2/18/2012: Anti-Oppression Breakout Discussion

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The Anti-Oppression Affinity Group is made up of members of Facilitation Working
Group, People of Color Caucus, De-Escalation, Anti-Racism Allies, Minutes and
others who are dedicated to creating dialogue around issues of oppression,
marginalization, privilege, equity and inclusion within the Occupy Wall Street
community. We would like to propose a 20-minute breakout discussion at the
General Assembly on Saturday February 18, 2012 to continue this conversation
within the larger OWS community.

We would like for the group to break out into groups of 4-6 discuss the following

1. Oppression, marginalization and privilege: what do these words
mean to you? And is that different from how you’ve heard them
used in OWS?

Christina L
Kelly M.
Christina D.

One Response to “2/18/2012: Anti-Oppression Breakout Discussion”

  1. David M Lichtman

    The 20 minute breakout discussion sounds great. It only gets the discussion started and people thinking. It should be followed up by continuing the discussion for the next 2 GAs. And then, at the 4th GA ask whether people want to continue with the same topic or offer a different topic. It would be good if people knew that the discussion would continue so that they could come prepared with their thoughts to the next GA.