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Love you all, always. Occupy everything, all of the time. Don’t let them make you forget. #ows

RT @spacetimeltd: Will never forget @LibertySqGA Love you all, always. Occupy everything, all of the time. Don’t let them make you forge …

RT @heratylaw: Hey! Only TWELVE items on the #GA agenda tonight. #nycga #OWS

RT @PoweredByCats: The #nycga contingency plan for inclimate weather & Liberty Park closing will be 100 Williams Street for time being. …

RT @PoweredByCats: The #nycga contingency plan for inclimate weather & Liberty Park closing will be 100 Williams Street for time being. …

The GA was to be @ 100 William St. in a covered POPS required to be open til 12am, bt bldg owners called NYPD; we were threatened w/ arrest.

We’ve moved across the street to another Privately Owned Public Space at 59 Maiden. It’s a large pavilion across from the Fed. #nycga #ows

OK! Here we go; another @LibertySqGA. Follow here and at @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, and @LibertySqGA4. #nycga #ows

Because last night’s GA was abbreviated on account of New Years’ Eve funtimes, there are 12 proposals tonight. #nycga #ows

Tonight’s first proposal is from @OccupyChicago! “I’m Sugar, and I hail from the Windy City! We’ve formed a national working group…”#nycga

Cont’d: “…and have created an Occupy State of the Union Address!” #nycga #ows

“We’ve developed a speech, and the concept is to take advantage of a once-a-year opportunity!” Want as many cities to join as possible…

Cont’d: …and record parts of the speech, and then send it out immediately following the Republican rebuttal to the SOTU. #nycga #ows

They want to keep it out of the media’s hands, so requesting that the speech being recorded not be taped and put online if possible. #nycga

“The speech concept in theme is ‘occupy is a state of mind’.” Deals with economy, where folks can engage. Designed to speak… #nycga

Cont’d: …to where general public is at. She’ll read the speech; let me find y’all a link. #nycga #ows

Here’s the proposal for an “Occupied State of the Union” address: #nycga #ows

Brett, one of tonight’s Stairs’ (facilitators who help run the consensus process) is stepping back a bit to go over our process. #nycga #ows

Here’s a guide to our handsignals: #nycga #ows

Tonight: State of the Union, Occupy NH Primary, Housing, Ending Corp. Personhood, Block-checking, Occupy Newark, and maybe more. #nycga #ows

CQ on SOTU proposal: “No livestreaming/livetweeting?” A: We’d prefer that. Temp check? Looks OK. So, i won’t tweet the text. #nycga #ows

RT @CarrieM213: @OWS_Live @LibertySqGA is here but we consensed to not tweet sensitive info from Occupy Chicago. Will resume soon.

OK, they’re done reading the speech. Stairs: “Be4 we move to clarifying questions, let’s temp check whether we want to go thru this prop.”

CQ: “Will we have a chance to edit it?” A: “It’s been put together by a national working group. Working on it with many occupies…”

A cont’d: “…would take too long, so we’re asking that it be as is.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “I like the idea, but it overemphasizes voting.” A: “It’s written for folks where they’re at.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Are you asking for any financial help?” A: “None needed. No.” CQ: “What national GA is your working group a part of?” A: “I don’t…

Cont’d: “…think one exists.” But they say they’ve workshopped it in their local occupies. Next CQ says it sounded like… #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …a list of demands. CQ: “What other occupies?” A: “SF, Chicago, OtH, Omaha, somewhere in Iowa, Albany, and took notes here…”

That CQ goes to his concerns, including that it sounds like demands and talks about voting. Proposer asks if there’s a rewording…

Cont’d: …that would satisfy him, but he notes that there is no opportunity to edit. Sage says he wouldn’t want to send ppl.. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …into the “unfair” political arena. Not comfortable w/ that. Proposer asks him how else he thinks the rest of the proposal…

Due to rain, we’ve moved the GA again. Next CQ: What structure exists that gives you authority to do this w/ or w/o our consent? #nycga #ows

CQ: “Will you do this regardless of our consent?” A: “Yes, just like a working group.” [POI: Working groups are empowered by GAs. -Ed.]

CQ: “How many occupies have endorsed this?” A: “You’re actually the first.” CQ: “You said you talked to #OWS? Who are they and how…”

Cont’d: “…did they represent #OWS?” Notes the distinction between individuals and #OWS as a whole. #nycga #ows

She says she showed it to people on the ground, i.e. in the office. Someone says, “that’s not ‘the ground’.” #nycga #ows

Someone says they’re from Democratic Socialists and are a revolutionary, not a reformer, but supports this. #nycga #ows

Ann’s CQ: “I don’t believe anyone here disagrees w/ general content; people have their own approaches, but asking ppl to vote isn’t…”

Cont’d: “…a demand.” Thinks we’re reading too much into the language. Next on stack is Nan, but we need to temp check continuing. #nycga

Stairs: “I don’t feel comfortable taking up another 5 minutes of peoples’ time with this based on that temperature check.” #nycga #ows

Someone presses Brett as to whether or not we should consense. Brett explains we need to complete consensus process to do that. #nycga #ows

We’re re-tempchecking after it was clarified that we were tabling proposal… still “more negative than positive.” #nycga #ows

Proposer again expresses that “if everything is re-written and re-written and re-submitted to occupys, it won’t get done.” #nycga #ows

OK, proposal tabled. Next is Jeff from Housing w/ the Housing proposal. “Housing would like to continue process of procuring weekly metro..”

Cont’d: “ for people who are actively doing and operating and participating in the movement every day.” #nycga #ows

Housing wants to buy 130 cards, which is a reduction of 10 cards from last week and $580 cheaper than last week. #nycga #ows

“Each person who needs to buy a metrocard needs a signed authorization from a point person in a wrkng grp.” 6-9, wherever GA or Spokes is.

People need to verify that they still have last week’s card in order to get a new card. Documented on Housing group section of

So, the total is $2900 plus 30 cards leftover from last week. Stairs opening stack for CQs. #nycga #ows

CQ: “Nobody gave me a metrocard to come here tonight. Why do some people get metrocards?” #nycga #ows

A: “We as a movement facilitate metrocards for people doing operational work for the occupation.” #nycga #ows

Lorenzo notes that his metrocard is the only way he can get to every physical event to livestream. #nycga #ows

Nathan’s CQ: “Is there a criteria for which a working group rep should or should not sign the authorization form?” #nycga #ows

A: “Previously it was up to housing WG, but it meant either we weren’t enforcing accountability or that ppl were denied access due to…”

A cont’d: “…our lack of knowledge of that person.” So, it’s up to each WG to decide who needs metrocards and to inform Housing via form. #

Lauren’s CQ: “When did Housing start trying to tackle everyone’s Metrocard needs?” Started from trying to get homeless occupiers to churches

Cont’d; “There are a lot more than 100 people contributing to the movement.” Wants to know why Housing is asking WGs to exclude. #nycga #ows

Oh joy, the owners at 59 Maiden have asked us to leave also. So now we’re trying to figure out where to go next. #nycga #ows

Right now, we’re trying to decide whether we feel comfortable continuing the GA given that we have moved so many times. #OWS

Sage wants to know if, when we’ve decided the public in the US has no right to assemble, we can tell Americans so they’ll know that. #OWS

We straw-polled whether we felt comfortable and it came up 25 for, 10 against. So we’re gonna go somewhere we’ve been told we can be…

…and then we’re gonna continue w/ reportbacks and announcements. We may not hear any more proposals. #nycga #OWS

@thejorobin we’re at 33 maiden lane, nassau side

The discussion on whether to continue here given that “the public has no clue where we are right now” is continuing. Some folks…

..very concerned about access. Jeff says we’ve made all possible effort to be accessible and shouldn’t succumb to NYPD interference. #ows

Someone says, after 4 moves, “this is no longer a public meeting.” Someone else has bn here since August: “having GAs has never been easy.”

Stairs, after that bit of installed discussion, is asking ppl to sit for a new straw poll. We’re sitting. Are we comfortable continuing?

Ok, new count on continuing was 38 to 17. Brett says b/c it’s not overwhelming, we should continue for only discussion/reports/soapbox. #OWS

Someone else notes that making the decision not to continue does constitute acting as a GA and we should embrace that. #OWS #nycga

I suggest that we honor concerns abt access, hv a discussion about what we should do under these newly difficult circumstances. #OWS #NYCGA order to make sure in future we’re all confident tht our meetings are accessible & compliant w/ principles of solidarity. #nycga #OWS

So, we’re stacking concerns. Someone notes that we need to be able to adapt quickly as the powers tht be try to prevent our assembly. #nycga

Someone says he has experience w/ GAs having to move. He says if people weren’t here or at LP at 7, we can’t be super concerned about them.

He says it points at our need to reoccupy, but also our need to “get serious”. We can “have a point to meet every night at a certain time..”

Cont’d: …and decide together. “And if you’re not there on time and you don’t know what’s going on,” forget you. #nycga #ows

Nan really doesn’t think this would be a fair GA, even tho she had 3 proposals up tonight. “I do not feel I want to bring proposals here…”

Cont’d: “..when we kept moving like this.” Supports the soapbox type of GA for tonight. #nycga #ows

Sam: “Every day b/w 1-6pm, think tank meets. We have discussions just like this. We can have a convo there about how to deal w/ this…”

Cont’d: “…rather than here. Right now, we’re just talking- if you want to talk, come to Think Tank which happens every single GA.” #nycga

Someone else understands, thinks we need to solve this problem, notes that this seriously endangers their Occupy the NH Primaries proposal.

Tyler: “First of all, if you’re here, I’ve been listening to you, and if you’re speaking right now when it’s my turn, i feel very…” #nycga

Cont’d: “..disrespected. Please listen to whoever’s speaking. I wasn’t at Zuccotti at 7 and I take responsibility for that.” #nycga #ows

Someone else notes that this interferes with their #J17 proposal. “We need to have a presence here. We need to represent the movement..”

Cont’d: “…and to take part in something that could make this movement national.” #nycga #ows

Next: “This is going to be one of the most- there will be more #occupys present than any other event so far.” #nycga #ows

Lorenzo reminds us that we’ve consensed on calling Zuccotti “Liberty Square” and it hurts him a tiny bit each time someone calls it ZP.

Also, he says we should talk seriously about not having GAs right after actions, rather should have reportbacks, talk about them…

…”and then have a general assembly the next day when our friends are out [of jail].” #nycga #ows

Yoni: “Every time we get kicked out, we’re letting the authorities win. Yest, I got pepper sprayed, I wasn’t comfortable but still stayed.”

“Are the ppl who aren’t here really dedicated to coming to GAs?” #nycga #ows

Stephen: “RE: this being a public GA, the fact that it’s been moved 4 times is my concern. ComHub sent out a notice at 9pm that we’re here.”

Stephen got info via word of mouth about where GA was. “We have a broken process [of info distribution] that we need to fix.” #nycga #ows

Sage: “I don’t know the question that everyone is answering, I just know what I’ve heard from last 4 or 5 ppl. If we’re a movement…”

Cont’d: “…of people so in disagreement that 30 ppl isn’t enough for a GA, maybe we shouldn’t be deciding on money at all.” #nycga #ows

“I understand that we all have opinions and such, but if our values are that different,” not sure consensus process will work. #nycga #ows

Also, Sage really wants “to just hear if ppl have reportbacks from yesterday, that’d be great.” Suggests any decisions above “a g” we…

Cont’d: ..should just agree not to do, so that we can move on, “and have an actual community and get to know each other as individuals.”

Brett notes we have 4 ppl left on stack. Wants to finish stack, close it, and then do reportbacks on last night. “There were a lot…”

Cont’d: “…of diff. actions, there were arrests, I think it would be valuable to get it in the open.” Also, WG reportbacks/announcements.

Also, he suggests we let proposers present proposals and make themselves available for discussion. #nycga #ows

Someone suggests we hear proposals w/ scaled down costs that are time-sensitive. #nycga #ows

.@diceytroop pointed out that we need to focus on accountable structures before trying to force our personal goals forward. “That goes for..

Cont’d: “..not just this situation of people feeling like access to this meeting is too limited, but also to proposals that try to speak…”

Cont’d: “…on #occupy’s behalf directed at Federal structures that affect all #occupations.” If there’s no directly democratic… #nycga

Cont’d: “..structure for ppl to do something, it just shouldn’t be done. Let’s focus on building those structures and refining them.” #nycga

Stairs suggests we give each proposer 5 minutes to explain their proposal so they can get feedback “outside the assembly space.” #nycga #ows

Tempchecking that idea. “That looks very positive.” Asking for concerns. #nycga #ows

CQ: “The metrocard thing — was that to start this upcoming Tuesday?” Jeff says it’s time-sensitive; w/o proposal being heard… #nycga #ows

Cont’d: …tonight, the proposal can’t go forward. So the questioner points out both budget proposals are very, very time-sensitive. #nycga

Next: “We need to continue. If we’re not going to vote on anything, I don’t want to be here. If we’re going to hear proposals, let’s do it.”

Jeff wants to make a statement “about what’s been happening for several weeks.” “We are trying to build a better world, not a perfect world”

“Anything we do, there’s going to be certain gaps, fallthroughs, and we should continue… there needs to be a balance… we need to…”

Cont’d: “…keep moving even if everything’s not perfect.” #nycga #ows

Brett clarifies that we’ve already failed to consent to moving forward as a GA, & are now trying to decide how to use our time. #nycga #ows

[Re: “Consent” versus “consense” – “consense” is a word. I completely don’t think it’s wrong to use it in this context. “Consent” implies..]

[ individual lvl of permission. ‘Consense’ is to me more appropriate whn indicating a collective consent derived frm consensus process.]

[I know many good people disagree. I’m open to being convinced, but no one has so far. Also, CT Butler is just one dude. We’re legion. -Ed.]

Brett temp checks using this time to hear proposals for informational purposes, and gets overwhelming consent. Opening stack. #nycga #ows

Nan’s 1st on stack. She feels uncomfortable trying to re-temp check operating as a GA after many have left. She’ll now explain her proposal.

@mikecane wikitionary (:

Nevermind, we’re hearing from the Politics and Electoral Reform working group subgroup on Corporate Personhood. #nycga #ows

“We wanted to propose this tonight, but we also need feedback. It’s a proposal to call for an end to corporate personhood.” #nycga #ows

She notes that Citizens United gave corporations same right to political speech via money as individual citizens have. #nycga

“There’s a movement to act locally to pressure Congress or the Court to reverse that decision.” LA CC passed such a resolution. #nycga #ows

“This is a way for #occupy to take a stand and to have a voice against corporate dominion.” It would be great, she said, if NY passed it.

She notes that the NYC City Council is also discussing such a resolution on Thursday; this statement endorses that resolution. #nycga #ows

They’re going to have #OccupyTheCourts Jan 20 and 21st as actions against Citizens United. That’s the 1 year anniversary? #nycga #ows

@mikecane consensus process is new and will need new concepts in language to accurately describe it.

Someone else: “This is not the CC resolution, it’s a resolution #OWS could make to clarify it’s POV that is a little different…”

CQ: “How can we express that we feel corporate personhood is abysmal w/o violation our lack of consensus on demanding reforms?” #nycga

Cont’d: “…I very much like the idea of us making a statement that corporations don’t have human rights to speech, but worry about…”

Cont’d: “…sending the wrong signal about our approach to solutions.” #nycga #ows

OK, next we’ll hear from the #J17 #OccupyCongress folks. “We’ll go through a review of the day, and if you want to come, you should.” #nycga

“In the morning, we’re setting up meetings w/ congresspeople. In the afternoon, we’ll talk about GA, and what Occupy 2.0 looks like.”

Later, they’ll have an #interoccupational #spokescouncil and GA. #nycga #ows

“We’re not asking for an endorsement; we’re asking for participation. So no matter how you feel politically, including being against…”

Cont’d: “…our representative system, which is cool- I think robs us of our autonomy and is a game we will lose…”

Cont’d: “…for #OWS to be relevant we need to have a presence there and people should go.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Where’d this come from?” A: It was an autonomous group, but it’s “becoming a national action.” #nycga #ows

To get in touch with the proposers, contact or #ows #nycga

Next, Stewart frm Pol. Organizing is organizing support for Occupy the NH Primaries. “We won’t endorse a party or candidate.” #nycga #ows

Stewart feels this is a “great way to challenge the political system without participating in it.” Want $ for trip, will bring to GA Tues.

OK, next, #OccupyNewark is going to make a proposal Tuesday to get $3,000 of funds. #nycga #ows

CQ: “What’s the vibe right now?” A: “We have rsn to believe the city council’s going to let us stay… unless we do something (inaudible)..”

Nan’s reviewing her proposals. First one is the audit of finance. “I think it’s very important that we audit finance to find out what’s…”

Cont’d: “..going on, and nothing personal but I don’t trust the Finance team.” She doesn’t want the IRS going up against #OWS. #nycga #ows

Nan’s second proposal was to dispose of #spokescouncil “because we feel like #sc is excluding people and forcing them to join working grps.”

Nan says that individuals took it upon themselves to police her at the last spokescouncil and she had to call the police. #nycga #ows

Third proposal from Nan is facilitation accountability. “Some of the people in facilitation I like, and some I don’t.”b #nycga #ows

Someone pts out that an audit of Accounting is really an audit of #OWS since they’re just volunteers. Says should include WGs. #nycga #ows

Nan say that since Accounting keeps all WGs books, it’s accounting we need to audit. “We want to make sure we are transparent to the world..

Cont’d: “ those who have given to us know what’s going on, and feel comfortable, and the world trusts us.” #nycga #ows

Contact Nan at if you have questions or want to get in touch. #nycga #ows

That was the last proposal present to explain their proposal. There are still ~20 people here so we’re stacking announcements/reports.

Next: “We hv the same roadblocks day after day. Some if it is really miniscule, but translates to being huge. In order for us to continue..”

Cont’d: “…we need to address the functionality.” Feels this process is broken- instead of focusing on proposals, should focus on process..

Cont’d: ..and once we get buy-in, it’ll be easier. Points to tonight’s disagreement about the GA’s legitimacy. #nycga #ows

“Maybe I should work on a proposal to talk about a process.” Yoni notes Structure meets at 5:30 on Fridays at 60 Wall. #nycga #ows

Lorenzo w/ a LiveStream reportback from last night. “We were able to cover Liberty Park really well, plus the noise demo and late march.”

“One of our members was arrested, and streamed from the back of the paddy wagon.” Notes that media collective is working on how to mv fwd..

Cont’d: …and figure out how to raise money on their own while staying accountable to the GA. Not sure how that works, want to…

Cont’d: …talk about “different organizational models.” #nycga #ows

Yoni: “Yesterday, I was at noise demo and also Liberty Square, first GA, and then NYE. First part went really well, had about 5 arrests.”

Cont’d: “Later, the police were really trying to intimidate everyone, pepper-spraying — I got peppersprayed, and they were attacking NLG..”

Cont’d: “…members. I was expecting a fun event of #Occupy2012, but it was more like #Occupy1984.” #nycga #ows

Yoni wants legal action to hold NYPD accountable. Also, Brookfield for keeping park closed. #nycga #ows

Alejandro: “I witnessed Yoni, w/ eyes burning, call out the cops yesterday and chastised them for being so forceful and abusive.” #nycga#ows

Cont’d: “Finally, exasperated, the cop said “do you think everything they’re doing is right?” & Yoni sd “Yes!” and she huffed, walked off.”

Next, someone talks about watching someone be arrested without doing anything. Also, “I saw this one girl – a cop had his knee in the back..

Cont’d: “..of her neck while they were all on top of her arresting her.” He got elbowed in the face by a riot cop. #nycga #ows

“My heart is in this movement so much.” Looks to Oakland as an example for getting things done. “While some are worrying about…”

Cont’d: “…money and transparency, while others are out marching.” “People are up in the office, watching us on livestream.” #nycga #ows

“Why can’t we just get a centralization?” Other ppl are getting arrested in places we don’t even know about. #nycga #ows

Next: “We should just assume we’re generally on the same page. Proposals that don’t pass maybe shouldn’t be at the GA. When you come…”

Cont’d: “ GA, think about how you can help somebody else make their great idea happen.” #nycga #ows

Next: “When we get back to the studio, we’ll have a live Q&A.”. Just letting us know. #nycga #ows

Someone else, re: money: “Finding ways to spend the money is the solution to the problem of having the money.” Feels if we use it to solve..

..problems, it will come pouring in. Someone else points out we started strong w/ absolutely no money, just “sleeping bags on the ground.”

OK, we’ve reached the end of stack so we’re calling “an official end to this unofficial gathering of people.” Mentions Structure WG meets…

…Friday at 5:30 PM at 60 Wall, and Facilitation meets there at 4pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. “Even tho we didn’t spend $ or declare…”

Cont’d: “…solidarity w/ anything, great things happened tonight.” Ok! Thanks fam! Pls spread word abt our displacement tonite. #OWS #NYCGA

Kudos to @PoweredByCats for excellently facilitating tonite despite all the chaos! We were able to come back frm 3+ disruptions. Great jorb!

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