NYC General Assembly 1/14/2012 (Minutes)

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1/14/2012, 7pm, Liberty Plaza

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Proposal: Form GRISP Working Group. Did not pass modified consensus.

Proposal: Form Occupy Dependency Working Group. Tabled.

Proposal: Vision and Goals Breakout Discussion. Tabled due to cold.

Proposal: Formation of Anarchist Education Working Group with budget of $2,000. Tabled.

Proposal: OWS Movement Building Road Trip Budget. Consensus.

Proposal: Spending Freeze. Consensus.

Announcements: Sage, Occupy Oakland

1. Formation of the GRISP Working Group

The Meaning of this Occupy acronym is:


The team is already working, examining and scrutinizing and an open minded and critical way how these four Concepts (realism, intelligence, spirituality and politics) affect, are affected by OWS inside and out of USA and how they are otherwise related to us. These facts are mostly situated in levels and use ways most of us are not aware of.

How, through the deepening of our understandings of these concepts and empowered by continual discoveries we can save OCCUPY and our countries from many influences, attacks and suggested attitudes and decisions that would help us greatly move forward

Result: Moved to modified consensus, 26 people participating, more than three people against it. The proposal is Tabled.

2. Occupy Dependency: [this was hard to hear on the tape] Affinity group to help people feel empowered against their co-op boards

Result: Tabled

3. Visions and Goals Breakout

Result: Tabled due to the cold

4.  Anarchist Education working group

Create an Anarchist Education Group. Asking for $2,000.

I want to create this group to educate people about anarchist education and anarchist societies that raised their own money, had their own land, their own teachers and parents kids were invested. I want to be able to bring my friend Tarick, a black panther, to do presentations to OWS. Only me and Terick would be paid people in the group to do this. I will then get people to help fundraise. I want to show the Feed hampton video at St. Mark’s Theater. I also want to help Ralph Peynter and Lynne Stewert build support for her appeal at 500 Pearl St on Feb 29, 2012. But I want to support Lynne Stewert and all political prisoners through anarchism. I do not believe in solving societies problems through voting, the jury system. Prevention through an anarchist society is the only way.

Result: Tabled

5. Proposal for OWS Movement Building Road Trip

(1) Strengthen the OWS network by deepening relationships between occupiers
(2) Increase OWS’s capacity through mutual transfer of skills and knowledge
(3) Clarify OWS’s narrative by deepening its commitment to listening

For each stop, planners from OWS and the host city will work to craft an itinerary that most productively facilitates bonding and knowledge transfer between occupations.  The precise programming will vary from city to city according to the needs and desires of the planners.  A suggested baseline for each planning team to work off of is as follows:

– Welcoming Dinner: open unstructured time for people to get to know each other and build informal relationships
- Working Group Meet and Greets: loosely structured times for occupiers to meet occupiers from corresponding working groups in different cities
- Skill Shares: structured dialogue in which occupations can learn from each others experience deploying a range of tactics, including: facilitation, anti-opression, non-violent direct action, media, livestreaming/social media, town planning, DIY/dumpstering
- Visioning Session: open space discussion to develop a shared understanding of strategic approaches to big picture issues such as: engaging surrounding communities, media strategy, dealing with police repression, displacement and re-occupation, growth strategies, diversity/anti-opression)
- Learn-ins: open forums in which community members share their experience dealing with relevant issues shared by both cities, possibly to include input from local “experts” but to be structured in a horizontal way and encourage discussion of experience rather than theorization about structure or facts
- Joint Direct Action: All participants participate in an action focused on a local campaign.  This could involve plugging into a pre-existing action or working together to plan an action from start to finish
- Joint GA: Held on the last day to synthesize experience and bring in surrounding community
- Closing Party: Dance and have fun!


1/25 – 2/1: Providence, Boston

1/30 – 2/6: Boston, Northampton, Hudson Valley, Albany

2/5 – 2/12: Albany, Ithica, Syracuse, Rochester

2/10 – 2/19: Rochester, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Scranton

2/19 – 2/27: Scranton, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, Newark

Planning: For each stop, a planning team consisting of two people from NYC and two people from the host city will work to coordinate logistics for the visit, including (among other things): food, housing, event scheduling, venue procurement, intra-occupation and community outreach, and other support needs.  We will use the interocc network to facilitate this planning process, but NYC is encourage to select bottomliners with pre-existing personal relationships to organizers and community members in the host city.

Slots: There will be a bus with capacity to transport and – if necessary – sleep at least 30 people.  Slots will be apportioned by consensus among sponsoring working groups from within the following groups: Movement Building, Direct Action, Outreach, Facilitation, Training, Media++ (PR, Media, Livestream, Social Media), Education and Empowerment, Caucus members, Support (Legal, Food, Medics)

Shifts: NYC occupiers will be able to participate in 1-week shifts, with a 2-week limit.  We will seek to create overlapping shifts so that people can share knowledge gained on the previous week’s shift with those coming on board for the following week.  An additional vehicle will be used to shuttle people between NYC and destination cities at the end of each weekly shift.

 The budget will be determined by consensus among sponsoring working groups, subject to approval by the General Assembly.  Direct Action proposes a $9,450 budget and requests authorization for an additional $6000 fund, which will only be accessed in response to emergencies wich may arise during the trip.

The budget breakdown is as follows:

Vehicle Rental and insurance: $4,550

Fuel and Basic Maintenance: $2,400

Food: $1,500

Action and programming materials: $700

Misc. Supplies: $300

We are asking for permission to tell the occupations that we are going to visit them if there is a way to do it for less money we will do that.

Result: Passed [Missing Audio for the decision]

6. Spending Freeze


Freeze all future spending from the OWS general fund till we get another 
encampment. This does not include the $99,999.99 fund set aside for bail. One month freeze period to understand what we want to do with money
 spending freeze till we create a comprehensive OWS budget, not just for 
projects and working groups

Proposal with Friendly Amendments:

Freeze spending now except Funds already approved include: continuing spending, medical, per diem of past receipts but not future receipts and they should have dates, food budget that has been approved, metrocards and housing and metrocards are accepted and they still get to bring their proposals the housing a food still get to bring proposals and  we are going to have a financial meting financial assembly early next week that will talk about setting a comprehensive budget which includes the money going in and coming out  and this spending freeze will happen until there is consensus in this financial assembly meeting which needs to have people from each working group present.

Three standasides

Result: Consensus

7. Requests for Censures on acts of Verbal Aggression, Overuse of Serious Charges, Discriminatory Practices

Censure on the use of language, accusations, character defamations that are completely unfounded or have no specific basis. Slander is and act of verbal violence.
⁃ Censure of the frivolous use of serious terms such as “Sexist” and “Racist”. The unfounded use of these terms only serves to cheapen the collective sense of importance in counteracting these damaging plagues that ravage our communities.
⁃ Censure on the practices that preclude participation or personal expression based on sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, physical ability or any other protected class. Understand that “reverse discrimination” is simply Discrimination. Preventing anyone from involvement based simply on these criteria is unjust and inherently contrary to our principles of solidarity. Requests for Affirmations on Having Process and Applying Process Evenly for Everyone. Affirmation that process is a fundamental tenement of Justice; without equal application of process there can be no Justice. No Justice, No Peace.
⁃ Affirmation that Process exists to protect all individuals in a community and absence of Process for all is a foundation for inequality and persecution. We may protest injustice or inequality in the application of Process, but the existence of Process is a fundamental right.

Result: Tabled, the person bringing this proposal was no longer present

8. Breakout discussions on the New York Nuclear Disarmament and Arms Reduction Declaration

The second proposal is for breakout discussions leading to a separate consensus (at a future GA) on a separate New York City declaration. The Antiwar Working Group has begun work on a separate New York draft, which can be viewed here:

This proposal (the New York Nuclear Disarmament and Arms Reduction Declaration) is from the Antiwar Working Group. We’d like for breakout-groups to work on the declaration at Saturday’s GA, as we’d like everyone to be able to comment and edit}

Result: Tabled, the group bringing this proposal was not present


Sage: If you live at 86th street curfew is midnight get there soon

Occupy Oakland: Thank you for support in the past and to invite you, those of you who are able to join us and the other west coast occupy the unloading in of the EGT ship in Longview Washington when that happens.


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