Proposal in support of May Day 2012

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This is a proposal for OWS to adopt this exact language for May Day 2012:

May Day 2012 Occupy Wall Street stands in solidarity with the calls for a day without the 99%, a general strike and more!! On May Day, wherever you are, we are calling for: *No Work *No School *No Housework *No Shopping *No Banking TAKE THE STREETS!!!!!

10 Responses to “Proposal in support of May Day 2012”

  1. jose cabrera


  2. mark casner

    Building on the existing mayday events can be done. Also the celebratory event being planned for mid-april should help as an organisational lead-in.

  3. David Arnow

    I’m with Aaron. If we all Occupy-supporters and allies pull together on this it could be the most amazing and decisive event of the year.

  4. Lopi

    Is there more of a narrative than “take the streets” what is the actual message around the action? Usually when there is a call for a strike there are some clear objectives in mind. Can the organizers clarify what that is?

  5. Frances MA

    General strike against what? I guess I’m naive. I don’t really understand the point of a general strike. What is the goal? People are broke and need to work to support their families. Why are we asking them on May 1 not to do that? Please clarify.

  6. Marsha

    A General Strike is one that does not focus on a particular company but on an issue. We need huge numbers in the streets if we wish to have a positive impact. I am talking millions all over the country. @Frances, yes people do need to work but if this is successful, those working people will benefit in the long run with better wages and health care.

  7. Sean McKeown

    Friendliest amendment ever: “I would like to limit you to just one exclamation point per sentence.”

    I do hope that it’s reported back to the group with the utmost gravity – I find it incredibly important that Occupy present itself in a serious fashion (when it is being serious) and not appear ridiculous (as I feel many felt this inconsistently exuberant punctuation presented us). That said, upon further reflection I have come to check proper usage, and come to the awareness that three exclamation points is an accepted common usage in addition to one exclamation point, so either one exclamation point uniformly across the statement, or three exclamation points (instead of two and five) would be a proper enough usage.

    Yes, it’s nitpick-y. But that’s what GA helps do, improve proposals, right? Especially the ones that are going to represent Occupy as a whole and the “voice” of the General Assembly? :)