2/4/2012: Funding Request from Heather H.

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My name is Heather H. and I am relocating to New York City from Chicago to Occupy Wall Street. I am requesting a donation in the amount of $650 for gas and food during a short round trip in the near future. I have cancer and my children are currently in foster care of ACS, children’s social services because my mother reported me to the state of New York opening a case of neglect. I need to gather necessary paperwork in order to obtain services in the state of New York and receive medical care where I am currently registered. I cannot receive medical care I am in desperate need of because I do not have proper identification and medical insurance in NYC and also cannot receive treatment or essential testing until I transfer my medical records and proof of Medicaid benefits to the state of New York. Unfortunately, I am trapped within a stagnant bureaucratic which cares little for my current state of non-well-being. I am unemployed, not communicating with my family and receive no financial support from them. This is an urgent matter and I can obtain the services I need more quickly, get a treatment plan and get on the road to recovery with the help from my OWS community. I humbly request your support and approval of this proposal so I can overcome existing infections and bone cancer so that I can get my twin daughter, Elleigh and Leala, back with me, their one and only parent. I desperately need urgent support, medical attention and to rebuild my family as a healthy person. I cannot fully devote myself to this movement without your support and my health will continue to decline without addressing my needs. I can expedite this process by transferring my records and receiving the care I need with approval of this proposal. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  1. Sean McKeown

    I don’t care if we’re in a spending freeze, or we don’t usually do this – in this case at least, we should.

  2. Dallas

    @smckeown Can you vouch for this person or the veracity of any of these statements? I hate to have to be the Grinch, but you know my motto is docs or it didn’t happen.

    • Sean McKeown

      I imagine most anyone who has been staying at the 86th Street church can.

      • Dallas

        OK… thanks Sean, I just want to know that this is the truth before we tackle the spending freeze issue.

  3. Monica McLaughlin

    I hate to sound mean, but OWS is in no financial position to deal with this level of need from a single person. OWS needs to spend their resources changing the world. Should OWS decide to go forward and assist this woman, I highly recommend that a through background check be done including having a talk with members of her family. DO NOT act without hearing the other side of the story.

    Btw, every single poor person in NYC, Westchester, Suffolk and Nassau counties is fully covered by health insurance through Health and Hospitals Corp (HHC). There is no reason for OWS to pay health costs for any poor people. You just go to a city hosptial (Bellevue, Metropolitan, etc.) and sign up. This is where I go when I am unemployed. I have been to the doctor, had x-rays, saw a dermatologist, gotten mamograms and prescriptions — everything — if is full service health care. It is FREE or low cost (for those with some income). My co-pay is $20 on an income of $400 a week unemployment. Elibibility begins the second someone lands in a NYC airport or gets out of a car or off a bus — no one need live here for any length of time. Being a U.S. citizen is not a requirement.

    I am defining “poor” as people without money in the bank who do not own their own homes.

  4. Steve Scher

    before any action story must be corroborated in some way.

    if confirmed we should consider immediate assist.

    assist should take into account “every single poor person in NYC, Westchester, Suffolk and Nassau counties is fully covered by health insurance through Health and Hospitals Corp (HHC). There is no reason for OWS to pay health costs for any poor people. You just go to a city hosptial (Bellevue, Metropolitan, etc.) and sign up. ”

    until confirmed no action

    • Justin Samuels

      Even if confirmed, no assist. I’ve posted resources that she is more than free to go to, for free help. OWS isn’t social services.

      • Steve Scher

        if confirmed we can consider.
        then collectively decide.

        a blanket no assist does make good business sense to me, however while we are not social services, we are not a business either.

        we can for example provide information, if we do not provide funds.

        i appreciate your position, however if confirmed i don’t object to us finding out if there’s an assist someone from our groups may provide, as assist we are unaware of.

        for example, excellent information i didn’t know has already been posted, which perhaps heather did not know.

        i agree we cannot become a social service agency in terms of financing, however we can provide information.

        this will not be the last instance of an appeal like this being made to ows ny.

        let this particular appeal serve as a means to understand the details, so going forward we are able to have a template of reponse.

        who knows, perhaps upon confirmation there may be an angel waiting…..

        • Justin Samuels

          How is $650 alone going to get her kids back? This is a complicated story, and we don’t know why the state really took away her children, or why her mother reported her. OWS, if it “assisted” would be intervening in a family situation. A situation that isn’t our business. This is for the courts to decide.

          As for resources for medical care, I and others have posted places where she can go.

  5. Justin Samuels

    I would also say that if someone is facing major medical illness, NYS has emergency medicaid. There is absolutely no reason for OWS to pay for the health care costs of any poor person. Also, this person says she is from Chicago, and relocating to New York. Why relocate to New York, if you have no money and no housing here? Also, it sounds like ACS, which took her children away, aren’t just going to magically give them back to her because she got $650 from OWS. This is a complicated case well beyond what OWS deals with.

  6. Justin Samuels

    OWS can find for funding for programs for medicaid, and other programs that assist the public. But it isn’t here to take care of individual needs.

    • Justin Samuels

      That should have been OWS can fight for funding for programs like medicaid in the public or political arena. But again, it isn’t here to take care of individual situations.

  7. Heather

    Thank you for your uncompassionate responses. I would not bring myself and children to find a community better than the one I left to be met with what is spewed from behind your desktops. You can eat your words when I publicly start a war of words with my government, and the few of you, because I am sick due to environmental pollution and governmental abuse. I care little if you personally believe me and it is of little surprise such stagnancy exists within a burgeoning revolution with your narrow minds. Regardless of your lack of support, I’ll be glad to show you my medical records and provide my story in great detail whilst you bite your tongues and search for a pang of what is left of your abilities to sympathize or empathize. Sometimes, circumstances override what you perceive as “free care” while I suffer with a handful of referrals and wait lists. I have been on all ends of the healthcare system and challenge those willing to a public debate as to what free healthcare exists within New York. Glad you got to see a dermatologist when I have a growth in my chest and need a colonoscopy as follow up care after surgery. I came to New York because OWS seemed to have more of a street presence and more organization in general than Occupy Chicago. I spent every penny I had to get out here and have no support from my family, emotional or financial, seeking something better. The point is, I have medicaid, need medical testing and do not have support. Your judgements are harsh and unnecessary when you hardly have the full story. Thnkx New York, OWS and the few of you feeling so superior to pass such judgement, I am sure you can find employment for Blue Cross or Humana anytime, I suggest human resources or customer care, seems right up your alley.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @heigthen, go to Bellevue Hospital located on First Avenue at 27th Street and stop at the info desk. If you do have some income, go sign up for HHC. If you have no income, sign up for Medicaid (?)

      NYC has FREE or low cost health care available for the poor. This is something good that our tax-payer dollars go towards. Please use it. That is what it is there for.

      I speak from personal experience. The health care is excellent. These doctors all have private practices, so they are the same doctors that people with health insurance see.


      The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) is a $6.7 billion integrated healthcare delivery system with its own 400,000 member health plan, MetroPlus, and is the largest municipal healthcare organization in the country. HHC serves 1.3 million New Yorkers every year and more than 475,000 are uninsured. HHC provides medical, mental health and substance abuse services through its 11 acute care hospitals, four skilled nursing facilities, six large diagnostic and treatment centers and more than 70 community based clinics. HHC Health and Home Care also provides in-home services for New Yorkers. HHC was the 2008 recipient of the National Quality Forum and The Joint Commission’s John M. Eisenberg Award for Innovation in Patient Safety and Quality.

    • Lopi

      first you ask us for money and then, when we ask reasonable questions, you tell us we have narrow minds?
      I suppose if we gave you the money without asking questions you would be showering us with compliments how we have amazing minds that are open like parachutes flying from the heavens.
      you almost had my sympathy in the proposal, but then your snotty come back cinched the deal for me.
      Plenty of non monetary help is available, most of which has been posted in the comments on this page.
      good luck with all of your troubles.

  8. Heather

    The only reason I submitted a proposal was because I was advised to by other people I have spoken with and if I am entirely out of line to seek support from this community, then pardon me for reaching out. I only added the additional predicament of ACS involvement because it is a terrible repercussion of my existing and pre-existing circumstances, which I attempted to leave behind. To those of you whom have lent your support I thank you, to those of you feeling ambivalent and uninformed, I’ll be glad to fill you in, let you cop a feel of my lump and further explain my circumstances, and finally, to the rest which simply do not care or take time out to send messages filled with discontent, my medical truths and reason for coming here will soon come to light, are part of the movement and not part of some charity plea for personal gain or attention. I could have stayed in Chicago or begged on the street here for charity, instead, I came to OWS for reasons larger than myself and those in similar positions or those able to have compassion for people similarly situated, can read between the lines and see that. Stay tuned. My search for justice in this city and this country is larger than your narrow views. I have a can opener for this can-o-worms, and my can of worms contains disease, not a search for funding a drug habit. If you are looking for people that have misappropriated their funds, check the military tents which have not been erected in Newark and the bleeding noses holding them until the Zucotti folks come out to “join the party”.

    • Justin Samuels

      Heather, the GA voted on a spending freeze, meaning there is no money to be spent on anything that wasn’t previously committed upon, such as the website, transportation, and good. OWS has even ended housing support. Your request is out of line with the spending freeze, and as we have a spending freeze it will be blocked.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @heigthen, said: The only reason I submitted a proposal was because I was advised to by other people I have spoken with and if I am entirely out of line to seek support from this community, then pardon me for reaching out.

      Heather, this is the forum where proposals are ripped apart and discussed. I understand why you would be upset, because your particular proposal is a very personal one.

  9. Steve Scher

    question: would you personally, if a stranger walked up to you and asked for $650, and you did not know that person, or if what they were saying was true, would you give that person $650?

    • Heather

      answer: I am not walking up to a single person and asking a stranger for money. I am following the suggestions of many people I have become acquainted or friends with. I am learning the process and following that same process within this organization. Could you re-frame your line of questioning and make it more relevant to the situation, or try to put yourself in my shoes? I have no identification and in order to get my medicaid paperwork, have to physically appear in Dept. of Human Services to get copies. I would not ask for funds for something that could be handled over the phone or internet.

      • Steve Scher

        I think a personal point of view, a human point of view is a lot better from what others might call a business point of view.

        It’s from that vantage point I put you the question as I did “would you personally, if a stranger walked up to you and asked for $650, and you did not know that person, or if what they were saying was true, would you give that person $650?” to try to give you some perspective which I felt perhaps you were not aware of.

        My take on your answer was that you simply were not ready or willing to answer it directly.

        I called 331 and spoke with a representitive named Tiffanny.

        She advised that HHC provides medical care at little or no cost, that the hospital keeps all information confidential, and that there is no obligation to identify yourself.

        So Heather, all these people here have offered you what they at the moment could.

        You do not have to give your identity to obtain the medical care you need.

  10. Sally Marks

    I am a bit confused.

    Your kids were taken by NY ACS, so you live/lived here. You moved to Chicago. You are back in NY. You are sick (have cancer), need medical care and want to get your kids back? But you need money to go on a trip? How is a trip going to cure you and get your kids back?

    Why does your \family refuse to help?

    • Heather

      I was living in Chicago and came out here to join OWS thinking there were more resources available for housing via OWS and housing the homeless on a dirty church floor is why my mother reported me to ACS. A trip is not going to cure me, I need follow up care and to transfer my paperwork from Illinois. Getting medical care and the proper paperwork will expedite the entire process because I cannot receive medical care out here until I do. I cannot receive services for healthcare or through ACS to obtain housing or complete their requirements without my identification, which was lost or stolen en route, and this process cannot be expedited without physically appearing in person.

      • Monica McLaughlin

        >>Heather said: I was living in Chicago and came out here to join OWS thinking there were more resources available for housing via OWS . . .

        Apparently, the word has spread as far as Chicago, that the homeless should come to NYC to be taken care of by OWS. This is something for OWS to be aware of and to think about.

      • Monica McLaughlin

        Heather said: . . . housing the homeless on a dirty church floor is why my mother reported me to ACS.

        ACS does not take children away, because the family is homeless. Families have a legal right to shelter here in NYC as long as they follow certain rules. So there is more to this story than we know about.

        • Heather

          ACS does indeed take children away if you join a movement and end up sleeping on the floor of a church.

          • Monica McLaughlin

            Are you saying that you willingly gave up your children to remain with the OWS movement? Couldn’t you have gone into NYC housing and have participated in OWS during the day?

    • Heather

      I was living in Chicago and came out here to join OWS thinking there were more resources available for housing via OWS and housing the homeless on a dirty church floor is why my mother reported me to ACS. A trip is not going to cure me, I need follow up care and to transfer my paperwork from Illinois. Getting medical care and the proper paperwork will ease the entire process because I cannot receive medical care out here until I do. I cannot receive services for healthcare or through ACS to obtain housing or complete their requirements without my identification, which was lost or stolen en route, and this process cannot be expedited without physically appearing in person.

  11. Jake

    Downtwinkles to the proposal and downtwinkles to the proposer for putting the GA in a position to have to say no to this, which they do have to say. It’s not fair to the people to try to play to their sympathies and guilt-trip them like this when the questions of how we spend money have been at the core of our debate for months now and need to be handled in an unimpassioned way.

    We all know the system is horribly broken and ruins the lives of many of us who are unfortunate enough to suffer medical problems or other unexpected hardships and expenses. That is why we are here. But we must focus all our resources on fixing things at the largest possible scale, not by writing checks for individuals who have come upon hard times. As OWS we have already offered much much more in the way of social services than many in the movement feel comfortable with. This would set an unbelievably bad precedent and give anyone in the future the ability to say “but you did it for Heather H. and my story is even sadder!”.

    We cannot do this and whoever has been advising her to make this a GA proposal does not understand the movement or the body.

  12. Tara

    Hello All,

    Jake made a very good point. We, as a Movement need to focus on changing the system, and what we have already offered (and continue to do so ) is unprecedented for a social Movement.

    Heather, I am very sorry for your situation. We have a decent number of people in our Movement who have similar issues with their health and living situation. Unfortunately this is a HUGE problem in NYC. I am curious why you were encouraged to come to OWS NYC after knowing that we have had a spending freeze for the past 3 weeks. Also NYC is one of the most expensive places to live in the country, and we feel it big time! Many of us who are fortunate to have homes have given up our jobs to work for the Movement, or lost our jobs anyway but are trying to keep our homes like many of the other 99%. I for one don’t have my rent for Feb. yet and don’t have a regular job to depend on to pay it.

    The rest of us suffer from a long list of ailments, issues and problems and we do the best we can to carry each other. It has come to the point now where many of us who are more fortunate are becoming tapped out financially, emotionally, mentally and physically, and need to focus on our own needs, issues we have been neglecting for a few months in many cases.

    As you know we lost our camp on Nov. 15th, 2011 and we have not found a new space to Occupy. When we still had the camp we would have been more likely to help you in the form of medical treatment as we had doctors Occupying on a daily basis. But we, like you, have suffered a huge loss and many are trying to find our way since.

    So this is why I am curious to why you would have been directed by OWS Chicago? to come here. In my opinion, you got bad advice. Not that we don’t care, but we are tapped out! We have many hard working, Compassionate people here but unfortunately we over overloaded with a homeless problem and more since the raid.

    Now, having said that, I would like to point you to Charlotte’s Place, MOnday-Friday. It is a community center open to the public, few blocks from Liberty Square. Many Occupiers go there to find Comfort in their time of need and it is also just a nice place to hang out with each other. There are usually nurses on staff and they have resource info and they may be able to help guide you to some solution with Compassion in your time of need.

    Heather, it’s important that you not take this personally. Nobody here has met you and we have never had a single person officially ask for money before via the GA(not on this scale anyway). I would like to ask you to put yourself in OUR shoes and first get the facts straight about where this Occupation is at this time. We have a spending freeze, we have legal issues that have yet to be litigated. We have been feeding thousands of people since early on in the Occupation, and housing hundreds. You are always welcome to come to 60 Wall st. for meals. I wish you good luck and remember those numbers that Justin posted can also help. In this town there are no short cuts, we just have to call numbers and wait on lines until we get things done. The resources are out there, and I’m sure someone at Charlottes Place can help you find the best options for you.


    • Heather

      I was not referred by Occupy Chicago and I have been here before the spending freeze took place. I left a job to join the movement and I was evicted from my home after coming here.

  13. Brittany Anderson

    Heather, I am genuinely sorry for your situation and wish you all the best in regaining your health and children. I think that tonight you will hear many heartbreaking stories from the many members of our movement currently struggling with similar problems. We genuinely wish that we could ensure everyone, both in and outside of the movement, access to housing, medical care, and other basic necessities. That is a large part of why we exist. I hope you will reach out to the various resources people have offered here and accept our community as the greatest gift we currently have to offer.

  14. sumumba

    if the GA or OWS wont do this maybe we as individual members could just chip in…BUT indeed this does open a can of worms…cuz if u do it for one person…… HOWEVER how about we set up a ‘SPECIAL FUND’ situation for emergencies like this…im almost sure there are SUPPORTERS out there who would contribute to it and just like the ‘bail fund’ we have for people who get arrested DURING actions (but sometimes doin dumb ish) we could have this fund for those LESS fortunate to us….That’s FAIR….

    What kind of ‘movement’ and people are we to just automatically say NO? That isn’t the type of world I’m fighting for!

    • Justin Samuels

      How dumb is anyone if they say yes? By her admission, her own mother had her children taken away! Family members don’t turn members in to social services lightly. On top of that, $650 isn’t going to miraculously convince a judge to give her children back to her. Again, people on the street think of liberals as naive, lacking in common sense, so they try to play on the emotions of a movement like this.

      She claims to have no id, well, its her responsibility to keep up with her id, and if it is lost or stolen, its her responsibility to obtain new copies. Its her responsibility to find stable housing.

      I am 100% opposed to setting up a special fund for this. OWS is not the welfare office, we don’t need to hear these stories. Give this to heather, and believe me we’ll hear sadder stories that said you helped heather, why not me? And that will hijack a movement!

      • sumumba

        hijack a movement? as if it hasnt happened already with even sillier proposals like the one for 1250 dollars for a ‘program’ in Mcdonald’s ? or 10,000$ to a ‘OCCUPATION’ that doesnt even support our principles of solidarity of non-violence…umm bruh u speaking like you KNOW this individual…Do you? I’m NOT for the WILLY-NILLY giving of money just to ANYTHING but two examples above are far worse and even more expensive…if this lady is telling a lie shame on her…but if she’s telling the truth…i pray Karma doesn’t visit you…im NOT a liberal and think we let too much ish slide …but CANCER is real and sometimes being HUMAN without judgement is necessary..doesnt mean we have to be stupid…we could ask for medical papers etc..but to just say NO with no alternatives sets an even WORSE precedent than saying yes…

        and YES ows is NOT a mental health or social service agency…but then we again we’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars on housing and other things for people who took advantage and didnt contribute back…perhaps we oughta help this lady and see what she can bring to the movement…or is she guilty before proven innocent? a liar or telling the truth? Who are we to judge?

        • Justin Samuels

          Just because OWS made mistakes in the past doesn’t justify repeating them.

          I, and other people on this forum, have posted free medical resources that this woman can access. She claims to be on medicaid in Illinois, so she even has the option of staying there to continue to get cancer treatments. No, we should not help this individual request, as there are resources out there she knows quite well how to access.

          Considering the negative reaction of many on this threat to her proposal, it isn’t going to pass and the majority of people here disaprove of it. If you want to help this lady yourself, the rest of us are not stopping you.

        • Justin Samuels

          Oh, and the reality of the matter is, all people judge and get judged. The GA judges situations. Recently, OWS reduced social services functions as it ended housing support. Its refocusing on political activism.

          • sumumba

            so i ask where were u when these other far worse and far MORE expensive proposal made? and as a HUMAN…have u ever had someone pass from cancer? and even more im sorry what gives YOU the right to judge this individual? just curious

          • Justin Samuels

            Yes, I have known someone to pass from cancer. My loss is irrelevant to OWS, and I would never use a family situation to try and milk money or sympathy from a political movement.

    • Patricia L

      @sumumba – I agree that many of the responses seem to lack compassion, which seems antithetical to the spirit of the movement. That said, I don’t think the OWS general fund is intended for individual assistance, despite some of the funding that has been approved in the past.

      And, I think it would be much more helpful to try to assist Heather tap into resources that are available.

      Medical Treatment
      Cancer Treatment under Emergency Medicaid Info: http://wnylc.com/health/entry/137/
      Certification of Treatment of an Emergency Medical Condition (DOH-4471): http://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/publications/docs/gis/10ma012att.pdf

      Disability Benefits
      SSI: http://www.ssa.gov/onlineservices/

      I’m certain there are individuals that would we willing to provide financial assistance

  15. emily schuch

    i do not think OWS lacks compassion.

    however, this is not about whether or not heather is telling the truth, or what the details of her story are, or if her situation is urgent enough or sad enough. spending freeze or not, we should never use funding to try to resolve the personal problems of individuals. OWS is not a social services organization.

    our goal should always be to target larger systemic problems. we will never be able to accomplish any larger change if we are constantly mired in dealing with the needs of individuals.

    that said, i also think that there IS a community here who are willing to help someone in need, like help them find the resources that are available to them, as many have listed resources above. there are probably many individuals within OWS who would be willing to do much more for heather, but requests of this nature should never come before the GA.

  16. mouse

    Hi Heather,
    I am truly sorry to hear that you are going through such a difficult time. I can’t imagine how one person can be burdened with so much. You are in a very vulnerable spot right now and understandably, you are reaching out for help. Unfortunately, I think OWS is just not equipped to help out in these individual situations. No one person has the authority to approve such a donation and asking a large group to decide on this would be very difficult and could cause problems in the long run. It sounds cruel and uncaring but if OWS opened itself up to one request, there would then be thousands to follow which would bring the whole movement to a screeching halt in order to deal with each request.
    Do not take this personally. This would be an organizational decision and is not made against you directly.
    From your emails, I think you are need to return to Chicago in order to obtain ID so that you can get things rolling back here in NYC. I think people are a bit confused about what exactly the trip was for. I hope I understood it correctly.
    I am only a lurker here on OWS, so I hope I am not stepping on anyone’s toes. Just thought I might be able to help clarify a bit.
    OWS is not the best place to request financial help from. The money OWS has is from donations to support OWS as a movement. I hope you understand that OWS has no way to financially assist individuals and doing so would put them in a spot.
    On the other hand, individual OWS members might be able to help you in different ways. Maybe someone is driving to Chicago or if you have a car, maybe someone wants a ride and can help you with gas money. Maybe someone can give you a place to stay for a couple of nights, a meal, some clothes, toiletries, advice on dealing with health care and or CPS as some have done already. I know HHC is a good option. I have it myself.
    I think members and followers of OWS would be willing to help in any way they could but OWS itself just is not able to do so. The OWS Community, I am sure would be willing to help you out but OWS, the movement, can not.
    There is s website called MicroGiving that might be a better forum to ask for financial donations. http://www.microgiving.com/
    Is there anything in the line of clothing or toiletries that you need right now? I might be able to dig up a few things and meet you to give them to you.

  17. sumumba

    with all this ISH the ‘GA’ approves u mean to tell me that this proposal should NOT even be brought to it…? That’s foul..but thanx Sean and Mouse and all those who have a heart and are CREATIVELY seeking ways to help a fellow human in need…This is why i seek to keep a job and make a lil money so when the ‘gatekeepers’ of the GA or our $, I’ll be in a position to help out!

    I say this because for the last three weeks I’ve been sleeping on couches, beds or floors of compassionate, loving and supportive people within and even outside of OWS, i didn’t/don’t have a dime to my name, but thankfully we have folks who have a sense of COMMUNITY….if we lose that as a MOVEMENT we won’t be successful as one….

  18. Justin Samuels

    This is an unknown person who feels automatically entitled to money from OWS. Not the same as someone allowing a friend or a fellow activist to sleep on their couch (someone they presumably trust).

    Also, the issues that she has (child custody) aren’t really the business of OWS as its her word against her mother’s and the state’s. This is a matter to be resolved by the courts, not by OWS. OWS doesn’t stick our collective noses into personal situations, we are here for political purposes. And yes, this proposal should not even be brought to the GA, for the reason I just stated above!

    • Yoni Miller

      POI: As a facilitator, we can suggest/recommend to a proposer(s) whether to move forward with a proposal, however there is no guidance as to what specific criteria there is for a proposal (with exception of explicit violations of princ. of solidarity/autonomy). I am thankful for many of the helpful alternative comments, and on a personal note think the proposer should table (cancel) this proposal, and even if it is brought up, it likely will be declined by the GA.

    • Heather

      I don’t feel entitled, just proposing an immediate solution to a long term problem.

  19. perspicacious

    Maybe someone could arrange a meeting with Heather and her mother and various options could be discussed. Her mother probably cares more about her than she realizes (she evidently acted to get her grandkids out of an inadequate shelter situation). Many people in OWS have quite a bit of free time on their hands and many of those enjoy having long meetings to discuss every side of an issue and to consider myriad options to problems. Perhaps, a couple of those folks could make arrangements to meet with Heather and her Mother (maybe at 60 Wall Street) to help them toss around some solutions. Often, when people think a sum of money will be their answer to a problem, there are other possibilities.

  20. mouse

    Okay, let’s cut to the chase here. Can OWS offer Heather some non-financial support?

    Is there a WG we can direct Heather to? Where and when should she meet with them? Does anyone have a contact name from that WG? Can we set up a meeting for Heather with this WG? I can attend as well.

  21. Steve Scher

    does +1 indicate agreement with the comclusions stated such as jake above with down twinkles?

  22. Steve Scher

    “I cannot receive medical care I am in desperate need of because I do not have proper identification and medical insurance in NYC and also cannot receive treatment or essential testing until I transfer my medical records and proof of Medicaid benefits to the state of New York”
    would appear from what I was told by 311 is inaccurate.
    you need no transfer or records, no proof of medicaid,

  23. Steve Scher

    I would suggest that someone meet with heather in person should this discussion proceed any further.

  24. Urbaned

    @perspicacious @mouse @baysidefriend This might be an excellent opportunity for a livestreamer to begin recording our “stories.” Everyone in the 99% has one, and they should be cataloged, like StoryCorp. The meeting and livestreaming must be agreed upon by all and conducted by a mediator or experienced facilitator. I’m looking forward to listening to stories and finding others I can relate to. Because I have a long story to tell, too.

  25. social worker in park

    I think the place to start is with the ID – since you have internet access, why not look up how to replace your lost or
    stolen ID – was this New York ID or Chicago? and what type?

  26. Steve Scher

    i suspect she may not wish to do so.
    it sounds like she may be unwilling to come right out and say she is running/hiding from something.

    now if a real live social worker can meet with her, perhaps with some along for security, that might be a first step.

    call to 311 resulted in my learning you don’t need id for medical care.

  27. Steve Scher

    interesting:GMTA :)
    i noticed heather poster her phone number.
    called, she answered…she was already on a call with a social worker…asked me to call back later…
    not that you can tell from a voice on a phone speaking for only ten seconds, but i believe she is sincere.

  28. social worker in park

    I did call her and got more of the big picture and gave her a few realistic suggestions and she sounds like she will think about them. She has my contact info if she wants to get back in touch. As for the proposal I let her know that it is unrealistic to think it will pass as there is a spending freeze and also as OWS is not really equipped to evaluate and deal with these types of proposals.

  29. Steve Scher

    im taking nap…..proposal needs to be either tabled pending additional information, or withdrawn.
    i’m calling heather after my nap.

  30. Steve Scher

    Template for future proposals like this one: Proposal out of order unless brought through working group or occupier who has done some background work before involving ows.
    Sadly it is possible that not only are we not a social service agency, but ill equiped to even handle “intake”.

  31. Heather

    I am willing to table this proposal and re-post a more detailed proposal for the next GA on Monday for approval this coming Tuesday. I have hit nothing but walls over the past few weeks as far a medical care and other social services are concerned. I have been referred to a few places not requiring ID but this take several weeks and months to jump through other hoops and a quick trip between visits with my children (Mon and Wed in Queens) would facilitate medical testing and retrieval of paperwork to make the entire process of transferring to New York easier and faster. Thusly, processing my records more quickly and getting medical care and social services more quickly would enable me get the care I need and also get my children out of ACS more quickly.

  32. Sally Marks

    Heather, after reading all the posts here, I really hope and will pray for you that things get organized. It certainly appears you’ve had a run of bad luck. I have to echo other sentiments that as much as a little money now might make today a little easier, a foundation must be laid. I know what it is like to be sick and have nothing, I was there once. There are some terrific people associated with OWS (as well as some not so great, so watch yourself please) that you have met. Work with them and they will get you the help you need.
    Stay strong.

  33. Heather

    I also request that this posting remain until I re-post on Monday.

  34. sumumba

    THE flip side of this posting is ALL the people who have lost jobs, relationships, money and maybe even their homes cause of OWS….one of my WG’s often comes out of its own pockets now for ows BECAUSE of the SPENDING FREEZE…personally I’ve lost a job and am barely hanging on to the other cause of my committment to OWS im not mad its a CHOICE ive made and we all make by being here…I’m just wondering if folks realize the amount of sacrifices we are ALL making and how many of us are BARELY holding and struggling at present…its NOT good when its hard to get financial support from OWS…and it will make some folks leave the movement and others to cut back on how much time they spend working for OWS and the MOVEMENT…

  35. Dallas

    With all due respect and I mean that: I’m sorry that Heather and her kids are in such a bind, but @sumumba I think we may actually want to somewhat discourage people who are battling cancer and raising 2 kids from committing their lives to OWS. They have to take care of themselves and their kids first.