OWS stand in solidarity with Resist the RNC!

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  • This Proposal is just to have OWS stand in solidarity with Resist the RNC!. Resist the RNC is  setting up the logistical foundation, like marches,medical, housing and etc. We have listed  Occupations and organizations that allready endorse  us but would like the solidarity from OWS as well.
  • Resist the RNC  is not affiliated with any political party, including the Democrats, and standsin solidarity with the planned protests at the DNC in Charlotte. Both parties are intricately tied to corporate rule, war, economic injustice, and profess freedom and democracy but crack down on dissent.
  • Our dreams don’t fit in ballot boxes. The entire system in which we’re currently living is rooted in greed and power, and keeps us from realizing our full potential. The pursuit of wealth has taken over our entire way of life and has done so at the expense of humanity and the earth. Exploitation and oppression have been stitched into the fabric of our society, but we have learned from the Arab uprisings, the Occupy movement, and the many struggles for justice and liberation around the world.
    So we echo their voices: Another world is possible and on a quiet day you can hear her breathing. We hear her, we hear you, and will be here to assist in coordinating your involvement in resisting the RNC.
  • Below is a list of current endorsers!

5 Responses to “OWS stand in solidarity with Resist the RNC!”

  1. Dallas

    I’m hoping people aren’t going to get too terribly hung up on the word ‘endorsement’, because I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t support an RNC protest that isn’t organized by the DNC or close allies.

    You’ve got my twinkle.

  2. Bill Livsey

    We should absolutely endorse this–and any similar effort at the DNC. The political conventions are choreographed events for the people who buy and sell influence ! They are shameless displays and mean nothing. Both conventions should be shouted down for what they are! Yes–endorsement does mean something–and we should endorse this!

  3. Ravi Ahmad

    i think the OWS correct term is “stand in solidarity” with but whatever :)

  4. Yoni Miller

    Political Action and Impact meets at 6 PM in 60n wall street today (friday) they are discussing this as well, and actions for the DNC. I personally think it’s more important to rally at DNC, since they will try co-opt occupy movement, and are the most insidious advocate of capitalism, war and racist policies.