Groups Policy Implementation

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Dear Community,

On December 20th, the General Assembly consensed that all groups must provide the following information in order to make it easier for people to join the movement:

  1. A mission statement which does not violate the Principles of Solidarity
  2. A working email or phone number
  3. Day and time of a weekly open meeting (this should be listed as a recurring event, so that it shows up on the daily schedule)
  4. Minutes from a weekly meeting, which demonstrate at least 5 people in attendance.

You can see the list of groups and their current status here. The list is updated once a month.

If you are a member of a group that no longer appears on the website, don’t worry! Your group isn’t gone forever, it can be reactivated once you make sure these guidelines are met.

You’ll need to get in touch with us at with the updated info for your group’s website. If you need assistance bringing your group into compliance, please be in touch and InfoHub will be happy to help out.

In solidarity,

-InfoHub Working Group Team

50 Responses to “Groups Policy Implementation”

  1. Urbaned

    Would there be a way for you to list groups that have been removed? Thanks

  2. David Andrew

    Let’s not use the word ‘removed’. OWS is much more familiar with the word ‘evict’.

  3. Urbaned

    You know, even though I have two groups, I haven’t been able to get them going! So, I can understand that they should be “archived.” Maybe that’s a better term. Now that I have done due diligence and actually reread the letter above, I see that they can be resurrected. I just kind of wish I could still view them, but I do understand the need for to focus and I also see the need to remove groups that are abusing the website.

      • Urbaned

        the main reason is that I would like to be able to recall who joined…there are about 180 members in Education Revolution now. I am hoping that one day OWS can get to the topic of education, but first, we have to figure out how to meet, for example, civilly.

        • Ravi Ahmad

          Definitely. Also, Education & Empowerment has been doing some interesting work. Perhaps you could collaborate?

  4. Marsha

    S.I.S. is a non-compliant group yet they are still on the site. Are you going to remove them?

      • Ravi Ahmad

        SIS is storage inventory and supplies. They’re trying to get their minutes up so we’re giving them a few more days. If a group is making some kind of effort- scheduling weekly meetings, starting to post notes, etc.- I think the community should give them a chance. Its groups that we haven’t heard back from at all or who have said they are defunct that we’ve removed.

        • Marsha

          so why don’t you every group the same chance? there are groups that have been deleted that have been working on movement building that are no longer on the site. GIVE THEM A CHANCE TOO!

          • Ravi Ahmad

            Hi Marsha,

            I’m sure if any of the archived groups have concerns and would like to be made active again, they’ll be in touch at

            If you know people in this situation, please help spread the word.

            Thanks so much!


        • Alex Nicoletti

          The above statement is simply not true. I was in the process of setting up a meeting when my group was taken down.

          If you’re group is a fringe group or controversial at least in your name don’t expect to be treated the same as the 1 or maybe even 5% of the 99%.

          I have contacted and as of this morning have not heard back, as with every experience that I have had in attempting to help this movement I expect a slow if I’m lucky enough to get any response.

          It’s ok I’m not really complaining just pointing out the reality; nothing changes when those that are trying to make a change are the same if not worst then what they are suppose to be changing…

          • Ravi Ahmad

            Hi Alex,

            I see an email from you at 1:12 pm yesterday. 24 hours for your email to be answered seems kind of reasonable…

            I’ll answer it now and hopefully we can get this sorted out.



          • Alex Nicoletti

            You’re right Ravi it is very reasonable. And I must apologize for my last remark as it was more coming from other experiences that I have had within this movement. I also need to confess that I have not in anyway figured out the multitude of diverse energy of this movement. When I think I got it figured out someone like yourself comes along and sets a different understanding. I mean that in the best of ways and thank you again for a very reasonable and timely reply….

          • Trish OWS


            Is it also reasonable to expect the nycga council

            (working group) to wait and wait in posting any of

            their events/meetings/teach-in, etc. in

            the EVENTS AREA of

            It’s mandatory to post the times of a working

            groups meetings to be in compliance of GA passed

            outline regarding operational OWS working Groups.

            FYI: We’ve started a forum topic, regarding the issue, anyone can give their feed-back.

            Peace & Alex N.

  5. sumumba

    QUESTION…how can a group thats been in non-compliance with this site and its point person banned from spokes and a church STILL be allowed to present A proposal at the GA?

  6. Nadina LaSpina

    I’m an administrator of the Disability Caucus, which was removed/archived last week. I’ve e-mailed twice and received no answer. The Disability Caucus had some trouble getting off the ground. But we had a meeting today and will be meeting every week from now on, & have minutes to post (if our group gets resurrected). How can I check on the status of our group?

    • Ravi Ahmad

      Hi Nadina,

      I see that you emailed twice on Friday. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you over the weekend. Occupy Town Square was quite absorbing. I’ve just sent you a reply.



      • Nadina LaSpina

        Thanks for your reply. I’ll contact and see if I can attend the training on the website (possibly this afternoon).

  7. Nadina LaSpina

    I figured out how to check the status. Our group will be back on the site today. Thanks.

  8. seth

    There needs to be a way for members of a group no longer active on the site to access the information that was posted.

  9. Monica McLaughlin

    Hi Ravi (@raviahmad),

    I have a question about the Comfort WG. Has anyone tried to reinstate It? I ask because I am trying to get figures together to do an OWS expenditure pie chart (using figures from Finance (Accounting) and the list of GA approved Proposals). I want to make sure the figures used in the pie chart are as accurate as possible and so am checking with the WG to make sure there are no mistakes. Comfort has received a sizeable amount of OWS money, so it seems unlikely that they are no longer active. Would you know?

    • Ravi Ahmad

      Hey Monica,

      I haven’t received any contact from anyone trying to re-start Comfort which is sad. They were doing great work but don’t seem to have been having meetings for a while now.

      If you find out anything else, please let me know!


  10. Monica McLaughlin

    Another rquestion. I read somewhere that groups can have virtual meetings or tele-conferences in lieu of in-person meetings? Is this true? I am very interested, because one member of the A&T group is unable to leave her home unless she is accompanied by a doctor and so she can never attend in-person meetings. Thanks.

    • Ravi Ahmad

      Sure, that’s fine. The proposal says that the meeting itself needs to be in the NYC area but people can call in from wherever. If fewer than 5 actual people turn up at the in person meeting, that could be a problem though. Let’s see how it goes.

      • Trish OWS


        Following the info. you shared with Chris and I last night…

        Thank you for confirming nycga council is an active OWS WG.

        We don’t really know how to respond to such an outrageous

        alleged allegation relating to the groups minutes.

        Our only concern is whomever is monitoring the minutes of WG’s

        should preform this task within 7days of posting.

        What does the community think? Should I make a proposal?


  11. Trish OWS

    Saturday 02.04.2012, General Assembly, The Atrium 60 Wall Street

    Ravi says…

    Cannot put group in compliance category, even though it’s not their fault (tech-op glitch) they cannot

    post group’s meeting/activities on (Event Section,

    Instructed me to get in touch with tech-ops.

    Peace & Technical Difficultities

  12. vets74

    These Know-It-Alls have just erased/deleted the Occupy Nonviolence resource group.

    Tiny little thing. 34 members. Items forwarded to the email, then put up for general use.

    Totally passive. A repository for items related to modern and traditions Gandhi-and-King nonviolence. Layouts for banners, posters, originals for source documents, Eastern European NDA texts, etc.


    • vets74

      Used to cover efforts to communicate with the modern standard bearers from the Civil Rights Movement, begun last September 25th at what was apparently a “G.A.” at Zuccotti, and to record useful or popular files.

      At what point did “Venit, occupavit, nos perderit” become the new motto?

    • Trish: NYCGA Council (WG)


      Now, three months later, it appears to be all A FARCE!

      nycga council wg

  13. Alex Nicoletti

    I really appreciate this policy and how it had changed and grown. It is really meant for what is best for OWS and is done in the most fair and caring manner. I was given the opportunity many times to start the “Warrior Group” however other then myself there was really no one actively participating in this group. The process was very fair and still allows for groups that are now labeled as “inactive” to become active again was there is enough interested for it to be a true working group. My goals for this group was a bit too ambitious as well as unrelalistic and is not in line with what most occupiers are prepared to do. One warrior is like a drop of water a true warrior group is like a flood that can reshape reality. If any warriors come along and read this post get in contact with me. Please no want-a-bees remember a warrior does not promote war we end them and we start with the war within ourselves.

  14. Urbaned

    The policy makes sense to me, because of what you said, @awakeneddragon, and also because it lesson Tech Ops’ amount of work. Since we’re all volunteers, we can’t respond to all tech requests immediately. Also, with less groups to manage, tech ops can concentrate on writing code rather than maintaining unused forums.

  15. Jomo Williams

    Can I have a status update on the below submission for new group:

    New Group Form submission received
    From: no-reply
    To: thegodparty
    Date: Tue, May 29, 2012 10:21 pm
    Your request to add 99% Politikos Party to has been received

    Fwd: Emergency Proposal
    From: thegodparty
    To: groups
    Date: Wed, May 30, 2012 7:48 pm

    —–Original Message—–
    From: thegodparty
    To: tech
    Sent: Mon, May 28, 2012 4:38 pm
    Subject: Fwd: Emergency Proposal

    —–Original Message—–
    From: thegodparty
    To: facilitation ; comhub ;
    Sent: Mon, May 28, 2012 4:22 pm
    Subject: Emergency Proposal

    Emergency Proposal

    Due to the fact that this is a proposition for a third party political
    party to campaign this election year we must move quickly. Election
    boards’ filing deadlines are to be met; funding, support,
    contributions, and petitions are to be sought & gather; potential
    candidates are to be vetted; and other necessities need to be acquired

    Person: Mr. Jomo Williams. Email:
    Phone: 646 360 3941 Fax: 646 568 4365
    Sites:; and

    To:General Assembly Proposal
    Many of our OWS’, members want to use the political process too as a
    avenue to achieve our goals (see discussions between members on OWS”,
    sites). I see it as a disservice to us not to pursue elections this
    year as a third party. It will only help support the movement (Media;
    financially; instrumentally; and in other ways).
    Thus I proposal this group charter not only to OWS’, NYCGA; but also to
    its National and Global GA’s.
    On the above websites I had published the following:


    “99%PP, is a Political Organization that nominates candidates for
    elective offices, who advocate for: true democracy; economical
    constitutional rights; equal protections of the law; universal suffrage
    for all; Engaging in direct and transparent participatory democracy;
    Exercising personal and collective responsibility; Recognizing
    individuals’ inherent privilege and the influence it has on all
    interactions; Empowering one another against all forms of oppression;
    Redefining how labor is valued; The sanctity of individual privacy; The
    belief that education is human right; Making technologies, knowledge,
    and culture open to all to freely access, create, modify, and
    distribute; and OWS’ Principles of Solidarity.”

    • Brit Webwell

      The use of participatory budgeting began in 1989 in the municipality of Porto Alegre, the capital of Brazil’s southern most state, Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre has over one million inhabitants and is wealthy by Brazilian standards. In 1988, the Workers’ Party, a progressive political party founded during the 1964-1988 military dictatorship, won the election for the mayor. Its campaign was based on democratic participation and the “inversion of spending priorities,” which implies the reversal of a decades-long trend in which public resources were spent in middle and upper class neighborhoods. Participatory Budgeting was intended as a means to help poorer citizens and neighborhoods receive greater levels of public spending.

      When the Workers’ Party assumed the office of the mayor in Porto Alegre in 1989, they encountered a bankrupt municipality and a disorganized bureaucracy. During the first two years of their administration, the government experimented with different
      mechanisms to tackle the financial constraints, to provide citizens with a direct role in the activities of government, and to invert the social spending priorities of previous administration. Participatory Budgeting was born through this experimental process. In 1989 and 1990, the first two years of PB, under a thousand citizens participated. The number of participants jumped to nearly 8,000 participants in 1992. After winning reelection in 1992, the program took on a life of its own with participation increasing to over 20,000 people per year. Participation grew as citizen realized that PB was now an important decision-making venue.


    The Moderator of NEW YORK GENERAL ASSEMBLY Council (WG)
    was informed that the group was HACKED, resulting in the WG…
    not being visible on the site.
    This happen on or abour May 27, 2012.
    No one has of yet cotact the admin. or mod. with demands.
    Therefore, we are seriously considering making a formal compliant.

    Trish: NYCGA Council (WG)

  17. Trish: NYCGA Council (WG)

    The NYCGA Council (WG) appears to have return to the…

    What is currently visible is does not represent an accurate

    account of the WG business as of May 27, 2012

    We as an autonomous entity (WG) will make an official compliant to

    the official authorities relating to the events which have occurred.

    I suggest Tech Ops contact me as this may/may not concern their WG.


  18. Trish: NYCGA Council (WG)


    The New York City General Assembly Council (WG),OWS…

    has been HACKED…by individual(s) unknown.

    The Administrator of the group will make an official compliant

    to the necessary authorities.


  19. Trish: NYCGA Council (WG)


    It has been common knowledge that several instances of web posting, accts,
    working groups have been compromised.

    You can follow this with what happen at Charlotte’s Place, and I am aware
    of others. A couple of individuals had been identified.

    I don’t know what you’re speaking of relating to what Chris…
    But, I definitely sawthe post by you ” hacked”, etc and initials…
    Was it incorrect?

    My actions since April 7, 2012 has been and will continue to achieve one goal…

    That’s clarity, accountability, and communication.

    I now realize these three words are not user friendly to the small cabal
    within certain WG…
    And, that the New York City General Assembly appears to no longer suit the
    needs/goals of this cabal.

    The “We are the 99%” appears to be no longer welcome as a WG on the
    The NYCGA to be no longer known as a vital component of OWS.

    It’s now the Cabal in secret rather than the people in the open…
    as a making decision making body of the movement…

    IF SO…

    MARCHED AS THE 99% (OWS) since September 17, 2012




  20. Trish: NYCGA Council (WG)

    CORRECTION: September 17, 2011…

  21. Trish: NYCGA Council (WG)


    It appears the NYCGA Council WG has again disappeared …

    from the site (June 2, 2012)