NYCGA Minutes 2/28/2012

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Co-Facilitators: Daniel, Jennifer

Time Keeper: Isaac

Stack taker: Jean

Vibes: David

Minutes: Lauren

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Working Group Report Backs: Housing, Visions and Goals, Marsha: Fiber Arts working group, Grievance Council, F28 report back, Occupy Farms

Proposal: Statement of solidarity with the city wide GA on March 17th Result: Tabled, GA did not extend time

Proposal: Stop spending except for actions, Tabled after GA moved to Liberty Plaza

Announcements: F29, Sage, Yoni, Peoples Library, Nan, Lady

F: Reading from the community agreements consented on by spokes, we know it has not been consented for this space.

Working group Report Backs:

Metrocards: At spokes council last it was consented that the metorcard process has changed the working groups will be responsible for passing out metrocards to their people. Point people come to Schimerhorn tomorrow at 6:30 to pick up their metrocard,  5 per group, also the time is from  6:30-7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays but because of the propsal we are being allowed to do it wed and Thursday this week. Working group point people only please

Visions and Goals: We lost Patrick, he is alive, he stepped back 6 out of the 12 GA have to decided to be apart of an all borough working group to consolidate actions and outreach inter occupy call on Monday

Jeanie: alternative currency: we are getting a little overwhelmed with the economic housing problems we are assisting with, one EMT meeting for funding last week. Anyone who wants to meet with me, construction skills appreciated.  Also looking to provide a conference, planning on going forward with alternative banking practices

Marsha: Fiber arts working group at our meeting this afternoon we decided to have a Knit-In conclude at 5pm on May Day. Regular meetings Tuesday at Charlottes teach people how to knit and crochet 24rs 5pm April 30th and 5pm on may 1st.  The next meeting is Sunday from 3:30-5 in the atrium.

Continuation of the grievance council is Friday 6:30-9 Brooklyn Quaker House. Please come, it should be community wide.

F28: What I saw in Union Square was not representative of occupy today, in the future we need to be more careful of what people do under our name. Not under RCB name, under  OWS.

Occupy Farms: Hawthorne Valley Farm conference we received a lot of support 20 farms sign up to be part of occupy farms. Month commitment 5:30 Thursday and Sunday at the atrium

This proposal is for the nation wide GA on March 17th

CQ: Would we have a normal GA?

Up to your GA

CQ: How actually will this take place?

Hasn’t been determined, this is to see which GA’s would be interested in participating

CQ: What is the voting process?

Each GA is help individually, then take consensus after?

CQ: Who started this idea

Lucid Wilcox, he has the idea many people have similar ideas, this is to get the ball rolling

CQ: Would this include American sign language?

Up to your GA.

CQ: Which occupy does he come from?

He is not a member of any specific occupy

CQ: Would you consider this as the first step in becoming political movement

Not personally, opening up communication between each of the GA’s

CQ: If you do a tally will New York have the same weight as Peoria GA?

No specifics have been decided

CQ: This idea we encountered from Michael Pollack from the 99 declaration, how much of this is a reshaping of that idea.

This is not form the 99D, the inspiration came from getting our occupy’s together

CQ: what are we consenting on? Who is coordinating?

No one yet, it has to be determined between all the GA’s who want to participate

CQ: when you started you said you are a reader of the proposal who is he and why isn’t he here?

He lives in Alaska, I have all of his information and you can have it if you want it.  He feels

CQ: What do you hope to gain from this?

We are hoping that the same topics are discussed at the Gas across the GA’s. If your GA has something to discuss

C: I am concerned about the ambiguity; I would like to see concrete resolution before we vote.

We have tired that before and we received a lot of negative feelings, no one wants a Webmaster or a small group in charge,

FA: Some sort of rotating body, say San Fran heads it one month, the next month is someone else.

C: I am concerned that this doesn’t follow the form of the GA but we are still calling it that, maybe its closer to the spokes council model.

C: One being that I don’t see any direct benefit of this we are taking time out to organize something that doesn’t directly benefit what we are doing. I don’t see this helping is in the near future. My next concern, we have trouble containing our own GA’s, how are we going to handle a national GA.

I agree we are bring it to local GA’s first, the benefit is to me personally is to set up national DA’s

C: My concern is that this will be a decision making body that doesn’t follow a consensus process. Unless there is a way to agree on that process before, and I am not sure that is possible.

My FA: no decision making happens at these GA”s and that they are purely conversation.

A possibility, we will have to talk about it once we know which GA’s would like to participate

Time is up: Do you want to extend? (No) Tabled

Proposal: Proposal to cut off funding except for actions

Members of accounting don’t take positions on spending, now that I am not in the working group I feel like I can take this position. It is not only mine. We are running out of money, donations are tapering off,  we are still spending

We have 160,000 on hand 87,000 goes to bail, by the calculations we have we essentially 3-5 weeks at the most before we go broke as in broke, what I wanted to was bring a discussion about how we go broke because we are going broke. After I read this

Occupy wall street is not about money OWS is about action so lets spend our money on action this proposal if its passed, the money from

45 Minutes, CQ, small groups to come up with collective concerns

CQ: when you came up with the financial defrost were you thinking about kitchen

Yes, I thought about them, I hope we all think about them

POI: 149,264.00  87,500 is bail. We have 61764 on hand for expenditures as a point of reference we spent 19280 on budgets. We will be broke in 3-4 weeks

CQ: Fundraiser hub has been trying to help groups raise their own money.


CQ: how much money has come in?

About 1500 over the past week

POI: There are huge spikes in donations after big actions, they give us money bc they do actions

CQ: what will be cut that we are currently spending on?

Haywood: What is an actions: actions are so much more than DA working group, but lots come out of FA I believe that the pop up occupation is an actions, I believe teaching high school students is an action, I believe the internet blackout is an action, I believe subway leafleting is an action but it shouldn’t be up to me, if you want money you have to go to the GA. If you want food, printing go get yourself.

CQ: Do you consider the food that we prepare for the working groups an asset to continue working? And do you consider that an action.

This isn’t about me, I am in favor of feeding everyone, but that’s not the question at hand, we go broke in 3-5 weeks, how do you want to go broke

CQ: yes we have to decide how to adjust the budget proportionally, I think we can do that in the breakout group.

CQ:  What if instead we ask how do we not go broke, how do we keep money coming in.

Money is a contentious issue around here, that is outside the scope of this conversation.

CQ: How does this end? Is it only what we have in the bank account now?  Are you talking about money that comes in after?

Id love to hear the GA’s thought

CQ: OWS is not about money, can we say “fuck money” and do this from the grassroots we said we would?

CQ: we need money as a movement you need money to do what has to be done, you need to eat to get to an action, are you saying when we have an action we will put a message in a pigeon and let it fly over the city, my suggestion is this, whatever money we have available, let that be our piggy bank on how to be used, if a working group comes and needs it let the GA decide. We have money, look at your wall street journal.

CQ: you made your money with the big actions, there have been actions since then has the money been coming in or not?

Accounting: money tended to spike after mass actions, upwards of a couple thousand people, also I suspect a lot of the early donations when OWS was the only occupy.

CQ: Working groups when they raise their won funds does that mean the working group can have their own actions, use the OWS banner to have a rally for Ron Paul,

We believe in autonomy, when the spending freeze went into effect working groups could then raise their own funds, outside groups can also do whatever they want, if you want to form the Ron Paul working group, the GA will likely not support you.

People can do what they want, but they cannot speak for OWS.

CQ: Just using the money for actions, I believe OWS greatest action was occupying, some of us are still occupying, we are not fed very well, …can you call yourself an occupier if you have a home?

CQ: we tend to do passive funding what steps have you taken to make that more active. My idea is maybe could a 4 day money bomb, why not have a money bomb before may 1st. at least we will not peter out.

I think that’s a great idea and I think people should do it. I think we still have to figure out what to do with the rest of our money.

POP: There are 9 people on stack, maybe going through CQ is not the best way to respond, maybe a breakout group.

F: after we finish this stack we are going to break out into groups of 4 or 5 people and discuss

CQ: Please give me an example of an action, say one gets approved for 1,000 what does that money go towards. Historically its up to the prosper.

Is food part of that?

Sometimes it is.

CQ: Explain to me why you need money for DA? It should just cost time and energy, I don’t know why this wants to support anything that costs money.

I would asks the groups who put on actions. I think money is tearing our movement apart. I would like to have an adult conversation about what we should do with the money we have left.

CQ: I suggest a telethon, on the second issue a lot of working people they need jobs and homes and other things like that OWS can help a lot with that in terms of supporting and this disabled, they have different factions of things that can help. You work for years  we need to support everybody blind and visual impaired…

CQ: I just want to clear the air I think DA is lame and they never do a good action a good example is D12, when you want to take all that money what about kitchen? We have a movement where people are being fed, a lot of people rely on kitchen,

Your proposal

I believe that actions are more than just Direct Action, everything is an action. Pop UP Occupations, actions can be anything so long as you are doing something for the movement. This doesn’t end kitchen, kitchen just feeds actions. This is not my propsal, I just want to start the conversations

CQ: we have an affinity group raise 1.8 million why doesn’t that group give money to the GA

That’s Ben and Jerry’s group, they are supporting actions that they want, all I am saying we should decide what do with our money on our own

CQ: I worked in the kitchen for a long time, I love the kitchen with all of my heart, you have to understand if we don’t stop spending all this money it will dry up anyways, why don’t you think for the future, maybe it will bring us, in 5 weeks everyone is going to starve anyways.

CQ: This is my first time here, this is very educating, I am the director for fundraising, I have a few questions, one: why do we need money? This started off as a movement without money, I think people actually got involved when they thought action was happening even though this movement started without money if we need money how do we get more money I think the greatest action how can we do more action? The greatest action, if you want to increase this movement the action is educating people.

CQ: I think you raise a lot of valid points as the brining of this proposal I think you need to be held accountable for your proposal. What happens if this passes and there is no food tomorrow?

Maybe we have a gradual phase out, the whole point of this is re driect the conversation towards action which is what we came here for. Hopefully we try an alter this and come to an agreement


GA moved to Zuccotti Park

F: We talked a little bit about this we discussed it with facilitation and the propser and we don’t think we are going to be  ble to make a decision the propser is ok with tabling brining it to working groups and bringing it back later. I understand that a lot of people who wanted to say things about this. We will have time at the end.

Stack for announcements;

My house right now is not ina good order I have al ot of artwork with me and people can take it home if they have a home so come see me.

Nan: I have a  concern about wanting to table this but anyways my announcement is nan is back ….

Hi everybody my name is Francis I’m from the Peoples Library we are collecting book donations for Tucson which banned Mexican studies books and ended Mexican American studies program our donation event is Thursday march 1st from 7-9 at word up community bookshop 4157 Broadway come join us there bring a book thank you!

Yoni: Political action and impact meetings at 60 wall Friday at 6pm from march 3rd to march 6th we will be occupying republican primaries I you want to discuss that see me

Sage: my name is sage I really miss the camp I been sleeping outside since three weeks before the occupation started I been wanting be homeless my whole life bc it seemed like freedom to me and three of my favorite movies had homeless protagonists I look at environmental politics I look at education politics I look at lab and I am not really an animal rights activists but I t seems to me that the occupation as a physically occupation had so much energy and so much power and it was very efficient at communicate the very complicated idea with no words if anyone has an actual plan on how we can create another village in Manhattan to really give the finger to all the people who compromised their ethics and do evil shit just to make money jst to pay rent to live in Manhattan we could do a small thing that would global attention that’s all I want to day for now.

Mark: tomorrow F29 major day of action this action was called for by occupy portal 50 occupations across the nation ALEC lobbying group who pass prepackaged bills, SP1070, tomorrow we are going to shut them down. 9 am be a Bryant park dress for rain 9am Bryant park occupy shut it down!

The GA is over.



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