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RT @OccupyWallStNYC: RT @OWSLivestream: How to setup as a #CitizenJournalist Text OWSLIVE to 55678 when ready #The …

RT @dontbeaputz: To be clear: bands will performing live in-studio at WBAI & speakers will be live at 6th & Canal. Lou Reed will be doin …

RT @carriem213: THIS IS AWESOME. RT @D17Reoccupy The People’s Amp – How to prepare for #D17 #OWS

RT @PhattyF: @drgoddess @OsborneInk OWS should have been more open to advice to make the movement more effective..I am hardly seeing #OW …

RT @drgoddess: @PhattyF @OsborneInk Well, I went there when I was last in NYC and you can read General Assembly from @LibertySqGA #OWS

RT @OsborneInk: .@drgoddess @PhattyF I’ll be the first to defend OWS as a rational response to a failed system.

RT @OWS_Tactical: TACTICS: If a cop grabs your friend, you can defend them by pulling your friend’s other arm, but don’t touch the cop.

RT @OWS_Tactical: TACTICS (cont’d) In a #policestate, even slightly touching a cop can get you charged with “assaulting an officer”.

RT @thejorobin: Att #D17! At 10:15am on 50th & Brdwy! The People’s Puppets Of #OWS present An Occupation Carol, Mayor Bloomscrooge terro …

Today! Premiere Performance of An Occupation Tale by #OWS Puppet Guild at 50th and Bdwy at 10:15AM #peoplespuppets

RT @heratylaw: If yr at Duarte w a smartphone, download the TuneIn/PRX Radio Player, play WBAI 99.5FM. Online stream here: …

RT @heratylaw: Santa up and over! Re-occupy! #d17 #ows

RT @carriem213: Hey all, I can tell you definitely 60 Wall is shut down. NYPD erecting barricades on some streets surrounding. #D17 #OWS

RT @OccupyWallStNYC: All to times sq now please 46&bway #OccupyTheHeart as you peacefully assemble. #D17 RT it kids…

OK, GA is starting in Zuccotti Park. I’m going to LT as long as it goes. #nycga #ows

I will switch to @LibertySqGA, @LibertySqGA2 and @LibertySqGA3 as needed. #nycga #ows

We’re working out facilitation. Someone announced that there was vandalism during the march today. “This is unacceptable.” #nycga #ows

Daniel and Stefano will be “Stairs” tonight (facilitation). #nycga #ows

There’s no one here from Minutes. Hmm. Sounds like we’re going to make do with abbreviated minutes on paper. #nycga #ows

Working group reportbacks. Housing! Review of #d6. “We took over a building and gave it to this family!” Looking successful, keeping it.

Structure WG is reforming! Next, John. “I’m reading a text message I just got. #OWS dinner is now being served at 56 Walker.” (Ugh.) #nycga

Ted: “A bunch of awesome occupiers went down to DC to show support for #BradleyManning; an #occupier interrupted the proceedings to…”

Cont’d: “…state that he was a hero.” Also, Ted is working to organize an Open Source overtaking of the 2012 Ball Drop. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We’re going to do this transparently and legally and want autonomous actions too, but want folks to see us live in 2012.” #nycga

CQ: “How many ppl went down for Bradley Manning? Did he see you in courtroom?” A: “30 went down; court room was small.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “It’s an illegitimate trial; there’s a biased judge who is denying valid witnesses.” “We wouldn’t be here if not for him.” #nycga

Next, movement groups have been getting together to “create a clearing house where folks are coordinating mass statements.” #nycga #ows

OK, we’re moving to the agenda. There’s the Constitution Working Group again, then the D6 Action Team, then the 3rd item is from OccupyFarms

…4th, Housing proposal, 5th, truck drivers who lost work. There’s more. Emergency proposals will be heard first.

Sorry for the silence; I made an emergency proposal to end GA and it didn’t reach modified consensus. #nycga #ows

Next Emergency proposal deals with some property damage that supposedly happened today during the march. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “Do people want to hear proposal now, or fit it somewhere into the agenda?” #nycga #ows

The prop is to state that we’ll take responsibility for vandalism that occurs during our marches, if we agree #OWS is responsible. #nycga

CQ: “How are you going to determine whether we’re responsible or not?” Says it’s wishy-washy and could be used against us. #nycga

A: “It happened as #OWS was walking by.” They think they know who it is. “We’re a peaceful protest; we don’t need that.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Are you saying take responsibility?” A: “Only if it’s determined that we are responsible.” #nycga #ows

Someone is concerned that if we are wrong about who did it, we could get someone in trouble. #nycga #ows

Someone else’s concern: “Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law,” skeptical it was us. #nycga #ows

A: “The point of this is just to send a message that we care, *if* this was our fault.” #nycga #ows

Concern: “I’m highly concerned about doing anything until we view the security footage, which I’m sure exists.” #nycga #ows

Bobby’s concern: “Starbucks is a violent corporation,” based on business practices. Feels property destruction is not violence. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “We should let sleeping dogs lie; we don’t want to help the police to use this against us.” #nycga #ows

A: “This is to distance us from this event.” Says throwing a brick is violent, unlike breaking a lock on a foreclosed home. #nycga #ows

Ted accepts the friendly amendment that we could make it a general statement we don’t condone violent action. #nycga #ows

Next FA: “Write a message that condemns violent action and condones personal responsibility, draft tonight, don’t point to speculation..”

Cont’d: “…re this particular incident.” #nycga #ows

RT @sugarmaple77200: @LibertySqGA accident ??? someone sat down too heavily in a window

Language: “We believe in corporate responsibility and individual responsibility and do not condone violence.” #nycga #ows

Next, “we shouldn’t compose any language at all until we talk to the lawyers.” Ted agrees. #nycga #ows

Oh, the amender wants to table the proposal and have Ted bring the language written with help of lawyers back to GA. #nycga #ows

Ted would like to make the statement to Legal, then ask them what they think before publicly releasing it. #nycga #ows

That sates that FA, but Bobby reiterates that he feels that GA should have final say after Legal reviews the text. #nycga #ows

A: “To address those concerns, if Legal doesn’t have problems, can we release it? Otherwise bring it back to GA.” #nycga #ows

OK, moved to blocks. Bobby is blocking b/c he knows ppl who have been put away for property destruction as “terrorist act”, doesn’t…

Cont’d: …want movement to put ppl in that position by undermining them. #nycga #ows

OK, so Ted is agreeing to draft a proposal, bring it to GA after running by Legal. #nycga #ows

So now we’re consenting to create a group to create language, then run it by legal; if they don’t change it they don’t hv to bring to GA.

OK, we’re now checking for blocks. Someone from Florida says “please be very careful about what you start taking responsibility for.” #nycga

So, I blocked at the last second and pointed out that this stuff is really tricky and has taken weeks to be resolved in other cities. #nycga

Ted took my language as a FA: “#OWS does not throw bricks through windows; that’s not how we roll.” #nycga #ows

Bobby is still going to block because this could potentially restrict our ability to stand in solidarity in the future. #nycga #ows

“This is a bigger question.” Ted: “I still think we can say #OWS does not throw bricks through windows,” w/o undermining how we…

Cont’d: ..feel about specific incidents where culpability is in question. #nycga #ows

Bobby and Ted work it out — the language will include some other language and also provoke a future discussion. #nycga #ows

Next up, Bob from Constitution WG. “This proposal consists of 7 petitions for redress of grievances.” #nycga #ows

“The 1st amendment guarantees freedom of worship, press, assembly, but also it has an accountability clause.” Last 10 words. #nycga

Cont’d: “The government has been violating provisions of the Constitution.” W/ scholars’ help, they have 7 petitions for redress. #nycga

It asks them to respond w/in 40 days, while rebutting the legal and factual statements w/in and comply w/ instructions. #nycga #ows

“Over 2 weeks ago, we presented this proposal at a GA for the purpose of allowing a 1-week review.” Distrod 1000+ copies. #nycga #ows

So, Bob and his WG want us to endorse these petitions so they can get 9 million signatures, which is a “magic number” for some reason.#nycga

CQ: “I’m concerned that what you’re asking us to do is to approve this entire 30 pages as a whole.” Wants to divide question. #nycga #ows

Bob says that we’re moving forward 1 by 1 if we’d like. Someone asks him if ppl’s reactions last time, and their concerns w/ his other…

…sites, including accusing Obama of lying about his birth, and w/ them not using #OWS process, changed his approach or proposal. #nycga

Bob: “My wife and I were ready to vote for Obama until we read the decision of Judge [Surik?], relating to the words “natural born”…”

Daniel PoPs him, but he wants to finish. “This citizen had legitimate concern b/c his research, right or wrong, meant both that you…”

Cont’d: “…had to be born a citizen and on US soil. Obama asked to dismiss the case because…” Dan PoPs again. #nycga #ows

He’s answering the question. “The proposal hasn’t changed b/c concerns about past work outside of #OWS aren’t part of the proposal.” #nycga

Someone else asks the same question. “No, it hasn’t. The concerns aren’t political concerns; they’re legal concerns about legality.” #nycga

PoP: “This crowd is too small to have any consensus.” Asks for a temp check on whether the crowd is too small. #nycga #ows

Daniel says a few ppl say it’s too small; points that if it’s too small for this proposal, it’s too small for any. #nycga #ows

Now they’re formally temp-checking on whether we should continue. It got confusing but I think we’re continuing. #nycga #ows

OK, Stairs are straw polling for tabling for a later/larger GA. We don’t have consensus, so it’s going to continue. #nycga #ows

Bob: “Could I just hear, one after the other, what the issues are?” Someone else wants a 90% modified consensus vote. #nycga #ows

Next CQ: “I’m very cold, and getting very worn out, and I’ve been looking at a # of suggestions of how to get our constitution back.” #nycga

Cont’d: “I’m very much in favor of many of the proposals hv been made. Haven’t looked at this yet, but we should be looking at many things.”

Cont’d: “I don’t think we can do justice to this tonight.” Bob is upset because he has made such an effort to come down. #nycga #ows

Bob: “We’ve posted these on! We’ve held teach-ins! What else can we do?” #nycga #ows

Bob: “Each one of these has the same format,” laying down specific violations and then seeking specific remedies. #nycga #ows

He repeats the earlier explanation and insists “there’s no danger to the movement.” “We’ve had the constitution WG here; we agreed on…”

Cont’d: “…the issues.” “It’s non-political; everybody should vote, everybody should do due diligence.” #nycga #ows

We’re out of the allocated time for this proposal, so Stairs is temp-checking adding more time. Someone blocks, hahah. #nycga #ows

Stairs: “It’s a problem w/ the GA structurally that coming to consensus on a really large issue, if the item can’t be introduced and…”

Cont’d: “…decided upon in the same night,” new people come to the next time and we have a hard time getting clarity. #nycga #ows

Bobby raises a PoP, in concern w/ Stairs’ editorial comments. Other stairs: “We didn’t have consensus on giving more time ATM.” #nycga #ows

Stairs now temp-checking tabling the proposal. Next PoP: “I heard from this fellow who I don’t know who has raised these issues last…”

Cont’d: “…time. I’ll tell you where I’m at; I want to defend…” Stairs notes we’re discussing whether to give this more time. #nycga #ows

Bob is mad at us. “So, Occupy Wall Street is against the Constitution.” No, we say. #nycga #ows

It’s tabled. Next proposal: 702 Vermont / the #D6 house! #nycga #ows

702VT: “On 12/6, #OWS, working in conjunction w/ local grassroots community organizations began working w/ a family to occupy…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…an illegally-foreclosed house and to turn it into a new home.” Many are defending it. “In order to remain, we need materials…”

Cont’d: “…to make it more sustainable.” Points out we are the flagship occupation and set tone for movement. #nycga #ows

“We request the GA make this emblematic of the next phase: to take it back, and make banks pay big time.” No heat, water, kitchen, showers.

“Generally, a few ppl fronted a # of costs. This proposal includes a reimbursement of those costs.” Food, sleeping materials, sanitation…

“We’re asking for consensus on this budget proposal.” The total is $9576.30. The details of the proposal are on #nycga #ows

Essentially it’s for sustaining the occupiers w/ heat, electricity, food, and then supplies for next phase of cleanup/rehab. #nycga #ows

Old expenses make up about $5k, things ppl put down ahead of time that they’d like reimbursement for. #nycga #ows

Stacking CQs. CQ: “Tuesday or Thursday at GA, a woman came from Sanitation and asked for her own money. Is that part of this?” #nycga #ows

A: “Jordan from Sanitation got money for sanitation; that’s not included in this.” They’re helping clean other buildings as well. #nycga#ows

Next CQ: “Is this coming from Sanitation, DA, or O4O?” A: “It’s coming from the #D6 team that worked with DA on this action.” #nycga #ows

CQ again: “I do sort of question the legitimacy of 25 of us making this decision, but we should pass it. They’re doing great work.”#nycga

CQ: “Can we turn the electricity on?” A: “Working on ways to hook up with ConEd w/ donated help, also $ for bike generator in here.” #nycga

CQ: “You started answering about using alternative techniques for power,” are they thinking about solar, other stuff? #nycga #ows

A: “That’s part of our plan; it’s a flagship building” and family is totally down for ways to make it radically sustainable. #nycga #ows

A cont’d: “We delayed for awhile due to legal issues, but it looks like we may actually really be given this house.” Can do a lot! #nycga

@chickenvideo Try

@OccupyWallSt it’s at liberty squaaaare

CQ: “Will you need more later?” A: “There’s about 14 point ppl – not even “ppl involved,” and we’re working on other ways to get $.” #nycga

Someone proposes we make a new We Are the World and do “some sort of fundraiser telecast on livestream” to get folks to support this! #nycga

OK, no more CQs; hearing Concerns. No concerns. “When there’s no concerns, we sort of assume we’ve come to consensus.” Restating proposal.

“Prop is to allocate funds for 702 Vermont, part of a national action. The amount being allocated for immediate needs and reimbursement…”

Cont’d: “…for this house, & also to be used for future home occupations, is $9k [whatever I said before. -Ed.]” Any blocks? No! Consensus!

Stairs: “In 10 minutes! Give yourselves a hand.” OK, next proposal is for Housing Group. “It’s time-sensitive; need to know by midnight.”

We’ve consensed on hearing Housing next. After surveying other proposers, we’ve also got Occupy Farms and Visions and Goals. #nycga #ows

Housing! “It’s really simple; the Housing WG is seeking funding to continue to subsidize our stay at SPSA and Park Slope (the churches).”

Cont’d: “They’re housing an average of 100 ppl a night, and we want to continue this for the next 2 weeks.” Asking for $5,200 for 2 wks.

Cont’d: “Also, I’d like to add that housing has secured a structure for long-term housing that won’t require being paid for.” #nycga #ows

But it won’t be available immediately. Still, great news! “The way things are right now, this will be the last time we make this proposal.”

The new structure needs some work done, but it’s not “totally extensive” and should be done in the next few weeks. #nycga #ows

CQ: “What’s the $ being spent on?” A: “$300 at SPSA, $100 at Park Slope.” Being used to subsidize utilities at those churches. #nycga #ows

CQ: Someone asks for paperwork, just b/c others always get asked for the same details. Wants names at churches. #nycga #ows

A doesn’t know the names of the ppl in churches, b/c he wasn’t in that meeting. He’s just bringing the proposal. #nycga #ows

A cont’d: “The paperwork: Finance has that info. I went to try to get it but no one was in the Finance area.” Due to actions today. #nycga

@OccupyMom That’s b/c #GA is at #zuccotti, not 60 Wall. @occupywallst

CQ: “Is there any contingency plan you have in case the new structure has not come in w/in these 2 weeks?” #nycga #ows

A: “We are running multiple options; we have a big long list of places that need to be checked out and looked into.” #nycga #ows

@OccupyMom @occupywallst we actually are at liberty square. <3

OK, no more CQs. Any concerns? One more question: “How many staying at each church?” 100 capacity at SPCA; 30 at Pk Slope. #nycga #ows

No concerns; any blocks? “I’d block anyone blocking this proposal,” someone says. No blocks! Consensus! #nycga #ows

Visions and Goals were next but b/c they are great humanitarians, they will pass their revision out and get feedback on sidebar. #nycga #ows

Next, OccupyFarms! Wilson is an environmentalist and biologist. “I’ve been working on small farms for years and I’ve seen how wonderful…”

Cont’d: “…and important it is to be connected to where your food comes from.” If #OWS is addressing power imbalances, Wall Street…

Cont’d: …is one, but agricultural industries are also vastly powerful. “What OccupyFarms is doing – 2 wks ago, this was an idea…” #nycga

Cont’d: “…now we have 9 farms that are ready to go.” He’s sunk a lot of $ into this but “I don’t care; this is a good direction for the..”

Cont’d: “…movement to go in.” Some are in NY, MA, VT, CT, NJ, and VA? #nycga #ows

“So, what we’re asking is $3000 to fund 24 round-trips thru winter to bring people up and get us moving.” #nycga #ows

“I work on a farm in Westchester, 15acres, we’re able to feed 400 people.” Plus more. OccupyFarms’ farm is 56 acres. #nycga #ows

“The only reason we’re having issues is because we lack the $ to get the ball rolling.” #nycga #ows

“Down the road, this could be a revenue-generator for the farm; the potential is incredible. If we want to build a sustainable future..”

Cont’d: “…this is the direction to go in.” Total: $3000 for gas and food for outreach efforts in the next few months. #nycga #ows

“We have most of these ppl already, and I’ve been doing a lot of outreach; we just need funds to start doing more.” #nycga #ows

“So, that’d be $3000 for food and gas to build relationships and bring ppl up to the farms.” #nycga #ows

“People are really, truly trying to get behind us. This is just to get the ball rolling and to come back later for more $ once we…”

Cont’d: “…have a clear budget.” Opening stack for clarifying questions. #nycga #ows

Corey’s CQ: “I’m super-eager for this to happen, and I really want it to. But a few days ago, there was a $15k request that got denied..”

Cont’d: “…because there was ambiguity and concern about costs like insurance” and idea that GA funds can’t lead to profit. #nycga #ows

A: “We’ve been having a lot of discussion about that, so that’s why this proposal is only for transportation costs. We haven’t…”

Cont’d: “…been able to explore these ideas and solidify a plan.” #nycga #ows

CQ asks about the other farms. “Yes, 1 thing this $ would be used for, to get other farms involved in the conversation.” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Are you aware of co-operative spin-off efforts being made to create co-operative businesses?” A: “No, we’ll hv to check” #nycga #ows

CQ: “Would you be using pesticides or organics?” A: He’s not sure, but assumes organic would fit better within our tradition. #nycga #ows

CQ: “So, food would come back later? We’re purchasing stake in the farms, yes?” A: “Yes.” #nycga #ows

And that brings us to concerns. C: “So, we’re getting involved w/ these entities. Let’s say you come back and ask for equipment, seed…”

Cont’d: “…fertilizer, and we make that investment, and at some point we lost access to the farm.” Foreclosure, family has change of heart.

Cont’d: “How do we know we won’t lose the money?” A: “That’s one reason we are just getting these initial, exploratory costs.” #nycga #ows

A agrees that any heavy equipment or investment would need to hammered out in fine detail. #nycga #ows

Someone speaks out that the family has a fall-back plan. “That makes me feel better, but I want some guarantee…” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “…that we’re going to get $ back, or produce.” Not pertinent to this specific request bt anything specific should be in writing.

PoI: “The working group isn’t going to be about making any specific investments- it’ll be about outreach and movement building.” #nycga

(That being a change, or refinement, in focus.) #nycga #ows

CQ: “As far as housing, where will you house ppl?” A: “We’ve been building some structures; some farms already have housing and can…”

Cont’d: “…do an exchange.” Says in the 2 weeks he’s been up there, rejuvenative effects of new energy are apparent. #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “As we build, we should be able to have a steady rotation of movement folks” through the farms. #nycga #ows

CQ: “How many occupiers do you anticipate needing at a time?” A: “Well, not occupiers per say, but I’ve known people who have farmed…”

Cont’d: “…organically and exceptionally managed 5 acres alone,” if everyone works 15 hours a week we can farm large amnt of land/food.

Next C: “What you’re asking for is still for a business, and legally, OWS cannot do that.” A: “No, we’re asking for $ for transportation…”

Cont’d: “…and food, to facilitate relationships between occupiers, farms, and between the farms.” #nycga #ows

Also, he wants them to have something in the city, and is worried about future expenses cropping up. #nycga #ows

A: “I do understand the need to do things locally in the city – absolutely. The local limits are 240 miles, and this place is 150 away.”

Another A: “And we encourage all small farms in the city, and are trying to do as much outreach as we can.” #nycga #ows

Cont’d: “It just so happens that this family reached out to us.” “We just want enough $ to plant this seed and let folks move forward.”

Jay’s FA: “On Monday, the NYPD are going to release some army tents that were to be used here. There are 12 of them. We have no place…”

Cont’d: “…to put them better than a farm.” Asks we offer a portion of those to help farms better develop. #nycga #ows

Stairs notes that he doesn’t know if there is a prior allocation; we don’t think there is and will make this contingent on availability.

Proposers are adding a request for 4 of the large tents, if theyre not already allocated for other use. FA: reimburse past $300. #nycga #ows

Proposers accept that. FA: “Please work w/ co-op group to try to integrate into their efforts!” Accepted. #nycga #ows

FA: “As you proceed to investigate potential relationships, please keep formal agreements in mind.” X for X. “Not nebulous; in writing.”

Stairs: “Before taking consensus, I’d like to restate. $3300, including prior expenses, and future expenses for gas, food, transporation…”

Cont’d: “…for the purpose of bldg relationships, w/ commitment to reach out to cooperative, & secure contracts before future investment.”

Any blocks? 1 block. Stairs asks it be stated. “We do a lot of things in a hurry. I would like this issue to be tabled to make sure…”

Cont’d: “…we can legally do this or not before moving forward. We have a tendency to go for everything in a hurry and then may regret it.”

He wants to make sure this is legally permissible. Stairs asks if he can be assuaged. “Yes, bring us a specialist.” #nycga #ows

Someone asks if he means a lawyer; yes, he wants one brought here. We’re trying to explain that the question of GA’s investment isn’t…

…at issue here. He holds his block, so we’re moving to modified consensus. People opposed? 1 against. “We have modified consensus!” #nycga

“That’s our last proposal, right?” one Stairs asks the other, almost disbelievingly. “Yeah.” #nycga #ows

Someone reminds us that the PACE UNCONFERENCE IS TOMORROW! #nycga #ows

Stairs: “I’d like to acknowledge that GA is essentially adjourned!” But Daniel reminds us to look at and feedback on Visions&Goals’ thing.

“Thank you!” That’s it fam! Questions, concerns, hit me up at @diceytroop #nycga #ows

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