NYC Operational Spokes Council 2/15/2012

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Date/Time: 2/15/2012, 7:30pm

Location: Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 110 Shemerhorn, Brooklyn, NY

Audio Recording of Spokes Council Meeting

Spokes Sign In Sheet

Facilitation: Andy & Jo

Stack: Stan

Time: Corey

Minutes: David Buccola

Working Groups in Attendance: Town Planning, Queering OWS, Safer Spaces, Occupy the Youth, Fund Hub, Occupy your work place, Anti-Racism Allies, Minutes, Archive, Library, Medic, Tech, Kitchen, Think Tank, SIS

Working Group Report Backs: (13:00): Minutes, Library (15:40), Archives (16:40), Queering OWS (17:00), Facilitation (18:18), Occupy Your Work Place (19:30), Safer Spaces (20:44), Fund Hub (21:00)

Proposal:  Spokes Council Meeting Protocols by Town Planning (29:00) Only part of this proposal reached consensus:

A minimum quorum of attendance before a Spokes Council can convene shall be recognized as at least 20 individuals, representing at least seven active Working Groups and at least one recognized caucus, and not counting any individuals who are presently required to take minutes, record livestream, or facilitate the meeting.  A Spokes Council meeting which has these numerical requirements, plus at least one individual feeding footage Creating Safer Spaces for Facilitation & Minutes(1:08). A discussion with stack. the official NYCGA livestream twitter feed (#NYCSC), shall be empowered to select Facilitation staff from within those present already if the meeting’s Facilitation team has not arrived on time.  Likewise, minutes may be taken by an individual selected from the group and one such individual must be in place before the meeting can begin.

Creating Safer Spaces for Facilitation & Minutes(1:08). A discussion with stack.

Meeting Adjourned (1:40)

Proposal #1:  Spokes Council Meeting Protocols by Town Planning (29:00)

  • Clarifying Questions (40:40): Media, Anti-Racism Allies, Archives, Class War, Queering OWS, Facilitation
  • Concerns & Friendly Amendments (3:00): Minutes, Facilitation (9:09), Fund Hub (16:08), Archives (20:40), Think Tank (25:30), Library (29:30), Class War (32:00), Anti-Racism Allies (34:22), Media (35:44), Proposal #1:  Spokes Council Meeting Protocols by Town Planning (29:00)
  • Proposal Restated with Friendly Amendments (38:30)

Stand Asides: Medics, Class War, Fund Hub, Media, Facilitation

Proposal is broken down into its components:

  • A minimum quorum of attendance: Accepted
  • 24-hour advanced notice blocked by Fund Hub and failed modified consensus
  • 7:15 start time with no breaks (60:00) 7 stand asides and one block. It is tabled. 

Creating Safer Spaces for Facilitation & Minutes(1:08). A discussion with stack.

Meeting Adjourned (1:40)

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