Occupy Caravan Action Endorsement

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CONTACT EMAIL: info@occupycaravan.com

CONTACT PHONE: 917 446 8398


The over 30 members of the Occupy Caravan Affinity Group in Los Angeles, New York and across the country are officially requesting the endorsement of THE OCCUPY CARAVAN as an official Occupy Wall Street Action.


We have received official approval from NYC Outreach Working group, have consulted with Movement building and other NYC groups to polish our plans for over 90 days. We are officially supported by Occupy NOW DC, Occupy Boulder, Occupy Aspen Press Team, Occupy St Paul Press team, The Multitude.org, Occupycoordination.org and many more! Please visit our sites to see the growing list of our official national supporters! We are working with Official Occupy organizations in over 15 states to garner support and their involvement in this action. We are a 100% transparent, horizontal-leadership, democratic action exactly like the Occupy Wall Street model.

Our action is a simple…yet powerful one. It’s designed to be HIGHLY POSITIVE and HIGHLY VISIBLE … nationally unifying action …and to get ongoing press for over a week. Plus the Occupy Caravan will bring MANY occupiers from across the country to Liberty Square/ Wall Street for a day of Celebration…then on to DC to participate in the NOW DC spring occupation!

Lead by our bio-deisel green machine bus,  the Occupy Caravan starts in LA April 2nd,  then the “highly colorful” caravan circles city halls across the country gathering more and more Occupiers and vehicles at over 16 Occupy cities, till we reach New York City April 9th for a day of celebration!

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of American folk singer Woody Guthrie, who sang about economic justice based on his travels west in the Great Depression, we are embarking as Americans across the nation’s highways once again — this time traveling by the thousands from west coast to east, demanding an end to corporate control of our democracy as we drive the economic message of the 99% from the Heartland to the nation’s seats of power.

Please visit our websites for more info



We look forward to speaking at Thursday night’s General Assembly for official endorsement from the NYCGA to elevate this action nationwide!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Buddy and Michael

8 Responses to “Occupy Caravan Action Endorsement”

  1. Lopi

    Is it possible to simply say that the caravan is in solidarity with occupy wallstreet instead of asking for an official endorsement?
    Reading the Statement of Autonomy, posted here: http://www.nycga.net/resources/statement-of-autonomy/
    It clearly states “we have not made endorsements” and “speak with us, not for us”
    While this looks like an awesome project, one I personally would love to join and feel great solidarity with, I think seeking endorsement from occupy wallstreet is problematic in the sense that it is a fine line between endorsement and having representatives speak for us at various occupations and other towns, cities and hamlets passed through.

    Also referencing the statement of autonomy: Speak with Us, not for Us.

    please others comment if you disagree or agree

    thanks for listening

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      I personally agree regarding solidarity vs. endorsement, but I’d hate to see us have nothing to do with this project at all over one poorly chosen word.

  2. Janet Wilson

    Interesting????? I hope you get further than we did. Occupy the Roads has been doing this same thing for 4 months, visited 58 cities and done it all on one persons finances. OWS has NOT Endorseed or Pledge of Solidarity!!!! Not only No Solidarity but blocked from Solidarity! These few people who RUN NYCGA (the leaders) make decisions based on who you associate with and if it’s anyone wanting transparency you can kiss it good-bye. If they were smart (which obviously they are not) they would have taken 1/2 a million and got caravans going across the Country in every direction. That way, when the camps were taken down they’d still be visible. I got it! You got it”but they’re still too busy bickering amongst each other to see anything. We will work in Solidarity with you and perhaps meet you half way since we’re a 31ft moving billboard “occupying the roads” in Florida right now.

    • Sean McKeown

      Consensus was achieved. We’re hoping for something interesting to happen – you guys should talk. :)

  3. John McG

    Maybe a caravan to Chicago in time to kick off the G8, Nato meetings?