OCCUPALOOZA AUGUST 18, 2012 Proposal to the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street

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Proposal to the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street Tuesday February 7, 2012

Proposed by: Break out group of the Liberty Ave. Food Kitchen

Contact: Maura Spery 347-581-9675

To remit an application to the New York City Parks department for a permit to hold an all day
Information Expo and Free Concert called “Occupalooza” on and around the Great Lawn in Central Park.
The event will be held on Saturday August 18th from 11am to 11pm.

The purpose of the event is the following:

Focus attention on the movement: Just the act of submitting the application for the permit will
ignite a firestorm of activity from the mayor’s office and the press. The Press Working Group can
release a Press Release explaining the purpose of the information expo to get real information
out to the public (not the propaganda BS that passes for news now). The Legal Working Group
will have its hands full but the precedent is with OWS. See

Harness the power of all the (relevant) working groups to focus their messages to disseminate
to the masses: This would be a perfect opportunity for each working group to get their message
and facts out to a larger audience. The event will allow for working groups to use the greatness
that is Central Park to promote their groups specific issues/demands and the message of the
movement as a whole. Imagine large puppets, flags, posters, body art, face painting, fortune
cookies with food facts, bubbles, balloons etc…. the possibilities are endless

Disseminate facts and information to a greater number of people:
This event would help to attract and involve part of the 99% that do not understand what
OWS stands for and might believe the lies about the movement. We will have an opportunity
to educate and enlist the so called 58%, the middle class taxpayers, the people who truly feel
apathetic and without voice. We can help to rouse this sleeping giant.

Use this event as a springboard to an even larger event on OWS birthday and/or leading up
to November Elections: We can use this as springboard for other “Occupaloozas” around the
country and world to coalesce at a HUGE OWS event on September 17th in New York or DC

Have a big giant PARTY! Lastly what could be better for the sick and tired OWS warriors than
to have a giant freaking party to celebrate our commitment to creating positive change in our
world. We hope to pull new people to the movement as well as heal some fractures that have
appeared over the course of time. We are a huge diverse family but we are family so let’s make
it like one big dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of Central Park in August.


And in the end if they don’t give us a permit…… OCCUPICNIC AUGUST 18, 2012 – Bring your
picnic blanket, picnic basket, drums, guitars, frisbees etc…………

7 Responses to “OCCUPALOOZA AUGUST 18, 2012 Proposal to the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street”

  1. Dallas

    In concept, this is an awesome idea. Also sets a good precedent of actually applying for permits for large events: not because we don’t have the right to assemble and play non-amplified music and chant and distribute literature… because *it works*. Also, amplification is pretty awesome.

  2. Steve Scher

    UFPJ applied for permit, was denied.
    Legal battle ensued.
    Publicity caused by intractable NYC position increased numbers to welcome the rnc 2000 march multiple times.

    Continue with plans including app for central lawn.
    Have alternate in mind.

    Seek pro bono support if city turns down free assembly, free speech request….

    Then let the pot stew.

    ( I am not advocating for pot. Nor is any negative critisism directed towards stew.)

  3. Steve Scher

    My year was incorrect:
    2004, the organization wanted to hold a rally on the Great Lawn of Central Park in opposition to the continued occupation of Iraq. The City denied UFPJ’s application for a permit, on the basis that a mass gathering on the Great Lawn would be harmful to the grass, and that such damage would make it harder to collect private donations to maintain the Park. UFPJ charged that Mayor Michael Bloomberg was willing to allow other large gatherings on the Great Lawn, but was discriminating against the demonstration so as to curry favor with the Republican Party, which was holding its quadrennial convention in New York City. Nevertheless, a court rejected UFPJ’s challenge to the denial of the permit. The major protest was eventually held elsewhere, on Sunday, August 29, 2004, the eve of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City. The event drew over 500,000 people, according to The New York Times, and received lead coverage (including a double-sized, vertical front page in New York Newsday) in every major newspaper. In March, 2007 NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne stated about the RNC protests: “You certainly had 800,000 on August 29th.”[5]

    From Wikipedia