Proposal from Rayshaun Ratcliff

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Start feeding the poor on the train get it on cambra (just give them
sandwich and juice)and have them wear the ows shirt with the web site on it.Get
some people that do good music and have them play for money with the
ows shirt.make poster tittle it goals in bold letter put ten issues
that all people can relate to things like more jobs better school 10
goal on the list, put the poster all over the city.get everyone on the
same day to call any radio station every hour and talk about ows
everyone all day call for two days.rayshaun ratcliff we have to get back
in the people face and make money

i still want the war room so if we get enough money we can take the
freeze off the money. i proposal that we take the freeze off it one of
our most important weapons.

this is solomon temple aka the war room we need a place where we can
call home.everything will be here like a poster machine ,a studio,
and a control room .something like the media have and the cops have
together.the war room will have a whole lot of tv so we can see what
going on in the world and what they are thinking.lot of computer so we
can get live streams so we can see what going on 24 hour a day.spy
epuipment with agents that will have target 24 hour a day .one more
thing a place where we can make music and commercials and what ever media
we need at the time.

7 Responses to “Proposal from Rayshaun Ratcliff”

    • Strong Women Rules Working Group: Organizations, Groups and Members

      That is a block by strong women rules working group. That’s like using the poor for yeah agenda’s.

  1. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    Though I do have mad uptwinkles for coordinated radio show call-in actions.