GA Meeting Times & Locations

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1, I propose that the General Assembly meeting on Saturday (and also Sunday if there is one) be held at 2pm starting at the beginning of November thru the end of March and at 5 pm for the remaining months of the year in Liberty Park.

2, I propose that if a meeting is to be moved to another location there must be a minimum of 12 hours notice posted on the websites.  If this is not possible, the meeting will be rescheduled for another day.

Reasons behind these proposals

1a, I know many people who either have a hard time going out at night in the winter or it is impossible for them to do so hampering their ability to participate in the movement, including me.

1b, to have meetings at different times of the day will bring in new participants.

1c, other occupations have meeting times that vary.

2a, there is no reason that weather should have to hamper participation in meetings.  To move the meeting to an indoor location that would allow more people to come to the meeting is only useful if you can make the plan to come.

2b, to have some indoor meetings will bring in new participants (see 1b).

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