Proposal to Discuss Resources in OWS

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As a community we decided to implement a spending freeze, so that we could evaluate our relationship to resources. In the wake of this decision a number of affinity groups have formed to started to raise funds for their own projects. While we are finally getting a clear picture of the general fund, the overall financial picture remains unclear. In order to move forward it is imperative that we get clarity on the whole of the financial situation, identify needs we have as a community, and determine strategies for address these needs. We do not expect to reach a decision during this GA, but will open a conversation. Our hope is to bring the conversation to Spokes Council and future GAs

In solidarity,

Nicole Carty, Tashy Endes, Marisa Holmes

7 Responses to “Proposal to Discuss Resources in OWS”

  1. Janet Wilson

    Good luck with getting any transparency! Some of us tried, but to no avail. Keep working on it!

  2. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    Yeah, maybe the next person that tries won’t get all grimy after she finds out she isn’t going to get $7K in funding from us. Or maybe she won’t bring a bunch of violent drunks to GA?

    • anna yamada

      who did that and when and what was teh $7k for and what happened? rsvp!

      • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

        Janet’s original proposal included some expenses for Occupy The Roads… but then she heard about the freeze.