1/21/2012: General Restructuring of Assembly

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[Third Draft]

This proposal is the product of many voices.  Its drafters have sought to build a consensus of diverse views through open forum in Liberty Square, the daily Coordinators Meeting, the internet, and circulated with participation from many groups including Direct Action Working Group, Facilitation Working Group, Tech Ops, Outreach, Media, Press, InfoHub, Housing, Arts & Culture, Think Tank, OWS Works, Think Tank, Library, People’s Kitchen, Education & Empowerment, Town Planning, W.O.W Caucus, Structure, Safer Spaces, P.O.C Caucus, & the OWS Activist Legal Working Group.


Public Assembly has been the foundation of the people’s movement for social change since long before Occupy Wall Street, and after it caught fire on September 17th.  We strive to be a leaderless, transparent,  non-hierarchical, and non-violent movement which exercises direct democracy as the forum to organize our movement to change the world.  Whenever the people come together, we call it General Assembly. It is not a governing body, for power lies not within any governing body, it lies with the people.

Structured Assemblies were created as spaces to have the discussions that our community wants to have. Currently the Occupy Wall Street community consists of Working Groups, Caucuses, Affinity Groups, The General Assembly, and The Operational Spokes Council.  Each of these people-powered structures serves a distinct function. We want our structures to work for us in the most effective way possible.

This is a remarkably devoted community and we all devote a substantial amount of time, energy, and heart to the movement with the hope that it turns into a revolution. But given the recent atmosphere, many of us are experiencing activist burnout, communications and meeting overload.

Currently, we have scheduled seven mass assemblies per week – four General Assemblies and three Spokes Councils.

What if we were to wipe that slate clean, and rebuild a new model for the schedule of mass assemblies that would better suit our needs, our comfort, and the conversations that we need to have to forward the movement?

This proposal seeks to add to the conversation about how we as a community use our time when we come together, to nurture physical and intellectual spaces that allow us to have the conversations we need to as a movement, and to offer solutions to a clearly perceived set of needs.

This proposal is a humble suggestion, a beginning point to work from, and comes in the spirit of continuing progress and regularly rethinking our structures to suit our changing needs.

It is by no means all-inclusive, and aims to address only fundamental issues which we believe we can reach a consensus on right away.  


This is a two-part proposal.

• All structures of assembly of the New York City General Assembly are, like ourselves, self-determining, equal in power, and without hierarchy, in that no one is subordinate to any other.

• We propose at this time that this assembly come to a consensus on when The General Assembly convenes.  We offer a recommendation that it convene on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00pm.

• We propose at this time that this assembly come to a consensus on when The Operational Spokes Council convenes. We offer a recommendation that it convene on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6:00pm.



• We empower the creation of new structures of public assembly to fill the space that has been created by having fewer assemblies throughout the week.

We offer some recommendations on what those might look like, and further propose at this time starting a discussion leading toward a wide-reaching consensus.

• Action Spokes Council: An assembly space focused on visioning for the future of the movement, positing the visions, goals, and messaging of the movement toward planning and coordinating actions to expand its reach, and to have the discussions necessary to build unity and solidarity toward a common direction for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

• Movement Building Cluster: An assembly to focus on building solidarity and to expand our community and our movement. It will convene once per week at a weekly changing location to coincide with communities throughout the five boroughs of New York City.  This is an opportunity to foster relationships with those who wish to participate in the movement but are faced with barriers to entering OWS by bringing OWS to them;  and can feature open fora, teach-ins, skill shares, community soapboxes, and relationship building.

• Open Space/People’s Soapbox: A facilitated open forum which allows space for discussion among the community at large that do not easily fit into other assembly spaces.


This proposal is simply a humble suggestion, a beginning point to work from, and comes in the spirit of continually making progress by revisiting and rethinking the tools available to us to suit our changing needs. It is by the community and for the community.  We the proposers wholeheartedly welcome any and all changes to best suit our community and look forward to reaching a meaningful consensus together.

This document was drafted by:

Shawn Carrié

Andrew Smith

Megan Hayes

Ronny Nuñez

Chepe Martín

Haywood Carey

Lopi LaRoe

Madeline Nelson

Evan Wagner

Jake DeGroot

Amy Miller


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66 Responses to “1/21/2012: General Restructuring of Assembly”

  1. Urbaned

    Beautiful. I would pray that the Movement Building Assemblies could one day expand to any and all GAs anywhere.

  2. Devin

    @Urbaned, unfortunately “Movement Building Assemblies” are the only events in this proposal which have never taken place.

    If we’re going to create new types of events, I propose we add a “projects spokes” where people with defined projects (such as co-ops, websites, actions, intiatives, campaigns, etc) can meet with each other to coordinate their actions.

  3. Amy M

    First of all, I like this proposal and feel that my little comment was taken seriously so I thank you.

    Secondly, that’s not a bad idea Devin…. In SF they have (had?) something called “Working Groups Forum.” It was described as “This is a meeting for all members of Working Groups to come together to share information and coordinate activities. It is open to all and requested that every working group send at least one representative to each meeting.” It was described to me as so proposals or money involved. Just communication. I love the idea of having it be a “Projects Forum” instead since some things happen outside of WG and some WG’s don’t do much or have many sub-projects.

    • Justin Stone-Diaz

      Amy Great to have your input but I thought after your several VERY public outbursts about leaving #OWS you had moved on.

      Glad you didn’t but I have a real hard time listening to your input about our organization. You have a pattern of intense deep engagement with #OWS then when you encounter ANY disagreement with your projects, working groups or occupiers you tend to throw temper tantrums & throw the baby out with the bath water.

      Might I suggest you JOIN a working group instead of trying to steer the community from the comfort of your laptop?

      I understand you see yourself as a Leader & Management type but I have seen first hand that you do not have the patience or interest in the community on an individual level to follow through on your projects.

      As someone you once called a friend until I pointed out your disruptive patterns I hope you’ll take this as it is: Honest Constructive Criticism.

      Occupy Wall Street is still dealing with the fallout of your Organizational plans made with Alex B. & the splitter you created when you & he attempted to take over OWS Part Time Working Group & formed the second group OWS Works.

      Your ideas have merit but you do not follow through & don’t seem to have the desire to work with others directly unless it’s on your terms.

      PS For the 10th Time, when you gonna upload a profile picture?

      • Amy M

        If any body has any questions about any of this they can contact me directly.

  4. Urbaned

    @ Devin, Yes I understand…we’re getting there!

    We are calling our outreach out here “Community Plug-ins”: http://communityplugins.wordpress.com. (The process and the website are still under development, including creating a disclaimer statement, connecting with the main website, etc…) That’s the little logo I designed for it. I can send you the .jpg (.xcf) if you want to use it and can change the text to say whatever. Actually, it’s a bigger image with a plug and lightning flash. My vision was to spread OWS through community outreach, and we are starting.

  5. Lippe

    It might be great to roll in a dedicated space for the still-developing accountability process, whatever name it takes. Or maybe this is what’s meant by “Open Space?” Not to say it would happen every week, but that the time would be carved out vs. other obligations, so that this process has a reserved place that doesn’t conflict with other assemblies.

  6. Justin Stone-Diaz

    This is all great, just wish more individuals would spend some time at Liberty Plaza & support the physical occupation we still have going.
    You may not personally believe it’s about the Park now that it is cold but it would be nice if the larger community supported those of us that do.

    • The Jokes Council

      On a brighter note, come March 15th, they’ll totally agree!

  7. Camille Raneem

    This is all great… But we need one less operational spokes and a grievence council, which POC is working on right now.

    • Melanie

      I am so psyched to hear that Camille!!!! It was my first thought reading this excellent proposal. Many of us have been BEGGING for a container for grievances for months. We must make space for it, and unlike Lippe above, I feel it is supremely important to have one EVERY week. Maybe even with smaller break out grievance processes where small group grievances/disputes can be given space. This is the best way to retain community cohesion. Of course we also need a meeting to decide what values we truly stand for TOGETHER, values all of us can agree to, before we can truly behave as a compassionate community with world changing intentions.
      My second comment has to do with attempts to pass such a proposal while GAs are so small due to cold. As much as I would like to be able to be at GA (45 minute train ride, plus freezing cold for HOURS), I simply don’t have the tolerance. Good to know one’s limitations. I feel very strongly that this must pass both GA and Spokes Council if it is to garner strong commitment/buy-in from the community overall.
      I also feel that there hasn’t been space made in this proposal for the huge numbers of artists in our community. There should be a night for art related, performance based interaction.
      Aside from those heartfelt suggestions, I LOVE that you guys spent so much time and put in this kind of effort to make sure you had participation from so many. THANK YOU ALL for reminding me why I haven’t left yet!

      • Shawn Carrié

        Hearing a lot of your concerns, Melanie. @enouph

        I am feeling more and more that the “grievance council” you are looking for would fold very well into the Open Space meeting that we’ve included. How do you feel

        I’d love for there to be a “party night”. Many people have said that needs to be in there.
        Perhaps the space for it is on Sunday night? Is that a Friendly Amendment?

        • Lopi

          I think the Saturday night GA should be organized as a fun night for people to share their thoughts, ideas and insights and then break out into a dance party. I wrote a proposal about this a while before christmas, but what with all the crazy fighting I put it on the table for now. Perhaps we can combine?
          Also, I agree with Camille, we need a weekly grievance council. Call it what you like, but don’t just tack it on as a vague “open space” meeting. It needs to be delineated as a grievance council, a regular event for people to vent their frustrations. It will require the presence of mediation, nvc and safer spaces to ensure that it doesn’t turn into a anger festival, but rather a place to be heard and not shouted at.

          People need to voice their grievances in a non judgmental environment. They ought to be allowed to voice their grievances as well as apologize for their own mistakes. This could be enormously healing for our community if done properly. It needs careful planning to ensure it’s success.

      • Robert Segal

        Yay! A grievance council!

        Now just don’t make the horrible mistake of scheduling it as a “meets every x days at x o’clock”. The grievance council should be convened when called for by the Group, not because it can be.

        And please don’t make the doubly horrible mistake of thinking we have to cancel other meetings to have our grievance council. That just spread the effects of the same disruption our grievance council is supposed to address.

        F/ Robert

    • Shawn Carrié

      We did consider and have conversations regarding “Grievance Council” with several people –
      we concluded that rather than have that on the schedule, as if to pre-empt and expect that there will be grievances, and effectively deter the larger community from attending that meeting, we decided to include an Open Space meeting, where these things could possibly be dealt with, and if there are not grievances that need to be dealt with, then it would just be a positive experience for those involved.

      My biggest grievance with the grievance council is basically that the people who most need to be going wouldn’t go.

      • Sean McKeown

        There’s a patch for that, I’ll explain in person next time I see you. :)

        • Melanie

          No band aids please. Here are some name suggestions I sent to the safety cluster;
          1. Gripe Group
          2. Remedy and Repair Council (RnR for short)?
          3. Perspective Sharing Caucus.

          I think I like the last one best.

          • The Jokes Council

            We could all use some more RnR in our lives – who’s providing the hookers and blow?

      • Lopi

        Maybe if we serve cookies and pie every grievance council people will come.
        Also, I don’t think we need to frame it as a negative thing or to wishfully think there wont be grievances. There will be, there already are, and will continue to be. We are humans, afterall, last I checked.
        Wishful thinking wont remove the need for this forum.
        Grievances shared in a non violent manner, in a non judgmental environment, actually is a positive thing.
        People who feel they have gone unheard because of LOUD VOICES always dominating the conversation would be finally heard. People are afraid to say the things that bother them.
        They are afraid and intimidated by the bullies in our midst. We need to provide a safe space to vent with support and unconditional love

        thanks for listening to me! this is my grievance!! Not enough unconditional love!

        • Sean McKeown

          I have been bringing cookies to Spokes Council and GA for a while now. It’s a very easy way to make friends! :)

          • Lopi

            I can attest to this. I can also attest to the fact that despite having blown his cookies, repeatedly, during spokes council last night, Sean should be given an award for succeeding in presenting an important proposal while extremely ill with occuflu.
            Good job, Sean!
            next time, here is to hoping you will be eating cookies instead of blowing them

      • Robert Segal

        “…we concluded that rather than have that [grievance council] on the schedule, as if to pre-empt and expect that there will be grievances, and effectively deter the larger community from attending that meeting, we decided to include an Open Space meeting…”

        Wait a second…

        So, there were fears the grievance council would be unnecessarily shoving aside other meetings if it were regularly scheduled? (Correct! Very smart!) But the response was to totally cancel all the meetings on Wednesdays so the G/C could show up there when it wants to? Like having a permanently reserved table at a club that no one else can sit at even if you’re not there?

        That makes no sense at all.

        F/ Robert

    • Ravi Ahmad

      Camille, that’s great to hear. I would love to learn more. I realize this might sound really bitchy but I haven’t seen anything about this on the POC list. Maybe you could let me know how to get involved?

      • Melanie

        I feel very strongly, that such an idea should be movement wide, community wide, not caucus presented, or incubated by a small group of us. That is why I have been begging us all to set one night aside, preferably Sunday because that is when more of us can make it, for that conversation. So it could be called whatever you want, but should be an incubation for the grievance council idea for the ENTIRE COMMUNITY to participate in, Hence INSTEAD OF GA or SC. Only using caps cause there is no way to underline or bold here (that I can see).

    • Lopi

      Am I allowed to work on this grievance council? I’m a mixture of European descent. We were pagans once upon a time. there is a whole world of color inside my soul.

      • Melanie

        Right there with you Lopi … pink as I am on the outside, I’ve got a rainbow in my soul too.

  8. Meir Hamilton

    i totally endorse the spirit of the proposal, but I have a few questions and concerns about the specifics.

    One is that is says “General Assemblies will continue to be held twice per week, on Wednesdays and Sundays”, but that is not reflected on the schedule, which shows them only happening on Mondays.

    Second, the Sat at 7pm Movement Building slot seems like a terrible time slot to expect new people to get involved.

    Finally, is the Action Spokes going to be open to all? Is this a place where non-operational (i.e. movement) working groups can come together? If not, as an active member of the Healthcare for the 99%, I would like to put out a strong call for the creation of a regular meeting where this could happen.

    • Shawn Carrié

      Action Spokes Council, like all of our community meetings, is and will continue to be an open and inclusive body where all groups are welcome.

      Could you please elaborate on why Saturday at 7pm is a bad time?

      • Meir Hamilton

        Speaking from my own experience (and those of most working folks) Saturday nights tend to be one of the few nights reserved for social plans. I think making the meeting a saturday afternoon event might garner wider attendance. Just a thought.

        I’m into the suggestion for having GA’s on a weekend too. Maybe have Action Spokes at noon and GA at 2pm?

        Or alternatively make the Action spokes on Monday night and the GA Sun afternoon.

      • Dallas

        Oh yeah, and as illustrated tonight… in the event that any given meeting should be in a space
        where we have external time pressures, most of those kick in much closer to 7 PM than to 2 PM.

        ThoughTBH calling a GA on account of “cold and late” doesn’t suck half as much as “called on account of DeutscheBank security”.

  9. Andrew Smith

    I think not having the GA on the weekend is a real problem. The GA has always been on the weekend and should remain. Although there are not a lot of people going to the GA now that is because it is at night and in the freezing cold. I think by putting one GA during the day on a weekend it would be warmer. There would be less GAs so we would be able to prepare for it more and structure it better so it was less of a shit show and more approachable and it would hopefully slowly build back to its passed inclusive amazing decision making glory. I would be very much against not having our sopposed most open assembly not on a weekend

    • Shawn Carrié

      I really hear this – I had originally thought that the Movement Building Assembly would be the big huge community assembly for the week, but considering that it may change location, we might be missing something. I can think of two routes here:

      • We add a General Assembly on Sunday, which I’m happy to include if the people want it, but will just note that it divides the numbers between the two, and may not serve to fully strengthen Action Spokes Council,


      • It stays as it is, and Action Spokes Council becomes what you are thinking of on Sunday. It can become that huge open community event, where we have conversations about the movement.

      Comments are very welcome! I wanna know what people think so I know how to change this proposal to suit that!

      • Meir Hamilton

        See my comment above:

        Maybe have Action Spokes at noon and GA at 2pm on Sunday? (although a lot of working groups meet on sunday already).

        Or alternatively make the Action spokes on Monday night and the GA Sun afternoon.

  10. Dallas

    While I love the concepts of Action Spokes and Movement Building Assembly, I’d like this better if one of the 2 GA’s were on a weekend. People do have to work.

    Just my two cents. Overall, this is a great reworking of our meeting schedule.

    • Shawn Carrié


      I hear your sentiment, that you want the weekends to be the place where everybody gets together. What I offer is the idea that perhaps the energy that people want to bring, they will bring – this proposal shapes the conversation on those days to be focused on community building and visioning for the movement. But they will be what they will be – we’re really just deciding names.

  11. Melanie

    @Shawn, I applaud you for bringing this, and for thinking it through with everyone. When you do propose it, we all know there will be many, many suggestions. Perhaps it would be helpful for you to remind everyone that this is a trial thing we are doing, and that it is ALL an experiment. GAs were an experiment that somehow stuck, and people are now attached to it. Change is GOOD if your mind is open.
    I’m all for GAs, and love the idea of having one in the afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday. I think having something in the afternoon that is community wide has been missing for quite some time now.
    I also love @Lopi‘s idea of a party. Maybe one night a week (Saturday?) would be dedicated to performance, culture, art, something, and followed by a party of some kind?
    The reason I feel grievance council should replace a meeting rather than be at another time of day is because it should be open and accessible, and most of us already leave space for nightly meetings in our lives. So the space already exists in our community psyche/calendar.

  12. Robert Segal

    Fascinating. Now some issues. (I don’t touch type and these long, nuanced letters I write take many hours. Forgive me for going straight to the red flags.)

    Addressing “meeting burnout” by replacing seven meetings each week with… six meetings each week. At least we can finally all stay home on Wednesdays.

    Facilitated soapbox? Any takers? All those wishing to facilitate hours of soapbox please step forward.

    Okay, G/A goes to Monday and Thursday. What are they for? Currently they’re supposed to be for movement building, visioning the future of the movement, stuff like that. Politics. (Spokes handles the budget & ops stuff.) How has G/A changed, exactly, given that mvmt bldg and vsng the futr are now proposed to be done elsewhere?

    This proposal would effectively have three G/As (Mon, Thu, and Sat w/ different title), two Ops Spokes (Tue, Fri), An Action Spokes (Sun), and a screw-everything day off (Wed). Net effect: One of the current Ops Spokes is repurposed to action and one of the current G/As is eliminated.

    Is this a good thing? Not with the current backlog of stuff waiting to be done. Two and a half months of Nan, Trish, and Ashley’s destruction have left Spokes barely able to do anything. Oh, right, that’s exactly what Nan, Trish, and Ashley have repeatelyd said they want: They want Spokes Council dead. Axing a third of the Ops Spokes Council meetings just makes things worse.

    Look, nobody’s *required* to show up at a meeting or any OWS event and every meeting will do what it does with whoever happens to attend. And that’s fine. The bottom line is you can never enable people to do more as a Group by reducing the time available for them to get together. This proposal, despite its laudable aims, uses mechanisms that will not work and will only make things worse.

    It is entirely appropriate to bring movement building and visioning efforts before the Group. We do so by putting them on the agenda at our (existing) meetings. Why isn’t this working so far? I think it’s because Facilitation does a poor job of time management. They overbook our meetings and allow discussion bloat to drive other items off the agenda. Facilitation does not count efficiency among its duties to the Group as it runs our meetings. It seeks, instead inclusivity. And there’s your problem.

    I really like the Action Spokes addition because I like indoor meetings, with process that doesn’t have to open stack to every single mouth in the room, and with doors that can be locked against people who have no business being there and behind which we can be safe as a group. Bravo! A new flavour of Spokes would also drive home the point that Ops Spokes isn’t THE spokes council… it’s just A PARTICULAR USE of A spokes council, and that is a good thing.

    In summary: This proposal is a schedule change — and we do have a scheduling problem. A big one. But this proposal does almost nothing to address the source of the problem: overbooked meetings and poor time management. Those true problems, unaddressed, will leave us just as frustrated under this proposed schedule as we are currently.

    You cannot get a group of people to do what you think they should do just because you hang a different sign over their meeting. We see that constantly.

    cc: Structure ListServe

  13. Lucky Tran

    Nice proposal and well done for reaching out to the community with this. @Shawn, you may be aware but there is an “Occupy Town Square” group (https://www.facebook.com/occupytownsq) which has been essentially working on the “Movement Building Cluster” part of this proposal; that is OTS aims to organize a regular series of pop-up occupations which bring the wonderful activities of participatory democracy (GAs, teach-ins, soapboxes, think tanks etc) to communities around NYC. Our first Town Square is scheduled to be held at Washington Sq Park on Sun 29th of Jan. Our planning meetings continue to be held regularly and we have been encouraging everyone in the OWS community interested in the idea of bringing the engaging qualities of Liberty Sq to other communities, to attend our meetings. We’d love to have you at the next one (Mon 7 pm, 60 Wall). Maybe a good trial for a Movement Building Assembly can be held on J29?

  14. sumumba

    i like this idea of a PROPOSAL…HOWEVER we already have a ‘VISON AND GOALS’ WORKING group that has been working on a VISION AND GOALS STATEMENT for OWS for 4 months now.w/feedback from every part of our movement and .we are FINALLY near consensus…and hope to have EVERYONE’s support …we would hope THAT if this proposal passes…this new Council will help us GATHER the goals ….so we can move fwd…MAXIMUM Movement input is necessary in this effort because for far too long actions and ideology has seemed to emanate from one or a few groups rather than the entire or at least MORE of the movement and that’s highly problematic as is the thought of not working with the Vision and Goals Group…

  15. Frank Jenkins

    May I ask, what’s happening with the physical space the assembly was using? I seen a notice indicating the Occupied office is temporarily closed. What about renting some office or storefront space downtown (maybe this is already a solved problem, I hope so, but if not, it seems like a permanent physical address would be a good idea)?

  16. BezerBezer

    Firstly, I’m supportive of this proposal and appreciate everyone’s efforts. Looks like you guys put a lot of work into this. So thank you!

    But I’d like to make a friendly amendment to retain our traditional 7pm meeting time. I think that 6pm is too early. There are many within ows that hold down jobs and few people in nyc get to leave work early enough to make it there by 6pm. There are already many groups that have multiple meetings throughout the week but with only weekday, working-hour meeting times. That leaves out a lot of people that would like to contribute more. Scheduling meeting times at 7pm allows for a much greater attendance. That’s just my two cents.


  17. Michael Hudson

    I have a serious concern: The way this proposal is written apparently gives any working group or affinity group (tool of the one percent), equal power with the People’s General Assembly. (Please see second paragraph in which working groups and affinity groups are called structures, and the first paragraph of part 1). This means a working group can consense on giving itself and its people all the GA’s money. I truly hope that this can be corrected. On the other hand, if by structures, you mean solely the structures of the proposed new General Assembly, e.g. Action Spokes Council, Movement Building Cluster, Open Space/People’s Soapbox, and I assume normal General Assembly, then my objection may not be so strong. Perhaps more specific language such as, specifically listing which structures have equal power. Another solution may be relisting affinity groups, working groups, etc. as non-structures, at least as far as this proposal is concerned.
    Further, I strongly agree on having at least one free night if not two. We need time to collect our thoughts, recharge and let tempers cool.

  18. sumumba

    good try Shawn ..sorry about tonite….we love u man..u all .just need to work out the details a bit more… i think facilitations’ proposal will solve all these other issues..

  19. Robert Segal

    Since OWS doesn’t have a daily summary news feed of any sort (and we desperately need one), I’m reading Sumumba’s post and assuming

    1) Shawn brought the above proposal before the G/A on Saturday (the 21st),

    2) it failed to pass, and, by extension,

    3) Sumumba’s post, dated Sunday, is speaking of past events and not about Sunday night.

    Assumptions can be deadly, so can anyone clarify? And please will someone tell the rest of us what Sumumba meant by “Facilitation’s proposal will solve all these other issues”?

    “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” – Yoda

    “Difficult to see. Always in hearsay is the past.” – OWS.

    In the Dark,

    • Dallas

      1) Yes. Shawn presented this proposal to GA last night.

      2) Technically, yes, it failed to pass, as it was tabled.



      3) Yes, Sumumba’s comment is re: last night’s GA as far as I know. :)@sumumba ?

      Not sure about the other proposal offhand… but I hope that you are pleased to find that we do have a pretty good daily summary for GA and Spokes.

      • Robert Segal

        Thank you, Dallas and much appreciated. Count me a long-time fan of the Minutes Working Group and their valiant efforts. I didn’t figure I’d find minutes of last night’s G/A posted so soon after the fact, so I asked here, instead. Several similar inquiries have had to wait longer for meeting minutes to be posted. I assumed the same would pertain, here and, as I said, assumptions can be deadly.

        A list of upcoming proposals very often fails to accurately describe what actually occurs at out meetings. It is particularly irrelevant to Operations Spokes Council.

        Wouldn’t it be great if, rather than reading partial minutes or full transcripts of meetings that can be four hours long or longer, we could find on this site an updated page indicating what’s going on and what happened over the last day or so at OWS? Links could be provided to details. The record-keeping aspect of meeting minutes does not serve the function of a news page.

  20. Ashley Love

    Actually, the Spokes Council already voted on Friday to meet on Mondays and Wed. Yet this proposal sought to overrule that and have us meet on Tuesdays and Fridays?. I prefer Mon/Wed for Spokes, as did everyone else who voted the same way.

  21. JACK

    What Is So Soooo Unique about #OCCUPYWALLSTREET (N.Y.C., USA) is That

    It’s D Y N A M I C, Not Static! A/K/A:


    I particularly like PART2 (‘Movement Building Cluster’) That Allows Us To Meet At Different Locations (Rotating between Boroughs) .

    IMPORTANTO: There is a Roomer, That BROOKFIELD PROPERTIES might Erect– Wall Around [OUR] Liberty Square OR Will Seal it Off This Late Winter or Starting SPRING with The Pretexts That They Are Doing ‘Major? Construction‘ etc.. So, Let Have Contingencies O.K.?!

    PS: Did You Notice That The “VENDING CARTS are Gone? Suggestion: WE Should Have OUR Own Mobile Kitchen! Imagine The Savings and Convenience. Yes, NO?

  22. NYCGA Council

    General Assembly Council (Working Group) found this proposal limiting inclusiveness of stake-holders to participate.

    NYC General Assembly is the only open, available, and accessible to all
    ( 4 days a wk.) OWS entity representing THE PEOPLE who may not be associated with other OWS entities. And , fo course attending a Spokes would entirely muzzle the consensus (voice) of THE PEOPLE OWS.

    Therefore, for lack of reoresenting something positive, empowering, accessible, and inclusive reflecting the principles and integrity of OWS and the 99%, this proposal SHOULD BE BLOCKED.

    PS: Please forward comments to nycga.council@ gmail, if you do not have an acct. on this site.

    Peace & Fortitude

  23. NYCGA Council





  24. Robert Segal

    Okay, screw it, then. I’ll just read slanted words holding my screen at a slanted angle.

  25. Robert Segal

    So, our buddy Jack preceded the word DYNAMIC with the standard HTML switches to turn on italics and then bold. However, after the word DYNAMIC, he correctly canceled the bold tag but botched the italics cancellation, which now holds for everything on the page past that point. I tried a bank of multiple italics cancellations. As you can see: No luck.

    The faulty tag Jack entered was comprised of five characters:
    open angle bracket
    lowercase i
    forward slash
    close angle bracket

    The forward slash appears bold and red in the source.

    Anybody know how to go back and edit Jack’s screw-up to a standard italics cancellation?

  26. Urbaned

    I feel like I’m in the days of the Gestetner machine that preceded the Xerox copy machine. You had to roll the original around this big inky drum and watch the copies kick out one by one.

    Why aren’t we streaming the GAs and voting by tweets?