Proposal for 1/4: Medical

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The medics would like funding for two professional instructors from the premier outdoor medicine school on the East Coast who came and offered three days of training at OWS. The first day involved a two hour “Basic Winter Survival Course” tailored to the needs of an urban occupation, focusing on shelter, sleeping systems, clothing, hypothermia and nutrition. Then they offered a “Training for Trainers” to help any interested occupiers (from OWS or other occupations) prepare to offer the “Basic Winter Survival Course” on a continual basis throughout the winter.

The last two days were a training for medical staff at OWS and other occupations in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. 21 people took part in this training, including 4 medics from Occupy Philadelphia and members of OWS Direct Action Working Group.  This class brought many medics to a shared basic understanding of first aid and CPR and insured that the basic medical needs of occupiers are met in a safe and effective manner, as well as helping Occupiers outside the medical working group begin to take care of their own basic medical needs.

The costs for this training are highly discounted thanks to the generosity of members of the school. We are paying less than 25 % of the normal costs for this training.

We are asking for the General Assembly to cover the costs of this three day training. This includes $750 for the two trainers for three days work, $350 for shared driving travel costs to and from their school in New Hampshire, and $650 for the rental of 56 Walker for the two day Wilderness First Aid training, for a total of $1750. The food was taken care of by the OWS kitchen and housing for the trainers was donated by an OWS supporter who put up the trainers in their apartment. We also raised $120 through online donations and $275 at the Wilderness First Aid Training, so we are only asking the General Assembly for $1355.

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  1. soothsayer

    what happened to the 3 day outdoor wilderness training on dec 1, was it cancelled or something? i know i wanted to go to it but last min wasn’t able to make it.