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RT @OWScom: TONIGHT: OWS Spokes Council at 56 Walker at 7pm. #OWS

RT @DiceyTroop: About to start livetweeting Spokescouncil over at @LibertySqGA. Hey, have you seen the amazing @OWSAccounting feed? Walk …

And the #OWS Spokescouncil fun begins! Follow here and @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3 and @LibertySqGA4 for livetweets. <3 #NYCSC #D23

Ashley mic checked and asked if folks minded if she facilitated; she is complaining that the intended team facilitates too frequently.#nycsc

.@NegestiC: “I understand we need to have this convo, but the whole room needs to be involved.” Ppl focusing in now on meeting. #nycsc #ows

Negesti explains that the situation is that @OWSFacilitation has changed our meeting model & that’s why Stairs teams have been ad-hoc often.

(We moved from 7 meetings a week to 3, with idea that individuals would coordinate facilitation. Sometimes it hasn’t happened.) #nycsc #ows

Negesti, who was to Facilitate, telling the meeting calmly that Ashley has a personal issue w/ her, despite refusing mediation. #nycsc #ows

OK, so it looks lk co-Stairs (facilitators) tonight will be Jeff from Town Planning and Karanja frm PR. Rest of the team coalescing. #nycsc

Oop, looks like Danielle and Jeff will be the team, Karanja stepping back. @thejorobin will do vibecheck, Kyle from @OccupyDC taking stack.

Jeff is introducing the team — someone stepped up: “I feel like what happened before the meeting started, where Negesti was told she…”

“…couldn’t facilitate… I felt like she didn’t have a chance to respond and it was out of process.” Says it was bullying. #nycsc #ows

Ashley says that’s an attack on her; speaker didn’t actually cite her by name tho. #nycsc #ows

Jeff notes that there is no official process for selecting facilitators (sort of true), but he’ll RPS w/ @NegestiC for facilitation. #nycsc

Ashley says she wants to respond to that. #nycsc #ows

.@ThatsJodi MCs: “Ashley, you’re saying an individual did something to you very similar to what you did to another individual.” #nycsc #ows

.@ThatsJodi continues: “When you spoke, you were out of process”; so was the 1st person who brought up issue; everyone is OOP. #nycsc #ows

So, enough of that. Facilitation gets everyone to pay attention. @thejorobin: “I know tonight is intense, and I’m offering to step back…”

Cont’d: “…w/ my opinions tonight to work as vibe checker, if that’s OK.” Kyle says he’s taking stack and says “I don’t feel there’s…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…a lot of tension in this room, because we’re all adults and we came here” to get stuff done. #nycsc #ows

Patrice asks for consensus on her being timekeeper. This is entirely uncontroversial. #nycsc #ows

OK, Stairs are opening stack on Working Group reportbacks. Starting w/ hand signals. #nycsc #ows

For the hand signal review, I again point you to this great compilation made by @maxfenton. #nycsc #ows

Lots of ppl asking about Livestream tonight; I don’t see any streamers. Sorry, I’ll do my best to fill the void. #nycsc #ows

Some notes brought up about the “wrap it up” signal (revolving hands around each other) – “use it with compassion”, let Stairs do it mostly.

And, Jeff highlights the “point of affection” (make a <3 w/ yr hands). “I have this for everyone in this room.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff asks that working group reportbacks be concise, 1min. And the agenda will come from the reportbacks. #nycsc #ows

People of Color Caucus (@ThatsJodi spoking tonight): “I’m saying this during the report back portion, but this wouldn’t constitute a…”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…a report back.” PoCC will convene a review of what happened Wednesday. “We’re convening the process of this spokescouncil…”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…to confer as a caucus,” and will come back to the group. Means we must halt all business until we deal with what happened. #nycsc

Jodi: “What happened wasn’t appropriate; not just the incident but what happened w/ facilitation and the ppl in this room.” #nycsc #ows

Jodi: “It’s not just what happened this one day, but there are dynamics that have been evolving which will affect how the process unfolds..”

Cont’d: “…how consensus unfolds, how the enforcement/accountability process unfolds.” Asks we hold ourselves accountable and “challenge…”

Cont’d: “…yourself to think of new models of justice. That’s what we’re asking and we’ll get back to you.” #nycsc #ows

Stairs sort of continues w/ reportbacks, but Karanja notes “to be clear, we are invoking our power to stop proceedings.” #nycsc #ows

Also, “if you’re sitting w/ another group, we’re calling for our caucus to convene.” #nycsc #ows

[This hasn’t happened be4; pure opinion: This is needed, and it’s great to set precedent of asserting caucus powers when clearly needed.-Ed]

[We’ll be back as soon as the People of Color Caucus is ready to proceed.] #nycsc #ows

.@ThatsJodi micchecks: “Someone pointed out that if you weren’t here Wednesday, you might be in a state of confusion about why PoCC..”

Cont’d: “…has decided to invoke the operations of this Spokescouncil” (i.e., specific caucus protections around issues of concern.) #nycsc

Cont’d: “On Weds, an individual had a cardboard sign that would be used to identify WGs or caucuses; on that cardboard sign was written…”

Cont’d: “…a statement that said “Aryan Brotherhood & Sisterhood & Allies Caucus.” Was hidden by another sign, not sure how long held for.

Cont’d: “When I saw, I pointed it out to PoCC spoke; they brought it to Facilitation, and what happened was, we felt, a break in process..”

Cont’d: “…or the process was not designed to deal w/ this sort of thing, but either way Facilitation continued process in Spokes….” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…and the individual was asked to move outside for mediation.” Issue was not adequately addressed in Spokescouncil that nite. #nycsc

Cont’d: “We felt that was really inappropriate and we hope we all can come up w/ process for dealing w/ that in future w/o just continuing…”

Cont’d: “..process.” Someone else points out that many people defended it, saying it was “a stupid joke,” especially white ppl… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: …but he says, “it happened to be “a stupid racist joke.” @shawncarrie asks that we not soapbox during this time, tho. #nycsc #ows

@zhustlah [I feel you, hard. But so can unaddressed grievances, especially re: oppression. Very important work for us to be doing. -Ed]

Still here! The People of Color Caucus are preparing to address the SC. We’re in recess until then. MT @drovarela: where’d you go, Dicey!

RT @heyniceplanet: @LibertySqGA Many thanks for your hard work – esp with no live streams. Folks are copying the your twitterfeed into t …

.@heyniceplanet [No problem, fam! That’s why we keep it robust, reliable, and avoid any central points of failure or control.]

@YashBoone [This is new (not part of ongoing power struggles), this isn’t disruption, this is in-process and, IMO, on point. -Ed.]


@maxfenton hahahah. My bad.

Sorry, @maxfenton kindly pointed out that we forgot to actually post the hand signals link. Here: #nycsc #ows

Kyle from @OccupyDC got up and expressed a loss of patience w/ #NYCSC, said it wasn’t about sign, it was about walking out. #ows

Folks asking for patience as PoCC prepares to address us… we’re coming back now. #nycsc #ows

PoCC: “We’d like to ask, if everyone’s willing, to take your seats, so we can talk about why we did what we did, and how we all together..”

Cont’d: “…can build a stronger movement. We had a chance to decompress; we want you to have a chance to decompress…”

Cont’d: “…and then we want to switch, and be solutions-oriented, and not just grumble unless we know how to change things for the better.”

Cont’d: “Does that sound OK?” I think we think it sounds OK. #nycsc #ows

Jeff from TP: “First, we need to establish if in fact the PoC, this caucus, has decided to break their caucus and resume process.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “So, we just need the word from this group that we can return to process.” Yes, that’s the plan, PoCC indicate. #nycsc #ows

.@thejorobin, vibes check: “I know it’s tense right now, but we’re focusing on movement building and it’s important to respect the space…”

Cont’d: “…and respect the process that follows,” notes she’s not trying to convene a meditation, in reference to last night. Hahah. #nycsc

Jeff explains that what just happened is “completely a part of process. Everytime a caucus group decides to convene, what they can do is..”

Cont’d: “…freeze process. They can do it for 30 mins, weeks, month. They’ve decided to discuss an issue pertinent to their group.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Once they’re done conferring, before we can move forward, they must tell us we can return to spokes process.” #nycsc #ows

.@shawncarrie: “Before the PoC caucus resumes to address what we were discussing,” wants to address what someone just posted on @VibeWall.

Jason wrote a message onscreen; there was a discussion about whether he should do that, Jason says he has free speech but is sorry. #nycsc

(The message was perceived as disrespectful to PoC caucus decision. Moving on.)

PoCC: “I think a lot of ppl in the space have been feeling that this isn’t a safe space, no matter who you are. Experiencing different…”

Cont’d: “…types of oppression in this space. I don’t want to tokenize myself, so please take what I say as recorded from other ppl…”

Cont’d: “…but my own interpretation. We want to give people the opportunity to decompress. We were evicted from a space; that was a…”

Cont’d: “…violent experience.” We don’t have enough space to decompress from oppressive things that happen to us. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Secondly, we want to be solutions-oriented.” Have ideas on how we can move towards safe, just world. #nycsc #ows

She wants us to address what happened Wednesday, which “wasn’t addressed properly.” “If we take silence as our cue,” not resolved.

“There needs to be equity and consistency in how systems are enforced. Currently there’s no way to build trust” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “How do we know where we are all at? We need to check our own privilege (all of us have it), we need to talk about language, of…”

Cont’d: “…what would and would be appropriate. For example, idea that b/c we’re all part of the 99%, racism, classism, sexism doesn’t exist”

Cont’d: “That’s oppressive because it erases our history. This movement is about human relationships — people, not processes.” Need to…

Cont’d: “…be flexible.” Means we need deep listening and feedback. Need to hear each other. #nycsc #ows

Next, @shawncarrie: “I want to make sure we’re in a safe space, where we don’t feel rushed to speak. That happens a lot… we have a lot…”

Cont’d: “…of meetings. There’s a culture where everyone wants to say something. And what we all want to say is important, but there’s a..”

Cont’d: “…culture that’ sreally unspoken thatI want to name now, and that’s rushing ppl to speak. Not intentionally; some people dont’…”

Cont’d: “…feel comfortable speaking in large groups — I do, but I sensed that Sara felt uncomfortable.” Shows her <3. (She was last spkr.)

Cont’d: “We feel facilitation needs checks and balances. As member of @OWSFacilitation there are some, but there could be more.”

Cont’d: “Everyone’s invited to our meetings. I feel like they’re not always working out to make progress — I’m speaking for myself.”#nycsc

Cont’d: “I feel like lately, Facilitation WG hasn’t been able to address it because of way we’ve restructured our meeting time.” #nycsc #ows

“There are checks and balances;” everyone is welcome at meetings. “We really really mean it, and we want you to come.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We spend a lot of time talking “there’s not enough PoC here”, not enough diversity — so I can’t stress that enough”. #nycsc #ows

Shawn also points out that we can at any time make a PoP expressing “I don’t feel comfortable w/ what’s happening right now, I want…”

Cont’d: “…facilitation to address it.” If they can’t, “it’s your right to overthrow the facilitation.” #nycsc #ows

“Facilitation wants to, and needs to, have more trainings for its people. I want to know more about oppression, non-violent communication..”

Cont’d: “…and anti-oppression.” We want these trainings so everyone can facilitate and “be a good facilitator.” #nycsc #ows

“And I’ll repeat myself, just so that everyone gets it — we want everyone to understand facilitation, NVC, anti-oppression.” #nycsc #ows

Shawn says he’ll make a commitment to bring this issue to facilitation “so we are trained in the things we need to understand.” #nycsc

“Oppression works in invisible ways. You don’t see it, and it works on structural, institutional levels, like racism, a form of it.” #nycsc

“It works in ways that you don’t understand and you need to learn. If you think you understand it completely, you don’t. None of us do.”

“It works on psychological levels.” One of the best things he’s heard in this movement was a response to a sexist joke… #nycsc #ows

“A woman stood up, said, ‘that’s not cool; you can’t say stuff like that, that’s sexist.’ He said, “Oh, it’s a joke.” But 1 of the things..

“..this movement is doing Is changing the discourse in society, so you can step up and say, no, that’s not cool. That’s not a joke.” #nycsc

Ashley says it’s not about the sign, we need to incorporate more allies and safer spaces and have a space to address discomfort. #nycsc #ows

Ashley cont’d: “This has been going on for months and weeks before; when women of color have brought this to group’s attention..” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…they’ve been mocked,” felt Facilitation tweeting about how it was just a joke [?] was inappropriate. #nycsc #ows

Ashley cont’d: “We need to hold facilitation and each other accountable,” make a safe space. Says this is about many other people than…

Cont’d: …those here and “since there’s an inadequate representation of marginalized groups here”, some ppl have been going overboard…

Cont’d: …advocating for them. “The 99% is not on equal playing fields.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff (Stairs) says we’re “overtime” on this issue, gives options: outside discussion, agenda topic, or …? #nycsc #ows

Karanja says that if we rush them off the floor, they’ll have to reconvene again and nothing will get done tonight. #nycsc #ows

PoP: “I don’t understand why you (Jeff) are asserting time limits on a process that’s informal, let’s temp check giving PoC the floor”#nycsc

.@thejorobin restates, asks for temp check. We are very much in favor of giving PoC caucus the continuation. #nycsc #ows

PoP: “I was involved in creation of SC; we specifically talked about the role of caucuses and I specifically struggled w/ that group and..”

Cont’d: “…the GA to make sure caucuses have the right to freeze meeting and reconvene. We don’t have to request right to speak.” #nycsc

Stairs: “This is like a fire in the room. We’re not going to keep going until we deal with it. We’re bringing it to group as a whole b/c…”

Cont’d: “…we are the 99% and if part of us is harmed, we’re harmed. Can’t make a movement if ppl” feel unsafe. #nycsc #ows

PoCC continuing: “Next pt we talked about was having a check for equity for all proposals coming forward- to look at whether they are…”

Cont’d: “…equitable in terms of race, gender, gender identity, and class.” For all proposals that come to GA or spokes. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “That should be part of criteria by default for anything we’re passing. Next point: a caucus should not have a requirement for…”

Cont’d: “…the # of ppl in the room. The caucus by default is a minority in the larger movement, so to marginalize a group for being…”

Cont’d: “…a minority when caucuses were created so they could speak for rights of minorities, is really problematic.” #nycsc #ows

Karanja (POCC): “I’m an active member in a # of working groups. I assert myself; I’m very assertive, wherever I go, and in many ways I’ve..”

Cont’d: “…felt that I function and contribute to this movement in many ways, and there’s space for that in many ways.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I reach valleys every single day and mountains every single day. And I function in spite of what I see going on here.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “What’s so shocking to me is despite being grad school educated, I still face so many barriers — so many doors still get shut…”

Cont’d: “ my face. And that is so disheartening, but at the same time, b/c I function, the things I’m able to do make me feel like…”

Cont’d: “…I reach mountaintops every single day. So we stopped this, we convened and called this process, not just for the fun of it…”

Cont’d: “..but because this pains us.” “Can’t believe how blind ppl can be to not see what’s so clear to us in the PoCC and our allies…”

“…including white allies that we have here. There is so much denial of the privilege that exists for some ppl, just ignorant privilege…”

Cont’d: “…that is granted to ppl, that can be destructive, rude, oppressive, and can stop process using polite, pretty language, and still..

Cont’d: “…be very destructive. I’ve seen it in this space, and in many WGs I’ve been a part of, someone who left who is very bigoted who..”

Cont’d: “…actually stopped an all-day training I attended, and his name is Dan Zeder; he’s very bigoted, and people that know him…”

Cont’d: “…some of his best friends admitted to me that he’s very bigoted. And he was a member of the Structure group that formed…”

Cont’d: “…this spokescouncil. He said to me that one of the intentions of forming the SC was to exclude ‘west-siders’, and he figured..”

Cont’d: “…by moving SC indoors, they couldn’t come in, and the SC would function w/o these people. So, these aren’t things I’ve created..”

Cont’d: “…in my mind. Anyway, we stopped this because it’s too painful — we cannot continue if this oppression continues, and it’s…”

Cont’d: “…not just people of color, it’s all kinds of minorities that are ignored in this process. If WGs hold closed meetings, are not…”

Cont’d: “…accountable, we must hold them accountable as well.” Says we need to redefine what WGs and Caucuses are, since…

Cont’d: …what’s ‘operational’ is no longer relevant since raid. “We propose that WGs and Caucuses — that the system no longer works..”

Cont’d: “…and needs to be modified,” that WGs and Caucuses should make a new spokes maybe. #nycsc #ows

.@ThatsJodi picks it up from there. “I’m just going to quickly speak on behalf of myself. There’s a paper in front of me w/ some items we..”

Cont’d: “…talked about together; we took opportunity to convene today to get input from ppl on what we should bring to you.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “But before I do that, reading bullet points, I want to address the fact I’m at the point I’m about to cry. Going to try to…”

Cont’d: “…mitigate my emotions.” But notes that Caucuses needing to bring agenda to deal w/ oppression “is offensive to me.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: So while she’s “dealing with my emotions,” “we still have to give, put forth, and still experience historical experiences that…”

Cont’d: “…we all have from outside,” and is disgusted we haven’t addressed how to hold incidents like this accountable. #nycsc #ows

“One of our issues is to hold Facilitation accountable, and one of the facilitators stepped out of process to tell us we couldn’t do…”

Cont’d: “..what we thought we were able to do.” Notes they haven’t been empowered to know how to operate in this sort of instance. #nycsc

Jodi objects to how ppl don’t know that caucus has these powers, are down-twinkling, asking why they’re doing this, and haven’t “bothered..”

Cont’d: “…to educate themselves as to why there would be a women’s caucus, a PoC caucus, a queer caucus,” and she is frustrated that…

Cont’d: ..she feels like we’re wasting time b/c she’s not even sure what she needs to do at this point in the process. #nycsc #ows

“The movement needs to come up w/ a new accountability system and process. Folks have seen me stepping up on behalf of how I felt…”

Cont’d: “..or other individuals” — wants to address idea that they don’t care about accountability. “I care about accountability…”

Cont’d: “…I care about justice.” Notes that folks are threatening to leave the movement based on what they’ve seen, but… #nycsc #ows

“If the best this movement has to bring forward, to model, in terms of what @shawncarrie was talking about, is to come up w/ a justice…”

“…system only based on petty instances, ejecting people, removing people, I’ll leave the movement.” That justice system is based on…

Cont’d: …punishment. “It’s called the punitive justice system. Where is that operated? In this country.” Applied to folks of color, those…

Cont’d: …who don’t fit into gender norms, have mental illnesses. “That’s what the justice system looks like outside of this movement.”

“If this mvmnt can’t challenge itself to come up w/ justice/accountability system to address history and experiences of immigrants…”

“..native-born” — justice system rips immigrant families apart. Nan’s up next. #nycsc #ows

Nan asks, on behalf of -isms caucus, that we suspend Spokescouncil for a month starting 12/27 and replace w/ education about -isms. #nycsc

PoC members behind me are putting up points of process. “What are you doing, Nan?” Someone: “She’s doing her Nan thing.” #nycsc #ows

Ashley to Nan: “Stop using us!” Folks now conferring w/ Nan in center of room. Looks like might be a minute or two. #nycsc #ows

Ashley steps up. “This is a break from what’s supposed to happen. An individual has gone rogue to talk about something we did not discuss.”

Nan is mic checking. “I want to discuss what happened on Wednesday.” Jeff mic-checks. “We’re still in process.” #nycsc #ows

Jeff cont’d: “This community hs consented to give the People of Color Caucus the time necessary to finish the discussion.” Bringing us back.

.@shawncarrie puts up a PoP: “So, PoCC convened our caucus, and we’re speaking, and somebody who’s a member of our caucus..” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…got up to speak, but wasn’t speaking about things group agreed to speak on, and spoke abt another group.” Disclaims Nan’s speech.

Nan gets another chance. “On Weds, I feel like facilitation wasn’t doing their job, especially when they brought that lady to do meditation.

“…because it disrespected ppl of other religious belief.” She expressed that, asked her to step down. #nycsc #ows

Nan cont’d: “This gentleman who was sitting right there, w/ that board, hid the sign. He saw me coming; he sat down in front of me w/ the..”

Cont’d: “…sign. I raised my hand, I said, “facilitation, can you please put me on stack to address the sign he has?” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “She refused to put me on stack. So I said, “you’re oppressing me and I don’t feel safe in that space.” #nycsc #ows

“After raising hell, somebody said “let her talk.” I was halfway through and she interrupted me; and here I’m trying to address…

Cont’d: “…this person is disrespecting my race. And I was shot down by facilitation over and over and over again.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Then I just got so frustrated w/ her, I said forget it and stopped talking. My friend, who was sitting nxt to me, moved his chair..

Cont’d: “…because he felt uncomfortable.” Someone asks she not speak for them. “Less than 5 mins later, he came back and sat in front..”

Cont’d: “…of me again, so I got my phone and started to text ppl about what was going on, to try to get support.” Pointed Jodi to sign..

Cont’d: “..and next thing I know, it got their attention and they started walking out.” Says facilitator then said she cared, but didn’t…

Cont’d: …when Nan pointed it out. “She disrespected my race, culture, skin color.” Someone says, “it’s b/c you’re an a-hole, not because…”

“Woah” we all say. [Really not the time, dude.] #nycsc #ows

.@SgtShamarThomas mic checks. “Hello, can I talk for one second please? I have been sitting here w/ my mouth shut, and anybody who knows..”

Cont’d: “ — anybody who has seen the video of me knows how I am. I am losing my patience with the adults here.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “The world is watching! The ones who are here snickering, the one who said that — I don’t care how you feel! She is a human being!”

Cont’d: “Y’all have forgotten why you’re here. We need to start saying it — why are you here? We need to start treating people like…”

Cont’d: “…human beings and give respect.” Joe from the space comes in and asks folks to stop being loud. #nycsc #ows

Sgt. Thomas continues: “The disrespect you show the people are who you are as a person. You’re not disguising your hate w/ me.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “I treat everybody w/ respect, and you need to give that to the next person. There are so many ppl who don’t give that…”

Cont’d: “…and that’s why we’re here. So stop giving yourself excuses, stop snickering at people talking about their oppression.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “I love you all, remember that. But you are the foundation. The way you act in this room is how people remember us. Remember that.”

Nan: “Before I was rudely interrupted by name-calls.. and also, I feel like Facilitation owes me an apology” for posting a proposal…

Cont’d: …on the website that was designed to remove Nan from the movement. “That wasn’t just a show of disrespect for her,” but also for…

Cont’d: ..marginalized people and black people, she says. She notices Robert grinning and takes issue w/ his behavior. #nycsc #ows

Robert is not handling it well. Karanja tells him he’s being disrespectful. @Shawncarrie mic checks to pick up the floor. #nycsc #ows

[These are real issues that the 1% has seeded w/in the 99% for centuries. Changing this is going to be hard. I’m glad y’all are seeing…]

[…this, as “ugly” as some may find it. Because this is about a real, vast disconnect that we cannot just set aside. It affects all of us.]

.@thejorobin mic checks to ask us to refocus and address this issue immediately. “The house — this house — is uncomfortable…”

Cont’d: “…with the fact that we continually have these arguments.” Says the space is kicking us out. “I think this conversation is…”

Cont’d: “…extremely important. But unfortunately, we need to go somewhere else to continue this conversation.” #nycsc #ows

.@thejorobin invites us to reconvene the convo at Liberty Square. It looks like I’ll be joining it there. Keep an eye on the feed.. #nycsc

So, the meeting has adjourned and according to @ThatsJodi the PoCC hasn’t cosigned any continuation outside the space. #nycsc #OWS

We’re heading to the park now, but I’m wary of documenting anything outside of the PoCC’s intended process. So, probably won’t. #nycsc #ows

My sense also. RT @drovarela: @LibertySqGA2 this is not cool. If space really supports movement, it should see value in this conversation.

@CallMeGoldie [You are right for the most part, but there are white folks agitating for it that IMO hv mixed up the two. Makes complicated.]

RT @blogdiva: @LibertySqGA2 ummm. that’s not how it went down when i was facilitating. btw, people ought to know am not there but follow …

I’m now alone in Liberty Square. Will wait for a short while but it sounds like this will continue w/ Monday’s #nycsc. See you there. #ows

Any questions, comments, concerns, hit me up on @diceytroop. We’ll continue convo there. Much love to everyone. Out. #nycsc #ows

RT @mancoww: @libertySqGa The space has neighbors who are a major pain. it’s not their fault.

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