Proposal for the formation of the OWS Transportation Operations Working Group

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The OWS Transportation Operations Working Group is responsible for facilitating transportation for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Transportation coordinates with Occupiers and Working Groups to assist them in any transportation needs that they might have. From cars, trucks, buses, and public transportation, the Transportation OWG will keep OWS mobile.

10 Responses to “Proposal for the formation of the OWS Transportation Operations Working Group”

  1. Janet Wilson

    I would block this proposal. It is not necessary to spend more money doing something that is already being done. I’m sure what you are doing can be done via conference call. Who are the people that would be on the “bus”? Since Occupy the Roads was blocked from solidarity (without asking for funds) to exactly the same thing (and then some) I think its hypocritical to ask that YOU be able to do this and have it paid for by OWS who have a freeze in place.

    • Chris O'Donnell

      With the budget freeze still in place, no new groups can get funds. So this is not a proposal to get funding. I’m sorry to hear that Occupy the Roads was blocked. Perhaps you should try to bring it up again?
      What we would like to do with Transportation is connect working groups with transportation services that are already being used by other groups. For example, the Kitchen WG, where I spend most of my time, works with vehicle owners and people who have access to Zipcars to transport food. With centralized coordination we can make these services available so that when working groups need transportation for OWS related functions they’ll have an easily accessible way of having it provided.

  2. Sally Marks

    Janet, I am not sure you read the proposal the same as I did. It appears to me to be a central point to match up people with transportation needs to those with transportation. Like having a bulliten board of people needing a ride and people going someplace who have extra space. I do not see any costs other than a few pencils and paper (or a spreadsheet/whatever).
    I think it is a great idea.

    • Dallas

      Yes, and this already got declined once at a GA that almost no one attended because it coincided with the MLK vigil. Let’s get it done in some form this time!

  3. Katherine A Flowers

    My only concern with this group is if Jeff is involved I will make a friendly amendment if there is any involvement of the passing out of Metro Cards with this group that Jeff will not be handing any of the cards other than the one for his own personal use

    • Chris O'Donnell

      As a point of information, while Jeff has stated that he supports a transportation working group taking metro card responsibility from housing (this was actually a friendly amendment attached to a previous metro card proposal from housing), he hasn’t attended a transportation meeting or actually been involved with the planning of the working group formation.
      While the transportation working group will of course be open for anyone to join, that friendly amendment would be considered if it’s brought up.

  4. Katherine A Flowers

    Thank you for the POI. I just became the financial point person for housing part of the reason is that it is felt by a great number of people that Jeff denies resources and has a belittling attitude to people who don’t follow process. He was handed off the Metro Cards by Stan and rather than giving them all to me on Tuesday which would of made sense since I was handing them out for the week. He passed them off when he felt like it which was close to on time on Tuesday an hour late on Wednesday and I didn’t get them at all on Thursday. I finally got them on Friday which I had to be where he was at because he couldn’t figure how to be where I was at.

    • Jeffrey Brewer

      Well actually, not that you would know this Katherine because you are still so new to the process of giving out cards, it is a procedure we have been doing for weeks that the person handing out the cards would not be same who carries them around for all sorts of good reasons. Therefore NO, no one would have given you ALL the cards on Tuesday.

      As far as “denying people resources”, I seem to recall hundreds of faces of people I have given cards to, and I do not seem to remember Katherine ever presenting a proposal to GA or Spokes asking for “resources” for all those people who later received them. You have had plenty of opportunity. Maybe if you would spend a little more effort organizing and planning for this organization we would become more productive, but certainly you would have less time “belitteling” those members who are doing this work.

  5. Jeffrey Brewer

    Incidently, I do support this proposal as I have said for some time I feel a need for a dedicated group to work on issues of transport both for persons and supplies. Several groups are doing this ad-hoc for their own personal needs, but this could be more streamlined, efficient, and cost effective.

    The proposer of this group has previously participated in the distribution of metrocards (adding several GREAT additions to the process in the form of digital documentation), and has experience with the logistics of the kitchen food delivery. Please pass this proposal. participated