NYC General Assembly 1/10/2012 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.


– Announcements

*Anti-War Working Group: check us out on for info about a proposal for international solidarity

*Occupy Austin: Doing lots of good work! Have moved nearly one million dollars out of banks into local credit unions.

*Think Tank (Aaron): Need more facilitators! E-mail owsthinktank@gmail. Need facilitators in DC for our #J17 action!

*Free Society Working Group (Lawrence):  Been meeting each week, Sunday, 12-2, Tues, 5-7. Come to the meetings!

*Structure (Patrick): Helps make this movement more efficient. Meets Fridays!

*OccupyDC (Joe): Up here with the statehood hunger strikers and bringing information about #J17 in DC! If you’d like more info about what’s going on in DC, email!

*Occupy Tucson! Second-largest number of civil disobedience arrests- 2nd only to OWS!.


– Proposals

*Vision and Goals:  Helping the GA to crowdsource the vision statement. They meet Wed in Atrium at 5:30, Sunday at 12. RESULT: DISCUSSION

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