International Women’s Day Event

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with “indignadas” from El Barrio, Occupy Wall St., and around the World

People around the world are rising up and saying, “Enough!”

They are organizing new movements from Chiapas to Egypt, from Greece to Spain, from South Africa to New York, and everywhere in between.

They are “indignad@s”, outraged by the staggering inequalities, the violence and deceit, the hatred of democracy, the flagrant corruption and utter disregard for life on this planet that characterize our society, our economy, our governments. They are struggling against this nightmarish status quo, and laying seeds for a new world in the process.

At the forefront of these global movements are countless dignified women whose “Enough!” resounds in different colors, in different languages, across the lands. They are spearheading the movements, and battling injustice head-on and without compromise, often at enormous risk.

In honor of the tremendous leadership and contributions of women everywhere, Movement for Justice in El Barrio has organized an International Women’s Day Celebration to take place this March 8 in Harlem.

In light of this, Movement for Justice in El Barrio and Global Justice Working Group propose the following:

–       That the General Assembly of Occupy Wall St. celebrate and honor the noble and dignified contributions of women in our movements and that it publically endorse, publicize, and support the event by encouraging members of all working groups and caucuses to attend.

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