NYC General Assembly 1/12/2012 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.


Facilitators, Zach, Evan / Stack Taker: Zoë

– Working Group Report Backs

*Christine OWS works: We have been dealing with individual who misused funds, the GA had allocated $2,000 to complete a space in Harlem volunteer coordination locations, the person involved was the only one who knew the landlord,…we don’t have access …take it as a learning experience. In the past week someone else tried to call TechServe…

*Alex Boarders …bill to OWS, worked out with tech serve against him not OWS. I don’t know what to do, I want to bring that to you, its been going on.

*Ravi: ComHub now Info Hub passed a proposal about what a group is, minimum requirements, comes into effect on January 20th. List of requirements…fix them for you,  we are available everyday, come and talk to us.

*Sage: Restricted Diets working group was not formed out of respect for this process ..I needed to form a working group to eat the restricted diets has 12 members…any kind of restriction and you are not afraid …please join, I could use the help. Meetings everyday, Whole Foods every day 5-6, always food there. That’s it.

*Tomorrow from 6-10pm an Open Space meeting Unity Hall 235 west 23rd

– Proposals

Agenda: Proposal to start a new working group park slop church, Visions and goals breakout group, Mobile Occupations MORPH, Statement on Nuclear Arms, Emergency Proposal from Jeff

*Emergency Procedure from Jeff: Good evening I am here to ask for a censure …specific names…this evening I will leave the name. In the last week there has been a large number of incidents and claims against individuals, I think the claims are unfounded, I think people are using the -isms too lightly…its harmful, hurtful …the 15th is the celebration of MLK movement come together that racism and sexism is not ok and not ok to cheapen those ideas on personal politics…concrete examples for making the claims.

F: No discussion about the content, external forces time issue from the external forces. The resolution is of certain behaviors…no names were mentioned in the proposal. Temperature check on Emergency proposal, seeing a mix of up and down.

F: External to the proposer to the individual also external to the movement impeding the process

F: One more temperature check: mixed, tabled.

*Park Slope Church Working Group Proposal: The Park Slope Church where OWS are living and have been for two months, have reached a consensus that they would like their own working group. Our mission is to build a more horizontal approach to community living being recognized.

CQ: Mission: To promote a living example of an OWS housing solution that is by design truly horizontal in purpose and intention and it’s existing now we would like to be recognized as s working group.

FA: Perhaps if we could amend you would not take in any funds.

Response: Rejected, the reason we would like to be a working group is that it is recognized like any other working group in this movement.

FA: That you guys will handle metrocards once you become a working group.

Response: I don’t believe that’s a decision that would be made here and now, something that would evolve and if were to do that or try to do that we would reach consensus within our working group and probably end up right back here. Rejected.

FA: Horizontal community is an occupy, if you would accept an amendment to become a separate occupy and request some funding for OWS I would support that. As far a working group, the things that you are doing seem to be to be covered by several different groups. The amendment is to declare a separate occupation and request funding or to become a subgroup within Housing, whichever you feel fits.

Response: I don’t believe further fragmenting working groups sharing the community values will open itself up to all of OWS I don’t belie that is necessary, we would like to open up to share that process and the learning process that comes with maintaining a horizontal approach to living. Rejected.

FA: You broaden your scope because it is broad already, because you are living the things we are striving for.

Response: We can only handle so much, but what we share and open up as far as info and process that’s very much in alignment with these intentions.

FA: Deborah, no friendly amendment.

F: Temp check to proceed with consensus. Down, no consensus.

*Visions and Goals Breakout Group

— Break out, with report backs from the breakout groups

— Temp check to determine if we are ready to stop this review process, post on the website for a week and then move through the consensus process

F: Temperature check mixed, review process will continue

*Mobil Occupation: Not present

*Nuclear Disarmament: Not present

– Announcements

*A million people on strike in Nigeria, named occupy Nigeria, named it after us. Demonstration on Tuesday, 120 people. On Wednesday, about the same size. Another demonstration led by the Nigerian community including people just back, noon, Saturday at United Nation. We need numbers. They inspired one million people to walk off their jobs!

*Occupy Town Square: Establishing what is basically roving occupation. All working groups can come together, set up tables, inform each other and the public about what we do. First one is set to happen January 29th at Washington Square park, continue to inform everyone so we can get as many involved.  First community meeting next Thursday at 6pm at 60 Wall Street.

*Molly with Minutes: We are going to keep making announcements, transcribing verbatim minutes takes a long time, but we need records for our movement. Meetings Thursdays 6pm 60 Wall Street.

*Nan: I have a petition online … rape victim. If you can go to under Strong Women Rules and you can click the link that will lead you to the petition. Sign it and we try to collect signatures. Once I have enough we are going to bring it to the Housing working group, they can make the decision. Show her your support.

*Danny: Occupier since day one, working on website occupiedstories with a the goal of archiving and amplifying all of our personal stories over the last four months. We have all been through a lot, feels like four years actually. Getting submissions from all over. I wanted to announce here at GA and invite everybody to participate. We publish everything we get with very little editing…

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