Formation of Food Justice Working Group

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The FOOD JUSTICE SUBGROUP (OWS Sustainability) wishes to apply to become a full-fledged working group.

The name of the group will remain FOOD JUSTICE.

The MISSION STATEMENT is as follows:

The Food Justice Working Group of OWS works to strengthen, empower and promote bioregional solidarity within the OWS movement by:

1.            Promoting and Supporting local-farm to kitchen relationships;

2.            Encouraging and facilitating dialogue, education and direct action on the issues of sustainable food production, food justice, food sovereignty and corporate control in our local, regional, national and global food systems;

3.            Incorporating the principles of food justice and self-sufficiency into the everyday practices of Occupy Wall Street.

The Food Justice group can be reached via EMAIL at The CONTACT PEOPLE are Paula Winograd and Vevlyn Wright.

The Food Justice working group will be based in NEW YORK.

The Food Justice working group will meet at least ONCE A WEEK and will take MINUTES, which will be POSTEDat 

Food Justice wishes to present its proposal for working group status at the GA meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 24 Jan. 2012.


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