NYC General Assembly 1/22/2012 (Minutes)

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Date/Time: 1/22/2012, 7pm

Location: Liberty Plaza, moved to 60 Wall Street Atrium

Facilitators: Yoni, Anthony

Minutes: Lauren

Audio Recording of General Assembly

Announcements: Shazz, Occupy DC, Outreach, Class War Campaign

Working Group Report Backs: Occupy the Farms, Visions and Goals

Proposal: Occupy House Parties. Tabled.

Emergency Proposal: OWS support independent fundraising to finance trip to Europe for world economic forum. Did not pass modified consensus.


Shazz: There will be a meeting at 10 on Monday January 23rd in the Atrium to discuss the upcoming world economic forum in Switzerland

Report from Occupy DC: There is space to live in DC at both camps.  If you need a place there are some great people in DC with room for tents.

Outreach has started a mobile occupation, called Occupy Town Square.  The first day occupation will be Sunday January 29th from 11-5 In Washington Square Park

The Class War Campaign working group has started working on prison outreach.  There are 1,500 postcards outlining hosting a GA.  If you are interested in helping with Prison outreach come to a Class War Campaign working group meeting 5pm Wednesdays, either at 60 Wall Street or Charlottes place.  Check the website for updates. 

Working Group Report Backs

Occupy the Farms will be taking a trip next week, if you are interested in going to the farm please attend a meeting at 5:30 on Thursday in the Atrium

Visions and Goals: Visions and Goals will be bringing the visions and goals statement to the GA on Tuesday 1/24/2012.  Last Tuesday the GA asked V and G to stop revising the statement and it will be moving through the consensus process this week.


Occupy House Parties: Tabled with the Friendly Amendment that the propser meets with DA to discuss implementing this action and then returning the GA with the help of Direct Action.

EMT Proposal from Shazz: Seeking OWS support in independently fundraising to go to Europe for the world economic forum. Moved to Modified Consensus: Not passed 16 in favor, 9 against.

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