Power and Resources

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As a community we decided to implement a spending freeze, so that we could evaluate our relationship to resources. In the wake of this decision a number of affinity groups have formed and are raising funds for their own projects. While we are finally getting a clear picture of the general fund, the overall financial picture remains unclear. In order to move forward it is imperative that we get clarity on the whole of the financial situation, identify needs we have as a community, and determine strategies for addressing these needs.


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  1. Monica McLaughlin

    I agree 100%. Unfortunately, those who control the money, refuse to provide any but the minimal information regarding this money. OWS’s finances are opaque.

    • Trish OWS

      (While we are finally getting a clear picture of the general fund?)

      There is absolutely nothing clear about OWS finances, there has not

      been any clarity relating to OWS finances, and there probably will

      not (ever) be any transparency regarding about OWS finances!

      The POWER, ABSCONDED WITH THE resources (MONEY).

      This is the conversation ………..

  2. sumumba

    maybe it’s NOT the ‘money’ that’s the ISSUE..but the mentality that exists in ALL parts of OWS…money and beyond….ijs

    • Monica McLaughlin

      A few of those mentally ill have taken the OWS donations hostage.

      • sumumba

        yes…and thats ok as long as they are taking treatments for their illness or at least not disrupting or threatening to others cuz of their illness…

      • Trish OWS

        WE’RE HEARING…..

        IT’S OK to steal from the movement,

        (as long as they are taking treatment for the illness) AND SITTING QUIETLY AND BEING NONE THREATING BECAUSE THEY’RE THIEVES????

        This is absolutely…. INSANE

        • sumumba

          whoops that didnt come out right..i meant if they wanted to attend the GA or SPOKES..

  3. Urbaned

    Somehow, our strong, relentless, and rational voices are being heard. So different from the weak, tired, and crazy society of the 1%. Thank you for this proposal!

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @urbaned, are you kidding me? Our voices have been shut down by those who have taken the donations hostage and used those donations selfishly. Read my post below. No one in America is even listening anymore.

      • Frances MA

        Monica once again I have to ask WHY are you so obsessed with money? Honestly, who cares? This movement isn’t about money. It didn’t begin with any money. Why are you so fixated on every penny that has come in and out of OWS accounts? You seem to be an intelligent thinking woman. Why don’t you put your skills to use in one of the many working groups that could use assistance and stop trolling the accounting working group at every conceivable opportunity? Please. This site is filled with your rhetoric at this point and it is really becoming obnoxious. Please, please stop already.

        • bill

          Monica wants the Finance WG to be transparent. Not to have monetary transparency is very self destructive (childish). Would you want to give money to an organization that keeps its finances secret? Secrecy promotes suspicion. The fact that the Spokes Council doesn’t demand Finance transparency is strangely self destructive. Instead of donations staying within OWS, it is now being directed to a Celebrity affinity group! Roughly speaking, control of the OWS purse has moved from the GA to the Spokes, and now to an Affinity groupl

          • Trish OWS

            OH Bill….

            Do you think the movement will become a money

            laundrying social/economic/political justice

            movement (facade) for a cabal of deep-pocketed,

            Wall Street entities?

            (Do you think that has always been the plan?)

            Was Nan correct all along? Spokes Council was to keep you blind?

            We are at a MAJOR, DEFINING crossroad, as a


            Hang Tough…

          • Frances MA

            The spokes council doesn’t make financial decisions @bill. I don’t think you are very well-informed about our processes.

        • Monica McLaughlin

          @frances, I am obsessed with money, because a very few people within the OWS movement have taken control of the OWS donations. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are unaccounted for. Hundreds of thousands more have been wasted. Donations are now down to $24 a day!!!

          Btw, Francis, I have reported your post. Name calling is anit-OWS. It is anit-inclusive. You may have 100% trust that those in charge of the OWS donations are acting in our best interest. I would prefer to have transparency and accountability. I do not now those people — nor do the rest of the 99%. Why should we be expected to take their word for anything any more thatn we should take the word of the US Government or politicians. Show me the money!

          • Frances MA

            My name is spelled F R A N C E S. I called you an intelligent thinking woman. How is that name calling? You can keep on reporting me @MonicaMcLaughlin. I am sure that tech ops will be thrilled.

            I have worked at the library since September. On the night of the raid in November we lost all of the receipts in our lock box. That was hundreds of dollars that we could not account for after it had been spent. Additionally we lost all of the cash that we had on site. I would imagine this happened to many other working groups in the park as well. So yes, there is some money that has gone missing. But the “hundreds of thousands of dollars unaccounted for” line is fiction, pure and simple. You are repeating the rhetoric of a mentally unstable woman who is constantly disrupting the GA. You realize that, right? Now before you report me again I am not calling you mentally unstable. I am calling Trish mentally unstable. (Click away Trish.) There is no truth to that line. Repeating it all over and over again all over this site isn’t going to make it real. Here let me show you…George Clooney is my boyfriend, George Clooney is my boyfriend, George Clooney is my boyfriend. Now, is George Clooney my boyfriend? No. Sadly he is not. I repeated it and everything and yet it still is not true.

            Accounting has time and time again released financial statements. This is not a perfect process. No one was prepared for $600,000 in donations. You are looking for perfection in a system that was built by volunteers in a park. Sure, you can spend your time obsessing over Victoria and Pete. You can imagine that they ran away to the Cayman Islands and that they live on top of a giant pile of Cherry Garcia cash. Or you can do something constructive for the movement. You can volunteer with the library. You can cook food with kitchen. You can join screen printers guild, or visions and goals, or outreach.

            But this? I don’t see how this is helping. Aligning yourself with Trish and Janet from Occupy the Roads doesn’t exactly make you look trustworthy. Both of these woman have repeatedly threatened people at General Assemblies. They are not trusted figures within this movement. I believe that you want to help. I really do. So I hope that you will find productive ways to get involved, and that you will cease this accounting witch hunt. If you want to report me for this post for…I don’t know…sarcasm…then go right ahead. But I will keep sticking up for this movement and I will keep defending it from people who constantly seek to tear it down, no matter what the cost.

        • Trish OWS

          I don’t think, Monica is not obsessed with money, I think

          she is concerned with the fact that possibly over a million

          dollars is no longer available to the movement because

          of a lack oversight, by the New York City General


          And, the realization that Finance/Accounting WG,

          actually may have taken literally the fact that all OWS

          working groups are AUTONOMOUS.

          We’re going to support Monica, if only, because she has

          shown herself to be someone the movement needs, now

          more than ever.

          We consider ourselves blessed that you exist and have

          the fortitude to deal with the maddness.

          Hang Tough…

          • Frances MA

            I don’t think “Monica is not obsessed with money” either Trish. I’m glad that we agree.

        • Lurking


          @frances Did yous just sayyyy that Spokes doesn’t do financial decisions AND state that somebody ELSE doesn’t know OWS processes????!!
          IN THE SAME POST??!!!!

          It is probably important that we be responsible with MONEY if we are going to YELL about bankers being SLACK!!

          • Frances MA

            Apologies @lurking I should have been clearer. Spokes council has heard very few financial proposals over the past few months. These include the housing budget, the tech ops budget, and funding for medical trainers. The vast majority of the financial decisions have been made by the GA. My point was that fingering spokes council and saying that it is responsible for financial transparency is a little like blaming the trees because the wind is blowing. Feel free to do the research yourself. http://www.nycga.net/category/assemblies/proposals-past/

      • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

        I seem to remember a specific request by Minutes to have the verbal report @raviahmad gave on Saturday mailed in for inclusion in text form in the Saturday GA minutes. Is this information in fact in the minutes?

        I personally have not checked as yet… if someone else gets around to it first, please let us know if you see something wrong with the numbers.

        • Ravi Ahmad

          Hey guys,

          I’m going to add our current bank statement to the report- yay for occupying my work scanner- and post the report as a doc on the accounting page later today. I hope this will be a weekly occurrence from now on.

          We’ve got a big backlog of stuff that needs to be cleaned up and not a lot of people to do it. Feel free to message me with questions and I’ll add them to the list of reports that I’m trying to present to the community over the coming weeks.


    • Monica McLaughlin

      @frances, very few things done since the Park eviction have actually increased the growth of the movement. Working at the library or sitting in 60 Wall Street chatting with your friends are not movement growing actions. Now if you are interested in being part of an inclusive cult, this is not important. If you are interested in changing the way things work in America, this is very important. It is time to wake up and smell the pepper spray.

      We must be inclusive. Welcoming. I find your negative attitude is off putting. Why not change it? Yes, I am concerned about fairness. That is what OWS is all about. No one has any more right to information than any other person. That is what I am about. That is what OWS is about. How about you, Frances? What are you about?

      • Frances MA

        “Working at the library or sitting in 60 Wall Street chatting with your friends are not movement growing actions.”

        You’re absolutely right Monica. I have wasted five months of my life. Thank you for enlightening me. I’m just going to leave this here. http://peopleslibrary.wordpress.com/

        And by the way you haven’t seen my negative attitude yet. This is me being positive. Hard to tell, right? I’m a comedienne. This is about as positive as we get. Hey, maybe we can sit around 60 Wall St and chat some time? That is literally all I have been doing for the past five months. Just me and my cult. JOIN US…JOIN…US…BWA HA HA HA!!!

  4. Monica McLaughlin

    Donations tell us how the American public views OWS. They are a meter of how well the movement is doing.
    If lots of people are donating, that means our approval rating is high. Low donations mean that our approval rating is low or even worse that no one knows that the movement still exists.

    Credit Card Donations:
    10/08 — $29,860
    11/15 — $18,211
    12/15 — $1,633
    1/18 – – $2,050
    02/06 — $72 [No that is not a typo. Actually the $72 is what was brought in over a 3-day period from 2/2 to 2/6. So it is really $24 a day!!!!]

    OWS went from a high of $30,124 on October 21 to a low of $24 — 3 /12 short months later.

    We are NOT growing the movement. The “efforts” of the last 3 months have failed miserably. Hanging out inside at 60 Wall Street typing away on our smart phones and laptop computers is not a good look.


    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      Yeah, most offices are kind of boring at best. Don’t get me wrong, I suspect that we could have found a less crappy POPS…

      Point being, while I support the hell out of transparency in principle, IMHO there’s a lot of things that will get the donations trending upward more quickly than getting stuck on how some money has been f***ed up in the past.

      We’re not a hedge fund, and I’d like to think there are donors out there that understand that due to the nature of what we are doing that not every expenditure is going to have an immediate and visible payoff.

    • Courtney Burke

      I’ve looked at the receipts posted by the Accounting working group, and there isn’t a lot I find serious fault with. Looks like a lot of food, tents, and metro cards. The idea that the GA completely mismanaged money I actually think is false.
      Feeding 1,000 people a day for months on end to me is a pretty worthwhile expense.
      When the fund was set up, we were camping in a public park. I don’t think at the beginning, anyone ever expected that anyone would send us anything besides sleeping bags and pizza.
      It makes sense to me that we sent money to Oakland after their eviction. Most donations from around the country were coming in to NYC, and not to local Occupy camps. There are a few things that were not a good idea, like the $100 a day for working groups, and I’m sure there were times that people were dishonest about what they did with that. Buying beer in restaurants is obviously not a good use of money, but also consider that we were in desperate need of bathrooms and quiet meeting places, and the fact that most of our conversations involve the movement, that seems pretty o.k. to me as well.

      It’s really odd that are a few people who seem to spend a lot of time on the NYCGA site posting about OWS finances. I’ve heard all kinds of rumors flying around for months that can’t be substantiated, and it seems like the intention is to undermine our credibility, not to help us achieve greater transparency. Either that or the people posting about it spend more time getting their information from the NY Post than they do actually talking to people involved in the movement.

      • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

        Abe Simpson: “A little from column A, a little from column B”.

        I’m not going to make any wild accusations, but again I *really* question the effectiveness of harping on expenses and questionable decisions made in the past if the primary concern is getting donations up.

        • Justin Samuels

          I’d really rather there not be donations. This is grassroots activism, we don’t need the money.

  5. Urbaned

    @monjon22 Here is a blog I created when OWS first started (it’s way out of date now): http://owsworkingdocs.wordpress.com/

    I just received an email from a member of a group I’m in talking about actions in SF and Sacramento: http://occupysf.org/action-council/ There are thousands of meetups: http://www.meetup.com/occupytogether/ Interocc has numerous phone calls every week: http://interoccupy.org/

    Sorry that your stations are not covering OWS any more. We have almost all-day coverage on KPFA, Berkeley. Even FOX reported on an OWS event this week.

    The frustrating problem you are experiencing is a bottleneck in the so-called ‘governing center’ of OWS – the NYC GA and Spokes. More than a lack of donations, the interpersonal issues among occupiers is more off-putting. As always, group work and collaboration takes effort. It just might not work out there because people are assaulting, threatening, and intimidating their fellows. Additionally, people are afraid to attend meetings for fear of harm.

    Sean is trying to get a mediation group going, but that’s not working. But, so many other things are.

    Maybe, as someone said, OWS should not take donations (at least not now that it’s dysfunctional. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some of the more active “blockers” could learn how to fundraise – a more productive skill). But, maybe OWS ISN’T about money, as some have said.

    The failure to set basic rules around civil behavior is a more significant issue now than a lack of donations. The are bullies in the 1%, and there are bullies in NYC. So, you are dysfunctional and can’t get anything done. The rest of us are still going strong.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @urbaned, I like that blog. Someone named James recently contacted me regarding a project he was working on with InfoHub that involved gathering all this info together. It is so confusing with all these separate groups and affinity groups. OWS is so fragmented. Few are able to work with others it seems.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      Wow. Just read the rest of your post. Yes the NYC Occupy has a horrible national reputation. Unfortunately much of it is well deserved. The GA recently booed and clapped while turning down Janet Wilson’s offer fo implement accounting transparency.

      Janet started a 501(c)3 called “Occupy the Roads”. She travels from Occupy to Occupy accross America. So now Janet is traveling from Occupy to Occupy telling the other occupies about how she was treated in NYC.

      • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

        Does Janet tell people about bringing a bunch of angry drunks that started attacking people at our GA? I bet not. Video’s archived if you care to see it for yourselves.

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      Well, I’m going to say something that’s probably gonna be pretty unpopular, but I am frankly past the point of caring:

      I was bullied a lot as a kid… You know what put a stop to that?

      Not mediation…

      Not meetings…

      Learning self-defense.

      • Urbaned

        For me, it was learning to say “no,” and meaning it. Sometimes, it takes more than just saying “no.”

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @urbaned, OWS is a movement. To be sucessful, the movement must grow.

      –Supporters who cannot participate physically, participate through donations. There was a point when OWS was taking in $30,000 a day in donations. Today OWS is taking in $24 a day.

      –There was a point where every single mainstream media had a camera and crew waiting 24/7 to see what OWS was up to next. Today the far majority of these news organizations are gone.

      –There was a time when thousands attended marches and protests. Now OWS is lucky if a few hundred show up.

      @urbaned, what do you believe these changes mean? Do you believe we as a movement should be concerned?

  6. Urbaned

    Somehow, I seem to trust Janet, etc. more than people who threaten others with chairs, etc. Oakland doesn’t have a great reputation, either…there are people who want to disassociate with it.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @urbaned, Janet had worked as a CFO– professional accountant for 30 years. No way was Finance/Accounting going to let her anywhere near the OWS financial records.

      • Frances MA

        Monica were you at this GA? Because I was. There were a number of reasons to block Janet’s proposal and I was proud to do so. She can bad mouth us at every occupation from here to Hawaii but that won’t change the history of what happened. Please stop rewriting reality all over this website. It’s insulting to all of us who are on the ground living this movement day in and day out.

        • Monica McLaughlin

          @frances, who are you to judge who is on the ground living this movement day in and day out? During the last 3 months, OWS has fallen off the face of the earth. Donations — once at $30,000 a day are now down to $24 a day. If this is a result of your being “on the ground living this movement day in and day out”, perhaps you might consider staying at home or going to work instead?

          • Urbaned

            @monjon22 – if you mean that OWS “has fallen off the face of the earth” because donations have come to a halt, that’ is hyperbolic. Maybe OWS isn’t all about financial dontations.

          • Tom Gillis

            This week saw back to back actions in 80 cities. 1000 people turned out in Portland, and a hundred people shut down a Walmart distribution center in California. We got a story on NPR. There were 3 building occupations in Chicago – a high school, a factory and a college. 2 were successful and one is still happening. None of that has taken a lot of money – just ideas a people willing to put in the time.

            There’s tons of stuff happening nationally. Plus in the past 6 months, fundraising has decentralized from a single bank account – “Occupy Wall St” aka “Friends of Liberty Park” to THOUSANDS of bank accounts as local occupies have happened and people began to plug in to their local groups instead of donating to NYC. Check out occupyaudit and see if they have any figure of what the NATIONAL movement has brought in as NYC’s funds have declined.

            Also for the record I couldn’t care less if financial point people cashed out the donations and used it to create some Scrooge McDuck pool of gold coins that they could swim in. The amount of cash that’s passed through this one back account is AT MOST ONE MILLIONTH of the amount of taxpayer money that’s been given to defunct banks in the last 4 years. ONE MILLIONTH.

            Which I guess makes sense maybe. Millions can be angry about bank fraud, and 2 or 3 people can obsess over some tiny sliver of that which was donated to some park squatters.

          • Frances MA

            I have a job @Monica. But thanks for the insult. If you are judging OWS’s success based on the amount of money that it has collected than I would suggest that this is not the revolution for you.

          • Justin Samuels

            @monjon22 I am so happy donations have fallen, and I’d like them and the general fund to go down to zero. OWS should be about grassroots activism. The more money OWS NYC got, the more it became a welfare agency. Other occupies with a lot less money continued to make the headlines such as various occupies in California.

            You do not need money to march, to blog, to market your events through facebook, twitter, and google plus, etc. The money is not NEEDED.

          • Steve

            Sad that you judge the success of a movement based on the amount of money that it brings in.

      • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

        For the record, I actually did originally support showing solidarity with Occupy the Roads.

        Of course, it only became a solidarity proposal after Janet found out there was a spending freeze. The original version of her proposal asked for ~$7K to cover expenses.

        Janet only started trying to get a look at our finances after being told she couldn’t have any money. She also took a pretty nasty tone with people after the solidarity proposal didn’t pass.

        Both of which are reasons that, even though I would love to have full transparency so we can put this money issue to bed, I stood with *everyone else present* in blocking Ms. Wilson’s last proposal.

      • Yoni Miller

        She originally came from very antagonistic point of view, demanding “endorsement” since she knew everything about Occupy (including that we must do everything to appeal to MSNBC and ABC news) and then she changed it to solidarity. I personally liked the work she did, but by power grabbing OWS’s status, she’s essentially saying she’ll need OWS’s solidarity, while the 1,000 other occupations don’t.

        So I blocked, had it just been me, it would have passed, since there were 41 other people, but 6 others also voted no during modified consensus. Afterwards she pronounced all of us sexists and that we should be ashamed of ourselves.

        It wasn’t easy making my first block there, but I absolutely am positive it was the right thing now.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      Every single attempt by anyone for any level of transparency has been refused. This is absurd. What is even more absurd is that so many of those who claim to want to change the way things are done in America, uphold the undemocratic power structure within OWS.

      Janet, may not have had the right “attitude” but then neither has any one else. If you disagree, I challenge you to attempt to gain access to information regarding the OWS finances and to account for all the money spent.

      • Urbaned

        @monjon22 You belittle and condemn everyone else’s point of view, Monica. Maybe listen and think before attacking people.

        • Monica McLaughlin

          @urbaned, what are you talking about? Can you please use specifics when you make accusations. I have no idea where you are coming from. Today, you seem to be attackingn ME after every post I make. Before today, you and I were friends. What is going on?

      • Trish OWS


        You are on point…

        DO NOT ALLOW….. those with agendas that do not include the greater good of the movement lead you to be confused, discouraged, or waste your energy addressing their maddness.

        STAY FOCUS…

        • Sean McKeown

          And is there a contradiction here, Trish, if *your* agenda does not include the greater good of the Movement?

          It does not appear to.

  7. Tara

    Janet came to us as a well-meaning occupier. I know because I welcomed her with open arms and gave her a Solidarity bracelet when i heard of her travels.
    She was all smiles right through the unprecedented violent upheaval of the GA that night. She didn’t seem too upset at all that was going on…a little confused perhaps, but she hung around with her buddies and saw the whole show, she was part of the group….Oh yes, everything was ALL GOOD. UNTIL she learned at the next GA that #OWS was not going to endorse her great Freedom Ride 2012 through America.

    That following evening at this GA, I told her that we have a no alcohol policy at our GAs. Ms. Wilson said that she didn’t know those big red cups coming out of her RV, were filled with liquor! She also said that those kids weren’t drunk. The whole show was livestreamed via Lorenzo AKA Ocupello, and there’s no question in my mind that if you see that video that you will see Ms. Wilson flitting about, smiling…it was quite odd, actually. I was wondering why didn’t she just say, “Come on Guys, let’s go back , it’s time to go…” anything like that. But no. Her judgement seemed particularly off for a middle-aged woman with a big RV like that…

    But here’s our point: If Ms. W. didn’t even know THEY were drunk, then how can we be confident that going to DC, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago….ALL by herself, picking up occupiers, (which could be anybody) is a safe idea?

    There is the other possibility that she did know but was embarrassed to say, and so she lied. That leaves a whole other icky conclusion which personally doesn’t make me feel any more supportive.

    But I’d rather give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she really didn’t know that these big red cup drinking homies who were spittling as they shouted and threw punches, weren’t drunk. OK. What does that say about her judgement to conduct herself SAFELY AROUND AMERICA???

    No, not safe, not smart, and not in our name. We question her judgement, and now, after being shunned (which was, not because we thought she was a bad person), she decides to come back and block our friend Sean’s proposal at GA for SPITE, and then rolls back into town whistles a blowin’ like the great gardening sleuth Rosemary Boxer so she can blow this whole #owsfinancialconspiracy wide open and get the key to the city from Mayor Bloomberg….

    So that’s sort of how it went down, and why we didn’t feel that Ms.Wilson was “right for the job”.
    THE END.

    We weren’t hiding our financials. We were hiding our financials from HER.

    • NaSh

      Wow. I so wanted to say how much I supported your statement. Right up until the line where you referred to the disrespectors as ‘big red cup drinking homies.’ I doubt I need to elaborate on how that comes across.

      • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

        Yeah, that doesn’t sound great coming from Tara…. but then again, I’ve seen the tape and been to the Newark camp. You won’t see me getting too bent out of shape about the choice of terminology in this case.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @entarage, thanks for the explanation. Do you have a link to the video I keep hearing about? I would like to see it. (Those GAs and Spokes meetings sound like nightmareish events.)

      Btw, we have no right to hide our financials from anybody — not Janet, not me, not you. There is no reason why a select few have co-opted the OWS donations and have refused all requests for access to this information.

      • Urbaned

        I think we’re going to have to get over: 1. the fact that Janet may not be a good representative of OWS; 2. that OWS screwed up with financial donations at first (to the tun of $1million.

        That’s a lot of medicine to take, (hopefully not from big red plastic cups) but the point is “get over it.”

        • Monica McLaughlin

          @urbaned, no one is requiring you to post here. If you are not interested in this conversation, I certainly have no objections to you stepping out. Please do not tell those of us who still are interested, to “get over it” Why would you do that?

        • Trish OWS

          Say it again, and again, and again, Sam

          Also, MONEY has been the principle component of this

          movement, DO NOT allow them to lead you to sell empty

          bottles to survive withing this movement, while they hand

          pick whom they choose to sustain.

          (Of course, they are aware you are homeless, hungry, marginalized and oppress, that you are familiar with the dumpster(diving) so why not capitalize.

          Stay focus community, this movement represents the 99% and the economic injustices, experienced.


          DOLLARS ($1,000,000.00)”.

          Ask our Wall Street Monied Affinity Groups what they would do if this amount of money went unaccounted for within their enterprise.


      • sumumba

        I AGREE WITH URBANED, AND AFTER meeting Monica I feel her heart is in the right place, i KNOW the folks in accounting who are accused of malfeasance and I STILL don’t believe, nor have seen evidence to the contrary,I say we let it go and just use a BETTER system of accounting and who gets what next time. As for Janet, I wasn’t there for the ‘drunken fight’ but i KNOW the folks who claimed that there was one, tend NOT to lie or exaggerate things. I do remember Ms. Wilson saying she would be ‘block’ the next proposal (A community agreement to stop violence at GA’s of all things) just because she didn’t get her ‘solidarity statement’ and I also witnessed her disparaging folks who voted against her getting statement. As someone who voted for her getting statement I was deeply dissapointed in her behavior after the vote but didn’t realize what led to it..now i do..

    • Trish OWS


      The fact of the matter is the community has never received a

      coherent accounting from the finance working group since the

      beginning of the movement (occupation).

      And, there are those who sincerely feel that the movement has been

      swindled to the tune of more than one million dollars!

      The issue is do we drink this kool-aid and continue as if ….

      movement building goes on and that all is well or do we attempt to at

      least ask questions which would raise issues which might lead to

      OWS being viewed as an social/economic justice movement that

      empowers the 99% rather than a targeted few.

      People are not stupid, and to move on that fallacy is to expose the movement to ruin.

      We need to stay on point and not entertain Wall Street/OWS deep-

      pocketed affinity groups involvement as something that

      will lessen the issue of transparency.


  8. sumumba

    SEEMS like MOST of us are stuck in ONE place as it relates to MONEY..and YES the mishandling of money is a ISSUE but if our MESSAGE and EXAMPLE and us creating a ‘NEW WORLD’ doesn’t connect with the people OUTSIDE of 60 Wall street or Liberty Plaza..even if we raised and spent money PERFECTLY…we’d still be in our present place……o wait….!

  9. Trish OWS

    KEEP THE SPENDING FREEZE IN PLACE….until the General Assembly can

    review a budget with annual projected financial grants to OWS working groups

    by our Wall Street Social/Economic Justice Movement, deep-pocketed monied

    affinity groups.

    • Justin Samuels

      With all the money spent on food, medic, transportation, and the website, occupy is going to go broke WITH the SPENDING FREEZE in PLACE in 3 WEEKS, Unless there is an 11th hour rescue. So its really all moot.

  10. chris reider

    3:05 AM (43 minutes ago)

    to me

    Helloe this is Chris Big Chris

    I think that it is time for us to reveal exactly who we are. In order to do this we must first face certain facts. There are alot of things that are at hand. If we want to be a VOICE in the WORLD then we must first look correctivly at our short commings. We must work together. We have made it through the winter and over the winter alot has happend some things good and some things bad. In all we still have the American peoples ear, it is what we do with thier ear that is at hand. Corruption is what we fight for. The big wigs is where we bring our fight. If we are to progress, fighting the police is not the way,. Acts of violance lose the american people. Firm points and positive actions mean much much more. We will draw more more bees with honey. Life is short and with what we want to accomplish we must agree totally that nonviolance is the best action. WE SAY NON VIOLANCE but our ATTITUDE says we don’t care what we say, what we do and ” F” who ever don’t like it. Well it is the AMERICAN PEOPLE AND MORE THAT LOOK AT US OCCUPY WALL STREET FOR INSTRUCTIONS. We stat that there are no LEADERS but we are NEW YORK, the center of the universe, what we do is the strength of the entire move movement. We need to show that through words. WE ARE THE TEACHERS. We can not teach if we are acting like kids that don’t want to listen to thier parents. We are the voice of the people and need to start acting as PARENTS. We can’t do this fighting each other, YELLING THINGS THAT ATTACK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. ACTING LIKE FOOLS. We are the voice. Let our voices rain out POSITIVENESS, SOCIAL JUSTICE, AMERICAN FREEDOM, GOOD BYE TO BIG CORPERATE INJUSTICE, BETTER WORK AND HEALTH OPPERTUNITY, GOOD BYE TO THE BIG CORPERATIONS STEPPING ON THE PEOPLE. SEND THE MESSAGE THAT IT IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE STRUGLING.The big Picture is not F the police but yes to the American people here and across THE WORLD. I AM GOING TO DO ALL I CAN ARE YOU IS THE QUESTION . See you at the next GA.

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  11. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    Yo Chris the point is definitely F the police….


  12. Steve

    Seems to me that people are too uptight about money. If you’re in this for the money, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. I’m sorry to say. So sick of people obsessing about the finances. You only ever see people show up when it comes to finances. Where are you at the planning meetings? Where are you at the actions? Down with the money, up with mutual resources and gift economy.
    It’s pathetic how many people come out of the shadows when it comes down to finances. (No, I’m not well off either. I dumpster for food and am in tons of debt. I never have touched any OWS money and never will. It’s poison.)

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      @occupysteve Honestly, I don’t even think the problem is the money. It’s the lack of trust.

      The lack of trust that led people to be overly close to the vest with the money in the first place.
      The lack of trust that seems to make it impossible for anyone to ask for transparency without tossing around half-*** or wholly unfounded rumors and allegations.
      The lack of trust in each other that seems to have some people thinking we’re going to all forget how to think for ourselves if someone who *has money and wants to give it to us* does so.
      The lack of trust giving some the impression that everyone eating kitchen meals or getting a Metrocard is a useless layabout sponging off of OWS.

      etc. etc. etc.

      OY GEVALT, this whole thing is vakakta! Get a hold of yourselves.

      • Steve

        Lack of trust with what though? Money. I don’t know about you but I didn’t join this movement for reform of a broken capitalist “representative” democracy. All this fighting about money IS THE PROBLEM. The entire GA and Spokes and working group structure needs to be remodeled. The roles are completely different than when we were in the park. People are resistant to change, which is going to prove costly. If we can’t adapt with our environment we’ll soon become irrelevant.

        • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

          No doubt! Lots of people have totally lost sight of the fact that our system of doing things is designed to be easily self-modifying and flexible.

          My personal experience with human nature leads me believe that this might actually get WORSE when we don’t have money to throw at some problems (where appropriate). People who don’t have access to resources to facilitate rapid changes of tactics and strategy tend to fall back on dogma and herd mentality in order to maintain their peace of mind.

          Even if every resource we touch after date XX/YY/2012 is freecycled or in-kind donation, someone somewhere (probably several someones and multiple somewheres) will have conducted a financial transaction to put it in our hands. So why make this big show of saying money is bad? We’re not gonna make battery packs or signage or much of anything from dirt and sticks and leaves and rocks….. so money is part of this on some level and will be for a while. No one has to like it to make it true.

      • Justin Samuels

        Well, I wouldn’t say everyone who ate free meals, got a metrocard, or who even did OWS housing is a useless sponge. The issue is the free stuff is a person’s primary reason for involvement.

  13. Urbaned

    I watched the livestream from day 1. Some people who were on the original videos disappeared very quickly from the livestreams and were never heard from again. I have an idea where some went to (Europe). There were a lot of things that happened early on that will probably never be fully recovered…unless someone wants to spend a massive amount of time figuring everything out. Maybe someone does – maybe someone will write a dissertation on this.

    Point is, do we want to keep asking “where did the money go,” and “who took it,” if we have asked those questions a thousand times already? Do we want to stop in our tracks and analyze and evaluate that?

    Or, maybe we can say that the cost of starting up this amazing movement was around $1,000,000. What did we get: 1. We were on the cover of Time; 2. We galvanized the world; 3. We discussed, debated, fought about, and discovered ideologies some had only read about in history books (if they were awake in class that day); 4. We have an 8,000+ member buddypress site; 5. We have events, rallies, upcoming actions; 6. We have national livestreamers – an alternative to MSM; 7. We have learned to become vigilent about “show me the money;” 8. We have met dozens of new friends; 9. Many organizations are interested in and support us (from left to right); 10. People had pizza, tea, metrocards, shelter (for a while) and ideas about new lifestyles and how to survive – potentially WITHOUT $1%$.

    I would say that’s quite an investment for $1,000,000, and I think we got our money’s worth (ok, maybe we could have had fries with that)…

    Can we move on? I think this debate is holding us back. What are we doing about the upcoming election (don’t forget – we have CLOUT); where is tech ops at in developing our new voting and gifting systems; what’s up with our farms and co-ops?

    Is Finance keeping a record of all income and expenses yet? If so, let’s move on. Please.

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      Yeah… it may have had bumps and warts, but we still ran an organization of hundreds of regular contributors (thousands at several actions) for almost 6 months and changed the world in the process…. for under $1M (with the help of many, many other Occupy camps worldwide, of course).

    • Tom Gillis

      Fast Company was totally right when they called OWS one of the top 10 startups for 2011. We’re having some trouble scaling, and turning the enthusiasm of our “users” towards “products” but seriously – OWS went from idea to prototype in 2 months, with no money, and then in 6 months deployed nationwide and attracted millions of users, with only a million dollars in series A funding.

      Most startups take around 18 months and about 10 times the cash to get to this point.

  14. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    Startups? They called us one of the top 7 most innovative companies period. We were ahead of multiple F500 companies on a list of 50 companies.