Coordinators Meeting Minutes 1/6/2012

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60 Wall Street 10 – 11 AM

PR – Press releases and interview requests should go to
Coverage was good for NDAA actions Wednesday at NYPL and Grand Central.
Encourage advance notice of upcoming events for PR planning and to ensure
releases go out in timely fashion.

D.A. – Thursday’s meeting was ‘huge’ – DA meets six times/week now; Sunday 2-
6PM meeting (location TBA, possibly 16 Beaver)
Facilitation – Meeting 3 times/week
Archives – Presenting budget Monday at Spokes

D.A. Subgroup on Nigeria – Solidarity action being planned nationally and
internationally for 1/11/12 in support of five Occupy cities in Nigeria; Occupy
Oakland coordinating U.S. effort.

Organization: Begin consideration of whether Spokes and G.A. should meet seven
days/week (seer agenda item).
Empowerment/Education – Student-debt campaign gearing up for March 1
action.; 7 PM meeting at 60 Wall

Accounting – Deadline for all working group to submit receipts is Saturday, January
14, 2012. Working groups can check their financial records online or in files in the
50 Broadway office. WG had good call with accounting folks in other Occupy cities.
Tech says any working group can take advantage of “maestro calls”
technology to have conference calls – complete with ‘stack’ feature, etc. Contact for details in setting up.
WG’s daily ‘petty cash’ allotments can no longer be used for food without
prior agreement of the working group for a specific reason (e.g., an event, etc.) at an
open meeting, with notes from the meeting confirming the decision was made.
Spokes/G.A. – Two significant items on the agenda for Saturday’s G.A.: a proposal to
freeze spending until NY has a physical Occupation again, and a proposal for testing
a “Block’s” validity.

Library – like Accounting, is building more contact with Library groups in other
Occupy towns. Some members will attend a national librarian conference in Dallas
later this month.

Tech – Presenting budget at today’s Spokescouncil; the budget will include
maintaining the websites, building out servers, getting the 1-800-number back
online, etc. (see agenda item).

Think Tank – First Mobile Think Tank a success on Staten Island ferry; doing
another in D.C. on J-17. Think Tank meets everyday from 2-6Pm, with a logistics
meeting on Thursday and the biggest meeting on Sunday.

Housing – A contingent moved two nights ago to West Park Presbyterian;
challenges remain in getting the community to agree on ‘community standards’;
Representatives will make a presentation of the Church congregation on Sunday;

whether OWS can stay at the Church will depend on the congregation agreeing.
West Park is half the cost of the previous Church housing.
Housing is also working with other Working Groups to put a program into
place that helps newcomers get ‘plugged in’ to different activities at OWS, (see
agenda item)

Training – Anti-oppression trainings are being held every weekend in January, 11-
6 Saturday and Sunday – this weekend likely to be at Brooklyn Free School, next
weekend there for sure. On Sunday, there will be a ‘visioning’ session at 16 Beaver
to plan for a conference similar to the one held recently at Pace University. Among
the big-picture ideas are how we do Direct Actions, why we do actions, what we’re
trying to do with D.A.s,

Outreach – Visited Brooklyn G.A., Jersey City G.A. meeting on Tuesday (which needs
support – as does Newark). Coordinating on J-15 event at Riverside, J-16 events.


  • Working Group/Spokes Council schedule
  • Tech plans
  • Housing/volunteer options and teach-ins

Should Spokes Councils/G.A.s meet 7 days/week?
in Spain and other Occupations, G.A. meets once a week
need to evaluate both a) how we are using our time and b) how our community
comes together
needs an open conversation about these ideas – many ideas are out there
for possible amendments, including having some community times that are for
activities, not just meetings
beginnings of a dialogue on this, getting conversation going

Tech is getting a CRM ready for possible email blasts using various lists collected by
different groups, “from one to many”
looking to other Working Groups to help develop policy parameters for how
groups would use any lists
secure server already obtained, groups could ‘own’ their lists, decide how
want used/shared

Housing Working Group requests more involvement from diverse working groups
to involve the community staying at the churches, especially newer additions to the
also need more active educational piece, ‘teach-ins on issues, why OWS, etc.

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