2/9/2012: Formation of Fundraising Working Group

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To form a new fundraising working group whereas the entire group budget is commission based at a percentage of 7% which is the standard sales commission in New York City.
We will be using the “cur” system through Tech Ops and also providing people with the ability to raise funding for the group as a whole and on an individual basis.

Our meetings are every Sunday at 7pm.

We will be working on getting funding from the email lists currently on record as well an finding new funders.

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  1. Sally Marks

    . I think it is terrific to be fund raising and to take credit card processing ‘in house’. I do not think it is good at all that the group earns ‘7%’. There should be no ‘cut’ or ‘Commission’. Instead minimal expenses incurred and pass all of the rest to OWS.

    Very ‘Down Twinkles’ on ‘earning 7%’

  2. Sean McKeown

    So how is this different than the Fundraising Hub working group that was consensed upon last week at GA?

  3. Dallas

    If it’s the budget (as in you spend it on WG-related stuff and we as the GA and/or Spokes can change it and ask for records) as opposed to a paycheck, 7% seems fine to me. Percentages are great, because if you don’t do jack, you don’t get jack.

    I really don’t understand why this wouldn’t be part of FunHub though.

  4. Ravi Ahmad

    I’m also fascinated to know, as a member of Tech Ops, what Tech Ops system you are referring to. And which email lists…

    • Lopi

      welcome to hoarders, ows style. boxes upon boxes of sanitary napkins, 50 sleeping bags, boxes piled to the ceiling of brand new blankets, clothes, MONEY, email lists of rich people, media contact numbers, computers, bikes, hell they probably have a flattened cat in there somewhere even.

      we have a gatekeeper for everything and those gatekeepers are, groan, 99% male. sorry, just a little truth bomb here! love you guys!!

      • Lurking


        For your CONTINUED sexism!!

        — we could not be OWS without your efforts to ATTACK people —


  5. Sally Marks

    To put things into perspective. If this new WG brings in in ten months what AFGJ did last year in three, they will earn in excess of $50K. The last thing I want to hear about is black tie silent OWS auctions at the Pierre.
    Instead, I think any monies needed for fund raising should be voted on in the GA on a month by month basis and a proper budget presented.
    If on the other hand, you wish to go out on your own, fund raise for the OWS (but be represented by or infer any direct connection) and send a portion of that to OWS, please, feel free to do so. But under no circumstances can I approve of or be party to a ‘for profit’ plan under the OWS banner.
    There are already a couple of ‘affinity’ groups doing this only under the OWS umbrella and it greatly disturbs me. There are people donating and they really have no idea where their money is going. A lot like the government and big companies.

    • Dallas

      PoI: @sallyarks, this is a WG proposal.

      As such (and feel free to correct me, everyone) I don’t think they currently would be empowered to be in any way ‘for profit’. So if they bring in a $50K budget that *must* get rolled back either into GA fund or their operational budget, that’s great as far as I am concerned.

      • Sally Marks

        I would like to think that @Dallas. But I also am not keen on letting someone play with petty cash and not have to answer for it.
        I just found out that not only does AFGJ get 7%, WePay pulls in 3.5% in addition!!!! All they do is process credit card payments, must of which are generated via buttons on NYCGA. There is next to no value added. The point is, for the amount of money being paid out currently, it should be paying for a OWS accounting tam and all other finance expenses. I do not want to see the hand out simply go from right to left. I want to only see a bell ringer and a pot and no one ‘dipping in for a Starbucks’.

        And yes, I know what you mean about if they did not use all $50K in our hypothetical. I’d really, really want to trust all people to have the movements best interests at heart. But people are people. Locks keep honest people honest. Crooks will get in anyways. So lets ‘lock’ funds and have an independent third party observer watch at the least (like what we are trying so desperately with Finance-to little avail).

        • Dallas

          @sallyarks as someone with real-life experience handling money using software…. trust me: WePay adds a lot of value. Should we have written our own credit-card processing code and gotten our own merchant accounts from scratch?

          So does AFGJ, since we haven’t filed our own 501c paperwork so that we can directly accept our own donations.

          • Sally Marks

            I have no knowledge about the CC part of it but for the amount that AFGJ charges and that they are responsible for accurate use of funds, you would think that for $50K they would send an accountant to ensure the books were proper and the expenditures in line with the law.

            I know there are other groups within OWS accepting donations. We take checks, cash directly. Is this information being transmitted to AFGJ? If it is, why won’t finance tell us too?

            Just seems to me, that for all that money, there would be something more than a filing done with the IRS. I’d like to think (and I thought until now) that the 7% included CC costs.

          • Sally Marks

            I just read the following:

            It seems to me that using AFGJ is just a method to skirt the law. AFGJ follows the legal requirements but it can then turn over the money to anyone it wants, no matter what the business they are in. Seems slimey, like money laundering.

        • Lopi

          yeah sally because god forbid someone working 24/7 for free should have some coffee!
          My god, the nerve of these occupiers, don’t they know they are slaves?
          They will be fed when they are told it’s time to eat, period. Vegetarian? Too bad! Man up and chew that bone. Hurry up now, there is more work to be done! If you don’t do it right the people on the website are going to yell at you because you are not working hard enough for zero money!
          labor? what’s that? And you there, you are not being transparent enough! what is your social security number? and your address? and what did you have for breakfast? a stale bagel and some dumpstered yogurt?? Prove it! Did you live stream it? did someone take minutes on your sleeptalking?

          jesus christ, back the fuck up. with that much zeal we need you going after wells fargo or goldman sachs. who are you really? No, I mean really? And you? yes you, who are you how much are they paying you to do this?

          someone buy me a latte!

          • Dallas

            A plug only out of personal love for the place since we’re on the topic:

            Drink Bean & Bean at 71 Broadway. Their products are organic and their staff has always been supportive of us.

          • Lopi

            the only time i go in starfucks is to use their free wifi. I always bring my own beverage in a mason jar. they have nice seats.

          • David Everitt-Carlson

            BTW: How to get free coffee at Starbucks

            1) Get frequent buyer card ($5 – then use to buy coffee)
            2) Register card on Internet and use for purchases
            3) Buy coffee every day for roughly 1 month (w/53 cent refills)
            4) Get Gold Member status in 1 month and FREE refills
            5) Find old SBX card in city corner trashcan.
            6) Bring in to SBX.
            7) Put on counter and say “refill please”
            8) Hand them ‘gold’ card
            9) Get new hot steamin’ cup-O-joe in a brand new cup
            10) FREE!

            (Offer works all day long at any SBX. Can drag cups from location to location and still get free joe w/card – because, in the beginning – you paid for it! Legal, faux-capitalistic, opportunistic. It’s beating the system at it’s own game. Very OWS:)

  6. sumumba

    yea to what sean said? if its the same thing though cool or maybe we can combine the two…i KNOW one thing…i like ALOT of people have lost jobs, are apts, gone hungry and couch hopped since joining OWS…any type of ‘fundraising’ that can keep our phones and lights on would be nice…

    • Dallas

      Agreed…. while I think being for profit in any meaningful way is probably illegal, and lots of people in the movement feel like paying out paychecks would water down the message…. covering legit expenses is a good thing if we expect people to do this full-time and long term.

  7. sumumba

    EXACTLY…Superbowl sunday was the WORSE FOR me…not only did i NOT get to see the game…i had NO food EITHER…BECAUSE im in so many meetings i often miss ‘dinner’…and although i dont mind ‘dumpster diving’ every now and then…there’s GOTTA be a better way…we are losing LOTS of people based on this ‘money is evil’ stance many of us seem to have….funny thing is most times it comes from folks who ALREADY have a place and a job….no lol

    • Dallas

      Personally, without a camp I feel like we might need to get over the “paychecks are bad” idea and eventually have a full-time staff. PLENTY of NGO’s and non-profs have full time paid staff. I just don’t want to see anyone paid to sit in Liberty Square or Charlotte’s or 60 Wall and pick their nose.

  8. David Buccola

    Seriously? Earning 7% for fundraising? Why not drop out of OWS and form a non-profit? POI: There already is a fundraising working group FunHub. Serious down twinkles on this idea.

    • Lopi

      what is wrong with having more than one fundraising group? we need all the help we can get. Why is it a problem to keep 7%? the people working to develop and implement the infrastructure so that everyone else can get supported should be paid. They need cookies too. oh, and rent.

      any idea how we are supposed to pay rent?

      • David Buccola


        There already is a multi-billion dollar non-profit industry that does this. People get paid to raide money for “progressive causes” and stuff. It ultimately is a way for the 1% to shield their wealth from taxes where they create “Foundations” like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where they are only required to use 5% of the money per year for charitable causes. The rest of the money is then invested in all the nasty things 1%ers invest in and it is ultimately a win/win. If Occupy Wall Street goes down the road of non-profit where we all become “professional activists” I’m outta here. Instead of asking how we’re going to pay our rent we should be talking about abolishing rent, organizing rent strikes, and moving toward a better world not recapitulating the diseased system we live in now.

        • Dallas


          That’s an admirable position, but I wouldn’t have to be half-sneaking to post ideas here, I’d be just executing them… if my paychecks could come from NYCGA. Just a thought.

          • Urbaned

            ok, I take that back. No, I think OWS should be a total voluntary organization. I don’t want it to become like the unions, which ultimately left lots of people out. It’s a better spirit to be volunteers, and getting paid creates hierarchies.

  9. Trish OWS

    Sally Mark…Says…

    Seems slimey, like money laundering. (Ouote)

    People just fail to see further than the end of their nose. It’s a pity.

    And, the fact of the matter is these people to not give a rat’s ass about you, me, the 99%, the movement, Occupy Wall Street, The Constitution, or Freedom of Speech.

    This movement cannot be the 9/11 THAT STRIPS PROTEST MOVEMENTS FOR ALL TIME.

    Peace & Fortitude

  10. Lopi

    I do like this proposal, though. is this the one where we get to build a new website that is sort of like kickstarter but all OWS related projects? Should I be prepping DAP’s proposal for a budget for workspace and art supplies to have it ready when this website is launched?
    7% is totally reasonable. What does kickstarter take? 12%? I can’t remember.

    twinkle up!

  11. Matt Lepacek

    Tech Ops has a system for crowd funding (our own kickstarter.com) coming online soon using CiviCrm.org’s Contribute Application. Fundraising is a very important part of sustaining our organization. So is giving back to the community while we grow support for our cause.

    This assembly for a redress of grievance called OWS could use a fundraising group that’s full of all the talent that other groups have brought to the table by narrowing down the need.

    Obviously it goes without saying that any group that manages finances is under a spotlight and we at Tech Ops seek to always over compensate for this with insane transparency systems. We’re happy to help in any way and have started this fundraising system development not for Tech Ops but for our community. The structure of our groups I think very much allows us to accommodate a specific fundraising group.

    I know that one woman “Lady” if I am spelling it correctly has recently attended several a few recent tech ops meetings to let us know and hear what we have to offer.

    Reality Check… The acceptable rate we should be paying is 2.9% (the exact rate that amazon/paypal charges for credit card processing) Kickstarter and other websites make an additional 5-8% off our transactions. With Alliance for Global Justice already taking 10% (i think thats the right figure) it’s unacceptable to give away so much IF IT IS UNNECESSARY.

    The goal should be to raise funds, not create fancy websites that no one uses. Putting energy into promoting our crowd funding platform makes a lot of sense and it is almost ready, so when we launch this product we are hopeful that there will be a energized and experienced team of friends to help us and take it over which we would call a “Fundraising group”. By the way, a group which I would immediately join :)

    • Dallas

      I think the only thing you got wrong is that AFGJ takes 7% as well.

      As to why not to have two fundraising groups, that’s largely a matter of trying not to confuse supporters and newcomers, I think. 2 subgroups doing 2 separate sets of projects but sharing a name/spoke/budget for fundraising might make the whole effort more viable, as it’s probable that 2 groups, 2 names, 2 budgets will result in:

      Duplication of effort

      Confused donors

      Confusion over division of responsibilities and project scopes

      The basic idea seems pretty good, however.

      • Haywood

        Dallas is correct on all levels there. Also, AfGJ rocks and is a lifesaver for OWS. AfGJ takes 7% as a fiscal sponsor fee (less than most fiscal sponsors) and in return (to my knowledge):

        handles the donations online
        files the IRS returns
        deals with the legal issues
        deals with the IRS
        deals with much of the liability
        deals with the insurance
        deals with the donors
        deals with the followup paperwork
        deals with the donor’s tax exemption paperwork and on and on…

        In fact Matt, AfGJ just set up a new online merchant account for us to use that lowers our fees to like 2 or maybe 2.5% at most. I just sent Jake an email about it.

        • Matt Lepacek

          Not criticizing AFGJ here, I haven’t ever spent a second researching them or looking at market rates on this topic. However, I do know the crowd funding market intimately and there and only there is where my criticism is directed.

          In all honesty, I am not one for keeping all our eggs in the same basket. If legal and applicable I’d love to see us consider taking on a second 501c3 middle man. But once again, Never attended a single accounting meeting. Why? Because I don’t have time and trust those there who do.

        • Monica McLaughlin

          @haywood, you forgot the best part. AFGJ funnels the OWS donations straight into a privately run accounts that you and a few other select individuals have access to. You the man.

  12. Matt Lepacek

    ^– That is, if there isn’t already another group that is focusing on this. I don’t know much about FunHub but from what I’ve heard their not focusing on Fund Raising ??

  13. Matt Lepacek

    I am absolutely opposed to a “co-op” for profit being formed out of a fundraising model and am confident that Tech Ops will not facilitate or aide any person or group attempting to do so. This is a free service that should be offered to the community and the world. We can be smart about this guys. If there is a Project/Fund for “Housing” and we have a mass housing plan, people can donate to that. If we have a Project/Fund for “Art Supplies” or “May Day Event” then we give the choice to our donors where they want their money to be spent. This will encourage more participation from our donor community and allow us to rebuild the social services that our federal government has unconstitutionally mandated. The state social service programs which are legal and within the bounds of the constitution I do not have a problem with (getting off topic..) however we have an opportunity to rebuild social security and welfare as we know it through what is developing here at OWS, one massive CO-OP of sub CO-OP’s all putting their money where their mouth is–toward our cause.

    This service that develops out of OWS must be free!!!!

    Understand that the benefit we will have to the public is the fact that we are free, compared to other vendors such as Kickstarter who charge a fee.

    Kickstarter offers a large donor community that already exists but don’t fool yourself into thinking we NEED kickstarter.com or other websites like it.

  14. Matt Lepacek

    However I think 7% of every project going into the GA general fund regardless of which specific project was selected for donation to… is a great idea. Or whatever figure. 5-10%

  15. Dallas

    My understanding of FunHub is that the group provides advice, training, and or grunt work like copy editing etc. to others with ideas about fundraising campaigns. So no, it wouldn’t be running a WePay or the CiviCRM fundraising or a telethon :).

  16. Matt Lepacek

    I mean 7% of every donation going to the GA general fund (without the ear mark)…. all funds are transferred to accounting, the fundraising group shouldn’t handle the cash. Competing systems doesn’t make sense in this application, in my opinion btw, we should try to be one big happy family and only create groups with a unique purpose, but for special situations or community disagreements exceptions should be made based on our wonderful consensus process (which btw doesn’t mean shit unless we all start going to GAs again)

  17. JACK

    DAVID et al:

    With Your Experience, “OWS” Is Very Lucky To have Such ‘Creative’ Intellectuals Around Here. Great Job! Great Ideas!

  18. Janet Wilson

    How about you get the funds you have raised in order before going after more money that can be laundered? 108 working groups? Really? This appears to be about $$’s only (each gets $100 per day-that’s $3000 per month). I can see a need for 15 tops! How much has each working group really contributed to OWS? How much has each group received? Time to start eliminating those that are unnecessary I’d say.

    • Frances MA

      Janet, just because OWS didn’t want to pay for your retirement Winnebago is not a justification for you to troll this site with all of your money laundering and accounting fraud BS. Perhaps if you had not brought a group of drunk and violent people to disrupt the GA days before your proposal was presented it would have gone better for you. But you did do that, and consequently the GA did not feel comfortable endorsing you. My suggestion? Get over it. Drive the Wiinnebago off into the sunset and find another method of paying for your gas. Threats and the spreading of misinformation won’t fill your tank.

    • Sean McKeown

      That’s what the spending freeze and InfoHub proposal to pare down working groups to only the legitimate ones was for. All it took to get $100 a day was a piece of paper claiming you had a school for training dragons to knit, and four names of people you claimed were also a part of it… not exactly strict protocols, and we’re trying to repair them.

      Janet, you’d be a godsend at the Spokes Council meeting next Monday, where we will be discussing budgeting, accounting, transparency, and all the other nitty-gritty details.

      • Monica McLaughlin

        >>@smckeown said: All it took to get $100 a day was a piece of paper claiming you had a school for training dragons to knit, and four names of people you claimed were also a part of it

        OMG, Sean. That is so funny. I love it.

        Honestly, the problem is that the OWS beaurocratic system is wack. There was never any requirement that any WG actually do anything that would lead to growth of the movement. Post Park, a huge beaurocracy that riveled anything the U.S. Governement set up — regarding inefficiency, waste and embezzlement — grew up. I was shocked when I first became aware of it as were many others who immediately bailed on the movement. Donations are now down to $24 a day from a high of $30,000 a day. That is very telling.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      The WGs got out of hand. Most never took the $100 a day petty cash although some did. It was probably more a matter of everyone wanting to be a CEO — run their own WG. And there were no rules to starting one. This has recently been addressed. A set of standards has been put in place for maintaining a WG and new WGs must be approved by the GA. It is a live and learn situation.

      Also, many may have thought $1,000,000 was a lot of money or failed to realize that without Liberty Square/Zucotti Park funds would quickly dry up and so were into spending without thoughts regarding a budget.

  19. Janet Wilson

    Frances….you are so ill informed I don’t even know how to respond to it. People like you are exactly what the 1% love. Ignorant and a follower! Suggest to get some truth and fact behind you before spilling your poisonous vile! Thank you for verifying that the request for “solidarity” (which was not cash based) was rejected and blocked for personal hate against Newark. Of course I knew this to be true but nice to see you state it openly!

    Sean….I plan to address this issue openly in front of the GA where it should be addressed on Saturday. To me, spokes appears to be doing the work of the GA and I’m not sure why and who gave this power? Is spokes an “affinity” group? I went to one meeting and it was a real circus. What are they accomplishing? Did I read correctly that someone is now proposing to do away with GA? What in the world is going on here?

    • Frances MA

      Really? Ill informed am I? I wasn’t informed about anything. I was there. I don’t hate Newark. I don’t hate anyone. But you brought a group of drunk violent people to the GA. I don’t care if they were from Guam. You did that. And clearly you know nothing about the spokes council. No one is proposing to do away with GA. No, spokes is not an affinity group. And to answer your question the GA gave spokes council power when it ratified it. These are not warring bodies. There is no contention here except for the myths that people like yourself are continually perpetuating as fact. Please stop trying to divide this movement. If you really care so much about OWS as you claim to then you will stop spouting vitriol and half truths at every opportunity.

    • Justin Stone-Diaz

      I find it interesting that we are finding you at the center of many pockets of drama.
      Like yesterday in the middle of the fights that broke out at Visions & Goals you did nothing to help aside from bring out your camera.
      I have to admit I found it distrubing the strange smile on your face as two long time group faciltators yelled & threatened one another as DeEscalltion worked.
      Might I suggest that you go Occupy instead of sitting in 60 Wall Street & experience our community before you judge us.
      Ever since the GA’s lack luster reaction to your Call for personal Solidarity you have had a bee in your bonnet.
      I’m happy you drove all the way out here but maybe you should look at your intentions & expectations of Occupy before you lash out at it’s members.
      It’s hard to have much solidarity with someone who is openly hostile when they don’t get the emotional response they hoped for.
      Play nice or go occupy is my mantra.
      Hope to see you all at Liberty Plaza Soon!

    • Monica McLaughlin

      Janet, do not let yourself be baited. Do not wast your time trying to change the opinon of people whose opinions cannot be changed. It is a waste of energy.

      • Frances MA

        You seem to have a ton of time Monica. Do you ever appear in person at OWS or do you just troll finance online? You seem obsessed with money, like seriously, problematically obsessed. Maybe you should take up a hobby! I suggest knitting. It’s very calming, and it would keep your hands busy so they wouldn’t have to constantly be counting coins. You and Janet should both join fiber arts! Here’s to fun new hobbies for the both of you!

        • Monica McLaughlin

          @frances, I have once again reported you for name calling. Name calling is anti-inclusive. Name calling is anti-OWS.

          Please stop juding other’s participation in the Occupy movement and concentrate on what contributions you can make as an individual. Hostility and negativity towards fellow occupiers will never serve to grow the movement.

          • Sean McKeown

            FYI, saying someone is trolling identifies a behavior, not an individual… so just as you’re pointing towards an action saying you believe it is unacceptable, that is also what Frances is doing. If it feels uncomfortably like name-calling, that might be because you couldn’t laugh off the charge as ridiculous. 😉

  20. Urbaned

    Monica, that reply is almost a month old. How about letting sleeping dogs lie. Besides, who to “report to?” We are all responsible for ourselves.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @urbaned, I see no reason for there to be any limits on when to respond. What benefit would such a limitation serve?

      I am responding now, because I have an opportunity to respond. (Over the last month, I have worked fifty hours or more a week.) People who work (which sometimes includes me) respond when we get an opportunity.

      If you click on “report user”, the post is reported to those who run this site. They intervene and track the various reports on people. Name calling is wrong. It is anti-OWS and should not be tolerated by anyone. Name calling intimidates many people and drives them away from the movement.

      • Frances MA

        Um…report me for what now? Name calling? Anyone see me call you a name up there? I used the word “trolling” Monica which in this case is a verb, one which I am sure you are very familiar with at this point. For the love of God woman please find yourself something better to do! It’s a beautiful day outside! Go for a walk! Play with your dog! I have suggested hobbies above which clearly you find unappealing. No big deal. There are lots of hobbies. Perhaps scrapbooking or raquetball? I am full of helpful suggestions! By the way your pal Janet above called me “ignorant” and a “follower”. I assume that you reported her as well being the stickler for inclusion that you are. Oh my god…I just called you a stickler…I had better hide now before tech ops hunts me down! Have a good day Janet!

      • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

        Monica I work at least 50 hours every week and have been employed F/T throughout my involvement with OWS. I have taken 1 day off during that time…. November 16.
        Please stop using your job as an excuse for your frankly increasingly hostile way of addressing people on this site.

        • Monica McLaughlin

          @direkconek, I am not using my job as an excuse for the way I address people on this site. I always address people honestly and directly. @urbaned told me that I had no right to comment, because I responded to a post that was almost a month old. I said it to her then and I will say it again to you. I will respond to any post I choose to and when I choose to. This is my right.

          If you are able to participate in the movement for hours on end despite working a full-time job, well builly for you. I cannot do it. Many others cannot do it. We are simply not going to spend night after night at those undemocratic GAs. We have better things to do. I refuse to feel like any less of a supporter than you are because of it.

  21. Urbaned

    @monjon22 Monica, stating: ” urbaned told me that I had no right to comment, because I responded to a post that was almost a month old” is a misrepresentation of what I said. I suggested that over time, some of these small misunderstandings are cleared up – either online directly, through subsequent meetings, or after people had a chance to think about the issue. One of the reasons people stop replying is because they “get it,” and don’t feel the need to rehash the details. I see that’s not the case with you, and thus I now see you as an alarmist. Great. We need alarmists, but we should be a little more forgiving with one another. After all, we are the 99% and we want to learn a new way of relating.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @urbaned, please do not judge me. I do not do it to you, and it makes me uncomfortable. Just comment on my message, not the messenger and we will both be happier for it.

  22. Debby Randolph

    Hello you wonderful occupiers – I just want to give my impression from visiting this site and reading your thread. I am a retiree who is in 100+ support of OWS and all who are fighting back against the Wall Street behemoth!! So I state up front that I am not involved on a daily basis as you all hard-working people are. But as someone who LOVES you and LOVES your efforts, I have to say that tuning into this public face of Occupy, and finding these arguments, is distressing. The publicly-displayed acrimony is distressing. As someone on the outside, I can’t possibly “take sides” in this argument. All I care about is this humongous challenging task we have, of pushing back against a mountain. And it would be better (imho) to come to this site and find a critical and creative discussion about how to accomplish our goals. Finding acrimonious, name-calling arguments, is..sad.

    Again, I’m only a humble supporter, and I do recognize the terrible difficulties OWS faces. It would just be great if we could rise above this kind of bickering conflict.

    I wish I had an easy solution…I think part of the discord is caused the the complexity of the Occupiers here in NYC, the largest and most complex and diverse occupation. Part, I think, is caused by the $$ which attracts hangers-on and less-committed people. Part of the discord is also the noble, touching and arduous way OWS is committed to true democracy. Every voice heard from…and consensus a lot of hard work to achieve. Part is also the stress of physically staying in the movement. If only when you hear yourself calling names and getting personal, perhaps take a step back and remember that in Syria, Egypt, Yemen, et al. the police are killing occupiers, scores at a time.

    Forgive me for stepping into your dialogue like this, but I wanted to share my impression. I will support OWS in any way I can forever!!!

    • Monica McLaughlin

      Thank you for your words of wisdom. Your points are well taken.

      • Debby Randolph

        I appreciate your answering me Monica, I was wondering if I offended anyone, or if I was heard. So thanks :-)

    • DirekConek (aka Dallas)

      Don’t think TechOps and others are not totally aware of this. This site works best as a “corporate” (ptui!) intranet, not the public face. Working on fixing that soon.

      • Debby Randolph

        Thank you Dallas, I’m encouraged by that. I have infinite faith in the creativity, energy and determination of OCCUPY!!! Love you!