’t heard of Mobile Occupation; we’re aware of #occumentary…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…we’re completely open to whatever it is #OWS would like to do with us, essentially. We’re open to ideas.” #nycga #ows

OK, now concerns. “I’d like to see a more explicit understanding of what you guys are going to be doing.” #nycga #ows

A: “Essentially the goal is to network the occupations together; we noticed that this was a problem in Tampa when St. Petersburg was so…”

Cont’d: “..close. But for some reason, they wouldn’t come over. They wouldn’t know about our direct actions or us theirs.” Feels this is…

Cont’d: “…vital to our movement. The fact that we’re not just in one city, but in many.” #nycga #ows

Concern: “Maybe the Mobile Occupation, which is doing some of this stuff among other things, could be worked with.” #nycga #ows

A: “You said that was just for 2 weeks? [Well, it’s 5, w/ 2wk max per person.] We want to do this indefinitely.” #nycga #ows

Nicole’s Concern: “It seems hard to allocate indefinitely; maybe you could put a number on it. Our resources are finite.” #nycga #ows

A: “One of the reasons I don’t want to ask for a sum of money is that $100/week isn’t a lot to start off. If we can get outside donations..”

Cont’d: “…we wouldn’t need that money from #OWS that week, because we’d have it from somewhere else.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “There are also concerns about people asking for money and not following through. Doing this week to week secures against..”

Cont’d: “ doing this.” Nicole asks if they’ve talked to finance; they have a friend here at #OWS (Billy) who is willing to handle $.

Trish’s FA: “My concern is, I have a question w/ any monies being transferred from Finance to a separate and distinct account weekly.”

Cont’d: “If we start that process, we won’t be able to control process.” FA is that they find another way to do it. #nycga #ows

They’re not quite sure what Trish wants. It sounds like they’re not talking about the same thing, since it’s not like we’re just dumping…

…cash into their accounts. Next concern is again about #OccuTrip; maybe “you could travel w/ them and then continue on if you want…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…maybe through process of being with them, you’d meet a lot of ppl.” Could learn from it. “They’ve been working on it for…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…a long time.” A: “We like the idea of being involved w/ them, but concerned about short time period and max of 2 weeks/person.”

Dallas’ FA: “No matter what the allocation is, none is getting paid out until you send in receipts.” Should just restate proposal for year..

Cont’d: “You start getting money when you give receipts, so why not just ask for $5200?” A: “We didn’t want to just ask for lump.. #nycga

Cont’d: “…sum of money.” But other proposal is getting that they don’t get money w/o receipts, so it’s kind of the same thing. #nycga #ows

So the FA would be that it would be for a year’s funding of up to $100/week. So, up to $5200. #nycga #ows

Dan: “I love what you’re thinking, and like this idea. My FA would be this: as far as the indefinite weekly expenses, another way to do it..

Cont’d: “..would be to give you $100, and then talk to Mobile Occupation and Livestream and others and see if there’s a better way to do it.

Cont’d: “And then you could come back, so it wouldn’t be indefinite.” A: “Can it be reimbursement for bus/train rather than gas? Cheaper…

Cont’d: “…and better for the environment. Thank you.” A: “W/ the amount of items we’re carrying w/ us, it would be virtually…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…impossible to travel by bus or train or any means rather than car.” Nan’s FA: “I’m torn. I’m from Florida; I have a love…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…and a hate for Florida.” But she suggests they find another way to raise the $100 a week, or maybe raise half on their own. #nycga

Next: Bernadette’s FA: “I wish to applaud your ambition of living on $100/week, I want to know if you’ve tried that before w/ 2 ppl.” #nycga

Contd: “…outside of the state of Florida.” A: “Yes, for the last 3 years I’ve lived w/ 2 ppl in Kansas on less.” But they just want for gas.

A: “I’m a fan of dumpster diving; I can pretty much get free food and showers wherever. We just want #OWS to help us go from occupation..”

Cont’d: “…to occupation.” FA: “Have you approached any other #occupy groups?” A: “We’ve been in 6 or 7… we have kind of talked about it…”

Cont’d: “…I think that through announcing who we are, and having the backing of #OWS behind us, as we get to more occupations, they’ll..”

Cont’d: “..want to help us out.” Trish asks if they have considered taking donations. A: “We have fundraising on website..” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “..and we’re taking donations from Tampa.” Just starting project, not taking donations as of yet, they say. #nycga #ows

Restating proposal: “We’re requesting $5200 from #OWS, up to $100/week, for a year, for Boots of Solidarity” road trip. #nycga #ows

OK, Stairs is temp-checking on moving towards consensus. Looks good. Any blocks? No blocks. Consensus! #nycga #ows

Check out @SolidarityBoots on Twitter to follow their voyage! #nycga #ows

Next, Richard, who wants to form a Political Prisoner working group. “I worked w/ Black Panthers, Young Lords, Weather Underground…” #nycga

Cont’d; “I’ve been working on Mumia’s case for a long time. One of my friends is a BP and I want him to be involved in this.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Another urgent problem; have you heard of Lynn Stewart?” Appeal coming up; husband Ralph wants to plan an encampment. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “So that way, in February, this court is packed.” Lynn Stewart, 71, has defended political prisoners her whole life, he says. #nycga

“If she loses this appeal, she’s… not going to last more years in there.” In January, “I’d like to do a teach-in about movements..” #nycga

Cont’d: “…that were funded by the people, and why they’re relevant today. From the Young Lords, to Sacco/Vanzetti, to the Iroquois treaty.”

“I want to show Fred Hampton, the free clinics; all funded by the ppl.” Feels #OWS is lacking political, legal education. #nycga #ows

“So, if the best lawyer in the country is in jail on phony charges, do we have a chance w/o education?” Peltier has diabetes.. #nycga #ows

Cont’d; “What they do is move a political prisoner as far as they can from lawyers, family, so they run out of money.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We should give Tariq some money so he can take a day off and come…” #nycga #ows

He wants to build a library, so tht when people die off, their voices are on the record at #OWS. Didn’t know how to bring it up. #nycga #OWS

Reading proposal: He wants to show the Fred Hampton movie at a theater, w/ signs and fliers, no specific date yet. #nycga #ows

He’d also like to build an encampment for February and start having marches to 500 Pearl Street, and do teach-ins in front of the court…

POP: “This isn’t on the website; it can’t be brought tonight, even though I like what you’re talking about.” #nycga #ows

Hermes says that it’s his fault; he accepted it. He asks him to put it on the web and come back for next GA. #nycga #ows

POI: “I was helping Rich; like he said, he’s a luddite. He was a little scared of the process. Overwhelmed, has no computer skills.” #nycga

Cont’d: “So we went to 60 Wall to help, and there was some confusion– I thought it would go to next GA; there was just some confusion.”

Cont’d: “Rich didn’t do anything wrong, there was just some confusion about how the proposal was to be handled.” #nycga #ows

Taking a second to help proposer understand why he’s being interrupted; we have a 24-hour review requirement. #nycga #ows

There’s an emergency proposal, so we’ll hear the details and then decide whether it was “subject to a deadline not previously knowable.”

So, this is the next proposal: “My proposal is, my sister is stranded in Illinois. She went to Chicago Occupation for help…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…she’s been part of occupation for over a month. They denied her funding for a bus ticket to be part of occupation here for…”

Cont’d: “ from the cops and all that.” She’s the last family he has left. He’s been on a hunger strike to try to raise $…

Cont’d: …& he can’t do it. “She either needs $101 for a Greyhound ticket, or $84 for a Chinatown bus ticket, which is $4 for wire transfer.”

“She needs to get down here to help out. She is like a computer genius. She has a Masters, went to college at 16.” Big benefit for media…

Cont’d: …livestream, and “all the stuff we do on the computers.” Occupy Chicago said they were more concerned about bail. #nycga #ows

OK……… …. . .. .. . …. .. we’re going to temp check whether this is an emergency proposal or not. Very negative, looks to me. Folks are…

Cont’d: …taking up a collection for him instead. #nycga #ows

K, so we’re onto the next proposal: Blocks Protocol at General Assembly. Text: #nycga #ows

Sean explains: “Essentially, it makes blocks susceptible to points of process. A block is a moral, safety, or ethical concern…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…if it ain’t one, it ain’t a block. I’ve heard blocks of “bite me.”” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Normally POPs are recognized by Facilitators. You’re giving Facilitators ability to recognize POPs on blocks?” #nycga #ows

A: “Yes, essentially the group will need to reach 75% consensus on the block’s validity if it is PoPed.” #nycga #ows

POI from Structure WG member: “Informally, we agreed to this when Sean brought it to us.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “The wording is confusing– not sure about #1 or the sunset clause.” A: “The Sunset Clause is… blocks are based on common values…”

Cont’d: “…we currently don’t have one of these, and that’s part of our problem.” This would expire if we pass a community agreement. #nycga

CQ: “And RE: #1, can you explain it better?” A: “I say, ‘my block is so-and-so.’ You say, ‘That doesn’t sound like an ethical, moral…”#nycga

Cont’d: ‘…or safety concern.’ And then the blocker will repeat their block, b/c people don’t always listen to every word at GA.” #nycga #ows

Trish, who says she represents the “GA working group” notes that this makes a big change and that there are only about 3 dozen here. #nycga

CQ: “How is this different from modified consensus, a straw poll?” A: “We don’t want to paint ourselves in the corner; if it’s not good…

Cont’d: “..we don’t want to make it impossible to unpass this. Modified consensus is similar, but this will prevent it from being needed..”

Cont’d: “..some of the time.” 1 person’s block, if valid, would normally turn into more down votes in modified consensus. #nycga #ows

But this, ideally, he says, would prevent modified consensus. Someone asks how this doesn’t just lower bar to 75%… #nycga #ows

A: “If there are 7 blocks, only one block needs to be real to move to modified consensus.” CQ: “And this is supposed to save time?” Ha. #OWS

Concerns now. 1st: “I really don’t understand this, while I do understand and support why you’re doing this. One is, you said we don’t..”

Cont’d: “…have points of agreement,” but points to a few things we have agreed on, i.e. principles of solidarity. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “The other part of it is, it seems to me it just convolutes the process. So while some people do obstruct the process, it’s like..”

Cont’d: “’re now throwing in another modified consensus that’s less than 90%.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “Also, I don’t like the idea that sometime down the line someone could veto the 3rd or 4th block I’ve made in as many months.”

A: “One rule is, don’t make a weapon you wouldn’t want turned on you.” If you’ve only blocked a few times, you probably had a moral…

Cont’d: …ethical, or safety concern. “If this fits that shape, a block holds.” The answer will usually be that it’s valid. #nycga #ows

Conor’s Concern: “This is a similar concern as to why this is brought up; some ppl use a block to make themselves moral compasses..”

Cont’d: “…for the GA, which I’ve become more concerned w/ over time.” GA’s job, he says, is to reach consensus. Supports prop. #nycga #ows

Trish’s concern: “There’s less than 3 dozen there; this proposal, as I understand, will only be in effect for one week until Safer Spaces..”

Cont’d: “…completes and passes their community agreement.” She says she understands this is a temporary implement to see how… #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …it works. She also says Safer Spaces’ proposal is “phenomenal” and very important, and that this would convolute GA. #nycga #ows

Sean notes Safer Spaces is going to propose to bring CA to Spokescouncil, but it’s different from GA, will be “several weeks..” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…before it gets to GA.” Notes other occupations have spent quite awhile in GA. Shazz says he feels this might delay passage of CA..

Sean’s A: “This should, if anything, help pass the community agreement by making obstructionist blocks disappear.” #nycga #ows

Concern: “Obviously, eat me is an obvious block, but when you’re talking about ethical concerns, that’s hard.” #nycga #ows

A: “Many ppl have expressed their moral objection to this w/o stating what it was.” Doesn’t want to accept invalid reasons anymore. #nycga

Sean notes also that even though there’s 2 dozen ppl there, there were 22 positive comments on the website. #nycga #ows

Brett: “I’m not sure where to start; I have an incredible amount of concerns w/ this. I think we’ve seen quite often that, while I love..”

Cont’d: “..this community passionately, it’s not always a safe space. So I’d like to have faith that in some cases, someone might have..”

Cont’d: “..a moral or ethical concern that they don’t feel safe expressing. At some pt, we need to trust tht ppl come here to act in good..”

Cont’d: “…faith. So in absence of community agreement, and shared values,” which he’s not even sure we should document…

Cont’d: “…this feels exclusive to me, and adds an incredible amount of process” (speaking, he notes, as a facilitator.) #nycga #ows

OK, friendly amendments now. Matt: “If, after a GA or 2, it’s determined that certain blocks are invalid, could it have a vote again..”

Cont’d: “..saying this proposal is not working? If it seems like we’re not working and we don’t like it.” #nycga #ows

A: “Everything can be undone w/ proposal. Bt I’m fine w/ specifically stating tht in proposal anyway.” Not even w/ time delay. #nycga #ows

Shazz wants to firm it up: “Can we try this for a week, and vote next Sunday based on whether it works or not?” A: “I accept.” #nycga #ows

Sean asks Matt if he’d like to set his aside in favor of Shazz, and he agrees. Someone else doesn’t understand FA… #nycga #ows

Sean: “This says, if we pass a community agreement statement, this will fade out after 1 week.” She wasn’t sure if that was before/after.

Nan’s FA: “This proposal, I feel like is… basically — nothing personal, Sean, but you have a lot of agendas that are not very good for..”

Cont’d: “…the people, and this proposal is attacking certain ppl or certain groups. You’re trying to silence the ppl.” FA is to not do it.

Nan says she’ll block, which is amazing. #nycga #ows

Sean: “That’s not a friendly amendment. That’s basically just, ‘will you light this on fire?'” #nycga #ows

Lopi’s FA: “Can we burn the proposal and get warm?” Sean: “After it passes, you can light the fire w/ these [printouts of proposal].”#nycga

Restating: “Proposal is to allow POPs on blocks that are not moral, ethical, or safety concerns. Blocker will restate, and then a straw..”

Cont’d: “…poll will be taken after the PoP has been issued, there’ll be a 75% threshold on whether the block is valid.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “It’s a trial period for a week.. we’ll be back to vote on this next Sunday.” #nycga #ows

OK, moving to consensus. Stairs: “Any standasides?” 5 standasides. Brett clarifies that a stand aside is typically, “you have a concern..”

Cont’d: “…with this proposal, but it’s more a personal concern than a movement-wide concern, which is a block.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d; “It means, I won’t stop the community from moving forward w/ the proposal.” #nycga #ows

Nan is blocking. “I am sick and tired of you guys coming here to GA, forcing your rules and regulations how GA was written for the people.”

Cont’d: “This is silence. You are taking away ppl’s opportunity for blocking, and I’m blocking b/c it’s silencing.” #nycga #ows

A: “This is not intended to silence ppl. This is intended to equalize voices so that ppl who block 100 times can’t block 100 times.” #nycga

Trish says her stand aside is based on her working group asking her to stand aside. Not gonna even touch that… #nycga #ows

Moving to next block, Brett. “I don’t have anything to add aside from my concerns earlier.” #nycga #ows

People ask him to restate. “My concerns, as I stated earlier… among many things, I feel like this adds on process unecessarily…”

Cont’d: “…I think it will become a way to target individuals and not the issues at hand; it feels punitive, not sure we have right as..”

Cont’d: “…community to address concerns of specific individuals; that’s why we have a process of modified consensus.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We don’t debate the validity of anyone’s individual concerns. I could go on, but that…” #nycga #ows

A: “I worry that we don’t have the ability to agree whether a block is valid. So ‘eat me’ stands — even that.” Says agreed to 1 week trial.

Brett: “I don’t feel comfortable putting a 1 week trial on what I feel is immoral, so I hold my block.” #nycga #ows

Trish moves her standaside to a block. “I just got a call.” Yikes. Someone mic checks they’re tired of Nan whipping their vote. #nycga #ows

She also notes that these ppl are calling friends in other places and countries to come and block this. “I want this on the record.” #nycga

“She’s threatening that Razor is coming back to me, now. I also want that on the record.” #nycga #ows

There were 6 blocks, and 3 standasides. Proposer now has option to move to modified consensus. “If you agree, raise yr hand.” #nycga #ows

There are 16 for, and 9 against. So, clearly not making modified consensus. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “There are 50 ppl, and 9 are against. Proposal does not pass.” “See you again Tuesday,” Sean says. #nycga #ows

OK, moving to announcements. “I wanted to make a pitch for an emergency proposal which passed in Friday night Labor Outreach mtg..”

Cont’d: “…to have a protest against MTA and Goldman Sachs. GS is the financial adviser to the MTA. They are biggest bond seller in country..

Cont’d: “…of municipal bonds.” Want us to endorse this demonstration on an emergency basis. #nycga #ows

We’ve told him that they don’t need to do that as Labor Outreach are empowered to support protests w/o GA approval. #nycga #ows

Next announcement: “There’s a teach-in at 12pm Monday, at 60 Wall on how to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just..”

Cont’d: “…and spiritually fulfilling human presence on earth.” “Come and enjoy 2 great facilitators!” #nycga #ows

Conor is working w/ a new working group to provide a platform for GA and working groups to have their own space, live/work situations, etc.

Cont’d: “If anyone wants to talk about that, come find me.” Next, Matt: “Wednesday, my friend is doing a roast of @ElBloombito at the..”

Cont’d: “…Yippie Cafe, 9 Bleeker, at 8pm; proceeds will be split w/ Yippie Cafe, which is an activist cafe that has supported mvmnt…”

Cont’d: “…and w/ Livestream.” Richard announces he’ll put his proposal through proper process and then bring it to the nxt GA. #nycga #ows

Facilitation asks for feedback, & wants to apologize “because I’ve never done it before and stepped up tioday.” We THANK her; she did great.

OK! That’s the GA! Thanks for reading tweeps! [Qs, comments, concerns, hit me up at @diceytroop. -Ed.] Have a great night! #nycga #ows

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