Tweets for Sat, 18 Feb 2012

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Hi fam! Livetweets from @LibertySqGA will be here, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, @LibertySqGA4. #NYCGA #OWS

Justin (Stairs: “Tonight we’ve got several proposals and two proposed discussion groups.” Wants to discuss each group’s intention. #NYCGA

Cont’d: “There’s an anti-oppression proposal that wants to do a breakout discussion, a solidarity proposal for #M17, Vision and Goals..”

Cont’d: “…would like a discussion too, and there’s also a space proposal.” Suggests we work through proposals first. #NYCGA #OWS

Justin temp checks doing solidarity statement or space proposal first; solidarity proposal wins. #NYCGA #OWS

Stan and Jessica are here with their Proposal for M17 Action, from the Housing Working Group. #NYCGA #OWS

Here’s the “Proposal for M17 Action”: #NYCGA #OWS

(That’s Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s an action to “recognize the Irish History of Oppression by the British Empire, and connect this…) #NYCGA

Cont’d: (…”oppression historically with oppression of indigenous and tribal people, the impoverished and working class around the world.”)

Someone suggests they work with other people’s St Patrick’s Day activities to coordinate; proposers indicate they will be in different pts..

Cont’d: …of the city because it’ll be focused in communities around the city. #NYCGA #OWS

Someone’s concern is that people often don’t realize that Wall Street’s history is selling slaves. Proposer recognizes that: “This may…”

Cont’d: “…be something we need to address at the Memorial Service” they’re having as part of the action. #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “Is there a way to connect this march with… it’s Black History Month right now, and we haven’t done anything for it.” #NYCGA #OWS

A: “This proposal is for every working group, and invites working groups to” be involved in it, so that can definitely happen. #NYCGA #OWS

It’s hard to hear the next concern, but it sounds like Direct Action has big plans for our 6-month anniversary (#M17) and some… #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…coordination would be good.” Proposers agree with that. Previous commenter wants to actually make a friendly amendment… #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…to connect the struggles of people to the whole city” and bigger St. Patrick’s Day plans. Accepted. #NYCGA #OWS

C: “I think it’s important to take advantage of traditional holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.” “This is a great idea, and people should…”

Cont’d: “…support this,” and connect struggles of Irish to the day for folks who might just think of it as a day to drink. #NYCGA #OWS

Sumumba’s FA is that they work with other GAs. The proposers are all about it, want to try to include other cities w/ #interocc. #NYCGA #OWS

OK, so that’s it for questions, concerns, friendly amendments. They’ll coordinate with DA, include black history, connect with the parade…

Cont’d: …and include food organizations (connect issues of food justice). #NYCGA #OWS

Sean adds in POI, notes that connecting to the larger St. Patrick’s parade is another plan in motion that is still pending. #NYCGA #OWS

OK! Nick (@OccupyNick, facilitating w/ @justinstoned) calls for standasides.. blocks… none! Consensus! #NYCGA #OWS

Next proposal: Spaces. Darrel wants to talk about spaces. “I think the most important thing we can really be thinking about right…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…now is space, and us having a space. And the reason we did so well at the Park was because” of the kind of space it was. #NYCGA

Cont’d: That’s where people congregated and had conversations they couldn’t have, where they slept, where they ate. #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “So here we are, a few months away from the park,” having to deal with the fact that we don’t have our own place to be. #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “That’s really the fundamental basis of what people call wealth, or whatever — it’s something that’s yours, you can do…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…what you want with it.” Once we have space we can have events, parties, whatever you want to do. #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “Now, we need to start thinking about what the boundaries are.” Can get spaces for less than $20k/month, “sounds like a lot…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…but it’s really not,” as long as you have a business or something running out of there and you hustle. Also nods to idea of…

Cont’d: …an occupy house. He wants to do a breakout session to talk about getting space. Justin: “Is there something you want to…?” #NYCGA

Darrell: “I just want people to talk about the basis,” what our ideal space is. He suggests Brooklyn, notes base of support and… #NYCGA

Cont’d: …potential support and economic benefits versus renting space in Manhattan. #NYCGA #OWS

OK, so we’re having a breakout session about housing. After this, two other discussions, which should be super interesting. #NYCGA #OWS

We’re back! Justin: “This is a moment of transparency for me; as a new facilitator, I thought this was a proposal…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…we started moving through process as if this was a proposal;” instead we’ll do breakout reportbacks. #NYCGA #OWS

First group: “For those who do not know, my primary working group is Town Planning and I’ve also been involved in Housing…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…so physical structures is one of the primary issues we’ve been working on” for months. Hard to summarize their past work quickly.

Cont’d: “When we think about legal spaces where we can” have permanent space for building the movement… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…consolidating space,” staying in Manhattan is neutral for our movement, feels moving to outer borough “changes the demographic.”

Jeff notes that some people feel like accepting or renting a space isn’t the same as reclaiming an abandoned space. #NYCGA #OWS

Suggests that maybe we can have a combination of the two of them; have organizational space be legal and residential space be… #NYCGA

Cont’d: …about occupation. Notes we have materials to reclaim physical space if we can find a place worth risking it for. #NYCGA #OWS

Darrell thanks Jeff and notes that these are some of the questions that have kept us going forward, thinks they’re of highest priority.

Next: “Our group discussed that we feel we should really keep the occupation in Manhattan, not branch out, keep it in center of world.”

Next: “We like the idea of having a space; some of our concerns were money (would it be too much to take on?) do we have…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…infrastructure to support this?” Suggest mix of work and living, variety of tactics throughout city. Organizing for occupation…

Cont’d: …”making sure we have community agreements and guidelines,” and working in a variety of communities throughout the city. #NYCGA

NExt: “We were concerned about having a place where people lived — who would decide who lived there, who doesn’t, and it could…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…be really easy to shut down if it had the occupy name on it. Who knows how long it’d be before they had an excuse?” #NYCGA

“Once it’s warmer, it will be easier to figure out where people stay, and many people had ideas for occupying public space.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next: “You know, there’s a lot of people that were at the occupation, didn’t have a place to go afterwards; i haven’t been to many housing..

Cont’d: “…meetings, but I think a lot of the dialogue was how to help people who were at the occupation and had nowhere to go afterwards.”

She suggests that we have a space where people can live, and people who pay rent. “I have something I can contribute,” would… #NYCGA

Cont’d: …love to live among occupiers. Suggests we who can pay rent for the movement to subsidize a space for people who can’t live there.

Cont’d: “Whether or not it’s politically good to take back a space, or rent back a space, making things happen is more important.” #NYCGA

Last on stack: “So, that was the first part of the conversation, of course. And our group also noted that other groups, in Albany for…”

Cont’d: “…instance, had spaces they were able to rent.” “But also, there was a concern that part of what’s important about the…” #NYCGA

Cont’d:”…movement is occupying public spaces,” is important part of what movement does. Would be a big change, could lose something. #NYCGA

Justin asks Darrell what he’d like to do at this point. “Would you like to consense on something here tonight?” Darrell has a basic draft.

His statement draft is “One of OWS’ greatest needs right now is to find an indoor space for a number of uses…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…it’s going to empower a steering committee to get a number of options and bring back a GA later this week.” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “It empowers them to investigate any and all options it would take to acquire a space legally.” #NYCGA #OWS

He also was thinking about proposing that we’d spend half our remaining funds on the space, but that’s another thing. #NYCGA #OWS

PoP: “Proposals to come before GA need to be online for 24 hours, so while we can definitely build the proposal now, we can’t consense..”

Cont’d: “…on it until next GA.” There’s some discussion; Stairs temp checks and Darrell says it looks too mixed to do it. #NYCGA #OWS

OK. There’s some discussion about what component of the proposal can be discussed tonight… OK, it’s tabled for more work. #NYCGA #OWS

Next! Bana: “We want to have a 20 minute breakout group discussing this question: oppression, marginalization, privilege — what do those…”

Cont’d: “…words mean to you, and is it different from the way they are used in Occupy Wall Street?” #NYCGA #OWS

Stairs: “So, how do we feel about having 6 groups?” Someone asks about reporting back; proposer suggests… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: …part of Facilitation’s anti-oppression mission involves starting to learn. “This is an effort to learn more about how we’re all…”

Cont’d: “…starting looking at it.” Facilitation will distill the output and it will inform approaches. #NYCGA #OWS

Bana notes Facilitation has been talking about how issues of oppression had been playing out in the movement. “That’s why we want..”

Cont’d: “…to have discussion.” We’ll continue in the same breakout groups as before and have reportbacks later. 20 mins. #NYCGA #OWS

So, we’re reporting back now. First reportback points out need to avoid marginalization of homeless and poor ppl in the mvmnt. #NYCGA #OWS

Ronnie notes that sometimes, when he hears people assert marginalization, he feels it’s just because they’re jerks. #NYCGA #OWS

Sarah Harper points out that the rhetoric of “people talking advantage of the movement” is a bigger problem than overt marginalization.

She supports idea of “extreme solidarity”, that we’re in it together no matter what. #NYCGA #OWS

Next group had a variety of answers, “but we know what we live and experience and that this society’s structure was” built on race. #NYCGA

“Is it in the movement? I don’t know. But I think the conversation is extremely important… I’m glad we’re” discussing what to do about it.

Next group: “We may have strayed from actual question a little: it was expressed” that this organization is pretty unoppressive, “we’re…

Cont’d: “..all equal no matter what we try to do.” “We need to express that in the movement, we’re human beings first. Outside, people may..

Cont’D: “…not have that in mind.” Oppression that exists in movement only exists because we let it. #NYCGA #OWS

Sumumba: “There’s a lot of misinformation, but maybe correct info, about #OWS” in community. “We had the #OCcupyDoE mtg..”

Cont’d: “…a few weeks ago, and some black and brown parents felt we were disrespectful to them.” Went to Sunset Park and felt like…

RT @TesselizaTC: #nycga live now @OWSFacilitation @OccupyWallStNYC @owsnycLIVE @LibertySqGA @OWSLivestream

Cont’d: …privileged, “anarchist” people are making decisions in the movement without including other people. Notes he didn’t know about…

Cont’d: …#M17 plans. Notes that DA doesn’t have to run plans through GA because GA empowered them 2 weeks in, notes there’s… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: …a big problem with that, that it doesn’t make us look democratic. Notes that due to their misimpressions of #OWS, OccupytheBronx..

Cont’d: …is now “Take Back the Bronx” instead. Sumumba also feels some marginalization of the elderly here too, says we need… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: …to have a Council of Elders. #NYCGA #OWS

Next: “We felt 20 minutes is not near enough to talk about… these huge topics.” A lot of things exist within these things, sexism, racism..

Cont’d: …privilege, “can be used as political footballs” to support an agenda, or to help us move forward. “We’ve made an attempt…”

Cont’d: “…to deal with these issues within the occupation, but when it ended” the issue grew exponentially because “we’ve had people…”

Cont’d: “…with immense privilege” making decisions for homeless occupiers. “Decisions are made often in that same…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “..pattern we’ve” internalized due to the environment and wider society we’re in. “These issues are very serious, but at least..”

Cont’d: “…we have a forum to talk about it, which is a major strength of the movement, that we have a place to talk about it.” #NYCGA #OWS

Lady: “I feel the ppl being marginalized in this mvmnt are the homeless ppl more than anybody; some ppl feel that if you fix the problems..”

Cont’d: “…of money being in politics, then everything else will be fixed, will trickle down.” Points out a drummer in corner, says…

Cont’d: …he’s being marginalized. Isiah, “over here, he’s being marginalized.” Not about not participating, it’s about feeling your voice..

…is not heard and not be able to participate with your voice heard. Points out two ppl she says are marginalized, at margins of group.#NYCGA

Next person says we’re not listening well enough to each other. “We talked about the extent to which oppression and marginalization exist..”

Cont’d: “…in #OWS, and the extent to which it is unfairly used in an unjustified accusatory manner.” Ppl did say some of it does exist.

He also notes that some ppl felt there were issues with caucuses, folks of color setting themselves “aside” in exclusionary groups. #NYCGA

He also notes that “if you’re poor, you’re oppressed, you have less time” to participate in Occupy Wall Street. “Whatever privilege…”

Cont’d: “…we have enables us to do what is necessary,” here at #OWS. “I forgot things, but that’s good.” #NYCGA #OWS

Justin: “Are there any other groups that need to report back.” Yup: “I wish there’d be more benefit of the doubt given in this mvmnt..”

Cont’d: “..because at least w/ everyone I’ve been in touch with, it’s pretty clear that both those words are egregious and odious. So…”

Cont’d: “…the benefit of the doubt, like patterns aren’t necessarily evidence of racism and sexism.” And some of the underlying things…

Cont’d: …are much less egregious than those words. “Like unconscious racism.” #NYCGA #OWS

Sage wants to jump in… suggests it’s weird that an individual can’t. Stairs agrees, gives him floor. Sage doesn’t take it. #NYCGA #OWS

Sage jumps up and there’s some kind of confrontation between him and Justin. Didn’t see what happened… #NYCGA #OWS

Stairs ask GA whether they want to move to the next proposal, or discuss the “act of violence” that just occurred. Justin bounced, upset.

Anthony steps up. “Justin stepped down, and I want to step up if that’s OK w/ everyone.” #NYCGA #OWS

People don’t seem to want to discuss it. @CarrieM213: “I’m so upset about the violence I just witnessed and the fact that ppl don’t…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…want to discuss it that I’m resigning from doing Minutes for the rest of the meeting.” #NYCGA #OWS

Justin says he’s about to file a police report against Sage. Nick notes the GA cannot continue w/o Minutes; we should respect it… #NYCGA

Cont’d: …and discuss that. Wants to temp check. Someone suggests we can’t temp check it when it’s the right thing to do. #NYCGA #OWS

Anthony asks for 10 seconds of silence to let the energy level fade. Sage wants to apologize to Carrie, says that he should be able to…

Cont’d: …just like, he says, @justinstoned should have apologized to him. “Before you head butted him,” Sumumba says. #NYCGA #OWS

Anthony: “This is something we’ve usually failed to address in the past,” this is a chance to fix that. He suggests we break out…

Cont’d: …into small groups to discuss how we “abolish the violence” and ways to deal with this situation. #NYCGA #OWS

OK, we’re reporting back the discussion. Ravi: “This is an ongoing problem of people getting excited and losing their shit. We need…”

Cont’d: “…to have an ongoing conversation about it so people know how to deal with it.” Notes there’s NVC, de-escalation… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “There were ways for dealing with this in the park that not everyone knows about,” so sometimes we don’t know what to do. #NYCGA

Ravi notes she and some others are working on a proposal for “nonviolent capacity-building” to occur at the start of each GA. #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “We need in the park, we need it now.” Jeff is very “concerned about violence in this movement,” notes that we should deal….

Cont’d: …with people who are aggressive to others before events like this happen. “We need to come up w/ a method” to prevent… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: …behavior that’s unacceptable. “At home, you wouldn’t let people threaten you in your house.” Same w/ at work. #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “We’re here to actually come up with better systems, but we seem to be actually avoiding coming up w/ any systems.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next: “I feel strongly we should address this issue tonight; we shouldn’t rely on the NYPD. They’re not always on our side.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next: “I agree we have to address this beforehand;” notes that in other movements, “never was it tolerated to use physical..” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…violence against another person.” Says we’ve been “mollycoddling” it for months. “You can figure out some other…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…way to bring them back in,” but otherwise we’re inviting it and “wasting our time.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next, Trish. “We’re addressing issues of violence against your individual person, if I’m not mistaken?” Stairs: “Addressing what we can do..

Cont’d: “…to prevent violent incidents from happening.” Trish: “Disperse as a movement.” [Mmmm. -Ed.] #NYCGA #OWS

Libor from Legal will make a proposal “as an individual, a comrade, and friend. We have points of unity, and we say…” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “…if people violate those principles, we eject them from the movement.” Notes Sage has pushed or punched ppl 3 times… #NYCGA #OWS

“We can’t eject him from the space; it’s a public space. But his voice shouldn’t be included when we’re making proposals.” #NYCGA #OWS

It’s an emergency proposal, so we’ll temperature check moving forward on the proposal tonight or tabling it for the future. #OWS #NYCGA

Lady: “I’m sorry, I’m going to talk over everyone just because. OK?” People respond in a chorus of “No”s. #NYCGA #OWS

Anthony: “Do we feel we should continue on w/ stack we have now before we hear emergency proposal, or move to stack on proposal?” #NYCGA

20 minutes left in the space, Atrium security informs us. First person on stack states need to deal with physical violence… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: …and then verbal violence. If this was a single event situation, he’d say let it be; since pattern, we need to address (not tonight)

Cont’d: “I personally want this guy kicked out, but we should have a due process, and then he hopefully will not show up again.” #NYCGA

Dallas notes that we need to be addressing the broader oppression we’re here to contest. #NYCGA #OWS

Next: in Chicago, it’s different b/c they have a space they rent, but they kick people out if they violate their agreements. #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “Some of us were thinking, just end the GA now, but then, what, someone can just headbutt someone and end the GA?” #NYCGA #OWS

Sumumba: “The people that are committing the violence and the disruptions are doing the same thing in different spaces.” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “We have a lot of PC ppl who feel exclusion is a bad thing, but this is a movement.” People need to take meds, or seek treatment…

Sarah Harper is upset at Sumumba’s conflation of mental illness and violence, notes she’s never been violent. #NYCGA #OWS

Next: “The idea the NYPD are the enemy is ridiculous; they’re 99% as much as we are.” Says they’re our tool to prevent violence; says…

Cont’d: …someone can get a restraining order against an aggressor, come to GA, and that person can’t come near it. #NYCGA #OWS

Bana notes there is a group of people meeting every Friday to discuss this issue. “Yesterday, I went; there were 7 ppl there.”#NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “We should be working on it, and not be reactionary.” Says we should work on root causes. #NYCGA #OWS

Eli from Boston notes that Boston had similar issues, to the point where many, including her, left. “We can’t be reactionary; there’s no…”

Cont’d: “…way we can deal with this right now in a rational way in this space.” We need to be working on safer spaces and the grievance…

Cont’d: …process. “Not 7, not 10, not 50, but 500 of us that regularly show up to meetings.” #NYCGA #OWs

Next: “One of the biggest problems surrounding violence is its ability to disrupt our meetings.” Notes that we’re now spending rest…

Cont’d: …of meeting talking about it. “It’s important to address how we can prevent that. I experienced tonight that the Facilitation can…”

Cont’d: “…toe the line and make a very strong ask about what’s going to happen afterwards; if we can just make clear what we’re asking..”

Cont’d: “…we should be able to make something clear out of that.” Says he struggled with this. #NYCGA #OWS

.@justinstoned wants to say something; he wants to thank those who reached out. “This isn’t a social issue; it’s not about our movement..”

Cont’d: “…this is a medical issue.” Feels that folks with mental illness keep hijacking our movement. “We need to take a step and figure..”

Cont’d: “…out what it means to you. We’re not going to solve this issue here tonight.” #NYCGA #OWS

Nick suggests we resolve this conversation at Zuccotti Park. Everyone is having side conversations, sometimes heated. #NYCGA #OWS

Nick: “We have 10 minutes left in this space. We’re going to finish stack, and it’s up to you guys if you want to move this discussion…”

Cont’d: “…into the Park.” Sean: “I’ve got 2 things for you. One is, I was right next to Sage, trying to be de-escalation; I didn’t…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…think that was going to happen; Sage is usually pretty reasonable. But before I could react, he took 2 steps forward…” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “…and head butted someone. I’ve never seen this from Sage before; this is what we’re talking about. That’s what happened.” #NYCGA

Cont’d: “Second thing: we have a proposal on the table to exclude someone from the movement.” He’s made similar proposals… #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: …but notes that “the continued friendly amendment I always get is, would you wait until we have a grievance process?” #NYCGA #OWS

Cont’d: “I’m just telling you what previous GAs have said about what they wanted the shape of this to be.” Suggests we “not be too…”

Cont’d: “…hasty,” wait until we have a grievance process “and give him a way back into our community.” #NYCGA #OWS

OK, we’re moving to the park. “It’s not 9:45; let’s reconvene in the Park at 10:00.” #NYCGA #OWS

Ok, we’re resuming in the park w/ a proposal “to temporarily remove Sage from #OWS” until the grievance committee process is set up. #nycga

CQ: “Any idea how long it will be before the grievance process is established?” @EliOccupy and Ravi pt out they believe 2 weeks. #NYCGA

Someone from @OccupyLA says they’re “disgusted” that “this small act of violence completely derailed the GA.” #NYcGa

Sage: “I’d attend any grievance process, workshop, any homeopathic– anything that would let me be a part of this movement.” #OWS

Sage notes it feels like “you guys” are the ones who feel assaulted, asks who would “show up to talk”. #NYCGA #OWS

Bana notes that ppl are meeting weekly about grievance process, says they’ve “been discussing transformative justice circles”. #OWS

Those circles would involve stakeholders. She says anyone concerned about this issue needs to be involved in convo. #NYCSC #OWS

Someone else asks how we “make a stance to stop all physical violence,” period. “You’ve got to stop this.” #NYCGA #OWS

Next, Han. “I’ll be blunt,” doesn’t want to discard principles, but “this movement is being disrupted.” doesn’t want to wait for…

Cont’d: …experimental justice processes are finally implemented. “Then it may be too late.” supports them, but wants to act now. #NYCGA

Bana asks Libor to clarify proposal. Libor: “I’m not asking to ban him completely; let’s temporarily remove him” until there’s a process.

If Sage sits down w/ “mediation, which we do have a process in place, he’d then be allowed to concern.” #NYCGA #OWS

Darrell is concerned about putting this to long term process, suggests we suspend Sage for a week pending mediation. #NYCGA #OWS

Darrel’s amendment also suggests Sage go through non-violent conflict resolution training as well. Libor doesn’t want to put a time…

…schedule on it. “I really like it, but I’m just asking for all of us to temporarily remove him until we decide on next steps together.”

Billy: “this is like putting fire out w/ gasoline;” can’t really ban ppl from public space. “We can just stop derailing our process…”

Cont’d: “…express that violence is not accepted,” and if there’s an incident, private action can be taken. “ignore it and move on.” #NYCGA

Sumumba feels we should honor Sage’s willingness to go through mediation; refer him to Safer Spaces and medical, let him back on their…

Cont’d: ..recommendation. “Maybe after 3 meetings, 6, something like that.” Libor accepts, but doesn’t want to put time schedule on it.

Christina: “My concern about this is very substantial,” can’t ban ppl from public space, and proposer speaks for groups not consenting…

Cont’d: …including Stacktakers, kitchen, de-escalation. “I have an issue that you’re asking ppl to enforce this” w/o agreeing to it.

Christina’s friendly amendment is “that you or other ppl in support take it on yourself” to speak w/ mediation, other groups, develop…

…mechanism to deal w/ it nonviolently. Libor says he’s dealing with it right now by proposing complete exclusion. #nycga #OWS

Ravi’s PoI is that we’ve set precedent for “temporary exclusion” (not “ban”) when ppl are physically violent. Kitchen normally excluded.

Cont’d: “There have been attempts to offer mediation as part of process; ppl haven’t participated in them,” so they can’t get on stack.

Jim says he’s in favor of restorative justice, but “we’re here because the economy crashed”, can’t let “immature behavior” stop us. #NYCGA

Cont’d: “I think one thing that’s great here is ppl try to be nonconfrontational… But when there’s this narcissistic behavior, wth?”

Next: “We’re trying to respond to acts of violence instead of what’s causing them.” that’s Johnny’s concern. #nycga #ows

Ravi pulls from past proposals, asks facilitation not to put him on stack, ad loving ask Sage not to enter our space until he goes… #nycga

Cont’d: “…through a grievance process.” Sean feels it’s fine to ask mediation to go through a process w/ Sage. #nycga #ows

Sean, Cont’d: “If mediation doesn’t handle it,” the upcoming grievance process will take it on. #NYCGA #OWS

Sean proposes we empower ppl to surround individuals to surround disrupters and move the GA in response. #nycga #OWS

People don’t like that, feel we don’t need GA approval to do that. #nycga #ows

Next friendly amendment is to make sure it’s specific. No stack, not in GA or Spokes, keep distance from us. Very similar to Ravi’s. #NYCGA

Next concern is about the precedent this sets for how we deal w/ act of exclusion. “in same night, we’re moving directly to pass this..”

Cont’d: “…temporary exclusion,” not comfortable w/ that, especially indefinite term, given our emotional states of mind. #nycga #ows

He has 2 suggestions, to make it last a week, or to say “this is not the precedent we’re setting.” Ravi notes it’s the third time. #nycga

Libor appreciates it, but doesn’t want to enable continued aggression, and declines the FA. #nycga #OWS

Sage: “When I facilitated spokes, someone threatened me continually; I asked for help,” didn’t get any. “if this is a proposal for all…”

Cont’d: “…violent ppl, I’d like to propose that it go into our ongoing processes that if there are 2 witnesses to the violence..” #nycga

Cont’d: “..that even if it’s verbal violence, they’d be no longer enfranchised,” says he was verbally assaulted by ppl all day. #nycga

Sage also suggests we pass this at the next GA, to give ppl to sleep on it, make sure we’re not making hasty decisions. #nycga #ows

Libor says he’s hearing him, but is rejecting his FA. #nycga #ows

Next FA is again to set a time limit. “None of us are qualified right now to state certainly we’re not acting hastily. Let’s set at least…

Cont’d: “…*some* time limit.” suggests time limit, “whatever you wouldn’t reject.” Libor offers one month. Accepted. #OWS #nycga

Now we’re moving to consensus. “Any standasides?” 3 standasides. Sage wants to speak in his defense, not clear where in process he can.

Christine is standing aside, “as member of Facilitation, I do not feel comfortable with the burden being placed on me,” won’t accept it.

Next, @what_a_fiasco notes this isn’t first time; but we’re acting unprecedentedly hastily. Standing aside b/c doesn’t understand why..

Cont’d: …this is happening right now. Additional standasides are popping up. Stairs asks for any more to let her know. #nycga ows

Lady is standing aside b/c “this is a mob mentality process”. “I think we should table this” until 24-hour review process. “not just like..”

Cont’d: … small bunch of ppl deciding for everyone.” Next, Josh hates ostracization. @diceytroop stands aside because we’re acting…

Cont’d: …too hastily, he says; we can’t act in good conscience until we have “due process.” billy is standing aside, almost a block…

Tess agrees, stands aside. “it’s imperative we enact a policy and procedure ASAP for dealing w/ this. Can’t keep doing…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…this ad-hoc, and if we’re going to it’s especially unfair not to let him speak.” Bana agrees w/ dicey, notes this movement..

…is about injustice more generally. “We need to build a community to be more radical, create more creative ways to deal w/ this problem.”

Cont’d: “It’s a simple solution to a problem that is incredibly complex; very much falling” back into old bad habits. #nycga #os

Next standaside feels uncomfortable with process; next one feels we’re abstracting complex emotion over-intellectually. #nycga

Sage stands aside. “Sat, it was really cold; I offered to give you a space blanket,” missed opportunity to block. Notes person he pushed…

Cont’d: “…called me an idiot 7 times in a row.” “As far as yr accusation of me assaulting tht dude, I have nothing to say to you officer.”

Cont’d: “Personally, I just think if the situation was a little different,” we’d feel differently. Felt Justin came after him. #nycga #OWS

Sage: “I’m vibrating air, and the machine in your ear is yelling you I’m vibrating air, but you’re not hearing what I’m saying.” #NYCGA #ows

Sage says he’d asked Justin not to talk to him, felt that was violated, that he was defending his space. 12 standasides total. #nycga #ows

Sean: “Hi! I’m your vibes checker! You’re an angry mob!” Notes how many standasides: 12 ppl total. 7 blocks will be stated next. #nycga #ows

First block, Billy, who also stood aside. He says GA is wasting its time and using aggression to justify getting off track. #OWS #nycga

Bless’ block: “The reason I put the block up is this mvmt’s about to be about unity.” Knows Sage is a pain in the ass, “but at the same…”

Cont’d: “…time, he’s a part of this community.” Next, Daryl supports exclusion in some cases, but wants to have specific conditions…

Cont’d: “…for his return.” Bana: “This is not a solution, not addressing what’s really happening, and it’s not an emergency.” #nycga

Next block notes Sage is willing to take a week off if we come back w/ proposal w/ specific process next GA. #nycga #ows

Lady, blocking, notes we hv problems in our community, don’t look at verbal violence, violence in action, & marginalization of mentally ill.

Frankie’s block notes that Nan slapped him in the face but no action was taken, “you don’t see what leads to the problem, you only act..”

Cont’d: “…after it happens.” Sage blocks, noting that Americans have largest prison population in the world, reading statistics. #nycga

Next block: “This is my fourth GA; I’m new, from Chicago.” “my mother was a speech teacher; we have a problem listening in general.” #nycga

Tess’ block: “No way we’re a valid decision-making body now.” We’re ignoring process, talking ovr each other. “This is Occupy Kindergarten.”

Libor responds to block, indicates lack of desire to come w/ pitchfork. Asks us to think about when we’ve bn bullied, all the ppl… #nycga

Cont’d: …who’ve left due to feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. Jeff threatens @DiceyTroop for suggesting his repeated threats of violence…

Cont’d: ..are as bad as anything Sage has done. We’re moving to modified consensus. “11 against and 16 in favor, so this does not pass.”

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