Proposal to participate in a Nationwide UnitedGA on March 17th

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This is a proposal for the NYCGA requesting that they participate in a Nationwide UnitedGA on March 17th, with the possibility of holding a NationWide GA every 17th.

Nothing at all needs to be created for this. There will be no central website for #UnitedGA, so as to avoid central control of it, the idea will simply be added to the website of participating GA’s. The only things each partiAicipating occupy GA needs to do is agree to participate in the #UnitedGA on the 17th, include a UnitedGA section on their website, and declare their participation to @SynchronizeOWS so that they may be put in contact with all other participating GA’s and twitter accounts.
The NationWide GA is simply all participating General Assemblies in the country voting on the same issues at the same moment on the 17th of March; potentially every 17th if the participating GA’s decide to do so.
Livestreaming gives each GA extra accountability.
Each participating occupy will be put in contact with every other participating occupy prior to the 17th so that the vote count from each GA can be called into twitter@SynchronizeOWS, AND other participating twitter accounts to be announced, AND on #UnitedGA, AND on participating GA websites. A national modified consensus will be determined. This will ensure maximum accountability in addition to livestreaming of the GA’s whenever possible.
We would begin by focusing on a couple simple issues in the first UnitedGA to get a feel for it. I suggest that they be: “should America have any involvement in exploiting the Alberta Tar Sands.” And: “are corporations people.” BUT THE ISSUES DISCUSSED AND VOTED UPON IN THE FIRST UNITED GA ARE NOT THE SUBJECT OF THIS PROPOSAL. The issues discussed and voted on in UnitedGA, as well as the specifics and details of this and future UnitedGA’s will be determined by all participating occupy GA’s, in a manner that they agree upon.
Certain aspects of this proposal are left intentionally open BECAUSE NEITHER I, NOR ANY ONE PERSON SHOULD HAVE CONTROL OF THE SPECIFICS OF THIS BROAD IDEA. This proposal is only concerned with getting all participating GA’s to focus on and vote upon the same issues at the same time on the 17th of March, with the possibility of holding another UnitedGA each 17th. This proposal is simply asking for NYCGA to participate in UnitedGA on March 17th.
#UnitedGA is the existing hashtag for it. is the email address. 907-299-6644 is my phone number.
Thank you all for your time and effort,
Lucid Wilcox
#1. No GA has any control over any other GA and no GA is obligated to participate in the UnitedGA. Also, UnitedGA IS NOT A GOVERNING BODY, it does not in any way control any individual GA, it is not an organization unto itself, it wont even have a website.
#2. This proposal is meant only to establish that: “GA’s discuss and vote upon the same issues at the same time on the 17th.” In this way, the UnitedGA is left open to being created by each individual participating GA. This proposal intentionally does not include every detail of logistics. It is meant to be just formal and structured enough to work, while intentionally not controlling the idea. A DIRECTLY DEMOCRATIC PROCESS MUST BE CREATED BY DIRECTLY DEMOCRATIC MEANS.
#3. GA’s deciding to discuss and vote upon the same issues at the same moment on the 17th is meant to provide a ‘national occupy sentiment’ whereby we may express a common voice on issues that are important to all of us.
#4. Carefully re-read the proposal if you have any other questions, or call
907-299-6644 at any time.

6 Responses to “Proposal to participate in a Nationwide UnitedGA on March 17th”

  1. Queer Homo

    This kind of Top Down attempt of organization always falls flat on it’s face at #Occupy.

    Why didn’t this person bring to their our Local GA. Why NYC’s? Weird.

  2. Monica McLaughlin

    I am not a big fan of GAs voting on anything but physical occupation issues, but to the extent that this event will join occupiers accross the nation together I am for it. There is strength in numbers. Only if the masses — the 99% — join forces and work together will we be able to achieve sustainable change in this country. These small exclusive GAs are xenophobic and do nothing to help to grow the Occupy movement.

  3. Urbaned

    I think the way this works is that the GA shows up and tweets “Yes” or “No?”

  4. David Buccola

    We need a better way for GA’s to coordinate globally but in order to do that we have to address the issue of scale. One theory that has interested me for some time is put forth by Stephen Shalom called Nested Councils. It would need some serious tweaking to fit the #OccupyWallStreet model, but it does show mathmatically that with groups no larger than 50 we could handle a population (horizontally and directly democratic) of over 12 billion. That’s exciting!

  5. Sean McKeown

    As I pointed out when this first came up, this would be at best a National Spokes Council rather than a National General Assembly – without the ability for questions and answers to confer across the geographic divides, we can talk about the same things and reach similar conclusions but it’s not a GA if we can’t all talk to each other – each GA would be a spoke in a national Spokes Council, reaching their own decisions and testing for consensus within the body as a whole moving forward.

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      Not exactly. My understanding of the original idea is that all twinkles/blocks/standasides would be tallied, rather than a Spokes model where a final twinkle/block/standaside is registered for the group.