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RT @heratylaw: RT @OWScom: Tonight: Spokes Council at West Presbyterian-165 West 86th St at 7pm. #ows

@mikecane thanks man!

Hey, we’re starting tonight’s #OWS Spokescouncil! Nicole and Zack will be facilitating tonight, so we’ll call them Stairs for short. #nycsc

Spoking tonight: Brett for Facilitation WG, Gilbert for Where Workers are Owners, Bill for Council of #OWS Elders, Will for Housing…

…Rachel for Media, someone from Think Tank, someone from Library, Drew from Tech, Shawn w/ Translation, Bobby for accounting…

…@ZoeTreuer for Minutes, Sanitation, Safer Spaces, @NegestiC from Women Occupying Wall Street caucus… Negesti says WoW want to discuss…

Cont’d: …an issue of safety regarding someone who was accused of sexual assault in the park. Nicole notes that caucuses can pause…

Cont’d: …the spokescouncil process, although WoW’ve apparently agreed to let us do working group reportbacks while they’re dealing w/ it…

Cont’d: …outside the main #Spokescouncil meeting (“maybe downstairs”.) #nycsc #ows

You can follow here and on the overflow accounts, @LibertySqGA2, @LibertySqGA3, @LibertySqGA4, for when each gets twitterjailed. #nycsc #ows

First working group on stack for reportbacks: Translation. “We just want to announce that we are an operational working group.” #nycsc #ows

(This is the operational spokescouncil, so operational groups are included. The meaning of “operational” has been cloudy since eviction.)

Someone notes that all groups who show up are “operational” until the new rules about the level of activity a working group has to…#nycsc

Cont’d: …maintain to stay a “working group” kicks in on the 20th. Someone says they thought that new groups would be addressed on…

Cont’d: …the 20th, but Zack (@j_z_nelson) explains that the rules apply to all working groups. #nycsc #ows

Jake, Tech: “The proposal passed the GA on the 20th to define what working groups are. That kicks in after a 30 day period.” #nycsc #oss

Cont’d: “Last time, we decided that until the 20th, anyone who wants to participate has a spoke. The first spoke after the 20th…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…the rules kick in.” We can also establish further restrictions above the general basic rules about working group eligibility.

Think Tank reports back that they are meeting in the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, but it’s hard to get public involved unless there are…

Cont’d: …people participating. They’re meeting at 2pm at Times Sq, at the TKTS steps (so they’re mobile). Sunday 2pm, steps of Met.#nycsc

Steve, People’s Library: “Quick factual info: Library still exists, we show up at as many events and actions as we possibly can.”

Cont’d: “Today we collected 100s of new books; we collected more books today than were recovered after Liberty Square eviction!” #nycsc

Applause for Library. Zoe, Minutes: “We had a great working group meeting yesterday, talking about some good things– including recruiting!”

Cont’d: “If you like to type, if you want to type, or transcribe from home — any of these things, please let us know.” #nycs #ows

Next, Outreach. “We’re going through some interesting transformations; we have an Outreach cluster now due to recognition that…”

cont’d: “…everyone in this movement does outreach, whether you like it or not!” Also, contact to use printing budget.

Media WG: “We’re going through a bit of a transformation this week; hasn’t been totally approved yet but passed proposal to reorganize…”

Cont’d: “..our structure so that our weekly meetings will be divided into subgroups. We’ll have livestream, and editorial content…”

cont’d: “…subgroup meeting; still meeting Thursday at 6.” This will help them collaborate more closely and efficiently on projects. #nycsc

Next, Gilbert from “Where Workers are Owners.” “Some ppl here know me, some don’t; I’m a pianist by trade. We’re a well-supported…”

Cont’d: “…affinity group to help #OWSers that need work.” Recognize economic sector is sick, and #OWS works in all aspects of society…

Cont’d: …to bring justice. “We’re organizing group self-employment; how to get work for ourselves quickly.” They got office space on…

Cont’d: …to bring justice. “We’re organizing group self-employment; how to get work for ourselves quickly.” They got office space on…

Cont’d: …Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn — if we move to co-operative models, “this will marginalize the 1%. A substantial part of the…”

Cont’d: “…revolution is working for ourselves.” #nycsc #ows

Tech: “Tech is going to present a super-awesome budget proposal tonight to fund different services that we think y’all will be interested…”

Cont’d: “…in having for everybody.” Also continuing work on a mass email system, which would essentially mean that all groups could share…

Cont’d: …lists of email addresses, “so you could do one to many email blasts.” For example, could send info about events. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “This is a service we’ll begin offering soon, I hope — if you’re interested in helping develop policy around how this is used…”

Cont’d: “…because this is a very powerful tool, we need a very strong policy.” Email #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “While WoW is still convening downstairs, I don’t want to move to consensus on anything, but we can talk about what’s the agenda.”

Zack notes that the Outreach proposal on the subject of a system for banning disrupters from Spokescouncil was tabled last time…

Cont’d: “The other things on the agenda so far are a proposal frm Housing, a proposal from Tech, &, if we have time, a proposal from Media.”

Nicole temps check how we feel about moving on to Outreach proposal. “Most ppl are feeling good about it; is that OK?” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “Let’s go ahead and open that back up, and get through that process. So…” #nycsc #ows

.@wookietv asks: “What was that proposal, and why did it stop?” Stairs: “I think we ran out of time.” #nycsc #ows

OK, Outreach isn’t quite ready, so Will from Housing will make their proposal. “I have the proposal here, if anyone wants to see it.”#nycsc

Here’s the Housing proposal, which is their Working Group budget: #nycsc #ows

Housing: “Park Slope is still holding together; hasn’t changed AFAIK. $70 a night there = $490/week, so for 2 weeks, $980. That’s for..”

Cont’d: “..heat, hot water, sleeping 30 ppl a night.” At West Park, $150 a night, heat, hot water, housing 100 ppl.” #nycsc #ows

Total is $3680. Housing: “It’s pretty straightforward.” Nicole: “OK, that’s the proposal. We’re going to break into Spokes right now…”

Cont’d: “…and see if there’s any clarifying questions.” 2 minutes to speak w/in Spokes. #nycsc #ows

OK, Stairs now opening stack for clarifying questions on the proposal. Library: “Are you guys taking questions and concerns separately?”

Stairs: “Yes.” They clarify that this is a time for clarifying questions only. Media: “Members of my group would like to know a little…”

Cont’d: “…bit more about the group of people” staying in the churches. A: “Some are… freeloading; less than half of them, but…” #nycsc

Tech Ops’ CQ: “Do you have — it’s not really that clear; the formatting of the proposal. About how many ppl are we housing?” #nycsc #ows

SPSA: 90 to 96 ppl, Park Slope 30; CQ: “So it’s about 120 people?”A: “Yes.” CQ: “For about 13 days, for 2 places, we’re paying $3600…”

Cont’d: “… to house 120 ppl?” A: “Yes.” No more clarifying questions stacked. Now, time to stack Concerns. #nycsc #ows

Library’s Concern: “I’ve been getting a lot of info about how our finances are starting to dwindle, but before we approve this…”

Cont’d: “…it would be good to know what we’re dealing with funding-wise every meeting.” Notes Accounting are here. #nycsc #ows

Also, “Library is just sort of concerned/curious how long you mean to house ppl in churches – indefinitely? I mean, in spirit, we support..”

Cont’d: “..what you’re doing, but it doesn’t seem really what #OWS is about, housing people.” Accounting says we have about $215,000…

Cont’d: …but there’ll be some accounting, bookkeeping, and tax-paying down the line, so we’ll have ‘150-ish.” #nycsc #ows

(That’s not including the $99,999 legal/bail fund we established last week.) #nycsc #ows

Next, Media WG has a POI: “To keep this current situation up for 9 days is only $2,600.” It’s about $2 a person. #nycsc #ows

Media’s concern is more or less the same as the Library spoke expressed. “We’re with you in spirit, but under current circumstances..”

Cont’d: “..might not be sustainable, especially since the information that was clarified about the fact that some ppl are “freeloading”.”

TechOps: “Did we pass a measure that says ppl in housing from a certain day forward have to be in working groups?” #nycsc #ows

More questions about how long Housing intends to operate in churches. Indefinitely, until “we find a warehouse or something better.” #nycsc

DA: “40% of the ppl that stay here are out of state.” Not an exact number, but “it’s very close to that.” #nycsc #ows

Drew, TechOps, POP: “The entire group should be able to speak while delivering a proposal, not just the spoke. In interest of time.”#nycsc

Stars were split on that, and temp check it. “For tonight, right now, we’ll do that.” General discussion at another time about it.#nycsc

TechOps’ Concern: “Our concern is just the formatting of the proposal. We would just like to see a breakdown that’s, you know, a little..”

Cont’d: “…more cost, per person, per night, per space, and — a little more structure, and we’d be happy to help you guys out if we need..”

Cont’d: “…and as a friendly amendment, even tho this isn’t quite the correct moment, we’d like to see proposals come in a more…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…structured way, so we can inspect the cost of housing,” address what Library and Media brought up. #nycsc #ows

TechOps notes that they won’t block if FA is not accepted, but Housing does accept it. #nycsc #ows

Someone notes it’d be $6500 a month going forward based on current proposal. (This proposal is costlier due to SPSA $ due.) #nycsc #ows

Strong Women Rules: “Will you guys be coming back to #spokescouncil w/ a proposal for more $, and if so, how do you propose funding yrself?”

A: “These fees are not rent; these spaces we’re in are donated spaces. They’re very explicit; they’re for reimbursement for utilities- hot..

Cont;d: “…water, gas, etc.” SPSA bill also included cleaning and security services, but we’re not using them at West Park (using our own.)

Cont’d: “We are exploring ways to self-fund, mostly through outside groups that donate to our project directly.” Haven’t done that tho.

Next, Council of Elders: “I’m not sure how many ppl are per– there’s going to be 2 churches? Is it possible to consolidate to 1?” A: “No…

Cont’d: “…we’re at capacity here. We’re at 100 ppl; they originally wanted 60. The Reverend is cool. He’s agreed on 100. Park Slope is 30…”

Cont’d: “…it would be impossible to put the two groups together.” Nicole notes that we’ve allocated 30 minutes for this, & can’t consense…

Cont’d: …until WoW comes back. Facilitation rotates spokes: Jason speaking. “We had a few things; one’s not quite as directly related…

Cont’d: “…to this proposal, but we’d like to see use of this space to coordinate our budgets. So when $ proposals come up, groups can…”

Cont’d: “…coordinate each other, so things like ,how much money we have, are already in the room,” so that we can use our time to…

Cont’d: …fullest extent. (“Resources”, he said actually.) “If you’re going to raise funds for yourself, you have to be an affinity group?”

(And not a working group.) “Because it’s been asked how Housing’s doing it; it seems like even if they were to raise funds now, it’d..”

Cont’d: “..have to go to big pot, come back, have this; they wouldn’t be able to do it directly.” That’s of concern. “Utilities, since…”

Cont’d: “…we’re not paying rent — are those full utilities for these buildings? It’s a portion of them?” Housing confirms. #nycsc #ows

Facilitation Cont’d: “And then, if you could speak to how we’ve come to a place where we are housing ppl — that this is a charitable..”

Cont’d: “…thing to do, while the purpose of #OWS in my view is to address root causes of issues, not to be a charity, tho I fully…” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…support taking care of our own, that’s really important.” Wants to know what other resources Housing has been able to pt ppl to.

A: “We’ve got a program called “House an Occupier,” we’ve put ppl in private spaces a few times. Mostly churches, b/c they’re large…

Cont’d: “We’ve pursued schools, putting them outside at another occupation; looked into leasing and cost is just astronomical.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “I think one of the greatest concerns is that we’re not social services; we’re not trying to recreate that system.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “We think we serve an important function in this organization, which is housing ppl who want to be involved in this organization.”

Cont’d: “A lot of ppl don’t realize we still have ppl arrive all the time; about half the ppl here didn’t live in NYC before the movement.”

Housing says they help ppl join movement, find roles and working groups, while they receive housing. #nycsc #ows

“Previously, there was a friendly amendment to require participation in working group”; they have something like that it sounds like. #nycsc

OK, WoW has returned, so we’re freezing the proposal for a second. @NegestiC: “We met downstairs and had a discussion — basically…”

Cont’d: “…what we discussed is there was an individual accused of sexual assault in the park and was one of few asked to leave, not return.”

Cont’d: “The individual came to church, slept here but left late last night. We’re hoping the SC will endorse agreement already made in…”

Cont’d: “…park, to prevent him from participating in #OWS, until Safer Spaces proposal (which includes component on dealing with those…

Cont’d: “…accused of abuse) is passed.” This is not about one individual, but anyone who was asked to leave Liberty Square pre-eviction.

Nicole notes that’s a proposal, and we’ll discuss it right now. Housing proposal still on the table; we’ll come back to it. Caucus…

Cont’d: …proposal takes precedence. @NegestiC: “We’re asking SC to stand by agreement made in the park,” til Safer Spaces proposal passes.

Nicole sees some PoPs and PoIs; but “we’re not going to open up discussion until we discuss w/in our working groups.” 5 minutes. #nycsc #ows

OK, we’re back. Before CQs, @NegesticC reads a quote from the Safer Spaces proposal, which explains that folks who have…

Cont’d: …committed abuse or violence must go through certain steps and confirmed recovery to re-enter the community. #nycsc #ows

Minutes’ CQs: “1, what’s the enforcement policy if someone is identified as fitting that criteria?” #nycsc #ows

A: “We’d like to refer to De-escalation and their experience to deal w/ these individuals.” All those in question have been asked to leave..

…Strong Women Rules WG also state that there was a restraining order against this individual, as well. #nycsc #ows

Minutes’ 2nd CQ: “Who identifies these people, specifically?” POI: “I’m one of the 2 ppl who had him arrested and can ID him conclusively.”

A: “We are specifically talking about individuals who’ve already been asked to leave; someone told me there are only 3 and this community..”

Cont’d: “…knows who they are, and it’s not a list that would be created.” Town Planning notes list would need to be shared w/ Housing.#nycsc

POI: “It’s an order of protection, and not a restraining order.” “It’s the same thing,” someone says. “It’s not the same thing,” others say.

Housing say they’re very concerned b/c 3 nights ago they ended up housing one of these ppl and not knowing about it. #nycsc #ows

Housing: “Is there possibly a list of these ppl so housing could know or other WGs could know?” #nycsc #ows

A: “De-escalation has it; it shouldn’t be a long list.” Someone notes that there are ppl in housing who did know and asked them to leave.

POI: “There was an order of protection at first, but there is now currently a restraining order.” Food is ready! We’re not stopping tho.

Think Tank’s CQ: “At the time, was there a consensus process about the decision to ban him from the movement? Is it documented somewhere?”

POI: “At the time, this was covered by fact the individual pressed charges and he was under arrest. We still don’t have means of excluding..

Cont’d: “…someone from the group,” so don’t have a process of articulating a “ban” or anything. #nycsc #ows

Mediation NVC POI: “It’s very important to enforce a restraining order if it’s violated; otherwise it can be considered invalid.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “…document; we’ll probably need to go through it.” Other occupations, they note, have taken some time to pass such things. #nycsc

Cont’d: “…after the fact.” Concerned that when we say “a community agreed,” that’s something that needs to be d0xed and shared. #nycsc #ows

So, it’s a stopgap — that’s the clarification TechOps were looking for. Archives asks if there is a distance in the restraining order…

Cont’d: “What’s the timeframe for when the community agreement will come into effect?” A: “It would need to go thru GA; it’s a long…”

Cont’d: ..and what the details are. “Just b/c there’s a restraining order doesn’t mean he can’t be around.” #nycsc #ows

Archives’ spoke notes that they have a restraining order against someone in the movement; as long as they’re not approaching each other..

Cont’d: “The only way you’re going to know how to help this person enforce this restraining order is if they give you a copy.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…that’s how we negotiated it. Restraining orders are all different.” Someone agrees, says they can have many different specifics.

Strong Women POI: “It’s stated that they cannot be in the same space as one another. That’s it.” #nycsc #ows

WoW: “We as proposers are not making stand on individuals’ guilt, just want to make sure space is safe,” prior to Safer Spaces process.

CQ: “Does OWS own this location?” A: “No.” CQ: “There are 3 individuals?” A: “This is brought up by one who returned, but this is about 3.”

CQ: “What does the church feel about this? We’re spending a lot of time on this, and agree it shld be a safe space, but it’s not our space?”

A: “It’s an individual restraining order, not a movement thing; we’re asking for the movement to take a stance.” #nycsc #ows

No more CQs, now opening Concerns stack. Library: “Library supports you in what you’re trying to do; concern’s kind of general…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…I’m kind of confused as to whether you’re trying to deal w/ spaces in general or people in particular, but since I don’t…”

Cont’d: “…stay in churches, I feel unqualified to make this decision on behalf of ppl who do.” #nycsc #ows

WoW: “We echo that concern. But Spokescouncil meets in the same place now where folks sleep.” We may run into them. #nycsc #ows

Facilitation’s Concern: “If we don’t pass this, individual won’t be able to participate in this space b/c it will be unsafe for them.”#nycsc

WoW: “Yes; women in general feel really uncomfortable when one of us feels so unsafe.” Strong Women Rules WG suggests that since there…

Cont’d: …are 2 living spaces, we should have the individual go to the other space from the individual they attacked? #ows #nycsc

[That strikes me as an odd stance for a working group thts supposedly oriented towards supporting female victims of abuse. -Ed.] #nycsc #ows

A: “We don’t accept that proposal, simply b/c there are women sleeping in these spaces, and whether he’s guilty or not, to be accused..”

Cont’d: “…of sexual assault is a really serious thing, and we don’t feel comfortable saying ‘he can be here but not here.'” #nycsc #ows

OK, that’s it for Friendly Amendments. Now taking a temperature check on how we feel about moving towards consensus. #nycsc #ows

“Looks pretty good. Are there any blocks? Hold yr sign up.” No blocks! “We’ve got consensus on this proposal.” #nycsc #ows

.@NegestiC, WoW: “Thanks, this means a lot to women in this movement and you stood behind us in a big way.” #nycsc #ows

A clarification: “Sexual assault doesn’t happen only to women; this was for whole community, only raised by women.” #nycsc #ows

OK, we’re going back to the Housing proposal, which again is about money for paying for housing in churches. #nycsc #ows

CQ for Housing, tho “to everybody”: “The 1% would like to see us fizzle out, but most of us are nt going anywhere. So, how do we stay here?”

Cont’d: “1 is functioning.” Big ups the co-ops again. “This gives us permanence here. The other one is housing — OWS Housing. I’m very..”

Cont’d: “…concerned about this.” There are many who’d like to live in own place as activists, but starting w/ most displaced… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Have you considered some of the how many thousands of bank-foreclosed buildings in NYC for our own permanent OWS residences?”

Cont’d: “Because we’re staying here, right? We’re working here, living here, and then the 1% really won’t know what to do with us.” #nycsc

Housing: “Please, help us as much as you like! It would really help us out!” POI: “I don’t know what the legal situation is in new york…”

Cont’d: “…if you want to turn issue of squatting into landlord-tenant issue,” go for it. [Stairs PoPs that one.] #nycsc

Next, friendly amendments. Town Planning: “1st, for any cases in future when #OWS has been charged w/ crime, we not offer them housing.”

Cont’d: “Secondly, if there is a consensus meeting where this is discussed at housing, request that person not be present.” #nycsc

A: “Housing does not feel empowered to exclude anybody from this movement. We certainly respect decisions made by #OWS and the GA, and…”

Cont’d: “…when they’re documented, we will enforce them whenever possible. Since in this case there was no documentation, couldn’t do it.”

RE: banning all accused of crime: “Housing does not feel empowered to exclude people based on movement issues; must go thru GA.” #nycsc #ows

TP restates: “It’s my understanding that when community met to discuss this issue, the individual was present as a participant.” #nycsc #ows

A: “The individual was not present during the discussion, by intent. Cmmnty consensed to idea he should at least be able to state his case.”

Cont’d: “Had it been brought to our attention that he’d been excluded from mvmnt as whole, would have been different convo.” #nycsc #ows

WoW: “Our concern is that it wasn’t a safe space that was created, and we’d like that you all try and include safer spaces in these kinds..”

Cont’d: “…of discussions.” A: “We were emphatically told that Safer Spaces wouldn’t be participating in Housing unless we made changes.”

Jeff (Housing) said they’d asked for mediation but none had happened, but they invite SS. “We feel we’re nt getting the full participation.”

Stairs closes stack. “We’d like to move towards closing stack.” Strong Women Rules is next. #nycsc #ows

SWRWG: “Our FA is that housing find a space for this individual. It doesn’t have to be w/ any females or other occupiers, but this…”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…individual is still part of this movement.” Lots of irritation at that, but Nicole stops it. “We have a process that allows us…”

Cont’d: “…to hear each other. We don’t have to shout out; it’s not necessary.” Safer Spaces: “What Jeff was saying about SS not dealing..”

Cont’d: “..w/ housing, it wasn’t SS, that was a WG called Support that is one part of the Safety Cluster. Don’t call it SS, OK?” #nycsc #ows

Mediation says the mediation is still open. “No one has declined mediation from Housing AFAIK.” Jeff: “In fact, we spoke to individual…”

Cont’d: “…again, and expressed concern of community. He left out of concern for his own well-being and community at large.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “He is a human being, and still needs housing and shelter. We tried to find him an alternative, but *not* inside the movement.”

Cont’d: “We can’t make a decision about what happened — it’s not our right to do so. We tried to find him some alternative.” #nycsc #ows

POI: “This individual’s been free on bail for a month; only turned up a week ago. Clearly he has some way to support himself.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole stops the back and forth. “We’re going to go back to stack for FA and then see what we have, OK?” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “I also want to remind everyone that what we’re discussing right now is the budget proposal from Housing. Right?” #nycsc #ows

FAs to Housing proposal. Think Tank: “FA that someone wld stay in housing only after being signed off by a wrking grp, like w/ Metrocards.”

Housing accepts that amendment. POP from Jason: “I don’t know that we can make a decision w/ 2 or 3 ppl talking to make decisions that…”

Cont’d: “…will affect housing across the board. Accepting a friendly amendment w/ only 2 or 3 members of Housing” is out of process. #nycsc

Nicole notes that we’re out of time, and asks us to be succinct and on track. “Any group that’s here w ppl from grp, that’s the WG.” #nycsc

Next, Direct Action: “Our friendly amendment: to put in the process orders that ppl have to be in a working group, unless they have..”

Cont’d: “…some kind of out of state ID to prove they’re from out of state.” Say if they can’t maintain a WG for a couple of wks… #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “10, 15% of ppl panhandle during day, then use resources at night.” So, suggests you should need to be in a WG. #nycsc #ows

.@shawncarrie Point of Processes the DA spoke for speaking w/o consulting w/ his working group. #nycsc #ows

Someone notes that the DA amendment is the exact same proposal. “If you want the same one again — sure!” #nycsc #ows

The next FA is to empower housing to make the decision amongst itself on if they want to exclude someone based on safety. #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “To empower housing w/ that — there are overnight shelters; I live in one; where someone can go.” Notes serious safety concern.

Nicole clarifies that we’ve already passed WoW proposal, in case ppl are confused. “We’re on the Housing proposal.” #nycsc #ows

Stack is closed on friendly amendments. A: “The Housing WG really doesn’t have the infrastructure for that.” “We find housing.” #nycsc

Restating proposal w/ friendly amendments. It’s the budget allocation, plus an amendment that you must be signed off by WG to…

Cont’d: …stay in #OWS housing. And also, that next proposal will be broken down more helpfully. #nycsc #ows

Another FA: “Going forward, anyone we’ve caused to be arrested would not be able to get housing.” #nycsc #ows

Also, that Safer Spaces would be involved. “We accept their involvement and will follow whatever the GA agrees upon.” #nycsc #ows

POP: “It was stated that FA needs to go thru GA to be part of this proposal.” Nicole notes assertion is that it’s a movement-wide decision.

Some ppl are not so sure. CQ: “The ppl who are in the housing, are they in working groups, are they occupiers?” #nycsc #ows

POI: “Housing is a working group. We’re all occupiers.” POI: “Since we’re dealing w/ ppl coming from other occupations…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…to stay here, Facilitation believes that’s a movement decision b/c we’re dealing w/ outside ppl coming to stay.” #nycsc #ows

@MY_LOAN_DEFAULT hahah. housing is saying their job is to find housing, not to enforce a ban list. #nycsc #ows

Accounting: “Accounting feels #Spokesouncil was made for financial, logistical purposes; any spending has affected other ppl coming in.”

Cont’d: “If anything that affects outside ppl is movement wide, we don’t see how it’s possible that anything would not be movement-wide.”

Housing would like to honor the request, but isn’t sure whether they can in #NYCSC. Nicole notes that it’s a larger question than this…

Nicole notes that if ppl think it’s bigger than just this, and shouldn’t be decided in here, Spokes can vote accordingly. #nycsc #ows

Facilitation reverses its previous statement “after further discussion”, agree that this issue can be resolved by Spokescouncil. #nycsc #ows

Nicole is asking for standasides. Facilitation stands aside “because we’d like to see longer-term solutions that align those in need..”

Cont’d: “…w/ resources outside of #OWS, rather than providing services ourselves, which we don’t see as primary mission of mvmnt.”

Cont’d: “Our goal should be to help each other and to #occupy space, not to pay for it.” Accounting stands aside on financial matters…

Media are also standing aside for same reason as Facilitation. OK, any blocks? 1 block. WoW: “Our block is 2fold — one, proposer made..”

Cont’d: “..statement saying they’d follow proposals passed by GA; this body just passed a proposal related to housing.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “Also, we’re concerned about housing’s decision-making process about who’s staying in housing and who’s not, feel needs addressing.”

Nicole asks if WoW has an amendment that could remove their block. They’re discussing. #nycsc #ows

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WoW: “We’ve conferred, and our friendly amendments are that Housing agree to adhere to proposal #SC just passed, and to work w/…”

Cont’d: “…safer spaces in determining who gets housing,” then they’ll remove their block. #nycsc #ows

Housing again articulates they very much want Safer Spaces involved, but there was some disagreement. “I thought we accepted that amndmnt..”

They accept both amendments. “Lovely, awesome!” Nicole says. WoW are discussing whether to lift their block. #nycsc #ows

OK, WoW has decided to lift block and just stand aside. “We are concerned about Housing’s response to women in this movement.”

Cont’d: “Our 2nd concern is that you guys need to work w/ Safer Spaces b/c we’re concerned about whether housing is a safe space for women.”

Jeff from Housing says, with great indignation, that he’s offended by the suggestion! “What am I, a racist too?” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “Oppression happens in the margins, OK? It’s not always apparent to certain parties, we need to respect how ppl feel when they…”

Cont’d: “…feel it.” Housing: “You mean like how we feel?” Nicole doing a great job of trying to keep this from devolving. #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “Let’s hear each other and maybe have some real dialogue, OK?” WoW POI: “5 women approached Jeff about rapist from park being..”

Cont’d: “…in housing, and they were brushed off, until a man went to talk to him, at which point it was dealt with.” #nycsc #ows

Some members of Housing are up in arms about the unspecificity of the initial suggestion. “We’re being accused!!” [OH NOES! -Ed.]

.@NegestiC: WoW are putting our block back up b/c of the response they got. [Mixed opinion on this. I think it’s awesome. -Ed.] #nycsc

Someone else blocks. “I’d like the financial aspects to pass, but not the other component about control”, i.e. throwing ppl out. #nycsc

They’d like to talk about the “kicking people out” component at another time. Jeff: “At no point ever did Housing say we’d throw ppl out.”

Cont’d: “That friendly amendment, we took it to require being involved in the movement.” It’s about involvement, not exclusion. #nycsc #ows

Anti-Racist Allies: “We strongly ant to pass the financial component but strongly disagree w/ the exclusion. This mvmnt is abt helping ppl.”

Housing: “For last 6 to 7 weeks, 1 of hardest things we’ve had to do is go from Park to these Church spaces.” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “And trying to figure out how we can figure out a safe, drug-free, educational space that pleases you, pastor…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…it’s hard to figure out how to keep ppl involved” — exclusion “doesn’t work anywhere” in #OWS & “we’ve nded to find our own way.”

This is Jason from Housing, by the way. “What is going on here? You’ve always been invited. We were told that you would not come if we…”

Cont’d: “…didn’t do it your way. The Pastor got up and said, “eff this,” so did I.” “It’s not a sexist place.” Ppl disagree out of process.

Cont’d: “Whose standards are we being held to? Come on down. Add to our community. Equally. Not as overseers, not as ppl running a program..

Cont’d: “What is going on here? We have a wonderful community; it’s one of the most peaceful, chill places I’ve seen at #OWS.” #nycsc #ows

Nicole asks we stop our side conversations. “I can’t force you. I can’t make you. I’m just asking you to” stick w/ process. #nycsc

Nicole notes there’s an unaddressed block. “The question I asked is, is it possible just to pass the financial component?” #nycsc #ows

A: “Me and Jeff argue about this all the time, to determine delicate balance b/w someone who is or isn’t going to get involved.” #nycsc

A: “Jeff wants to do it quicker, I want to do it slower… problems come from street, mental health, addiction — how do we find tht balance?”

Nicole is sensing a lot of disagreement from Housing Working Group, she says… things seem to be paused for a second… #nycsc #ows

Facilitation Working Group interrupts a few minutes of stall to ask what’s going on, and Stairs clarifies Housing is about to respond.

Housing dude’s volume of his voice just elevated alarmingly. “Listen now!” “We want to move fwd w/ just a budgetary proposal tonight…”

Cont’d: “…as other issues” seem bigger, need bigger discussion. Nicole: “What you’ve just seen happen, is Housing accepted…” #nycsc #ows

Cont’d: “…friendly amendment that came from that block. So the proposal on the table is only the budgetary aspect.” #nycsc #ows

Housing also wants to take out any other friendly amendments that don’t have to do w/ the budget; WoW balks. #nycsc #ows

Someone from Chicago: “You want to know why you’re being called sexist? It’s that they’re trying to talk to you, and you’re ignoring them.”

Nicole: “That proposal seemed to get a strong reaction from Women Occupying Wall Street.” Gives them the floor. #nycsc #ows

WoW: “We may stand aside, but there needs to be a specific date set, within next week, for mediation b/w all the parties that…”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…have been saying that this is an alternate reality being presented here. There’ve been lots of ppl that have offered their help…”

Cont’d: “..and we want that to be accepted humbly, not via ultimatums.” #nycsc #ows

WoW notes that the amendments were all badly needed, seem alarmed that things have gone opposite of direction block was meant to move them.

WoW is asking that we back up to where we were, they’ll remove block given assurances of mediation, and then we can test of consensus on…

Cont’d: …whole proposal. Someone else says that if we move forward w/ FAs, they’ll remove stand aside and vote for it. #nycsc #ows

Library agrees with Media, will also remove standaside, vote for proposal if all friendly amendments are reincluded in addition to $ part.

That settles in the space a little bit. Nicole mic checks, but someone asks “why is housing all men?” #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “We’re not going to get anywhere if we keep stoking the fire. We’re trying to get to an agreement here, so ppl can have housing.”

Cont’d: “I honestly think we can come to a place where we can value that, and work out the other stuff later. OK? It’s almost 10.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “I honestly think we can come to a place where we can value that, and work out the other stuff later. OK? It’s almost 10.” #nycsc

Cont’d: “Can we figure out a way to get this done?” Asks Housing to restate. “We’re asking for $3680 to pay for 2 weeks” for 130 ppl/night.

“FA accepted: that we’d restructure next proposal to be more accountable w/ breakdown, per-person, per-night, per-location.” #nycsc #ows

“FA accepted: that all ppl who stay in housing must participate in working groups.” Someone balks, chatter resumes… Nicole deads it again.

Nicole: “We can refine it; let’s put something on the table, and move on.” Jeff: “FA: We’ll abide by all decisions made by the GA, Spokes.”

Nicole: “OK, that’s the restatement of the proposal. Who’d like to stand aside on the proposal?” 4 standasides. #nycsc #ows

Nicole: “Are there any blocks?” 3 blocks. WoW: “Our block is removable by a promise that before end of this week, Friday, there be…”#nycsc

Cont’d: “…a specific meeting held including at least one member of WoW, one of Safer Spaces, Mediation, one of each of Safety Cluster WGs..”

Cont’d: “…and one (inaudible) — excuse me, I’m speaking to you, will you listen to me?” He says he has ADD & can hear no matter what.

WoW cont’d: “And also, that when people want to help you, you take it as help, and not as overseeing.” Housing accepts. #nycsc #ows

Next block is about exclusion based on working group. Nicole clarifies: “I want to clarify this for everyone, b/c this is not about…”

Cont’d: “…taking away all the amendments, it’s about taking away the requirement that all in housing have to be in working groups.” #nycsc

Media notes that if that amendment is removed, Media will stand aside, not vote for the proposal. #nycsc #ows

Housing feels they can’t move forward w/ that amendment included in proposal. They’re going to take out working group requirement… #nycsc

That change does seem to have removed all blocks. There are 8 standasides, though. [Fascinating questions about process raised here. -Ed.]

Someone asks how many WGs are voting for the proposal. Think Tank, who added the amendment, offers to remove standaside if convo continues..

Cont’d: …but standasides don’t have any ability to impede proposal, so they can’t really leverage it. We have consensus on proposal. #nycsc

Media asks if you had as many standasides as vote for, would that be consensus? Nicole: “No, not meaningful consensus.” #nycsc #ows

OK, we’re ending the meeting! Doing it w/ a unity clap. This marks perhaps the first time we have ended before physically needed, rather…

…than with a stressful overtime period! That’s exciting. #nycsc #ows

Thanks for reading, fam! As always, hit me up w/ questions, comments, concerns over @diceytroop. Much love. #NYCSC #OWS

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