Liaisons and Advocacy Working Group

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Who we work with


All working groups


Any individuals who need information


Any individuals who need advocacy, mediation, or safe ways to be more involved in the community










1)      Foster respectful communication between various working groups, caucuses, occupations, and the public



2)      Mediate when needed



3)      Advocate for those who need a voice



4)      Provide quick and simple direct actions for new people who   need ideas to get involved.



5)      Catch people before they fall through the cracks



6)      Have a database of local resources, street sheets, and survival info

8 Responses to “Liaisons and Advocacy Working Group”

  1. Ravi Ahmad

    Hi guys,

    So what’s the difference between this group and Mediation or Non-Violent Communication? Maybe you would be better served by working with those groups. If someone needs the kind of help you describe, it might be better to have as focused a place to go as possible.

    In solidarity,


  2. liza

    redundancy with not only de-escalation and non-violent communication but with outreach and volunteers too. what i think we need is a WORKING GROUP CLUSTER for these groups. maybe their own spokes.


  3. reginahny

    Also, in addition to “who we work with” I’d like to know “who you are.” Agree with the above posters that there are existing WGs with your goals and it would be great to have you / your group partner with them. I’m not sure exactly how a WG Cluster works but if that would aid in keeping activists from falling through the cracks I’d support it.

    • Sam Redman

      Now if they are referring to fixing potholes on that point number 5, they have my support. The five potholes along 58th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues are like craters. You can fall right in to some of those. Maybe that’s what they meant by a “fall through the cracks.”