Spokes Council Budgeting

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Discussion on Monday
1) Request from each WG on where they see themselves in the budget and financial needs
2) Request from each WG on how they see themselves with fundraising and their attitudes toward it
3) Request from each WG to give ideas towards a centralized budget versus a decentralized budget
4) Request from each WG to analyze outside fundraising of affinity groups
5) Request from each WG to think up other financial models outside of fiscal sponsorship

3 Responses to “Spokes Council Budgeting”

  1. Haywood

    Um, just to be clear we are called Accounting and we didn’t bring this to the spokes council. Although we will be happy to be there to answer any and all accounting related questions.

    • Sean McKeown

      Blame Facilitation, I sent them the email, they decided it came from “Finance”. :)