Housing Working Group Budget

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The Housing working group is asking the NYCGA for $3680 in subsidies to

stay at the Park Slope Methodist Church, and the West Park
Presbyterian Church; this also will include the three unpaid days, and
one extra night we stayed at Saint Paul Saint Andrew church.

This money will be used to pay for 2 weeks at Park Slope, 4 days at
West Park, and four nights at SPSA.

This time around, we are asking for slightly less money, seeing how we
already have one foot out of SPSA, which costs the most per night.
Paying for West Park will be half as much nightly than SPSA, seeing
how we will be providing security and clean-up work ourselves. Park
Slope is still holding together, and that has not changed since the
previous proposal for funding.

For Park Slope, the cost is $70/night, coming up to $490/week. since
we are asking for 2 weeks, that will add up to $980, which heat, hot
water, shelter for up to, and sometimes exceeding 30 people nightly.
For west park, the cost is $150/night, which covers  heat, hot water,
and shelter. we are only paying for 4 days this week, including next

week on a per-night basis, from january 4-January 13 inclusively at
$150/night. this comes up to $1500

For Saint Paul & Saint andrew, we overstayed by 1 night, and still
have to pay up until jan. 3. this pays for heat, hot water, shelter,
security, and cleaning. Payment will be Dec. 31-Jan. 3, at $300/night,
which comes up to $1200.

As stated above, the total cost will be $[980+1200+1500]=3680

-Proposed by Will from Housing.

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  1. odd ah

    I was told by Jason that West Park Presbyterian Church was donating the space in exchange for renovation work that would be done on the church by occupiers.
    Yet in this proposal it states otherwise>For west park, the cost is $150/night, which covers heat, hot water, and shelter.
    It is my understanding that OWS is running low on funds, perhaps the housing group could create an online fundraiser to help with part of the housing cost…Jason has one online and perhaps he could help set this up for housing. Good luck

  2. Voter March

    We need to look at all of these costs from a long term budgeting standpoint. If the Housing Working Group spends $3,680 for 1 to 2 weeks for housing, that is equivalent to over $100,000 a year. In order to sustain this, donations will need to be increased, or the budget will need to be reduced, or both.

    We are all aware that the NYPD destroyed the tent homes of many Occupiers in just one night. However, where were they living before Zuccotti Park? Are we housing activists who are involved full-time in our Working Groups? Are we paying for housing for homeless people who may be relocated to City shelters?

    • Monica McLaughlin

      How about busing these occupiers to other occupations? Or busing them home? They can rejoin in the Spring when housing will no longer be the priority it is here in the northeast in the winter.

      • Monica McLaughlin

        @votermarch, How about busing these occupiers to other occupations? Or busing them home? They can rejoin in the Spring when housing will no longer be the priority it is here in the northeast in the winter.

  3. Hermes C Liberty (Abu)

    In any cae it is time to start looking for ALTERNATIVES WAYS FOR OUR FINANCES.A group that large as OWS, with thanks God many intelligent and dedicated people, it might not be impossible to find News Ways through which OWS can raise, fructify and manage money. We will gain much more credit if we minor donations and focus on our own abilities to face our problems. It will be also a test for our Commitment to change ourselves and the World, for better.
    For example, some dedicated members could be charged to perform works, sell things, etc with all the necessary control, to help us raise our own money. This is for short term.
    We might think about minor projects, small businesses owned and run by Honest but Controlled OWS members; financings might be always available. MID TERM.
    We might find many other ways, including real businesses, owned by OWS, see alternatives currencies as well.
    We can start by asking each and every member to give something for this NEW FUNDS; from $1 to +$$$$. This inside funds will be a great Demonstration of INTRASOLIDARITY and will push everybody in Participating more and in helping save insted our Funds.
    It remains true that true Full Time Working Groups Members without housing must be housed.

  4. Patricia L

    I thought this proposal was approved on Friday, 1/6 with a few friendly amendments. Why is it appearing as a future proposal?

  5. Patricia L

    @votermarch – A lot of the people being housed are people who are homeless because of the eviction from the park. There are also many who come to NYC from other places to be part of our movement.

    Besides seeming like the right thing to do, the costs are quite a bit less than you are suggesting:
    Nightly: $220 – $1.69/person
    Weekly: $1,540 – $11.85/person
    Monthly: $6,160 – $47.38/person
    Yearly: $80,300 – $617.69/person

    • Monica McLaughlin

      Why not put them on buses home or to other occupations? The camp out in Zucotti Park was only a 2-month thing, the post park housing has been going on for longer than that. Should it be a permanent thing?

    • Monica McLaughlin

      People should not be coming to NYC expecting to be housed by OWS funding. They need to stop coming until the weather gets better and they can camp out.

      • Siobhan Ogilvie

        OWS just approved $10K to support Occupy Newark which is actually a faster train ride to (and cheaper) from Zuccotti then the churches we are housing at. A representative was at GA the other day and announced please come stay with us! You gave us $10K, we have room, we aren’t in danger of eviction and we want you to come but it seems like no one answered his invitation.

        • Tara

          Occupy Newark is very close and I agree wholeheartedly that some of these dedicated ows’ers need to explore their option to go there. i heard that they have really fixed up ON so why not use their resources? Please, for the Movement we need EVERYBODY to work with each other and find new ways to do this.

    • Voter March

      @misfist I am not disagreeing with the valid reasons for housing or your calculations.
      However, if we take your figure of an annualized cost of $80,300 for Housing, and then add on Laundry, Transportation and Food, we are WELL OVER $100,000 on an annualized basis.
      The issue is whether OWS can perpetually sustain these costs.

      • Tara

        we can not. plus now w the spending freeze proposal *passed* there needs to be a re-assessment of housing/food/transport. housing costs much of our funds and with options like occupy newark, it’s sort of a no brainer to explore it. we are ALL OWS, so let’s start/continue to work with our allies and fellow occupiers!

  6. Patricia L

    Are people seriously suggesting that we push people off to Newark, and stop helping to pay for utilities, food and transportation for people in this movement who need it? Are you implying that the homeless people in this movement aren’t contributing enough to warrant supporting them? And, to what “home” would we be bussing our homeless people to?

    The fact that people are more concerned about money than they are about supporting the people in this movement is completely anathematic. These sentiments are contrary to the ideals of the movement and are very alarming.

    Thankfully, it seems that the vast majority of people participating in the decision making bodies (GA and Spokes) still support the people of this movement.

    • Siobhan Ogilvie

      Occupy Newark is who suggested it. In fact a representative announced at a GA you gave us $10,000! You are having Financial and Housing Issues! We have lots of room! Come stay with us! He went on to say I am not suggesting you leave OWSNYC. Just stay with is until spring when you get a new space.

      This is an occupation. The churches are not an occupation. It certainly makes more sense to fiscally support an occupation where you can also sleep, in addition to work to further the movement then support a church that is acting as a rental space to sleep.

      The fact we spend all the contributions given to further the movement on rental housing is confusing to me and many others. It speaks to why contributions have all but dried up. It’s not about money. It’s about a change in focus causing many to step away from occupy.

      I support metrocards and expenses for active operations groups, but sadly we do need to prioritize just like every other occupation does and let’s not pretend Newark is far away…we are talking about a 20 minute path ride.

      • Tara

        there is an emergency meeting about the spending freeze and how it relates to housing and other expenses on monday(tomorrow) at 60 Wall, 4pm. let’s try to make it and make sure that the ON invitation is on the table! In solidarity! Tara

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @misfist, I would think that the occupiers would want to occcupy. The tents in Newark are heated and they have electricity. It costs $2 to get to the lower Manhattan from Newark so travel is convenient as well. Why not Newark? It is a real occupation.

  7. Jeffrey Brewer

    I for one do not plan on these communities being perpetually on an OWS budget. I feel that this is a wise use of funds to support a mid-term project until there is either a larger action for these individuals, or these communities somehow become self-sustaining.

    • Monica McLaughlin

      @jlb071, I believe most donors sent funds in to support the occupation of Zuccotti Park. Donations have all but dried up since the eviction. Perhaps we need a visual occupation to drum up support.

  8. Katherine A Flowers

    just curious heard there was proposal being brought forth on Thursday to stop funding for park slope for those unaware we have a good group of occupiers there and us being there has meaning to the community there. Some of us are feeling like were being punished because our contribution doesn’t follow the set forth guidelines that people aren’t following in other locations as well.