NYC General Assembly 1/15/2012 (Summary)

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NOTE: This is a brief summary that is posted prior to formal minutes. This summary is NOT all-inclusive. It includes only major highlights (discussion topics, proposals, and meeting dates/times/locations announced). This summary is compiled via Livetweets and Livestream viewing.

People waited in the park until 7:40 and then consensed to move the General Assembly (GA) to 60 Wall Street because of the cold.

Once at 60 Wall facilitation went around to every working group and let people know we were holding GA there.

GA begins with report backs from working groups.

Class war: We meet Wednesdays at 5:00pm at Liberty Square; get there at 4:45 and we will determine where we are going.

Accounting open meetings on Fridays at 6pm at 60 Wall Street; everybody is welcome to come.

Occupy Farms: We’re going up to Vermont to work on a farm. There are two spots open. It’s a work share program. If you’re interested there is room for three or four people.

Facilitation: We have passed a proposal to reduce GA and Spokes Council meetings to two meetings a week each and we’re bringing it tomorrow at Spokes Council for the first one.

Stairs: Next are announcements.

Vision and Goals is a no show.

Next is the formation of the Transportation Working Group:

Formation of Transportation Working Group Proposal

The Transportation OWG would like to go before the GA to get official GA approval.
Our first meeting was held today, Saturday 1/14, noon at 60 Wall St.

What is the Transportation Working Group?

The OWS Transportation Operations Working Group is responsible for facilitating transportation for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Transportation coordinates with Occupiers and Working Groups to assist them in any transportation needs that they might have. From cars, trucks, buses, and public transportation, the Transportation OWG will keep OWS mobile.

More Transportation OWG info is available on our Google Group. Our first meeting was today, Saturday 1/14, noon at 60 Wall St.
Here is our Google Group.
We’re a serious GSD OWG.

Clarifying Questions


Friendly Amendments

Five people with Friendly Amendments.

Table this until you can come together with the other transportation working groups.

Nan’s FA: You are welcome to join our working group.

Transportation working groups reaffirms it’s desire to work with all other transportation working groups.

Steve’s FA: You create a subgroup of Nan’s transportation working group and report back to them.

That FA was not accepted.

FA: Can we have a ride share?


Ronnie. FA: If you could consolidate my working group with yours so that we are all working toward the same mission together.


POI: There is not currently a transportation working group.

Stairs: Closing stack.

Temp check on moving toward consensus. Mostly positive, majority uptwinkles.

Stand Asides? None.

Are there any blocks on this proposal?

Restatement of proposal with accepted Freindly Amendments: Transportation operations working group will attempt to facilitate transportation for Occupy Wall Street and will work on ride sharing as one of their facets and they will work with any group or person who is also interested in facilitating transportation to Occupy Wall Street and they will decline the $100 a day spending money.

Stand Asides? No.

Blocks? We have four blocks. Each blocker will present their blocks.

Block: This seems like someones pet project.

Nan: I block about the money and I block because we already have a working group and don’t want to criss cross with the GA. I’m concerned about the money.

Block: The amount of money being spent. Concern is about the money.

Final block: Safety concern: Who will be driving these vehicles?

My block is a quorom issue there are not enough people here. We don’t have enough people here.

Response to the blocks: I can talk to these concerns. There are not enough people here. Your concern is about future issues that I can’t address because the group hasn’t formed yet. This proposal will be tabled.

After a lengthy discussion the General Assembly was adjourned.

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  1. serge kova

    To Facilitation team: – Inform us: what’s the status of 2 proposed to GA new groups: ‘OCCUPY DEPENDENCY’ & ‘OCCUPY CO-OPS & CONDOS’ now?