Handicap Accessible Space – GA

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I propose that all Occupy Wall Street General Assembly and Organization certified Working Group meetings must be held in a handicapped accessible space.

This will be brought on Sat, Feb 4.

7 Responses to “Handicap Accessible Space – GA”

  1. Julia Silvestri

    I am very glad to see this!

    This proposal might be strengthened by including space for sitting during meetings and not just entry. The Translation group works hard to set an accessible space for ASL interpreters for meetings and it has been very challenging!

    Can I suggest we use a different word than handicapped? As a Deaf person, I reject a disability label because I don’t feel handicapped. This movement is a wonderful opportunity for communities like ours to redefine our labels and our right to access as minorities who are designed differently.

    Thank you for this initiative.

    • Marsha

      I used handicapped as it is an easily understood term for those who do not have a disability. I personally don’t like the word. I thought it would work itself out during the meeting with concerns and friendly amendments.

  2. Yoni Miller

    The Deaf community (I’m a member as well) doesn’t like the term Handicapped, so just say “Handicapped and Deaf community” or “Full Spectrum Accessibility”, whether it’s chairs for people who cannot stand too long, or the cold (patrick’s proposal moved it indoors for that reason), wheelchair accessibility, safe non judgmental space, translators for other languages as needed etc… I personally cannot understand mic checks so well, so I make sure to stand nearby the person speaking, and or read tweets, or ask people around me, :)

    This is amazing opportunity to reflect on how we treat and watch out for each other,

  3. Julia Silvestri

    I agree that it is easily understood. It caught my attention right away!

    I would suggest just requiring all meeting spaces to be accessible. If the proposal is presented on a Monday, I can offer friendly amendments. (Mondays are when ASL interpreters are available)

  4. Yoni Miller

    There are no general assemblies on Monday, that’s spokes. This is Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, however I see a copy is proposed for Spokes as well

  5. Marsha

    My apologies, I cannot come to GA tonight so I emailed facilitation to move it to the Sat GA. I hope this give people more chances to comment and suggest any FAs they deem appropriate. I do like the phrase “Full Spectrum Accessibility” and will be using that. Peace and Love all.