Dissolution of Spokes Council

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Strong Women Rules Working Group proposes the dissolution of the Operational Spokes Council.

12 Responses to “Dissolution of Spokes Council”

  1. Yoni Miller

    can anyone clarify if this working group exists or not? Last I heard it didn’t, but I can be wrong.

  2. Janet Wilson

    What does it matter the source if the information is true? If spokes is spending and making decisions that the GA should be making then this needs to have serious consideration.

  3. Yoni Miller

    If that were the case, I’d agree. Alas I’ve sat through this proposal I think 3x, it’s the same results every time, and I actually thank Nan (the main person who hides under the cloak of Strong Women’s Rules), because these conversations reinforce why we DO need a spokes council.

    The underlying reason why she wants SC’s dissolved, is because she was banned from spokes, until she goes through the grievance/mediation process.

    Nan is the lady who said I’m a manipulator, believe what you want *shrug*

  4. sumumba

    funny thing is the folks who get OWE money to accounting are the ones who complain about it…and the one’s banned from ows functions are the same ones who want it banned…go figure…

  5. Frances MA

    I’m not wasting another single minute of my life sitting through this non-proposal for the, what is it now, the fifth time? Come on facilitation! Do we have no structure in place for this at all? Are we allowed to just endlessly submit the same one sentence non-proposal again, and again, and again to filibuster the GA? This is ridiculous. I’m going to start submitting a proposal every week called “I want a milkshake” and I am going to keep submitting it again, and again, and again until just the thought of drinking a milkshake makes people sick.

    • Yoni Miller

      You can…lol, I brought that up, and will be working on proposal within structure, to create guidelines for proposals, such as number of times it can be brought up, quality of proposals, who can bring one up, and in what context? etc..

  6. The Jokes Council

    A non-working group working group proposes the dissolution of the body that barred the only member of said fictitious working group from it, via formal proposal, for repetetive violent acts?

    I, too, would like a job watching henhouses. What’s a fox got to do around these parts to get a free handout?

  7. Sean McKeown

    Twice in a row now this has been advanced, then not bothered to show up for.

    I hear a cry on the wind – “Wolf! Wolf!”

  8. sumumba

    yea wtf is next? does the TEA PARTY get to make proposals to the GA?? i mean d*mn!

    • Dallas

      Yeah they do. I suspect they’d say something more cogent and possibly even sensible and useful.