Proposal for the NYCGA requesting that they participate in a Nationwide GA on the 17th of every month, beginning on March 17th.

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This is a proposal for the General Assembly.
My name is Lucid Wilcox 907-299-6644@SynchronizeOWSThis is a proposal for the NYCGA requesting that they participate in a Nationwide GA on the 17th of every month, beginning on March 17th. Nothing at all needs to be created for this. There will be no central website for #UnitedGA, the idea will simply be added to the website of participating GA’s. The only thing each occupy GA needs to do is agree to participate in the #UnitedGA on the 17th.

The NationWide GA is simply all General Assemblies in the country voting on the same issues at the same moment on the 17th of each month. THE ONLY CHANGE TO THE INDIVIDUAL GA’s IS THE TIME OF DAY THEY MEET ON THE 17th SO THEY CAN ALL HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME AROUND THE COUNTRY. 3:00pm in California, 7:00pm in NYC etc. Livestreaming gives each GA extra accountability. The vote count from each GA is called into twitter@SynchronizeOWS, other participating twitter accounts and participating GA websites, and a national total is determined.

We would begin by voting on a simple issues in the first UnitedGA to get a feel for it. Such as: “should a national rally be held in Chicago in May.”

The issues discussed and voted on in UnitedGA will be of national or global importance. The initial issues for the first UnitedGA will be determined by an apparent popularity expressed from occupy websites, but the specific questions of the first UnitedGA are not the subject of this proposal. This proposal only asks NYCGA to agree to participate in the  NationWide GA that votes on the SAME ISSUES AT THE SAME MOMENT, every month on the 17th.
The specifics and details of the UnitedGA will be determined by everyone, after March 17th, i am simply concerned with initiating UnitedGA, and this proposal is simply asking for NYCGA to participate on March 17th.
The account @SynchronizeOWS was set up to handle communication for events such as NationWide GA and has full-time staff. #UnitedGA is the existing hashtag for it. is the email address.
Thank you all for your time and effort,
Lucid Wilcox

32 Responses to “Proposal for the NYCGA requesting that they participate in a Nationwide GA on the 17th of every month, beginning on March 17th.”

  1. Urbaned

    OMG, awesome! Yes, yes, yes. Jumping up and down. Amazing, brilliant!!! Thumbs up, twinkles, like!

  2. reginahny

    Love it, I’m so there. My only caveat / question (bear with me) is “has a full time staff”? That would need to be detailed (are they paid, if so by whom and do they rotate out?) in order to mesh with the OWSNY principles. And, how is the vote count assured to be transparent? I know, I’m a bit of a wet blanket, but an enthusiastic wet blanket! 😉

  3. Urbaned

    Good question about the full-time staff. I do believe the count will be visible on the twitter page #UnitedGA. Can you please clarify these points, Lucid?

    • Lucid Wilcox

      “full time staff” only implies constant attention. No money of course, only love. And it is only one account. I would assume each GA vote count would be called into several websites and twitter accounts to insure accountabiliy beyond livestreaming. A checking process may be necessary. All the logistics and details will be worked out by EVERYONE once we all hav a chance to think about it.

  4. Lopi

    I am not in support of a national GA. In my perspective, the occupy movement is a regionally based movement. When you get into national organizing on this scale, issues of representational government, which many of us are opposed to, come into play. I favor a national conversation that is like a skill share, but not one that makes movement wide decisions.

    • dicey troop

      lopi, i feel you on everything except the idea that this couldn’t avoid representation! in theory, if local and regional GAs were connected via technology and participated in a unified process… that would be the first national direct democracy…

      • Dallas

        Right… If I am reading this correctly, we’re totaling all up/down/standasides/blocks, not the number of GAs that do or do not reach consensus. So there’s no representative democracy involved.

  5. sumumba

    i’d be for a NATIONAL GA…only if OWS was NOT part of it and it didnt take place here!….because fact is we couldnt guarantee the attendees would be SAFE from physical or verbal attack and/or free from continual disruptions…((unless we’d add 5-6 hours for a PROPOSAL that would eventually get BLOCKED because we’d the textbook pc crowd would call ‘exclusion’)) when we tried to deal with either situation should either occur… i’m jus sayin…

  6. sumumba

    **CORRECTION** i’d be for a NATIONAL GA…only if OWS was NOT part of it and it didnt take place here!….because fact is we couldnt guarantee the attendees would be SAFE from physical or verbal attack and/or free from continual disruptions…((unless we’d add 5-6 hours for a PROPOSAL that would eventually get BLOCKED because the textbook pc crowd and ‘BLOCKERS CAUCUS’ would consider that ‘exclusion’)) IF we tried to deal with either situation should either occur… i’m jus sayin…

  7. John McG

    This has promise. I am skeptical of using the internet to vote on proposals, because hacking is so easy, but it may be that using live stream at the same time would make vote changing more difficult. We would need some complicated set-up for everyone to be able to watch the various GAs at the right times.
    I do think we need at least one coordinated action in the warm part of the year so everyone can see how big we really are. They want to believe we are already over, but a massive get together on some convenient weekend (yes 9-5ers have to be able to get there) would attract even more people.
    Being able to coordinate this between GAs would be very helpful.

  8. Lucid Wilcox

    I can not stress enough: there would be no modification to the existing individual existing GA’s except that they would happen simultaneously on the 17th and would discuss/vote on the same issues. Also: no internet voting. The vote would be taken in GA and called into several websites and twitter accounts to insure accountability beyond livestreaming. Most importantly: the UnitedGA will be created, modified and potentially halted by EVERYONE. There will be no central website, no icon, and no one person will have influence over it.

    • Justin Stone-Diaz

      Don’t stress, maybe participate in your local GA before you start building a National Structure to run everyone else’s.

      • Steve Scher

        Fifth post; Jason he is not trying to run anyone else’s anything. Don’t stress.

  9. David Elkin-Ginnetti

    This movement is based on consensus, not voting. So I would be more in favor of a model that would seek consensus in each regional GA, and then the consensus of every region contributes to the national consensus. If not everyone agrees nationally, we could move to a modified consensus- if over 90% of General Assemblies pass a proposal, it passes. Also, just to clarify, if you want things to happen at the same time, wouldn’t it be 3 hours difference between California and New York, not 4?

      • Steve Scher

        I, ah….. For some reason I got your name in my head as Lucas not lucid. I think that’s because I’m not lucid, but apparently you are. That’s good. This is my third post so far, the first one being far below. I enjoyed our chat on the phone, found you very thoughtful intelligent sincere and not someone to be dismissed as easily as other people on this website (who I love dearly) have done so with guilt by association.

        As I explained to you at times I have a communication problem, so I just want to clarify;

        when you wrote above “I fully agree”… Are you agreeing that there is a three hour difference between California and New York, not four?

        I got a go to bed…

        Steve Scher
        718 347 4818

    • John McG

      I only used the word vote because if there is consensus the internet vote counting is less important. If it goes to modified consensus then hackers would be able to push it one way or the other. The live stream should be the last word in counting and not the twitter or phones, since live stream is the hardest to alter.

  10. Steve Scher

    I am not a opposed in favor of this idea, but I do think we should certainly let it happen and participate in with it and see what goes on. Kind of like a beta test. What would this be the alpha?

    I recall reading that our working groups were working on a national federation of Gen. assemblies making use of the Internet. The issue of hacking was brought up in a post above, which of course is a concern. Equally a concern would be individuals showing up to be disruptive or not to vote or not and therefore in a sense creating nonvirtual acting at the Gen. assembly.

    In particular what I appreciated was that the discussion was how to verify identities for the use of the Internet. If I recall correctly what I read it made use of a extended buddy system.

    So again I really have no opposition or feelings of being in favor of this project, and I think it certainly would be interesting just to experience it. I’m sure we will learn something.

    Steve Scher
    718 347 4818

  11. Steve Scher

    Definitely need an edit button here.

    Usual imagination, see if you can read fluent typo.

    It is my fault, I’m using Dragon ware voice recognition software, and I’ve been up since 2 AM so I’m really a little out… Of it.

  12. Justin Stone-Diaz

    Folks be weary of Top Down manupulators using Monikers to promote their agendas.
    This is just Michael Pollack’s groups trying a new tack.
    Maybe do some research before you declare what a great idea it is. This national GA Idea doesn’t come from Occupy but the folks behind the 99% Declaration & their attempts to use OWS to trigger a constituitional congress and promote their 99% Party.

    The guys’s name, lack of avatar and his Top Down thinking should clue off any Occupier or #OWS Supporter in the know.

    I mean- who spams random folks to ask them to stand up for their proposal.

    Sad face.

    • Urbaned

      I try to be in the know : ( but I admit to not knowing it all (now THAT was a difficult thing to say!)

    • Steve Scher

      Jason, I’m posting this after the posts I make below… But please do bear in mind that we have at least one working group in the process of developing a national Gen. assembly which is Internet-based. Therefore your statement I would have to say is based on the idea that the national Gen. assembly concept presented differs in that it is involving actual human beings meeting at the same time. I do not believe that because it does so, real humans face-to-face nationally somehow… That does not automatically mean it’s connected to Pollock.

      One thing I’ve discovered, there are individuals in this country involved with occupy the do not own computers. Perhaps that would explain the lack of avatar, but top-down thinking called for national meeting of simultaneous general assemblies… I don’t see how you get there.

      I’m keeping an open mind, I suggest you do the same. Let’s take this one step at a time please.

  13. sumumba

    agreed…this is a BAD idea at this point….OWS is NOT ready for a NATIONAL GA…

  14. Urbaned

    @justinstoned How did you find out it was Pollock? Also, if so, maybe he has come up with a better idea than he had at first? Maybe he realized that we needed to vote on his ideas nationally rather than try to force them on everyone here? I would be the first to NOT defend him, but maybe this is an idea that fosters direct democracy?

    What I gather is that participating GAs would reply to topics on a twitter page, and everyone can observe them. The questions would be a national stack. This sounds easy, transparent, and do-able. What do you think?

  15. Steve Scher

    I called Lucas the originator of the proposal up by phone and excellent conversation with him. By the way he’s in Alaska. My gut feeling is he’s truthful, sincere and has an idea that he wishes to (forgive me… Put up the flagpole and see how it waves… Or any other similar phrase but he is quite real and should not be dismissed so quickly) present.

    Jason, you know I love you dearly but I think you made a boo-boo.

    I’m waiting for the Internet-based federated general assemblies which is in fact a national Gen. assembly Internet-based which three or so posts up sumumba thinks is a bad idea at this point.

    Lucas gives his phone number in the proposal.

    I would suggest “trust, but verify”. But associating him with Pollok like that as quickly as that without any basis that I know of reminds me of the practice decades ago of guilt by association initiated by calling someone a communist. Frankly I had forgotten about Pollok for now, and it is with humor that I raise the question why Pollok would come to anyone else’s mind at this time.

  16. Steve Scher

    thoughts: active in the green party since 2000.
    My experience has been that on a local level getting things done just happened.
    As soon as things got “organized” on a higher level, whether county,region,state…..things got increasingly contentious,appeared ego driven disguised as differences in policies….my personal take….

    So when organizing anything beyond local, my thinking is it will cause increased whatevers, and less “to do”.

    Like others ( like Justine ) seem to suggest, if I’m getting it right:

    it’s a state of mind…..
    Not proposals….
    Not national organizing……

    That said it is better not to characterize bearers of messages, but to try to understand the message and upon evaluation based on content one
    might characterize the message….like it’s a good idea because or bad idea because…..