M17 Discussion

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A celebration to honor 6 months of OWS / East Coast Celebration / 24 Hour occupation–
This has already been consensed on in DA last Sunday–so it is not a proposal–but would like a 20-30 minute break out to get people planning and solicit ideas!
Framework of M17—
1) Send invitations to occupations all over the country to come to NYC with pictures and stories of what happened in their city
2) Create a floral theme –flowers blossoming–a rebirth and an awakening
3) have Info pass out flowers and invitations in front of Zucotti all morning( 9am till Noon)
4) begin assembling at noon–
5) at 1PM –Inter Occupy Assembly—People’s Mic –sharing stories from occupations that have gathered –with a story from OWS at the end
6) 2pm Music/ food–(Tracey Chapman has tentatively agreed to sing)t6seillia3@gmail.com
7) 3pm Think Tank/Visioning for the spring/Summer–and thoughts for MAY DAY General strike
8) 4pm–Assemble and read a condemnation of Wall street and Citizens United–and March to site of Reoccupation!—at FED Plaza on Wall ST

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  1. Queer Homo

    Folks- You do know the community has already begun this conversation & Consensed on a March & Rally?