NYC General Assembly 2/4/2012 (Minutes)

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Audio Recording of General Assembly

Location: 60 Wall Street Atrium

Facilitators: Christina, Shawn

Stack Taker: Corey

Minutes: Lauren

Working Group Report Backs: Minutes, Class War, Nan-in solidarity with Newark, Medics, Shazz, Trish

Proposal: Call for mass action against the suppression of the Occupy Movement: Tabled by proposers.

Announcements: Visions and Goals, Strong Women Rules, Trish, Staten Island GA, Lady, Christine, Joseph, Angela, Jeff

Working group Report Backs:

Minutes: Changes to the way we do things.

Anthony form Class War: action for march 31st in solidarity for an action I Europe. Meetings on Wednesday, 5 60 wall, charlottes, or the park. Posted on the website, we rotate a lot.

Nan: February 11th and 12th Newark is having a festival bring cash, it’s a festival. Family friendly.

Medics: running around trying ot chase down actions, please try and let us know if there is an action you want us to be at please contact us. Wednesdays at 7.

Shazz: I am hoping to call together a meeting to reform how we handle money here at occupy wall street. The December bank accounts are online at the accounting page on How we can help accounting.  6pm Monday at 60 Wall Street.

Trish: with nycga council GA working group, three things 1. Addressing a proposal on 1/31. Successful vented this proposal. The GA working group has a subgroup addressing the freeze. We invite people to contact us on and see when the subgroup meets.

Proposal: Call for mass action against the suppression of the occupy movement

Two-part proposal: Support the call for mass action and support a mass non-violent action on February 28th 2012

CQ: Have you brought this to DA?

We are going tomorrow.

We distributed about 1,000 of these flyers.

CQ: Are you asking us to stand in solidarity with Oakland?

This is response to OWS police brutality.

CQ: I see a lot about what you want to accomplish I see a lot of about the reasons but I don’t see what the mechanism is going to be, but you don’t qualify what kind of action this is going to be how this action will be worked?

We are not violent, they are violent we intend on February 28th to rally at union square then march to Zuccotti, make a statement then disperse. It is the process of allowing us to do what we are allowed to do in this land.

CQ: Is this just for February 28th in New York City or other cities?

It should be in New York and echoed around the nations. Concerted effort to get it as many GA’s as possible.

CQ: How do we present ourselves to make this a peaceful action?

There will be team members in the march to make sure any violent behavior is squashed.

F: This question is outside the scope of this proposal.

CQ: Have you gone to anti repression? How was the written and who wrote it?

An earlier draft of this proposal was brought to the Anti repression. They haven’t influenced the call. They know about it and know of the date, but it hasn’t been consented on by them

F: Temp check to extend time: Mostly positive

C: I know this document is from the Revolutionary Communist Party. I am concerned about the internal writing of this document.

C: I want to congratulate you for not doing this through DA.  Not every action needs to go through them. You have my full support.

C: Working with DA is a good idea, there are a lot of people are working on things around that date. I feel weird approving a proposal that hasn’t gone through DA.  Second we should calm down and organize actions in good faith.

This call was published in Revolution newspaper as a gift to the paper.

C: Lady: My concern is how to do it, how the action is going to be presented in a positive way and get positive feedback from the news. How do we do it in a positive way and get positive feedback?

We don’t know what the media will do. I doesn’t matter what the media does. Everyone of us is the media. We cannot depend on them. We can form our own message that they respond to.

C: We need to deal with the suppression inside OWS first, before we move out to other cites.

C: My FA is along the lines of what lady said, an action, how its perceived is the real war I want to hear or know that in the months that you are going to work with media to build a message to put out videos beforehand and draft a narrative and develop the story. I would also suggest that you coincide this with now you know what it is to be black in America.

Accepted. These are things we are working on talking to human rights attorney. Working with pr on how to get this out there. We have been working with media.

C: This moment is multifaceted. We have to be careful who we lend our umbrella to.


FA: The media is living off our movement

FA: We occupy Zucotti in the fullest of numbers as a part of our action.

No, because its subject o arrest. We plan on marching there, but we do not plan to occupy with tents. So in that case yes, this is already addresses

FA: You are going ot have to address the media before we are even out there, we can open our doors to anyone you are welcome to use OWS but unless it shows positiveness we cant open our doors. Address media and try to keep the violence down.

Accepted, we are going to bring positivity to the media. We are  nonviolent movement to begin with.

FA: Change the title, change occupy to Occupy Wall Street and in the title include nonviolent.

Not accepted.

We will agree to add nonviolent to title and rejected adding Wall Street.

FA: Change the day of action to a challenge to reoccupy.

FA: There are a lot of people who have been suppressed in this movement, we need to clean up OWS before we go out to the streets. My amendment is somehow create some kind of message saying they are not going to tolerate suppression inside the movement.

We will take your concerns to the next ad hoc meeting, and two I want to read “ this mobilization should most of all be in New York where the movement started.

FA: Table this until you take this to DA tomorrow where people have been working on plans similar to this.

We are going to talk to DA tomorrow, but whether DA gives their blessing

The proposers have not accepted the FA to table until they talk to DA

PoI: DA is not endorsing things anymore. You can announce it at DA

FA: Bring us a plan, table the proposal until you do.

This is the plan to gather at union square at 4 rally at 5 at 6 march to Zucotti park in a non violent peaceful demonstration and march.

Restatement of the proposal: This is a proposal for the ga of OWS to support a call for mass action against sup of the occupy movement and the day of mass action on February 28th

FA: Talk to the media and create a narrative,

FA: Add non-violent to the title

FA: Occupy Zucotti to the fullest extend at the end of the march.  Fill it but not with tents, with people.

Stand Asides: zero

Blocks: 6, only 2 were addressed before the people proposing tabled the agenda item

  1. I’m blocking because DA meets 7 days a week to organize actions it’s an open forum. Block Holds
  2. Why are we changing the name? I like to keep things simple, complicated fight I am confused

The prospers are tabling. We are in a bit of a situation, if we go to DA they are going to block. If we don’t go to DA we are going to be blocked here. What do we do.

We want to invite everyone who has a concern and together lets make a day of action against the suppression Thursday 6:30 Judson Memorial Church Thomas Street, Email:


February 14th V and G will bee seeking consensus on the document. If you want to meet at 60 wall street at 12 on Sunday to go over the document.

Strong women rules is still pursuing a lawsuit against certain individuals for slander.

Lady: A lot of us need more to find to occupy our minds and our hearts first the movement is going in a way that’s not healthy if we could find a way to occupy our hearts and our minds and share that with other individuals no matter the government if we have the same people in the government in order for us to make this positive. We need to work together.

Christine: tomorrow night from 5-7 archives is having an open forum. Come out and join us. Judson

Saturdays at 1-4 occupy SI we should go show them love just a ferry ride away.  The ferry is free.

Joseph: In order for us to be considered to be legitimate one way we can do this is use Foley Square. Have screens set up in other parks. Making us more accessible to the general public.

Angela: From DC, next Friday we would like as much support at the CPAC conference held in DC. having a rally, making non violent noise.  I agree with the folks how we need to occupy differently.

Ellis Roberts was arrested last wee I want to announcement that I have his booking number where you can put money in to support him.

Jeff: I don’t know how to follow process all the time, information in ga that not everyone has information to. Everybody is not understanding these relationships. There should be sometime of teach-in where everybody that’s a part of GA understands these things. I think that will help me out.

We are going to end the GA and open soapbox.

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    thank you for this group is there a place online to upload any videos of suppression? I know there might be more than 1 site to do this other than on youtube/ public sites