Creation of the Global Justice Working Group

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We, the Global Justice working group, are requesting to be added to the agenda of the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street on January 26th, 2012 in order to present our statement and to seek consensus as an official Working Group. Our group of approximately forty members is composed of many activists from other working groups as well as community activists and others participating in Occupy for the first time. We have held open meetings every Saturday since December 3rd, all of which have achieved and surpassed a quorum of five. We have also already had numerous sub-group meetings and have a very active google-group email forum while we build our own website. Last Thursday, January 19th, we prepared and hosted a teach-in on the use of American-made Tear Gas to suppress protest from Cairo to Oakland, in anticipation of the first anniversary of the beginning of the Egyptian Revolution (today Jan 25!). This teach-in had a great turn-out, filling the house at 56 Walker Street.

Below is the statement that we consented to as a short description for the NYCGA website, which we would read aloud to the General Assembly. Please let us know if this is sufficient and please share any concerns, questions, tips, or information to help us prepare for any issues that may arise.

The Global Justice WG aims to build solidarity and coordination between OWS and movements for social justice around the world. We seek to raise public awareness about the impact of U.S. military, economic and strategic policy, domestically and internationally; to build relationships with social movements across borders; and to organize direct actions challenging prevailing power structures that put profit above all else. By shedding light on the ties between profit and exploitation in the global system, we aspire to help build an international mass movement for political and economic justice.

In Solidarity,

OWS Global Justice

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  1. Shaista Husain

    Dear Global Justice Working Group, Congratulations!! I have submitted the official registration form (sorry for the delay!!) and it should be processed within 48hrs, with Becky, Allison and Udi as administrators. Hurrah!!!! Shaista